July 2024 Business Meeting Notes

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Champions and Commons

A bid has been received to hold the event on September 29, and will be sent to the Council of the Exchequer for review. After brief discussion, the bid was approved pending approval by the Council of the Exchequer.

Yule Bid

Still looking for a bid! The German Society has us penciled in for the second Saturday of December for the event. The Barony votes to approve any bid that is submitted prior to the next business meeting in September and subsequently approved by the Council of the Exchequer.

Old Business

Baronial Polling

Communication has been sent asking all members of the Barony who do not have East Kingdom email addresses to provide your preferred email address to both the Baronial Seneschal at seneschal@bhakail.eastkingdom.org and to the East Kingdom Polling deputy at branchpolls@eastkingdom.org. This is essential to ensure that you are included in the polling

Members who have East Kingdom email addresses are also asked to send an email to the Seneschal to confirm that they are on the polling list.

Timeline for the actual polling has not yet been finalized.

New Business


Finn has had to step down from the position of Bhakail Webminister. Letters of intent are welcomed from anyone who is interested in filling the position. Finn is willing to stay on as a deputy. If you are interested in learning more about the position, Mael Eoin would be happy to chat with you.

Additional Officer Reports 

Chamberlain – Baroness Ysmay de Lynn

We continue to gather, sort, purge and organize the Bhakail inventory. This is a long-term project, and is currently on hold until after Pennsic, but it is moving forward and going well. 

Wins so far:

  1. We have sorted our youth activity items, so it’s possible to grab a smaller, more focused box that reflects the kinds of activities going on at an event rather than having to take everything
    2. We have sorted out items that will fit well in the Kingdom toybox. The barony will likely present these to their majesties at Investiture/Yule.
    3. The box of pointy kitchen items has been tamed, and now lives in nylon bags sorted by type. All knives have been removed.
    4. All kitchen items have been sorted by type. 

We do need to buy more bins. I still have the $200 previous budget for this since I am not good at keeping receipts. I will do better. 

We also need measuring cups and spoons. I will be putting in a budget request for this in the future.

Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Livia Petralia, Deputy Seneschal

We have just recovered from hosting Known World Heralds and Scribes Symposium. We had 120 attendees from multiple countries and kingdoms, with events spanning three days and multiple parts of campus and Philadelphia. We lucked out to be able to schedule when there was free admission at both the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the University Museum. There has been a lot of positive, and some constructive, feedback and the Bailiwick did make money on the event. We are also extremely thankful that so far only one attendee has reported contracting covid, and they neither caught it nor passed it on at the event. We thank the Barony for the loan of cold drink dispensers for the Saturday evening social at the UPenn LGBT center – the ice water was much needed and appreciated. 

We thank Lady Margarette la Gantiere for transporting the drink containers to and from the event and for both teaching a class and leading a roundtable discussion. We thank Ysmay de Lynn for volunteering to model for our classes. We thank Lady Ellyn Greene for volunteering to shepherd attendees to the Fine Arts Library for tours and workshops. We were excited to meet Davit Jamburiani, who was teaching at his first? event and we look forward to seeing him around the Barony and Bailiwick in the future. And we will have an even more exhaustive list of gratitude forthcoming.

We are now looking forward to the Fall semester and shall once more renew our recruitment efforts. If you would like to demo or teach anything at UPenn, please feel free to contact either the Chatelaine or the MoAS of the Bailiwick (both me! Livia Petralia). We are on very good terms with the Penn Libraries’ Materials Library (which is interested in fiber and dying workshops) and their maker space at the Education Commons (which is interested in metal working, last and shoe making, weaving, and other fun things).

Feel free to join us at our next business meeting (Monday, August 12th at 7:30pm on Zoom) or on campus for lunch (Monday, July 15th at noon at Louie Louis – weather permitting)


Minute notes recorded by Ellyn Grene 

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