Posts about upcoming Baronial events.

January 2019 Business Meeting Notes

New business

  • Tavern – sold out! Wait list is possible, contact Chana through email or Facebook
    • We will need crock pots, please contact Maryna if you can lend one
    • If you have food allergies, contact Maryna
    • Muin will take two apprenti in a “belt-tacular” manner


  • Still open to receiving proposal for this year’s Yule and Commons


  • Church meeting site – month to month
    • Agreed to January and Feb at least
    • If unhappy, find us a new one
    • Cost is $65/night
    • Should Barony cover cost for baronial meeting?
    • Maybe we can ask them to lower cost if we meet here more?


  • Judith the Confused – husband passed on Jan 2nd, memorial Feb 2nd at Commodore Barry Club from 2 pm until 6 pm if you would like to go


  • Curia at Birka – lots of topics, one of which is a change that would say any time Royals hold court at a local event, EK gets a 20% cut of profit
    • If anyone has opinions to voice, please submit them to Muin or Rowen
    • Kingdom is losing money, they need to raise money somehow
    • Would make budgeting local events harder because local groups would lose profit


Old Business


  • Pennsic
    • As last year, accepting people who camped with us last year first, then open to everyone; adding people to wait list already
    • We need a new camp exchequer – once funds are transferred, we will take a closer look at how much money we have, what we spend it on, if we need to change camp fees
      • Camp funds are used for: baronial sheet walls, fire wood, shower filters, lamp oil, ice, water, ice/water for youth fighters, etc
    • Rosie will take care of sheet wall throughout the year


Officer Report

  • Coronet
    • Went to first baronial investiture of Buckland Cross; lovely day; presented them with gifts, some they used immediately; gave them dishes, they ate off them that night
    • Morwill (Baronial rapier champion) was elevated into the Order of the Golden Rapier
    • Court will happen at Tavern, anyone who has business for court, please email Rowen
  • Seneschal
    • Entire new year’s worth of possibilities before us
    • Tavern coming, summer brings Pennsic, looking for Commons autocrat post-Pennsic (easy event to run), then Yule needs an autocrat; then Tavern for 2020
    • “It’s a new year, go out and be medieval”
    • Kingdom got back to zip code committee – approved, sent to legate (approved); Baliwick gets new zip codes! (Yay!)
  • Exchequer
    • Bhakail army money – making tabards
    • Gold Key money for new garb
  • MoL
    • Report sent in
    • Don’t forget to hydrate
  • MoaS
    • Art is still happening
    • Michelle announced intention to step down, will maintain role as long as necessary
    • If interested, submit letter of intent to Muin and Rowen
  • Children’s Activities
    • Sent in report
  • Webminister
    • Web exists
    • EK web ministry shut down the old server
  • Chatelaine
    • Planning on plague sale for old garb
    • If you can help make new garb for gold key, please let Chana know in email or Facebook
    • Week or two before event – online check in with newcomers to see what they need before event, give info about site, etc
    • Looking to share info/newcomer gathering ideas with other local Chatelaines
  • Herald
    • Report posted online
    • Runi, Iriniia, Jens have official names
  • Seneschal of Ivy
    • Report sent in 

Coronet Report – June 2018

To the Barony of Bhakail, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, and their friends and neighbors, from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba, greetings and wishes of good health!

Barony Beyond the Mountain Investiture – 5/19/18

We traveled to BBM to see Our Cousins, Dorigen of Lewes and Eloise of Coulter step down, and Our new Cousins, Mark Red Hand and Gwenllian ferch Llewelyn Invested as the new Baron and Baroness Beyond the Mountain. We met with the incoming Baron and Baroness, along with the rest of House Runnymede, and gave them a gift of an embroidered table runner made by Lady Rosaiea Posaiea.

Hunter’s Picnic – 5/26/18

We joined friends in the Shire of Caer Adamant at Hunter’s Picnic, a small and very friendly afternoon stewarded by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne and Lady Mairi Crawford. Baroness Suba joined the discussions at the Athena’s Thimble solar. Eirani inn Sporr was the Head Cook and set out a delicious lunch with help from Lady Mairi Crawford, Lord Sean O’Morain, Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfussin, and Lord Hallbjorn Tryggvason. Thank you to our friends in Caer Adamant for a fine day!

