June 2022 Business Meeting Minutes

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Barony of Bhakail Meeting: June 14, 2022 Old Business Waking of the Salamander Event Steward Angela Mori reported that WotS was a nice event, with a good but small turnout. There was music, newcomers, a lot of storytelling, a birthday, and a very large dog that walked through camp. The venue was good, with some…

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8/29 Bhakail Commons

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Come join Bhakail at our annual Commons.  As always we will be holding our heavy weapons and rapier championships that day.  You don’t need to live in Bhakail to become a Bhakail champion, you just need to be willing to wear the regalia and attend His Excellency Baron Muin in court.  We will also be…



9/25 Marple Library medieval event

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Come join the Barony at Marple Library’s medieval demo this weekend! Saturday, 1-5pm at Veteran’s Park in Broomall –