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November 2018 Business Meeting Notes

Old Business

  • New Business Meeting Locations!
  • Yule
    • West Kingdom has been hit hard by wild fires, we plan on collecting  donations of well cared for garb at Yule to send to them.
    • PayPal closes on Nov 28.  Get your Preregs in soon!
    • Volunteers are still needed for setup, tear down, servers, and  Gate Guard.
  • Tavern
    • Volunteers are still needed for setup, tear down, servers, and  Gate Guard.

New Business

  • We have been contacted by representatives of The Mill at Anselma (a national historic site) who have offered us use of their grounds for events.  The site is in the Shire of Hartshorn -dale.
  • 100 Minutes War quickly approaches (Saturday November 17th)

Officer Reports

  • Coronet-
    • Crown Tourney happened last weekend and a new Prince and Princess have been crowned.  This is the first Unbelted Prince in over 20 years.
  • Seneshal-
    • We are entering the colder months and though the number of events wanes and attendance falls he is happy to see the number of people who still attend them.
  • Exchequer-
    • We have money
  • MOAS-
    • A&S evenings are happening on Thursday nights at Lady Eleanora Tilamaker house
  • MOL-
    • Looking for help at Shire Wars
  • Web Minister-
    • Websites continue to work
  • Herald-
    • If you submitted a Name/Device/Badge at Pennsic please let her know
  • Chancellor Minor-
    • Reminder that “Youth Activities” is NOT a babysitting service and that an adult or responsible teenager.
    • There are plans for a Salamander Hunt at Yule
    • Volunteers need to assist with Youth activities at Yule.
  • Chamberlin-
    • Currently looking for a replacement
    • New storage shelves at Mistress Philadelphia’s home
    • Planning a Post-Yule Inventory
  • Chatelaine-
    • New members are active in the group
    • Gold Key Garb, looking to make simpler garb that may be less intimidating, needs pouches & belts if you have any to donate please email chatelaine@bhakail.eastkingdom.org
    • Planning a Post-Yule Inventory
    • Looking to sell old garb to raise funds to make new garb at a Plague Sale, possibly at Commons.
  • Bailiwick
    • Next Business is Monday November 19th at the Van Pelt Library.
    • Looking to hear back from Kingdom about Zip Codes changes

Coronet Report – June 2018

To the Barony of Bhakail, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, and their friends and neighbors, from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba, greetings and wishes of good health!

Barony Beyond the Mountain Investiture – 5/19/18

We traveled to BBM to see Our Cousins, Dorigen of Lewes and Eloise of Coulter step down, and Our new Cousins, Mark Red Hand and Gwenllian ferch Llewelyn Invested as the new Baron and Baroness Beyond the Mountain. We met with the incoming Baron and Baroness, along with the rest of House Runnymede, and gave them a gift of an embroidered table runner made by Lady Rosaiea Posaiea.

Hunter’s Picnic – 5/26/18

We joined friends in the Shire of Caer Adamant at Hunter’s Picnic, a small and very friendly afternoon stewarded by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne and Lady Mairi Crawford. Baroness Suba joined the discussions at the Athena’s Thimble solar. Eirani inn Sporr was the Head Cook and set out a delicious lunch with help from Lady Mairi Crawford, Lord Sean O’Morain, Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfussin, and Lord Hallbjorn Tryggvason. Thank you to our friends in Caer Adamant for a fine day!

King’s & Queen’s Armored Champions / Sommer Draw – 6/2/18

After traveling to the Barony of Bergental, we stepped out of our roles as Baron and Baroness and helped herald the tourney to choose the new Armored Champions. Vivant to the Honorable Lord Arne Ulrichson, newest King’s Champion, and to the Honorable Lord Ozurr the Boot-Giver, newest Queen’s Champion!

Upcoming Event – Iron Bog Investiture / King’s & Queen’s Archery Champions – 6/16/18

We plan to travel to the Barony of Iron Bog to see Our Cousin Creatura Christi of Oaks step down and Our new Cousins and friends of the Barony, Declan Gobha and Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin, Invested as the Baron and Baroness.

Upcoming Event – Barren Sands Demo – 6/23/18-6/24/18

The Barony has been asked to help staff a demo being held by the Shire of Barren Sands. The demo will be held at the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, 1000 Village Dr, Millville, NJ 08332. They will need help staffing the demo both Saturday and Sunday. The site is open to the public from 10am to 5pm on both days. Camping is available at the site. This demo is not currently listed on the EK Calendar and details are only available on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/191477601368406/

Upcoming Event – Pennsic – 7/28/18-8/12/18

As we get closer to Pennsic, we will be discussing with the camp the options for hosting both Filk Night and Period Games & Music night. Filk Night is traditionally held on middle Friday. Period Games & Music is traditionally held on Tuesday of War week, however, this year EK Court will be held that night. We have spoken to Our Cousins of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon in the Midrealm. They would like to continue our ongoing chess match at PG&M, so we are considering holding that party on Sunday night this year. We will also be holding a brief Court at Pennsic, though the date and time haven’t been confirmed yet. We were considering doing it a half-hour before we are to line up for Opening Ceremonies.

