Business Meeting

Meeting notes, agenda, and outputs from Barony of Bhakail Business Meeting.

April 2019 Business Meeting Notes

New Business

  • A&S
    • Lady Maryna Borowska Is our new MOAS.
  • Pennsic
    • Lady Roseia Poseia is our camp exchequer.  Pennsic camp money ($60/adult & $20/juvenile) can be given to her, either cash or check payable to Rose O’Connell.  Money must be received by June 19th.
    • Camp Meeting April 28 April 2019 at Baron Darmon and Baroness Sabines house.
    • Pre-Reg Ends soon
      • Mail in – May 31st
      • Online (Unpaid) – June 6th
      • Online (Paid) – June 19th
    • Check your tents!  Moldy tents are sad tents.
  • Fundraisers
    • Baron Mael Eoin is planning on a fundraiser at his house.  More info coming later.
    • Possible fundraiser at Bhakail Commons.  Gold Key garb sale.  Bake Sale.  Constables Lost and Found Sale.
  • Crown Tournament
    • The barony would like together Largess gifts to present to the Royals on May 4th.  If you are interested please contact The Seneschal.

Old Business

  • Meeting Space
    • Still looking for alternatives to gather.  We do like Denny’s but are willing to consider other places as well.
  • Events
    • Bhakail Commons-  Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar has offered to place a bid with a possible date of August 25th.  She will look into getting the required permits and insurance.
    • Yule- Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar has offered to place a bid with a possible date of December 14th.  Roseia Poseia would be Deputy Steward and Lord Martyn de Halliwell as head cook.  The Contract should remain the same as last years, and the addition of a cleaning company being a requirement, which we are happy about.
    • Tavern- Baron Mael Eoin and Baron Jibril have expressed interest in running this event in 2020.


  • Baron
    • Several Bhakailis received at Mudthaw and Coronation
    • Crown Tournament is fast approaching on May 4th.
      • Looking for Largesss/Gifts to give at Crown Tournament
    • Always taking recommendations for baronial awards
  • Seneschal
    • Looking for volunteers to create some largess for the Royals to be presents at Crown Tournament
  • Exchequer
    • “The first quarter financial report has been submitted”
  • MOAS
    • Lady Maryna Borowska Is our new MOAS!
    • Looking to start a Backlog/Blank Scroll workshop.  Possible around May 19th.
  • Herald
    • Report already on the website.
  • Chronicler
    • Notes are being taken
  • Web Minister
    • Still intending to move from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups.  It’ll happen to soon.
    • Make yourself an East Kingdom Wiki page.  It’s free and easy.
    • Officers should be using official emails.
  • Chancellor Minor
    • “Please let me know if you would like any Children Activity at your event.  I would be happy to put something together for you. I am currently putting together some Children Activity for the Caer Adamant for Spring Crown on May 4.  If your are interested in helping out with this, please let me know via email  It would be very appreciated”
  • Chamberlain
    • We have lots of stuff
    • Wants to have an Organization and Catalog day
  • Chatelaine
    • Black Boot Company have been having semi regular meetings, talking about any topic our new comers want to know more about.
    • Planning an day to help newcomers pick out Outfits for events.
    • Talk To Someone New Challenge.  Find someone you don’t know at an event and start a conversation.

Pennsic 48 Update

Pennsic by the numbers…

107 days left until Pennsic!

70 days left to pre-reg online

32 people have pre-regged with Bhakail so far!


Both camp fees and camp forms will be due by June 19th.  Camp fees are paid to Rosie (cash or check please, checks can be made out to Rosie O’Connell), and camp forms are due to Dayna (can be emailed or hard copy).  Our contact information is located on the first page of the camp form.

Please fill out a new camp form, I changed them this year to include more information that will help us plan the map.


Camp Master’s Corner – now is a good time to check your tent!  The weather is starting to get warmer, so pull your tent out of storage and set it up in the yard.  Check for mold, holes, anything that could hinder your fun during camping season.  You’ll have plenty of time to fix problems you might find if you look for them now!


