German Society of Pennsylvania, 611 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia

December 14, 2013


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Warmest Greetings to all
the glorious East Kingdom!

Their Excellencies Mael Eoin and Ysmay, serene Baron and Baroness of mighty Bhakail, have called for a celebration to be held. Bhakail’s fields were fertile, and Their Excellencies will spare no luxury for Their esteemed guests at Bhakail’s annual Yule celebration. They have also called on Their Arts and Sciences and Brewing Champions to prepare competitions, so that successors may be chosen. In addition to a day full of feasting, socializing, and music, dancing will begin immediately following the final course and continue into the night.


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Directions: Take your best route to the Callowhill Street exit from I-95 or I-676. Turn right onto North 5th Street. Take the second left onto Spring Garden Street and the site will be on your right.

Your site fee is included in the price to register for each of the dining options listed on the Menus page. There is no separate site fee for this event. Patterns for Tudor clothing that are easy to follow will available on the Tudor Clothing page. (Tudor clothing isn’t required, but is encouraged, to help add to the atmosphere.) For help making garb and useful patterns, email Lord Martyn de Halliwell.

Bhakail’s Tudor Yule will be held at The German Society of Pennsylvania, a beautiful historical site. Parking will be available in a private lot just one block from the site.

The SCA does not serve alcohol. However, the site is wet: attendees are permitted to responsibly share the fruits of their study of brewing with others. Brewers should coordinate with the Black Hat Brewers and local Brotherhood of Brewers by contacting Louis la Chatrie at or 505-980-1113.

Candles and table lamps are permitted. We will be providing table cloths in the Manor Hall. The site is also ADA accessible; there is an elevator that connects the Manor Hall, Balcony, Black Salamander Inn, and restroom facilities. Event site opens 10 AM, closes 11 PM.

Venue Parking

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Event Schedule

10:00 amGate Opens.
11:00 amBoth halls: Games start.
11:15 amManor Hall: Guests called in.
11:30 amHand Washing Ceremony. Manor Hall: First Course.
12:00 pmOrder of the Horse meeting.
12:30 pmManor Hall: Second Course.
  1:00 pmOrder of the Salamander meeting. A&S entries due. Brewing entries due.
  1:30 pmManor Hall: Third Course. Black Salamander Inn: food starts.
  2:00 pmA&S Champion Q&A. Brewing Champion Q&A.
  2:30 pmManor Hall: Fourth Course.
  3:00 pmA&S judging. Brewing judging.
  3:30 pmManor Hall: Fifth Course.
  4:00 pmBlack Salamander Inn: Food ends. Both halls: Games end.
  4:30 pmManor Hall: Sixth Course.
  6:00 pmBaronial Court. Children’s Feast.
  7:00 pmManor Hall cleared.
  7:30 pmDessert Course for all. Socializing and Dancing Begin.
10:00 pmEvent closes.

Reservations can be made by credit card by going to the ACCEPS page.
Select “East Kingdom” and then “Bhakail Yule — A Tudor Yule.”
There is a small fee charged for registration by credit card.

Reservations can also be mailed in with a check or money order
payable to “SCA-PA, Inc. — Barony of Bhakail” and sent to:
Lady Gisela Szabó (Deborah Miller), 2436 Perot St., Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Pre-registration is closed.

Food is included in each of the pricing options below — please see the Menus page for more information.

  Adult (18+) Teen (13-17) Youth (6-12) Child (<5)
Manor Hall$22$20$9Free
Black Salamander Inn$15$12$9Free
Children’s Feast   Free

The Non-member Surcharge of $5 applies to all non-members.
Proof of membership will be required at the Gate.

Manor Hall Menu

V = vegetarian, v = vegetarian version available
D = dairy-free
G = gluten-free, g = gluten-free version available