King’s & Queen’s Armored Champions / Sommer Draw – 6/2/18

After traveling to the Barony of Bergental, we stepped out of our roles as Baron and Baroness and helped herald the tourney to choose the new Armored Champions. Vivant to the Honorable Lord Arne Ulrichson, newest King’s Champion, and to the Honorable Lord Ozurr the Boot-Giver, newest Queen’s Champion!

Upcoming Event – Iron Bog Investiture / King’s & Queen’s Archery Champions – 6/16/18

We plan to travel to the Barony of Iron Bog to see Our Cousin Creatura Christi of Oaks step down and Our new Cousins and friends of the Barony, Declan Gobha and Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin, Invested as the Baron and Baroness.

Upcoming Event – Barren Sands Demo – 6/23/18-6/24/18

The Barony has been asked to help staff a demo being held by the Shire of Barren Sands. The demo will be held at the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, 1000 Village Dr, Millville, NJ 08332. They will need help staffing the demo both Saturday and Sunday. The site is open to the public from 10am to 5pm on both days. Camping is available at the site. This demo is not currently listed on the EK Calendar and details are only available on Facebook.

Upcoming Event – Pennsic – 7/28/18-8/12/18

As we get closer to Pennsic, we will be discussing with the camp the options for hosting both Filk Night and Period Games & Music night. Filk Night is traditionally held on middle Friday. Period Games & Music is traditionally held on Tuesday of War week, however, this year EK Court will be held that night. We have spoken to Our Cousins of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon in the Midrealm. They would like to continue our ongoing chess match at PG&M, so we are considering holding that party on Sunday night this year. We will also be holding a brief Court at Pennsic, though the date and time haven’t been confirmed yet. We were considering doing it a half-hour before we are to line up for Opening Ceremonies.

Upcoming Event – Champions and Commons – 8/26/18

We will be choosing our new Baronial Armored Champion, Ladies’ Armored Champion, Baronial Rapier Champion, and Ladies’ Rapier Champion at this event. We are looking forward to an excellent day of fighting. We will also be holding Order meetings for the Salamander and the Horse. We are also planning to hold a sizable Court, so that Our Court at Yule will be shorter in case it becomes a Royal Progress. We encourage everyone from the Barony to join us at Commons and spend the day.

Retiring Officer – Chronicler

Please note that the Barony is searching for a new Chronicler. We would thank Lady Lianor de Matos for her service and for continuing in the role as we look for someone new to manage this office. For Lianor, Vivat!

Retiring Officer – Chamberlain

We would like to thank Lord Martyn de Haliwell for his service to the Barony as Chamberlain! Your efforts organizing, storing, and moving the Barony’s property have been well done and much appreciated! Vivat!

In closing

Thank you all for your efforts with the Barony. Everyone’s positive actions, from participating in fight practice, to crafting, to helping run the daily life and events of the Barony, enriches us. We appreciate all you offer. Until next month,

Pray know we remain,

 – Rowen and Suba

Coronet Report – March 2018

To the Barony and the Bailiwick, and those others to whom these present letters come, greetings and wishes of good health from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

AEdult Swim III – 2/17/18-2/18/18

Bhakail was well-represented at the AEdult Swim event held in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. A number of the Barony’s fighters and fencers took the opportunity to learn and train in a very competitive and educational environment. Well done!

Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium – 3/9/18-3/11/18

Our neighbors to the northwest, the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, hosted the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium. Several Bhakailis and friends of the Barony taught at this event. The Honorable Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, Don Lorenzo Gorla, Lady Rachel of Bhakail, and Master Muin maqq Minain all presented classes. Quite a few other Bhakailis attended and learned much from these teachers and many others. Additionally, the Bhakaili Branslers, under the direction of Maistresse Sabine de Kerbriant – Master Arden of Icomb, the Honorable Lady Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain, Lord Cynon Mac an Choill, the Honorable Lady Grainne ni Cleirigh, the Honorable Lady Pia Maletesta d’Rimini, and the Honorable Lady Adelisa Salernitana – performed for the evening Ball. Vivant to Hartshorn-Dale for their successful Known World event!