Upcoming Event – Champions and Commons – 8/26/18

We will be choosing our new Baronial Armored Champion, Ladies’ Armored Champion, Baronial Rapier Champion, and Ladies’ Rapier Champion at this event. We are looking forward to an excellent day of fighting. We will also be holding Order meetings for the Salamander and the Horse. We are also planning to hold a sizable Court, so that Our Court at Yule will be shorter in case it becomes a Royal Progress. We encourage everyone from the Barony to join us at Commons and spend the day.

Retiring Officer – Chronicler

Please note that the Barony is searching for a new Chronicler. We would thank Lady Lianor de Matos for her service and for continuing in the role as we look for someone new to manage this office. For Lianor, Vivat!

Retiring Officer – Chamberlain

We would like to thank Lord Martyn de Haliwell for his service to the Barony as Chamberlain! Your efforts organizing, storing, and moving the Barony’s property have been well done and much appreciated! Vivat!

In closing

Thank you all for your efforts with the Barony. Everyone’s positive actions, from participating in fight practice, to crafting, to helping run the daily life and events of the Barony, enriches us. We appreciate all you offer. Until next month,

Pray know we remain,

 – Rowen and Suba

Coronet Report – May 2018

Greetings and all good things to the Barony of Bhakail and the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust and those others who read these words, from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

Balfar’s Challenge – 4/21/18

Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba attended Balfar’s Challenge in the Barony of Dragonship Haven. There was word from the Court of Their Majesties, Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III. Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova was inducted into the Order of the Maunche! Vivat! There was also word from the Court of Their Excellencies Dragonship Haven, Joseph and Brose. They have given Their Barony’s Award of the Fiskur, a service token, to Lord Morwill MacShane, Lady Triona MacCaskey, and Lord Kamejima Matasaburou Takauji called Taka. Vivant!

Scribal Schola in the Shire – 4/28/18

Baroness Suba had a wonderful time learning new skills in calligraphy and illumination and was pleased to help our neighbors in the Shire of Caer Adamant in supporting their event. It is hoped that this event will happen again. Regretfully, modern obligations prevented Baron Rowen from attending.

Philly Ren Faire Demo – 5/5/18-5/6/18

Baron Rowen attended the demo held at the Philadelphia Renaissance Faire. Baroness Suba was unable to be there, as She was attending to obligations at Crown Tourney.. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support this demo. In addition to our Barony, we were aided by residents of Iron Bog, Barren Sands, and Hartshorn-dale, and we very much appreciated their support. We had armored fighters, rapier fighters, musicians, and artisans working on many types of crafts. We feel we had a good showing, particularly on Saturday, and would like to thank Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant for organizing the Barony’s participation both days.

In addition, Our Knight Marshal, Baron Vachir Arslajin took Wilhelm Grün as his Man-at-Arms at the Demo on Saturday. Vivant to Vachir and Wilhelm!

Crown Tournament – 5/5/18

Baroness Suba was pleased to attend the East Kingdom Crown Tourney in the Barony of Ruantallan. Vivant to our new Prince and Princess, Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Mistress Vienna de la Mer! In addition, friends of the Barony were also competitors. Baron Fearghus O’Conchobhair competed for crown and for the honor of Baroness Christina Jenevra de Carvalhal.

The Scribal Art of Bhakailis and Friends

The works of the the scribes of Bhakail and its friends continue to be displayed in Royal Court. We have heard that given out were scrolls created by Lady Triona MacCaskey, Lady Mairi Crawford, Lady Mýrún Leifsdóttir, Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, and Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne.

Board of Directors Seeks Commentary

There are two issues on which the Board of Directors of the SCA is seeking input.

The SCA Board of Directors is seeking commentary on their proposed language addressing hate speech. http://socsen.sca.org/request-for-comments-hate-ban-language/

Commentary on a new SCA Mission Statement and Statement of Core Values is sought by the Board of Directors. http://socsen.sca.org/mission-core-board-request-for-commentary-revised-mission-statement-and-core-values/

If you have input you wish to give on these issues, please contact the BoD via the links above.

