Camp Meeting Notes 4/28/19

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By the numbers…

87 days until Pennsic

51 days left to pre-reg

33 pre-regs to date


Important dates

June 11th by end of business meeting – camp forms due to Chana, fees due to Roseia

June 19th by midnight – online pre-reg due

July 27th – Pennsic starts!

We will be on site Friday morning and hope to get our land approved early like last year.


Exchequer report

  • We have money!
  • Rosie can accept checks (made out to Rosie O’Connell), cash, or Google Pay (send to
  • We’ll be keeping track of where we spend our camp fees so we can analyze it after Pennsic – find out where we’re spending our money


Camp form – email to


Change in camp form and camp fee dates

  • In order to make sure you have pre-regged enough spaces to cover your tent, dates have been changed
  • Chana will be checking your tent measurements against how many pre-regs your group submits
  • You may need to ghost one or two people in order to cover all of your space


Things To Buy

Need to replace a few things – we WILL be purchasing these things

    • Wagon (wheel width 2’2” so it’ll fit on the truck ramp)
    • Shovels – two spades
    • Canvas for the shower ($200)
    • Shower filters (about $150)

Wants – we MIGHT purchase those things

  • Metal tiki torches – maybe 6?  Put more by shower, fire pit, exists to roads; solar tiki torches for where live flame is dangerous?
  • Chandeliers for the common tent – switch regular tea lights for LED tea lights?  Replace chandeliers with LED lights?

Giving Darmon some money from our camp fees to pay for the truck

  • Truck costs (including gas and tolls) are about $750
  • Camp fees should pay for some of that since we use the truck for storage unit runs


Charging Station

  • Rules will be typed and posted inside the charging station.  We make these rules so we don’t get the privilege of the charging station taken away.  It is not ours by right, if we abuse the charging station, Disability Services will NOT let us use their outlets
  • Rules we talked about today:
    • Place (waterproof) tub under charging station for all phones that break the rules.  This will now be known as the Box of Shame.
    • Phone cord must have name on it, using tape or the bread tabs.  If your phone is not labeled, it can be unplugged. Same goes for battery packs – must be labeled with your name.
    • When you unplug your phone, take your cord with you.  There is not enough space in the charging station to store cords.
    • There will be one surge protector with 6 outlets in the charging station.  DO NOT ADD any outlets. Any plugs that expand the number of outlets past those 6 will be pulled and placed in the Box of Shame.  This is to prevent the circuit breaker from tripping.
    • Similarly, there will be one orange extension cord for our use, with one outlet.  DO NOT ADD outlets to this either.
    • Check your plugs to make sure they fit in the space needed for just one outlet.  If your plug covers up another outlet opening, please take it somewhere else to charge.  PS – if you volunteer somewhere, they usually let you charge your phone while you’re there!
    • Each phone or battery pack gets a 3 hour block to charge.
  • We will mostly be policing ourselves with this, but we will have one or two Charging Station Wardens checking the box once or twice a day to make sure the rules are being followed.
  • Scheduling
    • White board with 6 lines (numbered 1-6)
    • Sign up with your name, time in, time out (three hours later)
    • Section for notes (“Hey so-and-so, your phone was plugged in for 2 extra hours, I unplugged it,” etc)
    • Section for waiting list
    • You are in charge of your own schedule – remember when you need to go pick up your phone
    • If it’s not in the charging station, someone put it in the Box of Shame


Breakdown Weekend (and general cleanup)

  • Please refrain from leaving your stuff in the common tent when you leave Pennsic because “someone may want it.”
  • If you are going to leave something, someone else must agree to take ownership of it.  Do not just leave something in the common tent when you leave
  • Take your trash to the dumpster before you leave – if you need help, ask.  We have plenty of wagons to use for trash runs. Don’t leave your trash in camp for someone else to take.
  • Maybe we have a swap meet for stuff we don’t want?  Friday afternoon/night?
  • Piles accumulate of this stuff – Groundskeeper in charge of checking for these piles?  If anything is left in the common tent, it’s considered unclaimed, free to go to dumpster/Paladin’s Pantry if no one claims it when Groundskeeper finds it
  • One exception – if you want to leave unopened food or water, you can leave this in the Paladin’s Pantry donation spot so it can go to local food pantries


Scheduled Events

  • Middle Saturday – Known World Players rehearsal in camp – 5pm
  • Middle Sunday – Period Games and Music Night!  
    • Roseia will be the “autocrat” and organize food, chairs, tables, etc
    • Aurddeilien (Baron of Buckland Cross) will help our Baronial Gaming Champion Guillaume organize the games
  • EK Court might have moved back to Wednesday?  Rowen will check


General Notes

  • Set up your tent in the next couple weeks to check for leaks and take measurements for your camp form
  • We will once again be providing water and ice to the youth fighters daily as we have in the past
  • We will put up a camp storage tent this year, a 10×10 popup, to hold our tools and supplies.  Mael Eoin will donate the land for this
  • Mael Eoin will be going to the storage unit in May/June to check on everything there

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