July 2019 Business Meeting Notes

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Old business

  • Commons
    • Went really well
    • Final count near 130
    • Location was nice
      • Fighting was a lot closer to the rest of the event 
      • Made it feel like 1 event instead of 2 
    • Maybe switch fencers to shade where Anglesey was set up?
    • $235 in donations
    • Plague sale
      • Made almost $500!
      • Going to use the money to buy nice tunics/dresses at Pennsic, maybe some trim
      • Going to buy scrub pants 
      • Give remainder to Barony


  • Pennsic
    • It’s coming!  17 days
    • Do your final prep, check your tent for all its parts
    • Amazon Prime day is July 15th, in time to make final purchases
    • Final block assignments went out, our block is just us and Draken Lager
    • For those that have not paid camp fees, bring cash to Pennsic
    • People near site have said it’s been a very rainy season, maybe buy some rain boots
    • Providing water and ice to the youth fighters every day
    • Nightshade Armor fix Bhakaili armor? For a cost


  • Mael Eoin fundraiser on hold, maybe end of August?  Set up a fire and have brewers donate if they have anything


  • Largesse project –
    • Rolling along, putting together bag of EK tokens; if you want to contribute, contact Muin


  • PAX Demo
    • Got free space!  Maryna knew who to contact
    • We will be on the main show floor, next to the board game library
    • Chana is the contact person; email/Facebook any ideas and offers of help
    • Not sure what we’ll be able to include due to space
    • Going to have game boards set up, canvas/paper boards available for people to take home (with instructions)
    • Will reach out to local chatelaines to make sure I have business cards available for surrounding areas
    • Vinyl sign/banner?  Not sure what kind of signage they might require


  • Yule
    • Haven’t heard from anyone about autocratting
    • Rosie willing to help, but doesn’t want to autocrat
    • Martyn has someone who can do it during the day, but cannot help through cleanup
    • Isabel (Harper) covering dayboard
    • Martyn is cooking feast
    • Professional cleaning crew will do final cleanup, but we need people to put stuff away


  • Philly Ren Faire demo –
    • Chana has been in touch with Charlotte, one of the coordinators; has three groups to coordinate, wants us to all have a different draw
    • Mentioned fighters enjoyed it last time and wants to come back
    • Music/Calligraphy/Illumination/Simple Crafts


  • Society seneschal – new rule for demos –
    • if there is combat archery/thrown weapons at all, public VIEWING it, we need signed waivers; kingdom marshall is looking into it for more clarification


New Business


  • Mikael bought large property in Upper Darby; willing to start hosting thrown weapons practices, possibly archery if he can get a marshall; plenty of parking, close to train station; looking to start after Pennsic




  • Seneschal
    • Greetings to the Barony!
      As I’m sure you know Master Muin stepped down as Seneschal at the June meeting as he put in a Letter of Intent to run for Baron. I would like to thank Master Muin for his service, he was an inspiring and amusing leader and he is a hard act to follow.
      I would also like to thank Baron Mael Eoin for also putting in a Letter of Intent for the office of Seneschal. We have seen him step up many times and take on responsibilities that have enabled our beloved Barony to run smoothly. I thank him for his service.
      Commons was a great event. Moving the fighting and fencing under the trees and off the open field seemed to work well.
      I received a message from the Kingdom Seneschal regarding combat archery and thrown weapons at demos. Effective immediately waivers must be signed for members of the public to participate in combat archery or thrown weapons at demos. Parents must sign a waiver for a minor to participate.
      To everyone going to Pennsic I wish you a fun and safe war.
      In service to the Barony,
      THL Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar


  • Herald
    • Report will be posted


  • Knight Marshall
    • Vaschir stepped down; His deputy Egil (Bad Hands) is running fight practice, but we need a new knight marshall; required position, so we need someone to fill that job
    • Egil (Bad Hands) has sent letter of intent to run for Knights Marshall to Seneschal; pending marshallate sent to Kingdom Marshall; has asked to be nominated to be Knight Marshall; position open till September, when we will vote


  • Exchequer
    • Working on the second quarter report.
    • Just a reminder that if anyone needs to visit the German Society site for reviewing logistics for Yule or Tavern, the German Society site is closed from Saturday, July 20th, through Sunday, August 11th.
    • Many thanks to Alesia for depositing the $235.00 in donations from Champions Commons. If anyone has any expenses from Champions Commons which have not been reimbursed yet, please let me know.
    • Many thanks to Livia for standing in as Chancellor of the Exchequer for me at the July Barony Meeting.


