Camp Meeting Notes 4/28/19

By the numbers…

87 days until Pennsic

51 days left to pre-reg

33 pre-regs to date


Important dates

June 11th by end of business meeting – camp forms due to Chana, fees due to Roseia

June 19th by midnight – online pre-reg due

July 27th – Pennsic starts!

We will be on site Friday morning and hope to get our land approved early like last year.


Exchequer report

  • We have money!
  • Rosie can accept checks (made out to Rosie O’Connell), cash, or Google Pay (send to
  • We’ll be keeping track of where we spend our camp fees so we can analyze it after Pennsic – find out where we’re spending our money


Camp form – email to


Change in camp form and camp fee dates

  • In order to make sure you have pre-regged enough spaces to cover your tent, dates have been changed
  • Chana will be checking your tent measurements against how many pre-regs your group submits
  • You may need to ghost one or two people in order to cover all of your space


Things To Buy

Need to replace a few things – we WILL be purchasing these things

    • Wagon (wheel width 2’2” so it’ll fit on the truck ramp)
    • Shovels – two spades
    • Canvas for the shower ($200)
    • Shower filters (about $150)

Wants – we MIGHT purchase those things

  • Metal tiki torches – maybe 6?  Put more by shower, fire pit, exists to roads; solar tiki torches for where live flame is dangerous?
  • Chandeliers for the common tent – switch regular tea lights for LED tea lights?  Replace chandeliers with LED lights?

Giving Darmon some money from our camp fees to pay for the truck

  • Truck costs (including gas and tolls) are about $750
  • Camp fees should pay for some of that since we use the truck for storage unit runs


Charging Station

  • Rules will be typed and posted inside the charging station.  We make these rules so we don’t get the privilege of the charging station taken away.  It is not ours by right, if we abuse the charging station, Disability Services will NOT let us use their outlets
  • Rules we talked about today:
    • Place (waterproof) tub under charging station for all phones that break the rules.  This will now be known as the Box of Shame.
    • Phone cord must have name on it, using tape or the bread tabs.  If your phone is not labeled, it can be unplugged. Same goes for battery packs – must be labeled with your name.
    • When you unplug your phone, take your cord with you.  There is not enough space in the charging station to store cords.
    • There will be one surge protector with 6 outlets in the charging station.  DO NOT ADD any outlets. Any plugs that expand the number of outlets past those 6 will be pulled and placed in the Box of Shame.  This is to prevent the circuit breaker from tripping.
    • Similarly, there will be one orange extension cord for our use, with one outlet.  DO NOT ADD outlets to this either.
    • Check your plugs to make sure they fit in the space needed for just one outlet.  If your plug covers up another outlet opening, please take it somewhere else to charge.  PS – if you volunteer somewhere, they usually let you charge your phone while you’re there!
    • Each phone or battery pack gets a 3 hour block to charge.
  • We will mostly be policing ourselves with this, but we will have one or two Charging Station Wardens checking the box once or twice a day to make sure the rules are being followed.
  • Scheduling
    • White board with 6 lines (numbered 1-6)
    • Sign up with your name, time in, time out (three hours later)
    • Section for notes (“Hey so-and-so, your phone was plugged in for 2 extra hours, I unplugged it,” etc)
    • Section for waiting list
    • You are in charge of your own schedule – remember when you need to go pick up your phone
    • If it’s not in the charging station, someone put it in the Box of Shame


Breakdown Weekend (and general cleanup)

  • Please refrain from leaving your stuff in the common tent when you leave Pennsic because “someone may want it.”
  • If you are going to leave something, someone else must agree to take ownership of it.  Do not just leave something in the common tent when you leave
  • Take your trash to the dumpster before you leave – if you need help, ask.  We have plenty of wagons to use for trash runs. Don’t leave your trash in camp for someone else to take.
  • Maybe we have a swap meet for stuff we don’t want?  Friday afternoon/night?
  • Piles accumulate of this stuff – Groundskeeper in charge of checking for these piles?  If anything is left in the common tent, it’s considered unclaimed, free to go to dumpster/Paladin’s Pantry if no one claims it when Groundskeeper finds it
  • One exception – if you want to leave unopened food or water, you can leave this in the Paladin’s Pantry donation spot so it can go to local food pantries


Scheduled Events

  • Middle Saturday – Known World Players rehearsal in camp – 5pm
  • Middle Sunday – Period Games and Music Night!  
    • Roseia will be the “autocrat” and organize food, chairs, tables, etc
    • Aurddeilien (Baron of Buckland Cross) will help our Baronial Gaming Champion Guillaume organize the games
  • EK Court might have moved back to Wednesday?  Rowen will check


General Notes

  • Set up your tent in the next couple weeks to check for leaks and take measurements for your camp form
  • We will once again be providing water and ice to the youth fighters daily as we have in the past
  • We will put up a camp storage tent this year, a 10×10 popup, to hold our tools and supplies.  Mael Eoin will donate the land for this
  • Mael Eoin will be going to the storage unit in May/June to check on everything there

Pennsic 48 Update

Pennsic by the numbers…

107 days left until Pennsic!