First Year

As we come up to the end of our first year as Baron and Baroness, we cannot thank the Barony enough for the support you have shown us and the enthusiasm you show for the Barony and the SCA. You each make us proud to be Bhakailis. Waauugghh, Bhakail!


Pray know we remain,

 – Rowen and Suba

Coronet Report – April 2018

2018-04 – Coronet Report

To the Barony and the Bailiwick, and those others to whom these present letters come, greetings and wishes of good health from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

Gulf Wars – 3/10/18-3/18/18

At Gulf Wars, held in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld took the Honorable Lady Alexandra Blacksheep as her apprentice. May this be a successful relationship for them both!

Mudthaw – 3/24/18

Mudthaw, held in the Barony of Settmour Swamp, was a good day for Bhakailis! In the afternoon, Baroness Ysmay de Lynn became the protege of Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfüßin. In Royal Court that evening, Thomas of Bhakail, the son of the Honorable Lord Bryan and Honorable Lady Alisia), was Awarded Arms. Our Bardic Champion, Juliana Bird was made a Companion of the Silver Brooch and Awarded Arms for her musical abilities. Lady Angela Mori was inducted into the Order of the Maunche for her talent in divers arts. Our Constable, Lord Cailin MacSalney, was inducted into the Order of the Golden Mantle for his skill in combat archery. And Lady Beatrice de Warynton, in recognition of her aid and crafting to the reign of Ivan and Mathilde, was awarded a Court Barony with a Grant of Arms! A good day for members of the Barony! Suba and I are very proud of all of you and your accomplishments! Well done, each of you!!

Last Court of Ivan and Matilde – 4/7/18

Word has come from the Last Court of Ivan and Matilde, held April 7, A.S. LII! Our own Lady Chana Freidl the Maker has been gifted the Queen’s Cypher! And our dear Master Mael Eoin mac Echuid has been given the King’s Cypher! Vivant, Mael Eoin and Chana! Waaauuuggghhh, Bhakail!

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are still looking for someone to host a Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship. The possibility exists to hold this at a practice in Caer Adamant or at the coming practice in Buckland Cross.

Requested event – Baronial Champions and Commons

We’re also looking for someone to steward the Baronial Champions and Commons in August. For the last few years, this has been held on the last Sunday in August at Ridley Creek Park. This year, that would be August 26th.

New officers sought

The Barony is also looking for new officers to fill the roles of Chronicler and Chamberlain. If you are interested in either of these important offices, please reach out to Our Seneschal, Master Muin, or to us.


Thank you for taking the time to read and helping the Barony prosper!

Pray know we remain,

 – Rowen and Suba

Coronet Report – March 2018

To the Barony and the Bailiwick, and those others to whom these present letters come, greetings and wishes of good health from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

AEdult Swim III – 2/17/18-2/18/18

Bhakail was well-represented at the AEdult Swim event held in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. A number of the Barony’s fighters and fencers took the opportunity to learn and train in a very competitive and educational environment. Well done!

Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium – 3/9/18-3/11/18

Our neighbors to the northwest, the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, hosted the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium. Several Bhakailis and friends of the Barony taught at this event. The Honorable Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, Don Lorenzo Gorla, Lady Rachel of Bhakail, and Master Muin maqq Minain all presented classes. Quite a few other Bhakailis attended and learned much from these teachers and many others. Additionally, the Bhakaili Branslers, under the direction of Maistresse Sabine de Kerbriant – Master Arden of Icomb, the Honorable Lady Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain, Lord Cynon Mac an Choill, the Honorable Lady Grainne ni Cleirigh, the Honorable Lady Pia Maletesta d’Rimini, and the Honorable Lady Adelisa Salernitana – performed for the evening Ball. Vivant to Hartshorn-Dale for their successful Known World event!

East Kingdom 50 Year – 6/28/18-7/1/18

We have several things we’d like to bring up for this upcoming event.

First, we’ve been asked to prepare a single 8-1/2″ x 11” page with photos and text detailing the history of the Barony. We’ve written to the project organizer for more information and direction, as this is a new project we haven’t been involved with before. This page is supposed to be delivered to the EK50Y group by March 31.

Second, there will be a Memorial Garden at this event where those who have passed on can be remembered. If there are Bhakailis you would like to remember, the instructions are as follows. “For those whom you would like to honor in the Memorial Garden area, we ask that you please prepare a single 11 x 8.5 sheet (landscape orientation) with a photo and a short bio or whatever words you feel are appropriate. These pages will be placed within a plastic sheet protector and attached to decorated boards which will surround the Memorial Garden area.” If you would like the event to print these pages for you, they must be emailed by June 1. Otherwise, they can be delivered in person to the event. If you let Baron Rowen know if you plan on a memorial page and, if so, how many pages, he’ll communicate that to the event organizers.