  • Chamberlain
    • Stuff went to Commons and stuff came back from Commons
    • Thank you to everyone who let Martyn drop stuff off and transported it


  • Chronicler
    • Thank you to Lady Chana for taking notes for me when mundaune life gets in the way.


  • MOAS
    • Art continues to happen!!
    • Pre-Pennsic:
      • Novice Day is July 20th in Rusted Woodlands (Tappan, NY) – the A&S and Bardic display/competitions are open to anyone who does not hold a Kingdom or Barony A&S/Bardic award and who has not won a championship. A great place to practice displaying, documentation, and get feedback. 
    • At Pennsic:
      • For those intending to display you A&S Project on Aug 4th or compete on Aug 8th at Pennsic, let me know so I can tell the Barony to support you 😉
      • Pennsic has a ton of classes, check out the Thing for a schedule and get excited! Some classes have materials fees so plan ahead
      • A&S events at Pennsic you may be interested in
        • BYOB Summit Aug 2nd at 2pm at Bog U
        • Brewer’s Guild Inter Kingdom Competition and Roundtable Aug 4th at 3pm in A&S 10am
        • Barter Town is Monday Aug 5th at 12pm in Great Hall.
        • Known World Scribal Tea on Monday Aug 5th at 1pm in AE Royal. 
        • Athena’s Thimble Panel at Pennsic is scheduled for Aug 6th (War Week Tuesday) at 9am in EK Royal. This is a busy one so especially if you are planning to panel at a higher level please reach out to the Guild ahead of time. 
        • EK Scribes meetup at Pennsic is Wednesday Aug 7th at 10am in EK Royal. 
        • Crafty Swap is Tuesday Aug 8th at 10am in the Great Hall. 
        • Tablet Weavers’ Tea Aug 8th 3pm in Atlantia Royal
        • KW Courtesans social Aug 8th at 3pm in Strawberry Fields 
        • EK College of Performers, Herbalists Guild, Soothsayers Guild, Blacksmith’s Guild all have meetings.
        • A&S Photo service at various times
    • Post Pennsic:
      • HRH Margarita’s Favor design is now available. Please feel free to reach out to me for kits for either HRM Fortune or HRH Margarita’s favors. There is always a huge need for Pennsic favors, even a few help. It’s a simple design and a great way to practice embroidery or fabric painting. 
      • Ducal Challenge is Sept 9th in Settmour Swamp and requests that armored and rapier combatants submit art they have made or commissioned to the prize pool. If you need any support with your project or getting connected with an artisan, let me know if I can help. 
      • The Scribal Work Day has been tentatively rescheduled for Sunday Sept 15th, more details soon on Facebook and will go out on the email list after Pennsic. We will have supplies and tasks for those of all skill levels. If you are interested in wordsmithing prior to the event, please let me know. 
      • There will be a Rattan Art competition and an A&S Gift Exchange at Caer Adamant’s Tourney of the Fallen Stag on Sept 29th 
      • Bards, Caer Adamant will be hosting Winternights South and Bardic Banshee on Oct 26th so get your repertoire beefed up!
      • The PAX Unplugged demo will be Dec 6th – 8th, we will set up a workshop or two before then to make some nice pretty game boards. Stay Tuned!
      • Master Muin is coordinating a largesse donation for Their To-Be-Majesties to be presented at Yule/Investiture, Dec 14th. Contact him or me to contribute. The new Baronial Seat will also be selecting Their A&S and Brewing Champions. 


  • MoL
    • Commons happened, we have champions
    • 9 heavy fighters, 16 fencers
    • Report sent in


  • Chatelaine
    • Caitlin, her boyfriend, Remy, Silas came to Commons
    • Continue to get people emailing in looking for info
    • Lots of newcomer classes/meetups at Pennsic
    • Hoping to do some newcomer largesse classes to create a basket for the Royals at Yule


  • Chancelor Minor
    • Children’s activities are available, contact Rosie


  • Webminister
    • Website and email are working
    • Mailing lists migrating from Yahoo to Gmail


  • Bailiwick
    • Sent report to chronicler
    • Productive June meeting; no July meeting; meeting last tuesday of August
    • Demo at UPenn for student activities day
    • music/dance day in September
    • Philly Out Fest Demo – Sunday October 13th
    • Scriptorium starting back up in the fall


Other business

  • Calendar – barony meetings listed at 7 (so that everyone can make it by 7:30 to start) – keep this
  • Website – champions not updated
  • Letters of intent for Baronial seat – only one received – Muin
    • We still need to go through polling
  • Rowen applied to be social media deputy – falls under office of seneschal; given position
  • Iriniia is Bhakail liaison for Banshee bardic
  • Maryna is engaged!

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