*** We will have a Pennsic planning meeting on Sunday, April 28th at “The Baronial Estate” (aka Rowen’s house). Let’s say 2pm? Bring snacks! ***

March 2019 Business Meeting Notes

New Business

  • Meeting Space
    • We are spending more at our current business meeting space at Marple Christian Church than we are taking in donation.  We are currently planning on moving our meetings to Denny’s at 47 Industrial Hwy Essington, PA 19029
  • A&S
    • We will be voting for a new Arts and Science Officer at our next business meeting.  So far Livia Petrolia and Maryna Borowska have expressed interest.
  • Philly Ren Faire
    • Doesn’t look like we’ll be demoing this year.  Unless someone wants to take lead and be our Liaison.
  • Pennsic
    • Roseia Poseia is our camp exchequer.  Pennsic camp money ($60) can be given to her, either cash or check payable to Rose Marie.
    • Camp Meeting TBD very likely early April

Old Business

  • Meeting Space
    • Still looking for alternatives to gather.  We are spending more for the meeting space then we are getting in donations.  
  • Events
    • Looking for someone to run Bhakail Commons and Bhakail Yule.  People have mentioned interest but so far there have been no bids submitted.


  • Baron
    • Planning on attending Mudthaw Mar 30th and Coronation Apr 6th.  Looking for retainers.
    • Looking for Largesss/Gifts to give at Coronation   
  • Seneschal
    • “We are a Brony in Need ™ We have need for Autocrats for our regular events. (Commons, Yule, Tavern).  And we need a proposal, a plan, and Aurocrats for fundraising events.  Our Barony has need of an increase in funds.  We also need a better meeting place.  Either one that is less costly, or one that offers more options for our needs.  Crafting, fighting, fencing, meeting, social space.  We approach Spring, a time of renewal and growth.  Let’s do just that, Shall we?”
  • Exchequer
    • “The event report for Tavern has been submitted.  Bhakail is up-to-date on all required financial reporting”
  • Herald
    • Submissions from Pennsic 47 are starting to come back in recent LoARs
  • Chronicler
    • Notes are being taken
  • Web Minister
    • Still intending to move from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups.  It’ll happen to soon. Make yourself an East Kingdom Wiki page.  It’s free and easy.
  • Chancellor Minor
    • “Please let me know if you would like any Children Activity at your event.  I would be glad to put something together for you. The shire of Caer Adamant has asked mt to put something together for Spring Crown on May 4.  If your are interested in helping out with this, please let me know at the following email It would be very appreciated”
  • Chatelaine
    • Black Boot Company have been having semi regular meetings, talking about any topic our new comers want to know more about.
    • Possible Philly PAX Unplugged Demo in Nov 2019

January 2019 Business Meeting Notes

New business

  • Tavern – sold out! Wait list is possible, contact Chana through email or Facebook
    • We will need crock pots, please contact Maryna if you can lend one
    • If you have food allergies, contact Maryna
    • Muin will take two apprenti in a “belt-tacular” manner


  • Still open to receiving proposal for this year’s Yule and Commons


  • Church meeting site – month to month
    • Agreed to January and Feb at least
    • If unhappy, find us a new one
    • Cost is $65/night
    • Should Barony cover cost for baronial meeting?
    • Maybe we can ask them to lower cost if we meet here more?


  • Judith the Confused – husband passed on Jan 2nd, memorial Feb 2nd at Commodore Barry Club from 2 pm until 6 pm if you would like to go


  • Curia at Birka – lots of topics, one of which is a change that would say any time Royals hold court at a local event, EK gets a 20% cut of profit
    • If anyone has opinions to voice, please submit them to Muin or Rowen
    • Kingdom is losing money, they need to raise money somehow
    • Would make budgeting local events harder because local groups would lose profit