Lastly, the Barony was allotted a 10’ x 10’ space at the event for the Hall of History, a display area for each Barony and Shire in the Kingdom. The event organizers have asked for the following.

  • A banner or sign displaying the name of the Barony or Shire
  • A large Baronial/Shire device displaying the arms of the Barony/Shire
  • Baronial Lineage
  • Pictures or items that are a part of the Barony’s/Shire’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
  • Information on the history and traditions of the Barony/Shire

Recommended but not required:

  • Any written Barony/Shire histories
  • Displays of Barony/Shire traditions
  • Lists and depictions of Baronial/Shire level awards
  • All the things that make your Barony/Shire unique!

We are looking for someone who is planning on going to the event to take on organizing this display. This is a not-insubstantial project and will require coordinating with several members of the Barony. Master Muin has indicated that he will be at the event and can help coordinate on-site, however he is unable to be the project manager for this.

According to the project organizers, power is not readily available and we are required to bring all tables, chairs, stands, duct tape, and whatever else is needed for our display.


When we moved to the new Kingdom email system, the previous alias “officers@bhakail.eastkingdom.org” address went away. We think this was a useful way to communicate with all Baronial officers at one time and would like the officers’ input on having this means of communication again. We do have the option of setting up an email list on the Kingdom mail server, for example “bhakail_officers@lists.eastkingdom.org” or setting up a collaborative inbox that all the Baronial officers can be added to. This would look similar to a Google Group, as it’s based on that technology.

Runnymede Dinner at Pennsic

It was discussed at the Baronial Pennsic meeting about the option of Bhakail hosting this year’s Runnymede (the collective landed baronage of the East) Dinner. The people attending the meeting supported the idea. At the same time, the Vicereine of Ostgardr offered her household encampment, the Silver Horde, as host. Silver Horde has a larger space than we have available, and it is already outfitted with tables and chairs. Since Ostgardr itself is hosting next year’s dinner, it has been suggested that Bhakail take the lead in organizing, the Silver Horde host the physical space, and retainers from the attending Baronies help with setup, serving, and cleanup. Additionally, there are discussions at the moment about holding a shorter “cocktail hour” with light refreshments, rather than a full sit-down dinner. We will give the Barony more information on this as it becomes available.

Heirs to the Iron Bog Baronial Seat

Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde have announced the heirs to Baroness Creatura Christi of Oaks, Baroness of Iron Bog. Two of the Tadcasters have been selected for this honor. The Honorable Lord Lord Declan Gobha and his wife Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin will take the Baronial seat at Iron Bog Investiture and K&Q Archery Champions on June 16, 2018. Vivant to Declan and Aibhilin!

River Wars 2018

We have been contacted by the Honorable Lord Sterling de la Rosa about this year’s River Wars event. At this time, there is not a theme, nor competition scheduled between the Baronies. In addition, he wanted to share that they are looking at ways to make the event more affordable for families.

River Wars 2019

Master Collin Monro has contacted us about River Wars 2019. He is planning to organize a bid and would like to have a series of competitions between Bhakail and Iron Bog. He expects there to be competitions in armored and rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, A&S, and possibly some event pitting the Barons of Bhakail and Iron Bog against each other. This is a tentative plan at the moment, as Master Collin has not yet submitted and had approved a bid for the 2019 event.

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are soliciting bids from the Barony to organize a Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion event this coming spring. We’d ask that you work with Our current Champion, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, to find a day and site suitable to this. Lady Angela Mori and Lord Hilarius Drunck have offered their estate, perhaps on a Sunday in April or May, if this can be arranged.


That wraps up our rather lengthy report for this month. Waauugghh, Bhakail!

 – Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

Coronet Report – February 2018

To the Barony, the Bailiwick, and the Canton, and those others reading these words, greetings from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

Tavern, “At the Sign of the Stag and Sparrow” – 1/27/18

We’d like to thank Lord Matteo Cole Amici called Teo, the event steward for Tavern, and his deputy Lady Chana Freidl the Maker, for coordinating this event for Us. There seemed to be a great deal of laughter and camaraderie and this was a joy to be a part of. We would be remiss if we did not also thank Our Head Cook, Eirani inn Sporr, and her deputy, Lady Mýrún Leifsdóttir. We would also very much like to thank Mistress Philadelphia Brown for serving as the Door Warden the entire day.

We would also take a moment to thank David Anthony called the Creepy Bard for his service as Bardic Champion over the past year, and for setting up the competition and aiding with the judging this year. We would also like to thank Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant for helping Us judge Our Bardic Competition. We are proud to say that We have selected Juliana Bird called Bird the Bard as Our new Baronial Bardic Champion!