East Kingdom 50 Year – 6/28/18-7/1/18

We have several things we’d like to bring up for this upcoming event.

First, we’ve been asked to prepare a single 8-1/2″ x 11” page with photos and text detailing the history of the Barony. We’ve written to the project organizer for more information and direction, as this is a new project we haven’t been involved with before. This page is supposed to be delivered to the EK50Y group by March 31.

Second, there will be a Memorial Garden at this event where those who have passed on can be remembered. If there are Bhakailis you would like to remember, the instructions are as follows. “For those whom you would like to honor in the Memorial Garden area, we ask that you please prepare a single 11 x 8.5 sheet (landscape orientation) with a photo and a short bio or whatever words you feel are appropriate. These pages will be placed within a plastic sheet protector and attached to decorated boards which will surround the Memorial Garden area.” If you would like the event to print these pages for you, they must be emailed by June 1. Otherwise, they can be delivered in person to the event. If you let Baron Rowen know if you plan on a memorial page and, if so, how many pages, he’ll communicate that to the event organizers.

Lastly, the Barony was allotted a 10’ x 10’ space at the event for the Hall of History, a display area for each Barony and Shire in the Kingdom. The event organizers have asked for the following.

  • A banner or sign displaying the name of the Barony or Shire
  • A large Baronial/Shire device displaying the arms of the Barony/Shire
  • Baronial Lineage
  • Pictures or items that are a part of the Barony’s/Shire’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
  • Information on the history and traditions of the Barony/Shire

Recommended but not required:

  • Any written Barony/Shire histories
  • Displays of Barony/Shire traditions
  • Lists and depictions of Baronial/Shire level awards
  • All the things that make your Barony/Shire unique!

We are looking for someone who is planning on going to the event to take on organizing this display. This is a not-insubstantial project and will require coordinating with several members of the Barony. Master Muin has indicated that he will be at the event and can help coordinate on-site, however he is unable to be the project manager for this.

According to the project organizers, power is not readily available and we are required to bring all tables, chairs, stands, duct tape, and whatever else is needed for our display.

When we moved to the new Kingdom email system, the previous alias “” address went away. We think this was a useful way to communicate with all Baronial officers at one time and would like the officers’ input on having this means of communication again. We do have the option of setting up an email list on the Kingdom mail server, for example “” or setting up a collaborative inbox that all the Baronial officers can be added to. This would look similar to a Google Group, as it’s based on that technology.

Runnymede Dinner at Pennsic

It was discussed at the Baronial Pennsic meeting about the option of Bhakail hosting this year’s Runnymede (the collective landed baronage of the East) Dinner. The people attending the meeting supported the idea. At the same time, the Vicereine of Ostgardr offered her household encampment, the Silver Horde, as host. Silver Horde has a larger space than we have available, and it is already outfitted with tables and chairs. Since Ostgardr itself is hosting next year’s dinner, it has been suggested that Bhakail take the lead in organizing, the Silver Horde host the physical space, and retainers from the attending Baronies help with setup, serving, and cleanup. Additionally, there are discussions at the moment about holding a shorter “cocktail hour” with light refreshments, rather than a full sit-down dinner. We will give the Barony more information on this as it becomes available.

Heirs to the Iron Bog Baronial Seat

Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde have announced the heirs to Baroness Creatura Christi of Oaks, Baroness of Iron Bog. Two of the Tadcasters have been selected for this honor. The Honorable Lord Lord Declan Gobha and his wife Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin will take the Baronial seat at Iron Bog Investiture and K&Q Archery Champions on June 16, 2018. Vivant to Declan and Aibhilin!

River Wars 2018

We have been contacted by the Honorable Lord Sterling de la Rosa about this year’s River Wars event. At this time, there is not a theme, nor competition scheduled between the Baronies. In addition, he wanted to share that they are looking at ways to make the event more affordable for families.

River Wars 2019

Master Collin Monro has contacted us about River Wars 2019. He is planning to organize a bid and would like to have a series of competitions between Bhakail and Iron Bog. He expects there to be competitions in armored and rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, A&S, and possibly some event pitting the Barons of Bhakail and Iron Bog against each other. This is a tentative plan at the moment, as Master Collin has not yet submitted and had approved a bid for the 2019 event.