Old Business


  • Pennsic
    • As last year, accepting people who camped with us last year first, then open to everyone; adding people to wait list already
    • We need a new camp exchequer – once funds are transferred, we will take a closer look at how much money we have, what we spend it on, if we need to change camp fees
      • Camp funds are used for: baronial sheet walls, fire wood, shower filters, lamp oil, ice, water, ice/water for youth fighters, etc
    • Rosie will take care of sheet wall throughout the year


Officer Report

  • Coronet
    • Went to first baronial investiture of Buckland Cross; lovely day; presented them with gifts, some they used immediately; gave them dishes, they ate off them that night
    • Morwill (Baronial rapier champion) was elevated into the Order of the Golden Rapier
    • Court will happen at Tavern, anyone who has business for court, please email Rowen
  • Seneschal
    • Entire new year’s worth of possibilities before us
    • Tavern coming, summer brings Pennsic, looking for Commons autocrat post-Pennsic (easy event to run), then Yule needs an autocrat; then Tavern for 2020
    • “It’s a new year, go out and be medieval”
    • Kingdom got back to zip code committee – approved, sent to legate (approved); Baliwick gets new zip codes! (Yay!)
  • Exchequer
    • Bhakail army money – making tabards
    • Gold Key money for new garb
  • MoL
    • Report sent in
    • Don’t forget to hydrate
  • MoaS
    • Art is still happening
    • Michelle announced intention to step down, will maintain role as long as necessary
    • If interested, submit letter of intent to Muin and Rowen
  • Children’s Activities
    • Sent in report
  • Webminister
    • Web exists
    • EK web ministry shut down the old server
  • Chatelaine
    • Planning on plague sale for old garb
    • If you can help make new garb for gold key, please let Chana know in email or Facebook
    • Week or two before event – online check in with newcomers to see what they need before event, give info about site, etc
    • Looking to share info/newcomer gathering ideas with other local Chatelaines
  • Herald
    • Report posted online
    • Runi, Iriniia, Jens have official names
  • Seneschal of Ivy
    • Report sent in 

December 2018 Business Meeting Notes

New Business

  •  Tavern coming up; please pre-reg; menu is going to be great
    • Black Boot Brewers are going to brew for us; Tavern-exclusive beer!
    • If we get 50 attendees, Mael Eoin will eat the recipe for the exclusive beer
    • if anyone is interested in shadowing Chana or Maryna for Tavern to run event next year, please reach out


  • Bids are due for spring crown tourney either 12/15 or 1/1, for Ozurr and Fortune, typically held last weekend of April or 1st weekend of May
    • Bhakail has not put in a bid in 2 years so it’s about our time to do so
    • Does anyone have interest in putting in a bid?  Site is a daycamp, already set, dry site, big pavilion, picnic tables
    • No objections; Barony is in favor of putting in bid; asking neighbors if they want to help (Buckland, Hartshornedale)


  • Martyn would like to go back to being chamberlaine until June 2020; seconded by Rowen; approved by vote


  • Need to start looking at bids for Yule for 2019 (date already penciled in), and commons for 2019


  • Chana will be camp master again for Pennsic


Old Business

  • Yule –
    • HUGE thank you to Gisela
    • 183 total attendees, 124 feast; both numbers are under break-even number, but all came in under budget; should have made some money
    • Cleaning crew was super helpful; final site walkthrough at midnight; started behind because site was not cleaned, but we got everything ready
    • Thanks to Art and Alana and Alesia, all the platters and almost all utensils and pots cleaned; Thank you to Alesia and Chana as deputies; thanks to John Marshall, Jibril, entire crew for work in kitchens; Gisela and staff fantastic getting everyone checked in; Elanora fantastic job with feast seating chart; thanks to outgoing champions Girsel and Muin, people in the Ratskeller crew; Elizabet Marshall, Mari Clock van Horn for helping with feast and organizing servers; Sabine organized musical activities; Lord Stoldo was Martyn’s arms and legs for large part of the week, packed the van, moving stuff around; door warden, space coordinator, organized servers, cleaning crew all very helpful things


  • Zip codes that were submitted – still waiting to hear back from Kingdom; third party said it will probably go through and notice might be late-coming