70 days left to pre-reg online

32 people have pre-regged with Bhakail so far!


Both camp fees and camp forms will be due by June 19th.  Camp fees are paid to Rosie (cash or check please, checks can be made out to Rosie O’Connell), and camp forms are due to Dayna (can be emailed or hard copy).  Our contact information is located on the first page of the camp form.

Please fill out a new camp form, I changed them this year to include more information that will help us plan the map.


Camp Master’s Corner – now is a good time to check your tent!  The weather is starting to get warmer, so pull your tent out of storage and set it up in the yard.  Check for mold, holes, anything that could hinder your fun during camping season.  You’ll have plenty of time to fix problems you might find if you look for them now!


*** We will have a Pennsic planning meeting on Sunday, April 28th at “The Baronial Estate” (aka Rowen’s house). Let’s say 2pm? Bring snacks! ***

Quick Pennsic Update

Not much new to say this month…

  • Online (paid) registration ends June 19th – this gives you 98 days to pre-reg (as of 3/13). I only have 16 pre-regs so far, so make sure you give yourself enough time to do it!


  • Rosie is our new camp exchequer! Camp fees will go to her.  Please only cash or check at this time, we are not set up for online payments at the moment.  If you write a check, it needs to be made out to her full name – Rosemarie O’Connell.



  • We will be organizing another camp meeting shortly – stay tuned!

Camp Meeting Notes 2/3/19


We had a fun and productive camp meeting yesterday to kick off the year.  Here are the highlights…
– Rosie will be our new camp exchequer!  Camp fees will remain the same this year ($60/adult, $20/child age 6-13, free/child 5 and under), and can be given to Rosie in cash or check form for now.  We are looking into the best way to receive digital payments for camp fees, so stay tuned on that!
– John Patrick and Rosie will once again order firewood for us if they get a spot on staff this year.  This was a HUGE help last year as our firewood was ready to go for us once we got on site.
– We will once again be hosting the Known World Players rehearsal on middle Saturday (August 3) at 5pm.
– Period games and music night will *tentatively* be held on middle Sunday, pending confirmation of the date for the EK Bardic Expo)
– EK Court has been confirmed for War Week Tuesday (per Facebook, so not necessarily set in stone)
– As a heads up to anyone that knew him, Lord Karl Drakken, the gentleman who camped on our corner in Haus Drakken’s Lager, passed away this fall after suffering from several health issues.  Drakken Lager does plan on coming back this year.
– Mael Eoin is interested in organizing a camp cooking fire (separate from the main camp fire).  This would involve donating space and money for firewood.  As this is still in the beginning planning stages, please contact Mael Eoin if this is something you are interested in.
Three big topics that came up, which will require further discussion…
– The charging station last year was unorganized and often tripped the circuit breakers due to too many phones being plugged in, or to the station overheating.  This year there will only be ONE surge protector in the charging station.
– The use of this charging station is a PRIVILEGE given to us by the Cooper’s Lake staff as it takes up significant space on our block.  If we abuse the privilege, they will take it away from us.
– We will create a list of rules for the charging station that will be posted on the box as well as in common space.  Possible ideas include phones requiring named labels and if they are not labeled, they can be unplugged; looking into making a charging schedule; sign-in sheet?
– If you have a CPAP or other medical device that needs to be charged, it MUST go through disability.  If Disability Services finds an unregistered device plugged into our outlet, they will unplug it.  These devices also were tripping the breakers last year by pulling too much power.
– Creation of camp chore as Charging Station Warden?  someone to check on charged/unlabeled phones, make sure station isn’t overheated or breaker tripped
– This was a huge problem last year as three people were left to take a lot of trash to the dumpsters on the last Sunday.
– Land office drives around on Sunday and takes pictures of blocks that have trash left on them – we could be kicked off the block if there is trash left
– If there is stuff you don’t want anymore, DO NOT LEAVE IT IN CAMP because “Someone might want it.”  Put it *next to* the dumpsters on Friday or Saturday with a sign that says “Free to a good home” and I guarantee someone will take it.  Leaving it in camp only makes more of a mess for the last people on site to clean up
– If you need help taking trash to the dumpster, ASK SOMEONE.  A lot of us have wagons and would be glad to help take trash.  On the flip side of this, if someone asks you for help, please try to help if you are able.  We all benefit from working together to keep our block clean
– Creation of camp chore of Groundskeeper?  Significant cut on camp fees; someone who stays till the end to check the land; each person would check in with Groundskeeper before leaving site to ensure their space is trash-free?
– Someone take time-stamped picture of our block Saturday night?  Is it possible people from other camps are dumping their stuff on our land on Sunday?  Too much trash left on Sunday to be accounted for by the people who stayed on site Saturday night
– A few things we could use to improve camp, things that have gotten old, etc
Canvas for shower walls – Sunforger can be purchased for $225, Chana can sew it
More tiki torches around camp – metal ones?
New chandeliers for common tent – wooden rings?
New camp wagon that fits on truck ramp (2’2″ width) to carry portable holes, etc
New shovels
Misting hose
We will have a camp financial meeting to talk about these possible purchases within the next month or two.
I have spoken to most of you to confirm if you’re coming back to camp with us this year – if you have not gotten in touch with me about it, please do so.  After I confirm with you, you can go ahead and pre-register on the Cooper’s Lake website.  We are listed as Barony Bhakail.
I have revamped the camp form, and I would request that I get a completed one from EVERYONE this year.  We need to make sure we have the correct information, so I won’t be able to accept “My info is the same as last year.”  I apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but I promise it’ll make setup go that much easier.  Link to the new camp form is here: and you can either email it to me or give me a hard copy.  Please read through the first two pages for important information.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
– Chana Freidl the Maker –
Camp Master, Barony of Bhakail
PS – Mael Eoin’s cook fire project is now to be known as “Michael’s Side Hustle” and Mistress Sabine’s new band name is Scooby Doo Exploits.

