February 2018 Meeting Notes

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Barony Business Meeting

February 13, 2018

Old Business

       Bhakail awards received at K & Q Bardic and A & S Championship

      Muin was elevated to a Laurel

      Jibril was made a Court Baron

      Roseia & John Patrick both received the Silver Wheel

Yule 2018

     Received some info for the German Society

Tavern Event


     New Bhakail Bardic Champion is Juliana Bird

     New Bhakail Gaming Champion is Lord Cailin

     Barony Court Magician is Lord Ian Douglas

The Claritas School Demo

  Kids had a lot of fun and asked lots of question. Demo went well

Please touch museum may be still happening. Waiting on more information

Zip Code

    Have zip code must get in touch with neighboring shires

  Map of zip codes is out dated and old

New Business

Pre Pennsic planning meeting

    At their Excellency house February 18th at 5pm

                 Is a pot luck dinner meeting

Sabine is stepping down as A&S Minster

A letter of intent was voiced at meeting

Vote on new A&S Minister will be held at March business meeting


Thanks to Roseia for taking the meeting notes.

Business Meeting

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