  • Meeting space for Baronial business meetings – tentative approval and putting together a contract for us at the church on Lawrence road in Broomall – $65/night
    • Paying $65/night at Stage One and not making that much money; we will have fewer people at new site because no fighters; currently only scheduled for business meetings, no place scheduled for social; Barony has underwritten cost of meeting space before but this is more expensive
    • Libraries are a possibility but they close earlier than we would be done with our meetings; Martyn can talk to some of the librarians
    • Could vote to change meeting days to weekend afternoons if we can’t find a place
    • January meeting location is already set for January 8th- 475 Lawrence RD, Broomall PA – Marple Christian Church
    • Debating rec centers, libraries, distance is a problem
    • Mael Eoin going to create map of active members to see where is close for people
    • Send any ideas for social locations to Baron and Seneschal
    • Can go back to Pinocchio’s on Monday nights after new year if we want to
    • Pinocchio’s on Monday next week (Dec 17)


Officer Reports

  • Coronet –
    • “We had an event and it was Yule and there were lots of awards given out and yay all the people”; schtick will carry over to Tavern; Constable now drawing up arrest warrants; new champions for A&S and Brewing, yay to our outgoing champions; court coming up at Tavern
    • Bhakail is making a presentation in the evening court for Buckland Cross Investiture; space on their docket so everyone who has made largess can present it to them
    • Jibril christened his gifted spoon with bourbon
    • if anyone has award recommendations, get them to His Excellency NOW for Tavern


  • Seneschal 
    • Thank you for coming to Yule, it is our big event that we are so proud of every year; we put on a pretty decent event despite issues good music, good food, people had fun; no weird weather this year
    • Muin’s tenure as seneschal ends in Jan 2020 – giving PLENTY OF NOTICE, if you want to be seneschal, you need to start thinking about it


  • Exchequer 
    • Report incoming


  • MOAS 
    • Art is happening in the Barony; Thursday night fabric-stitchy-thing with Elanora; new A&S champion wants to be involved in art in the Barony


  • MOL –
    • Same report as last month


  • Chronicler –
    • send your reports


  • Webminister –
    • Report sent to Muin


  • Youth Activities Mistress –
    • Salamander hunt at Yule – huge success; coloring and beading; Mercedes helped; no problems with kids being left without parents


  • Chamberlain –
    • We have stuff, report incoming; will need help moving stuff to Philly’s for storage within the next couple weeks


  • Chatelaine –
    • Some usable garb, but not pants; some stuff is pretty old/stained/ripped; could really use pants, men’s tunics, women’s summer dresses, belts, pouches
    • Made info board for Yule – people coming by to check it out, seemed to be helpful


  • Ivyinrust –
    • No longer hosting social as of right now, continuing with scriptorium, craft and chat, cooking workshop, will go on Baliwick calendar
    • Possible demo prior to spring break, but there are difficulties; business meetings moving to third monday of the month
    • Congrats to Maryna for becoming Ivy Persuivant


Other News

November 2018 Business Meeting Notes

Old Business

  • New Business Meeting Locations!
  • Yule
    • West Kingdom has been hit hard by wild fires, we plan on collecting  donations of well cared for garb at Yule to send to them.
    • PayPal closes on Nov 28.  Get your Preregs in soon!
    • Volunteers are still needed for setup, tear down, servers, and  Gate Guard.
  • Tavern
    • Volunteers are still needed for setup, tear down, servers, and  Gate Guard.