Pennsic 2019

Waugh Bhakail!

Pennsic time has come… Well, planning time has come.


Pre-registration is OPEN, and once again I will ask that you contact me before pre-registering to camp with Bhakail. Since we are planning on a full camp again this year, anyone who camped with us last year will be given the priority to pre-reg. We do have a waiting list this year, so once again I will be placing a pre-reg deadline for those who camped with us last year, or those on the waiting list I have already given permission to pre-reg.

If you camped with us last year, you have until May 15th to pre-reg with Bhakail in order to guarantee your spot. After that, our spaces will be opened to everyone on the waiting list and it will be first come, first serve. As I said last year, I don’t want to have to make this decision for everyone, but we have become a popular camp and in order to make sure we can stay on our block, we have to keep a close eye on our numbers.

Camp Meeting

Our first camp planning meeting will be held on Sunday, February 3rd. Master Darmon has been so kind as to offer his house. We will meet at 2pm, please bring a snack of some kind to share with everyone.

Important Dates

Sunday, February 3rd – camp meeting

Wednesday, May 15 – Bhakail pre-reg due to guarantee spot

Friday, May 31 – mail in registration ends

Wednesday, June 19 – online registration ends (midnight)

July 26 – August 11 – Pennsic!


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me or contact me through Facebook.

~ Chana Freidl the Maker ~

Camp Master, Barony of Bhakail

January 2019 Business Meeting Notes

New business

  • Tavern – sold out! Wait list is possible, contact Chana through email or Facebook
    • We will need crock pots, please contact Maryna if you can lend one
    • If you have food allergies, contact Maryna
    • Muin will take two apprenti in a “belt-tacular” manner


  • Still open to receiving proposal for this year’s Yule and Commons


  • Church meeting site – month to month
    • Agreed to January and Feb at least
    • If unhappy, find us a new one
    • Cost is $65/night
    • Should Barony cover cost for baronial meeting?
    • Maybe we can ask them to lower cost if we meet here more?


