At the Sign of the Cross and Crescent

Posted on December 21, 2015 By

Road-weary travelers – pilgrims, soldiers, merchants, nobles and entertainers alike – might find respite and cheer if, when traveling through the Barony of Bhakail, they spy the sign of the Cross and Crescent.  Here you will find Baron Mael Eoin as steward of a local tavern with Sayyid Jibril arranging provisions to be made available to all throughout the day and into the evening.  Milord Thorsteinn, a new face to the Barony but a renowned kitchener, will present good and plentiful fare for the day.  The Baronial stockpile of barrels of wine and beer will be dry by then, but visitors to the tavern are encouraged to share from their own cellars.

Check out the East Kingdom Events page for more details!


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