New Business

  • We have been contacted by representatives of The Mill at Anselma (a national historic site) who have offered us use of their grounds for events.  The site is in the Shire of Hartshorn -dale.
  • 100 Minutes War quickly approaches (Saturday November 17th)

Officer Reports

  • Coronet-
    • Crown Tourney happened last weekend and a new Prince and Princess have been crowned.  This is the first Unbelted Prince in over 20 years.
  • Seneshal-
    • We are entering the colder months and though the number of events wanes and attendance falls he is happy to see the number of people who still attend them.
  • Exchequer-
    • We have money
  • MOAS-
    • A&S evenings are happening on Thursday nights at Lady Eleanora Tilamaker house
  • MOL-
    • Looking for help at Shire Wars
  • Web Minister-
    • Websites continue to work
  • Herald-
    • If you submitted a Name/Device/Badge at Pennsic please let her know
  • Chancellor Minor-
    • Reminder that “Youth Activities” is NOT a babysitting service and that an adult or responsible teenager.
    • There are plans for a Salamander Hunt at Yule
    • Volunteers need to assist with Youth activities at Yule.
  • Chamberlin-
    • Currently looking for a replacement
    • New storage shelves at Mistress Philadelphia’s home
    • Planning a Post-Yule Inventory
  • Chatelaine-
    • New members are active in the group
    • Gold Key Garb, looking to make simpler garb that may be less intimidating, needs pouches & belts if you have any to donate please email
    • Planning a Post-Yule Inventory
    • Looking to sell old garb to raise funds to make new garb at a Plague Sale, possibly at Commons.
  • Bailiwick
    • Next Business is Monday November 19th at the Van Pelt Library.
    • Looking to hear back from Kingdom about Zip Codes changes

Salamander Pursuivant’s Report, 2018-10

His Excellency’s last court was held at River Wars on September 20th-22nd, with the kind blessings of Their Excellencies Iron Bog. His Excellency’s next court will be held on December 8th at the Bhakail Yule Revel. Anyone interested in producing scrolls for future Baronial Courts is welcome to contact me.

Heraldic Submissions

If you have submitted an item to the College for review via another consulting herald, please let me know what name you are submitting it under so that the progress of your items can be included on future versions of this report.

From the Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI) – This letter includes all new names and devices that have been submitted to the Eastern College of Heralds in the last month. It takes about two months for items to reach the next stage, the Eastern Letter of Decision.

October 2018:

— No letter has yet been posted.

September 2018:

— No names which I immediately recognized as belonging to a member of the Barony appeared.

From the Eastern Letter of Decision (LoD) – This letter reports what items will be forwarded to Laurel to be decided on and what will be returned to the submitter for more work. It takes about six more months for submissions to reach the next stage, the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns.

October 2018:

— No letter has yet been posted.

From the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) – This letter says what items have been accepted by SCA’s College of Arms and what has been returned to the submitter unregistered.

July 2018:

— No names which I immediately recognized as belonging to a member of the Barony appeared.

If you are currently unsure of the status of your name or device, please contact me and I will provide you with an update.


For those who made use of the consulting tables at Pennsic, please be aware that due to the number of submissions received, it may not be possible for the consulting heralds to keep you updated on the progress of your names and devices. Please let me know if you submitted something while there, in case you have questions about where it is in the process or in the event that the College has questions or needs to request a change to your paperwork.

In service,
Ragna Grímólfsdóttir

October 2018 Business Meeting Notes

Old Business

  • Plans for participating in Media’s Halloween Parade are dead
  • Yule event page has been updated with registration, A&S Championship, and Brewing Championship info.  Volunteers are still needed for Gate Guard.
  • Tavern event page has been updated with registration, Bardic Championship, and Gaming Championship info.  Volunteers are still needed for Gate Guard.

New Business

  • The Yahoo Group pages will be moving over to Google
  • There was discussion about keeping the Bhakail Facebook Page “unofficial” or making it “official” as well as the possible eventuality of a Baronial Social Media Officer.
  • We are still looking for another place to hold the weekly Social and the Business Meetings, but until we can they will be held at Pinocchios
  • The Barony ok’d the Bailiwicks request for additional Zip Codes.  The matter will be passed onto Kingdom for final approval.
  • The Baronial Chamberlin is looking for a replacement please email if you’re interested
  • Another set of 10 Baronial tabards have been requested, with the possibility of adding some kind of Southern Army identifier.