  • Judith the Confused – husband passed on Jan 2nd, memorial Feb 2nd at Commodore Barry Club from 2 pm until 6 pm if you would like to go


  • Curia at Birka – lots of topics, one of which is a change that would say any time Royals hold court at a local event, EK gets a 20% cut of profit
    • If anyone has opinions to voice, please submit them to Muin or Rowen
    • Kingdom is losing money, they need to raise money somehow
    • Would make budgeting local events harder because local groups would lose profit


Old Business


  • Pennsic
    • As last year, accepting people who camped with us last year first, then open to everyone; adding people to wait list already
    • We need a new camp exchequer – once funds are transferred, we will take a closer look at how much money we have, what we spend it on, if we need to change camp fees
      • Camp funds are used for: baronial sheet walls, fire wood, shower filters, lamp oil, ice, water, ice/water for youth fighters, etc
    • Rosie will take care of sheet wall throughout the year


Officer Report

  • Coronet
    • Went to first baronial investiture of Buckland Cross; lovely day; presented them with gifts, some they used immediately; gave them dishes, they ate off them that night
    • Morwill (Baronial rapier champion) was elevated into the Order of the Golden Rapier
    • Court will happen at Tavern, anyone who has business for court, please email Rowen
  • Seneschal
    • Entire new year’s worth of possibilities before us
    • Tavern coming, summer brings Pennsic, looking for Commons autocrat post-Pennsic (easy event to run), then Yule needs an autocrat; then Tavern for 2020
    • “It’s a new year, go out and be medieval”
    • Kingdom got back to zip code committee – approved, sent to legate (approved); Baliwick gets new zip codes! (Yay!)
  • Exchequer
    • Bhakail army money – making tabards
    • Gold Key money for new garb
  • MoL
    • Report sent in
    • Don’t forget to hydrate
  • MoaS
    • Art is still happening
    • Michelle announced intention to step down, will maintain role as long as necessary
    • If interested, submit letter of intent to Muin and Rowen
  • Children’s Activities
    • Sent in report
  • Webminister
    • Web exists
    • EK web ministry shut down the old server
  • Chatelaine
    • Planning on plague sale for old garb
    • If you can help make new garb for gold key, please let Chana know in email or Facebook
    • Week or two before event – online check in with newcomers to see what they need before event, give info about site, etc
    • Looking to share info/newcomer gathering ideas with other local Chatelaines
  • Herald
    • Report posted online
    • Runi, Iriniia, Jens have official names
  • Seneschal of Ivy
    • Report sent in 

Pennsic Camping Form

Here it is!  The 2018 Bhakail camping form!  After you pre-reg, please fill this out and return it to me.  You can either email it to me at, or print it out and hand it to me at Social or whenever we see each other.

You can find the link to the form here…  Pennsic Camping Form 2018

Coronet Report – March 2018

To the Barony and the Bailiwick, and those others to whom these present letters come, greetings and wishes of good health from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

AEdult Swim III – 2/17/18-2/18/18

Bhakail was well-represented at the AEdult Swim event held in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. A number of the Barony’s fighters and fencers took the opportunity to learn and train in a very competitive and educational environment. Well done!

Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium – 3/9/18-3/11/18

Our neighbors to the northwest, the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, hosted the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium. Several Bhakailis and friends of the Barony taught at this event. The Honorable Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, Don Lorenzo Gorla, Lady Rachel of Bhakail, and Master Muin maqq Minain all presented classes. Quite a few other Bhakailis attended and learned much from these teachers and many others. Additionally, the Bhakaili Branslers, under the direction of Maistresse Sabine de Kerbriant – Master Arden of Icomb, the Honorable Lady Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain, Lord Cynon Mac an Choill, the Honorable Lady Grainne ni Cleirigh, the Honorable Lady Pia Maletesta d’Rimini, and the Honorable Lady Adelisa Salernitana – performed for the evening Ball. Vivant to Hartshorn-Dale for their successful Known World event!

East Kingdom 50 Year – 6/28/18-7/1/18

We have several things we’d like to bring up for this upcoming event.

First, we’ve been asked to prepare a single 8-1/2″ x 11” page with photos and text detailing the history of the Barony. We’ve written to the project organizer for more information and direction, as this is a new project we haven’t been involved with before. This page is supposed to be delivered to the EK50Y group by March 31.

Second, there will be a Memorial Garden at this event where those who have passed on can be remembered. If there are Bhakailis you would like to remember, the instructions are as follows. “For those whom you would like to honor in the Memorial Garden area, we ask that you please prepare a single 11 x 8.5 sheet (landscape orientation) with a photo and a short bio or whatever words you feel are appropriate. These pages will be placed within a plastic sheet protector and attached to decorated boards which will surround the Memorial Garden area.” If you would like the event to print these pages for you, they must be emailed by June 1. Otherwise, they can be delivered in person to the event. If you let Baron Rowen know if you plan on a memorial page and, if so, how many pages, he’ll communicate that to the event organizers.