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are soliciting bids from the Barony to organize a Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion event this coming spring. We’d ask that you work with Our current Champion, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, to find a day and site suitable to this. Lady Angela Mori and Lord Hilarius Drunck have offered their estate, perhaps on a Sunday in April or May, if this can be arranged.


That wraps up our rather lengthy report for this month. Waauugghh, Bhakail!

 – Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

At the Sign of the Stag and Sparrow

The Bhakail Tavern has once more come under new ownership! Please join us at The Sign of the Stag and Sparrow in the atmospheric Ratskeller of the German Society of Pennsylvania.  Here we will gather for joy, merriment, and great food. Their Excellencies Bhakail – Baron Rowan Cloteworthy and Baroness Suba al-Hadid – will also use this occasion to choose two new Champions of their Court: their Bardic and Gaming Champions. Anyone who lives in a territory bordering Bhakail is invited to compete for either accolade, but any member of the populace may – and is encouraged to – enter for the fun and merriment.

Our dayboard spread – prepared by Eirani inn Sporr featuring bread by Runi inn Irski (baker of Shire Wars fame) – will feature foods to warm your bones in the midst of these winter days. The site is damp, so those who wish to display and sample brews and concoctions of their own will be allotted space to do so.

This event is limited to 60 attendees, so pre-registering is highly encouraged to ensure entry to the Tavern. We will be able to take pre-registration through PayPal this year, as well as cash or check. While the site is ADA accessible, the site requests that anyone needing an elevator to enjoy the day’s festivities please reach out to the Event Steward in advance.  

Bhakail 2nd Annual Gaming Championship Tournament

The Honorable Lord Aurddeilen-ap-Robet, current Games Champion of Bhakail, calls upon one and all to participate in the 2nd Annual Bhakail Gaming Championship Tournament. This year’s contest will be divided into three game categories: Wit, Skill, and Luck.

The Games of Wit will be Tafl, Nine Man Morris, and Fox and Geese. All players will need to play each game twice with the same opponent to determine a winner. Ties will count as a win for both players.

The Games of Luck will be Gluckhaus, In and Inn, and Tarot; These games should be played with 4 players. However, all the players need not be contestants.

The Games of Skill will be Shove Ha-penny, 9 pin Skittles, and Quoits. These may be played as 2 or 4 player games, and again not all the players need to be contestants. These 3 games will be featured at the Bhakail Yule Revel on December 9th to allow you to get in some practice prior to the January Tournament.

Each contestant may play as many games as time permits, but must play a minimum of one game in each of the three game categories. The person with the most wins at the end of the tournament will be declared the new Games Champion. In the event of a tie, the remaining contestants will need to play a tie-breaker game. The game and rules for the tie-breaker game will be determined by the current Games Champion. Scorecards will be provided to keep track of wins and losses.

Time permitting; we will end the day with two favorite court games from the 16th century known as The Riddle Game, and Council of the Gods. These are team games, and are not part of the Tournament. However they are extremely fun and all Tavern Event participants are invited to play.

Bhakail Bardic Champion

The Competition will consist of three rounds.

Round 1: Entertain Me!

This piece should be happy, funny, amusing, or otherwise entertaining. Drinking songs, funny stories, dance music, and upbeat tunes are always a safe bet, but feel free to think outside the box. The piece need not be period, but should be period-ish and can be original.

Round 2: Educate Me!

This piece must be period and you should be able to explain when and where it is from. Ideally, something about the piece should reveal an interesting fact about life during the period.

Round 3: Impress Me!

Show me your best. Do whatever you think will floor the audience. Things that impress me include operatic voices, complicated fingering, improvisation, and foreign languages, but remember, you will also have to impress the other judges as well. The piece need not be period but should be period-ish and can be original.

All pieces can be any kind of entertainment, including, but not limited to songs, instrumental pieces, stories, dance, juggling acts, and puppet shows.  Each piece should be less than 5 minutes. The Competition will be judged by The Baron, The Baroness, and the current Bardic Champion. Previous Bardic Champions may be asked for input at Their Excellencies request. If there are five or more contestants, then contestants will be eliminated with each round.