Officer Reports

  • Coronet-
    • Baroness Suba has stepped down as Baroness of Bhakail.
    • Lord Mikael McCue was named Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion at River War
    • Expect an approximately 40 min Court at Yule and a 20 min Court at Tavern
    • Baron Rowen plans on attending the Tournament of the Fallen Stag in the Shire of Caer Adamant, and Shire Wars in the Shire of Owlsherst.
  • Seneshal-
    • If you have a badge of office please wear it at events.
  • Exchequer-
    • We have money
  • MOAS-
    • A&S evenings are happening on Thursday nights at Lady Eleanora Tilamaker house
  • MOL-
    • Looking for help at Shire Wars
  • Web Minister-
    • Working on moving Yahoo groups to Google
  • Herald-
    • If you submitted a Name/Device/Badge at Pennsic please let her know
  • Chancellor Minor-
    • Assisted at River War
    • Baronial Commons had the first Pony Races
    • Reminder that “Youth Activities” is NOT a babysitting service and that an adult or responsible teenager.
    • There are plans for a Salamander Hunt at Yule
  • Chamberlin-
    • Currently looking for a replacement
    • Prepping for Yule
  • Chatelaine-
    • New members are active in the group
    • Gold Key Garb, looking to make simpler garb that may be less intimidating, needs pouches & belts if you have any to donate please email
    • Mug Challenge!  Give a mug or period looking cup to a newcomer and post a picture to Lord Alexanders Mug Challenge Facebook page for a special token
  • Bailiwick-
    • There are new members who are stepping up and becoming Officers
    • Planing more activities like Scriptoriums and Group Lunches

September 2018 Business Meeting and Officer Reports

Old Business

Open Positions

  • Chronicler position open, only Cailin running for it.  After a vote, Cailin was voted in, will start next month
  • Chamberlain position is open, only one candidate put in a petition.  We will not vote without them there, and that person still needs to put in a letter of intent.  If you are interested in the position, please put in a letter of intent to the Seneschal

New Site for Meetings

  • Stage One will be closing before the end of the year, so we need new a new site for meetings, heavy fighters, and rapier
  • Please start looking around for other options, email suggestions to Seneschal
  • We can find a social space without the fighters
  • We can hold fundraisers for the site fee if we find it to be high
  • The idea was brought up that it is ok to hold social in someone’s home, but having a neutral space makes it easier for newcomers to feel welcome
  • Elanora has a lead at Broomall library, but libraries may close their meeting rooms early

Tavern 2019

  • Bid submitted by Chana, with dayboard provided by Maryna
  • Bid will be reviewed by council of exchequer

Yule 2018

  • Still need championship info before putting up event announcement
  • Paypal link is live
  • Menus are still under construction: Jibril’s dayboard will be Turkish/Arabian, and feast will take us across the trade route from India, southeast Asia, Persia, and Italy
  • Event is now opposite of K&Q Rapier, so we’re anticipating a loss in attendance
  • Member cost will be $18, non-member $23, and feast is $12

Zip Code Committee

  • Official proposal from the Bailiwick – asking the Barony to turn over 5 zip codes to the Bailiwick (19123, 19131, 19146, 19148, 19151
  • Hartshornedale and Buckland Cross have not reached out to us
  • Martyn will draw up a new map

Bylaws Committee

  • Defunct because the chairperson resigned
  • Closer to Yule, Mael Eoin might “refunct” it – we need to review the bylaws eventually (it’s in our bylaws to do so)

Champions and Commons

  • Bhakail has new champions and so does Hartshornedale!
  • There was so much food
  • 88 people, 12 minors, and we made about $35
  • Of note for next year – we need a permit to use that site for fighting, as we are hosting a “sporting event”.  This permit costs $25 and can be obtained in person or over the phone
  • Ysmay will happily talk to people who are interested in running this event next year to let them know about it


  • Two major issues – charging and cleaning up
  • CPAP machines cannot be charged in our charging station – it trips the breaker, so no one else’s things can charge.  All CPAPs need to be registered through Disability so you can be assigned a charging space
  • Lots of trash at the end
  • People need to take responsibility of their own things in common areas
  • Maybe have a common space that’s labeled as such?  A table or a shelf for things that people donate to common?  How to police it?