Lastly, the Barony was allotted a 10’ x 10’ space at the event for the Hall of History, a display area for each Barony and Shire in the Kingdom. The event organizers have asked for the following.

  • A banner or sign displaying the name of the Barony or Shire
  • A large Baronial/Shire device displaying the arms of the Barony/Shire
  • Baronial Lineage
  • Pictures or items that are a part of the Barony’s/Shire’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
  • Information on the history and traditions of the Barony/Shire

Recommended but not required:

  • Any written Barony/Shire histories
  • Displays of Barony/Shire traditions
  • Lists and depictions of Baronial/Shire level awards
  • All the things that make your Barony/Shire unique!

We are looking for someone who is planning on going to the event to take on organizing this display. This is a not-insubstantial project and will require coordinating with several members of the Barony. Master Muin has indicated that he will be at the event and can help coordinate on-site, however he is unable to be the project manager for this.

According to the project organizers, power is not readily available and we are required to bring all tables, chairs, stands, duct tape, and whatever else is needed for our display.

When we moved to the new Kingdom email system, the previous alias “” address went away. We think this was a useful way to communicate with all Baronial officers at one time and would like the officers’ input on having this means of communication again. We do have the option of setting up an email list on the Kingdom mail server, for example “” or setting up a collaborative inbox that all the Baronial officers can be added to. This would look similar to a Google Group, as it’s based on that technology.

Runnymede Dinner at Pennsic

It was discussed at the Baronial Pennsic meeting about the option of Bhakail hosting this year’s Runnymede (the collective landed baronage of the East) Dinner. The people attending the meeting supported the idea. At the same time, the Vicereine of Ostgardr offered her household encampment, the Silver Horde, as host. Silver Horde has a larger space than we have available, and it is already outfitted with tables and chairs. Since Ostgardr itself is hosting next year’s dinner, it has been suggested that Bhakail take the lead in organizing, the Silver Horde host the physical space, and retainers from the attending Baronies help with setup, serving, and cleanup. Additionally, there are discussions at the moment about holding a shorter “cocktail hour” with light refreshments, rather than a full sit-down dinner. We will give the Barony more information on this as it becomes available.

Heirs to the Iron Bog Baronial Seat

Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde have announced the heirs to Baroness Creatura Christi of Oaks, Baroness of Iron Bog. Two of the Tadcasters have been selected for this honor. The Honorable Lord Lord Declan Gobha and his wife Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin will take the Baronial seat at Iron Bog Investiture and K&Q Archery Champions on June 16, 2018. Vivant to Declan and Aibhilin!

River Wars 2018

We have been contacted by the Honorable Lord Sterling de la Rosa about this year’s River Wars event. At this time, there is not a theme, nor competition scheduled between the Baronies. In addition, he wanted to share that they are looking at ways to make the event more affordable for families.

River Wars 2019

Master Collin Monro has contacted us about River Wars 2019. He is planning to organize a bid and would like to have a series of competitions between Bhakail and Iron Bog. He expects there to be competitions in armored and rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, A&S, and possibly some event pitting the Barons of Bhakail and Iron Bog against each other. This is a tentative plan at the moment, as Master Collin has not yet submitted and had approved a bid for the 2019 event.

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are soliciting bids from the Barony to organize a Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion event this coming spring. We’d ask that you work with Our current Champion, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, to find a day and site suitable to this. Lady Angela Mori and Lord Hilarius Drunck have offered their estate, perhaps on a Sunday in April or May, if this can be arranged.


That wraps up our rather lengthy report for this month. Waauugghh, Bhakail!

 – Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

Pennsic XLV Camp Form

Greetings unto the Barony and any friends of Bhakail who camp with us at Pennsic War!

Below is a link to the form that we’ll need to have not only filled out, signed and submitted, we’re also requiring all forms to be reviewed by the Camp Master and/or anyone else specifically designated to be able to approve these forms (Master Rowen Cloteworthy, as the map-maker, is also able to review and approve, as an example).

We need to review all tent sizes and Pennsic registrations to make sure that there’s enough registrations to cover each tent, dining fly, rope footprint, etc.; especially considering our particular quirks, we need to be aware of how much space each tent takes up versus how much space each person is allotted (we are “compressed” in order to stay on our block, which means we all get 10% fewer square feet per registration, plus we then take 50 sq ft off per person for public walkways and the like).