The Stag & Sparrow’s Menu

Pickled Thyngs
Italian Sausages
Green Onion Meatballs
Homemade Rolls
Homemade Cheese
Honey Butter
Dried Apricots
Pear Chutney
Savory Vegetable Soup served in Homemade Bread Bowls
Herb-Baked Chicken Thighs with a Cherry Sauce
Mushrooms in a Savory Broth, tossed in Parsley and presented on a bed of wilted Spinach
Warm Rice Pudding with cranberries, golden raisins, and cinnamon sprinkled over
Crisp Gingerbread

If you have allergies, questions, or concerns, please contact the Head Cook, Eirani inn Spǫrr, at

Possible Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

Greetings to the Barony of Bhakail and her friends!

With the unexpected cancellation of the Wrightstown Ren Faire this weekend, Baroness Suba and I do not have a location or event scheduled to hold Our Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship.

We have talked to Our current Champion, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, and to Lady Alana O’Keeve as the Western Region Thrown Weapons Deputy, to consider what Our options are. We would also like the input of those in the Barony who are considering competing to be Our next Champion.

Our first option would be to hold the Championship at Shire Wars. There will be a range set up there, there will be marshals, and Lord Þorsteinn is able to attend. Baroness Suba and I would be there as well. On the other hand, this event is over two hours away from the center of the Barony and that may discourage some of our local people from competing.

Another option might be to hold a local practice some Sunday at someone’s home if we could make arrangements for that. We would have to schedule a marshal to oversee that and it might be difficult with Þorsteinn’s schedule to have him there. That isn’t a deal-breaker; sometimes Champions can’t make the tourney where their successors are chosen, but it’s a consideration.

Lastly, We could consider waiting until the spring. We would have the option of having the competition at some as-yet-unplanned Baronial event, at another group’s event in the area, or to schedule a Sunday practice as a private home. This would have Þorsteinn sit the Champion’s place longer than originally scheduled. It may give us more options later, but creates uncertainty about when the competition would be held.

We would very much like the input of those who would challenge to be the next Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion. Please consider these options and let Us know your opinions, either here or in an email to Thank you.

For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,
Pray know We remain,

– Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

New Bhakail Martial Champions

Congratulations to Bhakail’s new Baronial Champion-at-Arms, Jarl Thorson, and our new Ladies’ Champion-at-Arms, Lord Chiba Touta Yoshitaki! Congratulations also to our new Baronial Rapier Champion, Don Owynn Greenwood, and our new Ladies’ Rapier Champion, Lady Myrun Leifsdottir! Thank you all so much for agreeing to serve Our Court!

We’d also like to thank Our retiring Champions for their service. To Our outgoing Baronial Champion-at-Arms, Lord Egill Illugasson; outgoing Ladies’ Champion-at-Arms, Usem al-Mohammed; Outgoing Baronial Rapier Champion, Don Eldrich Gaiman; and outgoing Ladies’ Rapier Champion, Lady Ellynor Redpath, thank you all for the service you gave to Us, to Baron Mael Eoin and Baroness Ysmay, and to the Barony of Bhakail!

Waaauuuggghhh, Bhakail!

– Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

Artisans’ Village Thank Yous

On the 17th of June, A.S. LII, we traveled to Artisans’ Village and Brewers’ University in the Shire of Buckland Cross. Despite the overcast day and occasional rain, it was a fun event and We enjoyed ourselves. While We were only there for the day, several people in the Barony camped for the weekend.

A number of arts were displayed and taught. We apologise that we didn’t get the names of all the teachers. Thank you to Mistress Elysabeth Underhill for coordinating the A&S Consulting Table. There were a quite a few people weaving with inkle loom and card-weaving, and a few making cord with a lucet. Lampworked beads were created, overseen by Lady Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin. Lord Declan Gobha brought a portable forge and he and Lord Muin maqq Minain demonstrated knife-making and working metal rod into tent stakes. Several people were decorated with henna by Amelia.

Congratulations to Lady Cassandra Arques de Northmannia, Our Brewing Champion, for reaching the status of Journeyman in her panelling with the EK Brewer’s Guild. Congratulations also to Lord Edgar refskegg for his panelling to Brewer. And thank you to Thane Alexander Makcristyne for coordinating the Brewing Village.