River Wars

  • Bhakail will hold a Thrown Weapons Championship
  • If you want to camp as a group, let Master Collin Monroe know, give him tent info


New Business

Media Halloween Parade – October 27th at 2pm

  • Contact Rowen if interested
  • Suggested that the group travels down to Caer Adamant’s Banshee Bardic afterwards


  • Another one is coming
  • Changes to current law are mostly repairs to grammer, word changes, spelling
  • Few changes to create gender neutral titles
  • How to define Tir Mara, who rules it

Yule 2019

  • Need to start soliciting bids
  • You can follow Martyn around all day to learn about it
  • Runi – “Can we call it ‘Yule love it!?!’”
  • Group of people already interested in cooking

Need to start thinking about roles for Pennsic (camp master), who’s running Commons, etc


Officer Reports

Knight Marshall

  • New practice format is working well – warm up together and work on specific drills
  • Commons was great
  • At River War – torchlight tourney for Baronial Champions


  • Forgot a piece of business at Commons, held a “micro-mini-mini” court to award a Flame of Bhakail to Ysmay for her hard work running Commons
  • Come to River Wars to throw for Champions
  • Commons happened, there were lots of awards
  • Pennsic happened, there were lots of awards
  • Bhakail sponsored two youth fighters at Pennsic
  • Thorsten threw in Baronial thrown weapons tourney and “did not come in last!” (which was his goal)


  • Little bit of time before Yule – use it to revitalize, don’t get burnt out
  • Go to events you WANT to go to


  • Weekly A&S nights on Thursdays
  • If you have specific requests for garb workshops, contact Elanora
  • On alternate Tuesdays, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust will be hosting a Scriptorium (drop-in scribal workshop) – contact Maryna (Blueberry) with questions


  • It’s Cailin now!


  • Report is online
  • If you put in paperwork at the consulting tables at Pennsic, TELL RAGNA (Melanie) – mundane names are not used on those papers so she cannot track your progress unless you tell her to


  • Thank you to the Barony for providing ice to the youth fighters at Pennsic
  • Shire Wars is in October – come to it
  • Commons – many people approached Ysmay throughout the day to compliment the MoL


  • The Barony still has stuff!
  • List of necessary equipment for Yule has been submitted


  • The Barony still has newcomers!
  • Mistress Philadelphia has made us aware of a budget to make new Gold Key – Chana would appreciate help in creating new items such as tabards, tunics, skirts, pants, etc
  • Event board at Ducal Challenge detailing the day, with pictures of autocrat, chatelaine, etc…  Chana will make one of these boards to be used at Yule


  • The internet is not broken!
  • Check your email!
  • Officers can now update the Bhakail calendar (if you have problems, contact Runi)
  • Bailiwick now has a calendar that works


  • Carrying $119 for years for Gold Key – specific to making new garb
  • $106 to support the Bhakail Army, some tabards were made from this fund for Pennsic


  • New officers!  Penn undergrad has become chatelaine, Maryna has become herald
  • Philly stepped down as webminister and is now chamberlaine
  • Demo – huge thank you to Maryna and Livia – fall activities fair for the freshman, they handed out cards with upcoming events on them
  • Business meetings are now Monday nights

Combat Archery Marshall

  • Pennsic – officially part of the Southern Region Army – about half of the Southern Region archers were Bhakailis
  • Contacted by Captain of Her Highness’s Guard to provide archers to the guard because of how well we acquitted ourselves at Pennsic.  Jibril, Cailin, and Chana will join Her Highness’s guard when she steps up to the throne
  • Southern Region was awarded the Blue Tyger Legion for their fighting prowess at Pennsic
  • New archers are incoming, will be putting together classes on technique, armor, etc
  • Possibility of creating Baronial ammo for use by Bhakaili archers

Coronet Report – June 2018

To the Barony of Bhakail, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, and their friends and neighbors, from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba, greetings and wishes of good health!