Course the First:
Tart of BryVBrie cheese, sugar, egg, ginger, saffron, salt, crust
Cold Sage ChickenDgchicken, parsley, ginger, sage, cinnamon, saffron, grains of paradise, egg, cloves, vinegar, bread
Meat StewDgbeef, red wine, onion, raisin, almond, clove, pepper, ginger, mace, sage, rosemary, thyme, bread
SalladVDGalmonds, raisins, figs, olives, capers, currants, sugar, oil, vinegar, oranges, lemons, sage, spinach, lettuce, cucumber
Sliced CheeseG 
Course the Second:
Pies of ParisDgbeef, pork, red wine, stock, currants, dates, salt, ginger, sugar, pie crust
GalentyneDgpork, cloves,onions, mace, lard, bread, stock, vinegar, pepper, cinnamon, salt
AsparagusVDGvinegar, asparagus, salt pepper
Rice of GenoaVDGrice, salt, stock, saffron
Buttered WortsVGBrussels sprouts, salt, pepper, butter
CustardVgegg, cream, sugar, wheat
Course the Third:
Allos of BeefDGbeef, sage, thyme, onion, suet (if available), salt, pepper
ChychesVDGchickpeas, garlic, oil, pepper, cloves, saffron, salt
Peas RoyalVDGpeas, stock, almond milk, saffron, sugar, salt
Stewed MuttonDGlamb, parsley, onion, wine, vinegar, pepper, cinnamon, salt, water
Eggs in MoonshineVDGegg, sugar, rosewater
SnoweVGapple, cream, sugar, rosewater, rosemary
Course the Fourth:
BrawnDGpork, nutmeg, white wine, ginger, salt, peppercorns, bay leaves
BlancmangevGrice, almond milk, chicken, salt, almond, sugar
Smothered RabbitsDgrabbit, onion, currant, bread, salt, pepper, salt, vinegar
ApplemuseVGapple, rosewater, sugar, butter, cinnamon
Poached Eggs (ingredients forthcoming)
RysmoleVDGrice flour, almond, salt, sugar, ginger
Course the Fifth:
Salmon Roasted in SauceDGsalmon, onion, red wine, cinnamon, vinegar, salt, ginger
Chekins FarciedDGchicken, egg, currants, pork, parsley, sage, thyme
Gourdes in PotagevDGsquash, onions, stock, pork, salt, sugar, cinnamon, ginger
Cabbage cabbage, onion, cinnamon, leeks, stock
Wardons in syrupVDGpears, red wine, cinnamon, sugar, ginger, vinegar
Scraped Chese with SugarVGHard cheese, sugar
Course the Sixth:
MallardgDduck, oil, onion, stock, wine, clove, mace, pepper, cinnamon, bread, vinegar, ginger, salt
Red DereGDvenison, salt, pepper, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme
Tart of CheeseVgcheese, egg, cream, butter, sugar
FumentryVDwhole wheat, egg, almond, stock
Spinach FrittersVspinach, bread, egg, cinnamon, ginger, butter, sugar
Candied Citrus PeelsvGDorange, lemon, sugar, water
Final Course (for all):
Jelly HippocrasVDGgrape juice, sugar, clove, ginger, cinnamon, clove, coriander, salt, gelatin
MarchpaneVGalmond, sugar, rosewater, rice paper
MuscadinesVDGrosewater, egg white, sugar, lemon, gum tragacanth, mint
ComfitsVDGsugar, rosewater, anise seeds
Cinnamon SticksVDGrosewater, egg white, sugar, lemon, gum tragacanth, cinnamon

VDflour, water, salt, yeast

Black Salamander Inn Menu

Rarebit on Fresh Bread   •   Sausages   •   Bacon   •   Olives   •   Bread and Butter


Bhakail Arts & Sciences
Champion Competition

The theme for this year’s competition is “Something that a Person Would Have on Their Person.” This can be an article of clothing, an object such as a purse, fan, or perhaps a miniature portrait. Jewelry, walking stick, glasses, something that smelled nice? Fighters, this also includes armor, swords, and heraldry! Make anything your heart desires. I will be judging on workmanship, documentation about the object, and overall creativity. In your documentation, please include information about how you made your entry, including the tools used compared to the tools used during the time that the article would have existed. If you wish to include images, you may include them on separate pages and refer to them in your writings. Just have them attached to the document.

Lady Angela Mori, Arts & Sciences Champion of Bhakail


Bhakail Brewing
Champion Competition

Hail all ye good brewers of the lands. I, the Brewmaster and current Champion of Bhakail, do issue a challenge to you all to celebrate the festive season of Yule. Since beer is not brewed commonly in these fine competitions, I will award 5 extra points for all those who enter a beer in this year’s Baronial Brewing Champion competition. Other potables will be accepted, but beer is favored this year.

The following categories will be accepted this year:
¶ Beer/Ale/Gruit (+5 Points)   ¶ Wine   ¶ Mead   ¶ Other

As usual, documentation is important and is worth 10 points in the contest. Please label all entries and provide at least an ingredients list. I challenge all brewers to help make this Yule the best year ever for entries in this competition.

Lord William Graham, Brewing Champion of Bhakail


Volunteer Opportunities

Manor Hall Servers — Manor Hall Servers will receive a discounted rate ($12) for the day, and have access to the food prepared for the Manor Hall guests. Servers will be responsible for serving guests in the Manor Hall throughout the day, through Baronial Court. They will work with the Hall Steward, Baron Meszaros Janos prior to the event to learn a few basic Tudor serving techniques. Servers will also receive an embroidered Tudor coat to wear for the day. No serving experience is necessary, and this promises to be a very fun day and afternoon for all! Please send an email to if you are interested, or would like more information.

Hall Set-up Crew — It’s Yule, and there are a lot of Tudor-era decorations to put up in both the Manor Hall and the Black Salamander Inn. We will meet at 7:30 AM (feel free to come in anytime between then and 9 AM) at the site the morning of the event, and put up a number of decorations and table settings, set up tables and chairs, and set a wonderful mood for what promises to be a spectacular event. Please send an email to if you are interested in helping.

Gate Staff — The gate must be staffed during the entirety of the event. We are looking for volunteers to serve shifts at the Gate, helping check people in, and manage the front door. Please contact Baroness Philadelphia if you are interested at

Kitchen Staff — If you are interested in working in either the Manor Hall Kitchen or the Black Salamander Inn Kitchen (yes, we have two kitchens!), please email

Site Clean-up Coordinator — We need two individuals who will recruit volunteers and coordinate the site clean-up at the end of the day. The SCA has a mantra of leaving the site better than we found it, and we intend to make this event no exception. If you are interested in volunteering to be either the Manor Hall Clean-up Coordinator, or the Black Salamander Inn Clean-up Coordinator, please send an email to

For any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Autocrat, whose information is listed above.

Event Staff and Pertinent Contacts

AutocratLord Martyn de
Reservations ClerkLady Gisela Szabó
Manor Hall Head CookBaroness Alesone Gray of
Manor Hall StewardBaron Meszaros
Black Salamander Inn Head CookLady Arianna de
Brewers’ ContactLouis la
A&S Champion CompetitionLady Angela
Brewing Champion CompetitionLord William
Event WebsiteLord Reijnier