Thank you to Our retainers, Lady Roseia Poseia and Lucia, for taking such good care of Us. Also thank you to everyone who helped Us unpack, set up, and take down the Baronial shade pavilions, tables, and hospitality. Thanks also to Master Mael Eoin mac Echuid and Baroness Ysmay de Lynn for sharing their very large shade pavilion with the event. It hosted a fiber arts maker space during the day and did double duty as the feast hall in the evening.

The dayboard and feast, overseen by His Highness Prince Ivan, was filling and delicious. So much meat! Thank you to Master Mael Eoin and Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld for assisting with the cooking.

Thank you to the Shire for hosting Us and to Baroness Christina Jenevra de Carvalhal for stewarding the day.

For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

Pray know We remain,

Rowen and Suba, Baron and Baroness of Bhakail

Thank You All – Bhakail Investiture

Greetings to the amazing Barony of Bhakail and friends. We are unable to do justice in words to the gratitude and amazement we feel at the success that was Bhakail’s Investiture and K&Q Rattan Champions. So many people stepped up to help out, to make things, to serve, to haul, to create, to run around, and to support. Here are the names of those who helped. We hope you will assist in recognizing their service.

(We apologize for any misspellings or incomplete names.)

Lady Sybilla of Rona ran a easy to get through gate for the event, along with Mistress Philadelphia Brown, Lady Damiana Almodóvar de Sevilla, Katie Grace, and Lady Arlyn of Hartshorn-dale. Thanks also are due to Mistress Philadelphia and Lady Damiana for taking up running pre-registrations, with the added untested Paypal system.

The food was amazing, both for dayboard and feast. The kitchen was under the leadership of Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld, with the assistance of many skilled hands, including: Baron Elglin of House Eagle, Lady Alexandra Blacksheep, Lady Violet Coleson, Lady Shoshana Gryffith, Lady Katya, Diane of Tadcaster, Lady Zhelana Tomeslavitsa, Emily, Sir Harald, Lady Livia Petralia, The Honorable Lord Muin maqq Minain, Mistress Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Lady Jadwiga of Bhakail, Natso, Ellie Woodruff, Katelynne (Diane’s daughter), and the fritter girls. Special thanks also to the Hylton family who cleaned up the kitchen so the cooks did not.

Anyone who attended could not help but be impressed by the beautiful banners that graced the hall. The decorations were under the vision and guidance of The Honorable Lord Martyn de Halliwell, with the help of Lady Eleanora Tylemaker, Baroness Ysmay de Lynn, Lady Roseia Poseia, Lord Patraic O’Donagal, Lady Chana Freidl the Maker, Lord Taldo and Lord Stoldo Vetrurini.

Setup and Running of the Day
There are always so many things to do, check on, run around, setup, move, and clean. Thanks to all these gentles for their help in making this event work. Mistress Gisela Szabo, Mistress Judith the Confused, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, Lord Osric Feolagildsen, Lady Ayleth le Frye, Lord Calin Macsalny, Lord Alexi Gensel, Ellie Wood, Lady Dionise O’Towie, Lady Mairi Crawford, Lord Sean O’Morain, Declan Moran, Lady Maeve O’Morain, Sigvin Jansdottir and Andre, Thomas and Kagome.

Thank you all, and to any others who we may have missed. Please let us know any that we have missed. We want to thank them as well. You made the day fantastic!

Yours in service, Lady Shoshana Gryffith and Lady Lianor de Matos

SRWC Thank You

We’re home from Southern Region War Camp, held June 10th in the Barony of Carillion, and we had a wonderful time. SRWC was everything you’d expect a War Camp to be, and a bit more. There was heavy combat, rapier, thrown weapons, and archery. There were also bardic activities, including the CD release of “Sing for the East” hosted by our own Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant.

A number of Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail were recognised in Court. Lord Matteo Cole Amici received a Silver Rapier. Lord Lorenzo Gorla was awarded the Golden Rapier. Chiba Touta Yoshitaki was given a Silver Tyger. Baron Joseph Harcourt was recognised with a Tygers Combatant. Maeve O’Morain received a Silver Wheel and her Award of Arms. And Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld was given the Burdened Tyger.