Barony Beyond the Mountain Investiture – 5/19/18

We traveled to BBM to see Our Cousins, Dorigen of Lewes and Eloise of Coulter step down, and Our new Cousins, Mark Red Hand and Gwenllian ferch Llewelyn Invested as the new Baron and Baroness Beyond the Mountain. We met with the incoming Baron and Baroness, along with the rest of House Runnymede, and gave them a gift of an embroidered table runner made by Lady Rosaiea Posaiea.

Hunter’s Picnic – 5/26/18

We joined friends in the Shire of Caer Adamant at Hunter’s Picnic, a small and very friendly afternoon stewarded by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne and Lady Mairi Crawford. Baroness Suba joined the discussions at the Athena’s Thimble solar. Eirani inn Sporr was the Head Cook and set out a delicious lunch with help from Lady Mairi Crawford, Lord Sean O’Morain, Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfussin, and Lord Hallbjorn Tryggvason. Thank you to our friends in Caer Adamant for a fine day!

King’s & Queen’s Armored Champions / Sommer Draw – 6/2/18

After traveling to the Barony of Bergental, we stepped out of our roles as Baron and Baroness and helped herald the tourney to choose the new Armored Champions. Vivant to the Honorable Lord Arne Ulrichson, newest King’s Champion, and to the Honorable Lord Ozurr the Boot-Giver, newest Queen’s Champion!

Upcoming Event – Iron Bog Investiture / King’s & Queen’s Archery Champions – 6/16/18

We plan to travel to the Barony of Iron Bog to see Our Cousin Creatura Christi of Oaks step down and Our new Cousins and friends of the Barony, Declan Gobha and Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin, Invested as the Baron and Baroness.

Upcoming Event – Barren Sands Demo – 6/23/18-6/24/18

The Barony has been asked to help staff a demo being held by the Shire of Barren Sands. The demo will be held at the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, 1000 Village Dr, Millville, NJ 08332. They will need help staffing the demo both Saturday and Sunday. The site is open to the public from 10am to 5pm on both days. Camping is available at the site. This demo is not currently listed on the EK Calendar and details are only available on Facebook.

Upcoming Event – Pennsic – 7/28/18-8/12/18

As we get closer to Pennsic, we will be discussing with the camp the options for hosting both Filk Night and Period Games & Music night. Filk Night is traditionally held on middle Friday. Period Games & Music is traditionally held on Tuesday of War week, however, this year EK Court will be held that night. We have spoken to Our Cousins of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon in the Midrealm. They would like to continue our ongoing chess match at PG&M, so we are considering holding that party on Sunday night this year. We will also be holding a brief Court at Pennsic, though the date and time haven’t been confirmed yet. We were considering doing it a half-hour before we are to line up for Opening Ceremonies.

Upcoming Event – Champions and Commons – 8/26/18

We will be choosing our new Baronial Armored Champion, Ladies’ Armored Champion, Baronial Rapier Champion, and Ladies’ Rapier Champion at this event. We are looking forward to an excellent day of fighting. We will also be holding Order meetings for the Salamander and the Horse. We are also planning to hold a sizable Court, so that Our Court at Yule will be shorter in case it becomes a Royal Progress. We encourage everyone from the Barony to join us at Commons and spend the day.

Retiring Officer – Chronicler

Please note that the Barony is searching for a new Chronicler. We would thank Lady Lianor de Matos for her service and for continuing in the role as we look for someone new to manage this office. For Lianor, Vivat!

Retiring Officer – Chamberlain

We would like to thank Lord Martyn de Haliwell for his service to the Barony as Chamberlain! Your efforts organizing, storing, and moving the Barony’s property have been well done and much appreciated! Vivat!

In closing

Thank you all for your efforts with the Barony. Everyone’s positive actions, from participating in fight practice, to crafting, to helping run the daily life and events of the Barony, enriches us. We appreciate all you offer. Until next month,

Pray know we remain,

 – Rowen and Suba