Additionally We wish to thank the Honorable Lord Aurddeilen-ap-Robet for his service this last year as Gaming Champion and for his organizing and overseeing of this year’s competition. We are pleased to introduce Our new Baronial Gaming Champion, Lord Cailin MacSalny!

In Court that evening, we asked Bird and Cailin to take their places with Our retinue. Being greatly pleased by his performance in the Bardic Competition, We also offered the appointment of Court Magician to Lord Ian Douglas, which he accepted. We called for Lady Triona MacCasky and presented her with her Order of the Harlequin scroll, which had not been available at Commons in August when it was awarded. The scroll was made by Lady Cassandra Arques
de Northmannia, with words by Baron Rowen Cloteworthy. We also called for Our Rapier Marshal, Don Melchior Kriebel, and rewarded him with the Order of the Salamander for his long service to the Barony. He was given a scroll to commemorate the event, created by Baroness Aemelia Rose, words by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne.

At the Sign of the Dancing Fox – 2/3/18

As they do each year, the Bhakaili Branslers and friends, under the direction of Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant, provided the music for Dancing Fox in the Shire of Nordenhalle. Baroness Suba was pleased to be able to perform as part of the Branslers, alongside Master Arden of Icomb, Lord Cynon Mac an Choill, Juliana Bird, David Anthony, Erin, the Honorable Lord Martyn de Halliwell, the Honorable Lady Adelisa Salernitana, and Lord Ian Douglas.

King’s and Queen’s A&S and Bardic – 2/10/18

We were very pleased to travel to the Crown Province of Ostgardr to attend the Kingdom’s A&S and Bardic Championships. In the morning We, along with many Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail, set up the vigil space for Our Seneschal, the Honorable Lord Muin maqq Minain, in preparation of his advancement to the Order of the Laurel. During the day, Lady Beatrice de Warynton became the student of Baroness Christina Jenevra de Carvalhal.

Bhakail was well-represented at this event. Baroness Ysmay de Lynn and Mistress Naomi bat Avraham were both judges for the A&S competition. In addition, Master Mael Eoin mac Echuid, Don Eldrich Gaiman, and Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcáçova were “shadow judges”, aiding and offering input on the competition judging.

In addition to A&S, Bhakail had several people involved with the Bardic Competition. Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant, as the retiring Queen’s Bard, assisted with the judging of the competition. Our Baronial Bardic Champion, Juliana Bird called Bird the Bard, along with Lord Phelippe le Vigneron, David Anthony called Creepy Bard, Don Lorenzo Gorla, and Lord Ian Douglas all competed. David Anthony advanced to the second round. Bird and Phelippe advanced to the final four. In Court that evening, Bird was announced as the new King’s Bard!

Several other Bhakailis were recognized by Tzar Ivan and Tzaritsa Mathilde that evening. Lord Patraic O’Donagal and Lady Roseia Poseia were recognized for their service with the Order of the Silver Wheel. Jibril ibn Ammar al-Fayyad al-Sayyid was given a Court Barony for his service to the Crown and the combat archery community. In the final piece of business that evening, the Honorable Lord Muin maqq Minain was given the accolade of the Order of the Laurel for his excellence in the arts of jewelry-crafting and metalsmithing. Congratulations to all the Bhakailis and friends who participated in the event and were recognized in Court! We are well-pleased with the accomplishments of the Barony!

Upcoming event – Pennsic Planning Meeting, 2/18/18

There will be a Pennsic Planning Meeting at the Baronial Estate in Media on February 18, starting at 5pm and organized by Our campmaster this year, Lady Chana Freidl the Maker. Anyone who camps with the Barony at Pennsic is welcome to attend.

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are soliciting bids from the Barony to organize a Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion event this coming spring. We’d ask that you work with Our current Champion, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, to find a day and site suitable to this. Lady Angela Mori and Lord Hilarius Drunck have offered their estate, perhaps on a Sunday in April or May, if this can be arranged.

Waauugghh, Bhakail!
– Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

Coronet report – January 2018

Greetings to the people of the Barony, the Bailiwick, and the Canton, and the Barony’s friends, from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champions – 12/16/17

We would like to congratulate all the Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail who participated in the K&Q Rapier Champions held on December 16, 2017, in the Shire of Buckland Cross. Our Baronial Rapier Champion, Don Owynn Greenwood, and Our Ladies’ Rapier Champion, Lady Mýrún Leifsdóttir, both competed, as did Our Baronial Rapier Marshal, Don Melchior Kriebel.