There was a delicious dayboard provided by the event, prepared by our own Lord Martyn de Halliwell. The Baron and Baroness of Carillion thanked him in Their Court. In the evening, there was a potluck supper jointly organised by people from Caer Adamant and Bhakail. Much comradery was had and much yummy dinner and dessert eaten! Afterwards, there was some bardic entertainment by the musically inclined among the company.

We were wonderfully supported through the day by our retainers and aided by others who helped set up and take down the Baronial shade pavilions. Thank you all for your help! We think it’s a good thing to have a place where Bhakail and friends can gather at events like this and we hope we can continue this tradition.

Thank you to the Barony of Carillion and all involved who made Southern Region War Camp a wonderful event.


For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

Pray know We remain,


Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

Bhakail Investiture Thank You

More than one person warned Us that the day of Investiture would be a blur, and they were right. Having said that, We will attempt to recount the joy that was Bhakail Investiture with the caveat that we had no way of seeing everything that went on that day, and may have forgotten some due to being overwhelmed, so if there were any parts We missed describing or whose acts of service We either missed seeing or forgot to name, then please chime in and share.

Lady Lianor de Matos, Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, and Lord Martyn de Halliwell did a terrific job preparing for this event. There were tents for all the field activities, lists for the fighting, tents for Gate, a dais for court, chairs for the audience, and tables for dayboard serving and seating. They recruited many volunteers!

Lord Martyn’s idea for silk banners of Bhakail badges and groups and awards that hung from the ceiling of the hall really changed the atmosphere of the room spectacularly. Many people, especially Baroness Ysmay de Lynn, helped Lord Martyn realize this vision by outlining, then painting the banners over several A&S nights in preparation for the event and we are grateful to all of you. Lord Martyn and his crew borrowed equipment to hang all these banners from the ceiling and to hang the Pennsic sheet walls to cover the school’s championships in order to increase the ambiance of the day.

There were many people who worked on Our garb in preparation for the day. Lady Iseaulte of the Clews designed flames that were suitable for applique, embroidered leaves onto the garb, and embroidered the edges of the Salamanders in order to keep them from fraying and to add shiny details of silver claws and red flaming breath. Suba’s mother Sally sewed several seams and hems, appliqued the flames, embroidered leaves onto the garb, and sewed most of the retainer baldrics. Lady Violet Coleson hand-sewed the sleeves onto Rowen’s garb. Many people kept us company while sewing and fitting was happening.

A number of people helped us prepare that morning. Lady Iseaulte helped prepare our retainer bags and stocked them. Lady Kosa Korotkaia braided hair for both of Us. We were pleased to wear tokens with Gunnar Alfson’s device that We could share in keeping his memory alive. Thank you to Lady Ravenna de’Witte for making those.

We were honored that so many of you were willing to be Our retainers and to wear Our baldrics, which were handed out by Sayyid Jibril ibn Ammar al-Fayyad.  Thank you to Baroness Theodora Bryennissa called Treannah, Baron Wulfgar Silfrahárr, Master Tanczos Istvan, Mistress Marie de Blois, Lady Sarvuu Arslajin, Lady Iseaulte, Lady Jehanette Bouchart, Ragna, Alex, Lord Quintus of Bhakail,  Sayyid Jibril, and Lady Beatrice de Warynton for retaining for Us throughout the day.   It is likely that We have missed naming someone on this list, so please let us know whom to add.

With regret, we were unable to see much of Baron Mael Eoin and Baroness Ysmay’s last court, but the snippets we got were impressive. Congratulations to Baron Nissim aven Darmon and Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant on their Augmented Salamanders! If you missed hearing the original composition by Phelippe Le Vigneron using Shakespeare’s Sonnet 60 as lyrics, then please look for recordings which are posted on the Book of Faces.

Several of you (and we’d like your names) sang the Bhakail Gaudete which names all the Lineage of Bhakail as We entered court for our Investiture and also sang the Bhakail Tiens as we processed into evening Court. Both were wonderful! As someone said, “Bhakail has such a terrific legacy of music.”

As we processed in for our Investiture, Ragna carried the Bhakail banner and Alex and Lord Quintus carried our personal banners. Lord Quintus also assisted by greeting Baroness Suba’s guests and assembling glass bead tokens for Her to give out.

Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant was Our Herald and Mistress Gisela Szabo was Our Silent Herald. We’ve already heard secondhand that at least one person who was in the audience is struggling with hearing and was deeply grateful that Silent Heralds translated all the day’s courts. After Our Investiture, We were especially pleased to present gifts to Baron Mael Eoin and Baroness Ysmay, who received Court Barony appointments from the Crown after stepping down. We welcomed the fealty of Our officers and champions and inducted Baroness Ysmay into the Order of the Horse.

Chana Freidl the Maker graciously took many photographs of Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, Our Baronial Lineage, and Our guests after which we sat in State for a while. That you showered us with gifts while we sat was overwhelming. That you showered us with welcome has been heartwarming. Thank you Lady Iseaulte and Mistress Sabine for staying to record gifts from Runnymede, and thank you both for staying nearby for when we needed you during that time.

The dayboard was delicious and plentiful, thanks to Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld and her crack team of chefs. Chicken with sage sauce. Fish with green sauce. Poached pears. Pickled vegetables, bread and cheese, and more. All wonderful, filling, and plentiful dishes. Thanks to the care of Our retainers, We found time to eat and enjoy the dayboard amid a busy afternoon.

In Our evening Court, We were pleased to present gifts to Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and the visiting King and Queen of Ansteorra. We had Lady Shoshana announce the winners of the Baronial largess competition: Lady Alison Wodehalle and Lady Carowyn Silveroak. We asked Lord Calin Macsalny to renew his post as Constable and appointed Lord Osric Feologildsson the Baronial Brewmaster. We presented Flames to Lady Lianor, Lady Shoshana, Lady Iseaulte, Lord Martyn, Mistress Juliana, and Mistress Sabine for their work putting on the event and helping us prepare. We also presented tokens to Baroness Cateline la Broderesse for the hoods she embroidered for Us and to Lady Beatrice de Warynton for the hand woven trim gifted to Ansteorra.

Many Bhakailis and Friends of Bhakail received awards in Royal Court that day! Awards of Arms were given to Sigvin Jansdottir, Chana Freidl the Maker, and Geine Dhocair. The Order of the Silver Wheel, the AoA-level service award, was given to Ayleth Le Frye, Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, and Lady Marta de Lyon. The Order of the Silver Brooch, the AoA-level arts award, was given to Edgar refskegg, Lord Osric Feologildsson, and Lady Shoshana Gryffyth. Baroness Wentlyanna Bengrek received the Order of the Silver Rapier, the AoA-level fencing award. Lord Berrick Grayveson received the Order of the Golden Rapier, the Grant-level fencing award. And our retiring Baron and Baroness, Mael Eoin mac Echuid and Ysmay de Lynn, were given Court Baronies. To all these deserving recipients, Vivant!

Due to the length of the afternoon’s tourney and the amount of Court business conducted by the Crown, Evening Court ran unexpectedly late. Quite late. However, Mistress Juliana and her excellent staff delivered a hearty and delicious feast that was perfectly prepared, despite the lateness of the hour. Savory Toasted Cheese served over asparagus, pork with coriander, ladies thighs (lamb meatballs) with garlic paste, and dried fruit fritters were just some of the wonderful dishes served. As a thank you for her work, We presented Mistress Juliana with a wooden spoon, carved and oiled by Lord Patraic O’Donagal.

Many hands make light work and many people helped clear the hall, clean up the site, and pack up Our belongings. Thank you. We and the staff would have been there much later without the generous help of those cleaning and packing. We’d also like to thank John of Coldwood, Master Istvan, Lord Quintus, Lord Osric, and Lord Calin for packing down and loading Suba’s popups and heraldry supplies from the field late in the evening.

To all Our retainers and staff, thank you for taking care of us that day. We could not have done it without you. To all who helped make Baronial Investiture and King’s and Queen’s Armoured Champions the spectacular event it was, thank you. The Barony shone because of your efforts and King Ioannes and Queen Honig were very happy with what we accomplished together. To the Barony of Bhakail, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, and the Canton of Black Icorndall, thank you for your encouragement and support. We look forward to serving as your Baron and Baroness.

Waaauuuggghhh, Bhakail!


For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

Pray know We remain,

  – Rowen and Suba, Baron and Baroness of Bhakail