Also participating were, in no particular order, Eva Von Koln, Don Eldrich Gaiman, Kamejima Takauji-dono called Taka, Baroness Wentlyanna Bengrek, Baron Matthew Miller, Lady Mairi Crawford, Don Berric Grayveson, Lord Morwill MacShane, Don Griffith Davion, Lord James O’Galleghure of Tyr Connal, Lord Ian Douglas, and Lady Ellynor Redpath. Several other members of the Tadcaster Militia also competed that day.

Don Gryffith Davion and Don Melchior Kriebel both advanced to the sweet 16. Don Melchior then advanced undefeated to the final four. Don Melchior, in a point of honor, gave up his one win advantage against his opponent, Don Devillin MacPherson, though he failed to advance from the semifinals.

In addition, Don Berric Grayveson took Kamejima Takauji-dono called Taka as his cadet.

East Kingdom 12th Night – 1/6/18

At East Kingdom 12th Night, held in the Barony of Endewearde on January 6, 2018, Lady Beatrice de Warynton was awarded a Seamstress to the Crown by Ivan and Matilde.

Upcoming events – Tavern, “At the Sign of the Stag and Sparrow” – 1/27/18

We hope you’ll join Us as We host our Baronial Bardic Championship and Our Baronial Gaming Championship!

Coronet Report – December 2017

Lunch Like Luther Demo – 11/19/17

Baroness Suba attended this demo and we’d like to thank everyone who helped make the demo a success!

  • Mistress Philadelphia Brown organized the demo for the German Society of Pennsylvania.
  • Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld prepared a lunch of German dishes Martin Luther may have eaten.
  • Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant organized the musicians and prepared a number of songs the Martin Luther either wrote or would have been familiar with.

Thank you to everyone who helped out and supported this event! It is important to our contract with the German Society for the use of their hall for the Barony’s Yule celebrations.

Yule Revel in Renaissance Germany – 12/9/17

Many awards, both Baronial and Kingdom, were given to Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail!

Baronial Appointments

  • Berrick Grayveson – Admiral of the Bhakail Navy

Baronial Awards

  • Girsell MacLeoid – Baronial Brewing Champion
  • Muin maqq Minain – Baronial A&S Champion
  • Philadelphia Brown – Flame
  • Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande – Flame
  • Sabine de Kerbriant – Flame
  • Juliana von Altenfeld – Flame
  • Alesone Gray of Cranlegh – Flame
  • Livia Petralia – Flame
  • Triona MacCasky – Horse
  • Shoshana Gryffyth – Harlequin
  • John Marshall atte Ford – Harlequin
  • Morwill MacShane – Company of the Flame and Salamander
  • Cynon Mac an Choill – Company of St Hubert of Bhakail (Premier)
  • Philadelphia Brown – Crucible of Bhakail (Premier)

Kingdom Awards

  • Isabel de Kerbriant – Tyger’s Cub
  • Nishi’o Kagame – Award of Arms
  • Beatrice de Warynton – Silver Brooch
  • Chana Freidl the Maker – Silver Brooch
  • Girsell MacLeoid – Silver Brooch
  • Esmeralda Bytheway – Silver Wheel and Award of Arms
  • Bird the Bard – Troubadour
  • Margretha La Fauvelle – Laurel
  • Muin maqq Minain – Writ for Laurel

Thanks to everyone who helped make this our biggest and most festive event of the year! It takes many, many hands to make an event like Yule successful and We greatly appreciate everyone who helped make the day shine!

  • Mistress Philadelphia Brown and Dame Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande for stewarding the event.
  • Mistress Gisela Szabo and her staff for running the gate.
  • Everyone who helped set up the site the day before and the day of.
  • Those who came to attend and help with Their Majesties’ Curia.
  • The members of the BoD who agreed to a meet-and-greet with the populace.
  • The Honorable Lady Livia Petralia for preparing the dayboard.
  • Master Alesone Gray of Cranlegh for preparing the feast.
  • Everyone who helped prepare the dayboard and keep it stocked.
  • Everyone who helped cook and serve the feast.
  • All the brewers who helped stock the ratskeller from their personal supplies.
  • All the musicians who helped play at the vigil, during the day for ambiance and for the dancing, during Court, and during the feast.
  • Duchessa Diana Alene for organizing the dancers.
  • The Honorable Lord Aurddeilen ap Robet for organizing games in the ratskeller.
  • The Honorable Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar for organizing children’s activities.
  • Mistress Lissa Underhill for organizing the Kingdom A&S Consultation table.
  • Mistress Naomi bat Avraham and and Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin for organizing the Kingdom Youth activities.
  • Everyone who stayed late to help clean up the kitchens and the halls.
  • All the scribes who prepared scrolls for Us and Their Majesties and all the retainers, guards, and heralds who took care of Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and Us throughout the day and through Court.
  • The weather for giving us a picturesque snowfall that didn’t impact traffic too much.
  • We’d also like to thank the Honorable Lady Shoshana Gryffyth for organizing and helping us judge Our A&S Championship.
  • In addition, We’d like to thank Thane Alexander Makcristyne, Jarl Thorson, Master Dietrich Schwelgengräber, and Baron Titus Aurelius Magnus for helping us judge the Brewing Championship in the absence of Our retiring Champion, Lady Cassandra Arques.

Upcoming events – Tavern “At the Sign of the Stag and Sparrow” – 1/27/18.

We hope you’ll join Us as We host our Baronial Bardic Championship and Our Baronial Gaming Championship!

Coronet Report – November 2017

Greetings to the people of the Barony, the Bailiwick, and the Canton, and the Barony’s friends, from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

We start off this meeting asking the Barony for a check for $18 to cover a new Order name and badge that We’d like to submit. We are proposing the Order of the Crucible of Bhakail. The badge would be “(Fieldless) On a flame Or, a heart gules”. This would be a red heart on a yellow flame placed on any background. Our intent is for the Order of the Crucible of Bhakail to be an award that can only be given once per year to someone representing the very best of Bhakail, an award equivalent to the Kingdom’s Tyger of the East. It is our intention to award the first of these at the coming Yule. We hope we have the Barony’s support in this and look forward to awarding it.

We attended several events during the last month. Since Our last business meeting, we attended the Tournament of the Roses held in the Barony of Dragonship Haven. Baroness Suba acted as herald for Duchess Anna’s team. Baron Rowen heralded for Countess Honig’s team. The Honorable Lord Muin maqq Minain competed on Duchess Caoilfhionn’s A&S pairing. The Honorable Lord Martyn de Halliwell competed on Queen Matilde’s team and he, along with his partner Vicereine Lada Monguligin, won the A&S category.

Next we helped represent the Barony and the Canton by marching in the Media Halloween parade, along with Baroness Ysmay and Lady Sigvin. Baroness Suba and Lady Sigvin brought candy to pass out along the parade route and we all waved to the bystanders. We hope more people will be able to join us if we march in this parade again next year. Marching in the parade was fun, with or without candy.

The following week, We went up to Crown Tournament held in the Barony of Bergental. We welcomed our new Prince and Princess, Brennan mac Fearghus and Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain. Baroness Suba fulfilled her role organizing the tourney heralds and list runners as Troubadour Herald. Baron Rowen lined up the Grand Procession of combatants and consorts as Shepherd’s Crook Herald. Maitresse Sabine helped as a herald and Lady Rosie worked as a list runner for the day. Isabel, Maitresse Sabine and Baron Darmon’s daughter, was a great help in the kitchens preparing vegetables for the dayboard. We were proud to see several Bhakailis fighting in the Tourney. Baron Joseph Harcourt fought for Mistress Kis Maria of Carillion. Sir Donnan FitzGerald fought for Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcaçova. And Baron Vachir Arslanjin fought for Lady Sarvuu Arslajin.

The week after that was St. Elegius A&S Competition in the Barony of Dragonship Haven. Though We did not attend, two Bhakailis were recognized for their work. Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcaçova won in two categories – the Artisans category with her embroidery and the Master Alexander challenge with her research and calligraphy on her 16th century Portuguese apprenticeship contract. In Court that evening, Lady Mýrún Leifsdóttir was awarded a Golden Lyre by Their Majesties for her illumination.

We would like to take a moment to remind everyone to “Be excellent to each other”. Be aware that statements made online are visible and can be shared without your knowledge or consent.  We remind and encourage everyone to be kind and considerate even when posting on social media. The SCA does have a Code of Conduct, and that can be found on the Society Seneschal’s page in the Sanctions Guide. http://socsen.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Sanction-Guide-August-2016.pdf

That Code of Conduct reads, “I.C. CODE OF CONDUCT It is expected that participants in the SCA shall treat each other with respect and civility and this extends beyond SCA gatherings. Participants expressing themselves in any forum on an issue related to the SCA shall likewise maintain civility and courtesy. When considering sanctions in response to behavior, the sanctioning authority shall consider the extent of the public comment as well as the gravity of injury done to an individual local branch, Kingdom or the SCA. Behavior that is disruptive to the peace and well-being of the SCA is subject to sanction from an expulsion to Revocation of Membership and Denial of Participation (R&D) especially where there is a continuing course of conduct.”

We’d also like to remind everyone to “Party on, dudes!” We have several wonderful events coming up and we look forward to them with great joy. We hope you will join us at Yule Revel in Renaissance Germany on December 9th. We will be holding Our Brewing and Our Arts and Sciences Championships there. We also hope to see you at the tavern event At the Sign of the Stag and Sparrow on January 27th. We will be holding Our Bardic and Our Gaming Championships at that event. More details on these events can be found on the East Kingdom calendar.

That’s all We have for this month. We wish you and your families all the best for Thanksgiving. Know that We are thankful that you allow Us to serve you and the Barony.

For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

Pray know We remain,

 – Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

Coronet Report – October 2017

Greetings to the Barony of Bhakail, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, the Canton of Black Icorndall, and friends!

As Baron and Baroness, we continue to travel quite a bit to represent the Barony. We wrote last month that we attended Brennan and Caoilfhionn’s Ducal Challenge in the Barony of Settmour Swamp on September 9th. We didn’t include that Lady Myrun Leifsdottir and Lady Triona MacCaskey contributed art to the Challenge, Lord Ian Douglas fought in the fencing tourney, and Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova won the A&S competition, making her Settmour Swamp’s new A&S Champion.

We also traveled to Barony of An Dubhaigeainn for the Investiture of Baron Titus Aurelius Magnus and Baroness Sorcha of Stonegrave. We brought gifts for Their Excellencies, crafted by the talented artisans of Bhakail. Lady Roseia Poseia cross-stitched the arms of An Dubhaigeainn onto a table runner and Lady Iseaulte of the Clews made some lovely sekanjabin. Also, we were pleased to see Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova apprentice to Mistress Vienna de la Mer. We wish them both the best in this new endeavor!

This past weekend, we attended the Last Court of Ioannes and Honig and the Coronation and First Court of Ivan and Matilde. Many exciting things happened and we were pleased to be there. In the morning, before Last Court began, Baroness Suba took Lady Jehannette Bouchart as her first protege. We wish them both much success in that relationship. During Last Court, Baron Rowen was given Honig’s Queen’s Cypher for his work as the Royal Court Herald.

Last Court concluded and the Coronation of Ivan and Matilde began. There was some beautiful set dressing, setting the scene of St Basil’s Cathedral. Assistance in the set construction was provided by Baron Vachir Artslanjin and Lord Egill Illugasson. Their Majesties processed in to some lovely choral music and additional incidental music was played throughout the Coronation and First Court. Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant, Lady Margretha La Fauvelle, Lord Martyn de Halliwell, Lady Siobhan ingean ui Dhonnabhain, Lady Adelisa Salernitana, and Lord Sean O’Morain all helped contribute to the ambiance of the day. The Greater Officers of State were called forward and it was announced that Maistir Mael Eoin mac Echuid had taken on the role of Kingdom Webminister. We, as Baron and Baroness of Bhakail, swore fealty to the Crown along with the rest of the gathered Landed Baronage.

During the day, Lady Margretha La Fauvelle took Lord Phelippe le Vigneron as a student. Later in the afternoon, First Court began. The Queen’s Guard were called first. Each guard was given some inkle woven trim as a favor from the Queen, crafted by Lady Beatrice de Warynton and Lady Chana Freidl the Maker and our own Baroness Ysmay de Lynn was named to Queen Matilde’s Guard. During Court, Lady Myrun Leifsdottir was awarded Silver Brooch and Lady Margretha La Fauvelle was given a Writ for the Order of the Laurel, to be answered at Yule. Both Lady Triona MacCaskey and Lady Myrun Leifsdottir contributed scrolls to the Court of Their Majesties.

We have several upcoming events. Many Bhakailis will be supporting Shire Wars, hosted by the Shire of Buckland Cross the weekend of October 21st. Maistir Mael Eoin mac Echuid will be coordinating the dayboard and feast and we encourage those interested in the kitchens to offer him help. We had considered holding our Thrown Weapons Champions there but, considering the distance, We believe We’d rather hold the competition in the spring at a local event in order to elicit more Baronial residents as competitors.

On Sunday, November 19th, the Barony is hosting a demo at the Philadelphia German Society. This will be “Lunch with Luther”, including dishes that Martin Luther might have eaten 500 years ago. Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld will be coordinating the kitchen, and We’d ask that those who are able come out to assist with this. There has also been a request for music from the German Renaissance. Please let Us know if you need contact information for Mistress Juliana or for Mistress Philadelphia Brown, who is coordinating this demo for us.

Coming soon after will be the Barony’s Yule Revel in Renaissance Germany, to be held on December 9th. We are fortunate to be hosting Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde for the day. Assistance is still needed in many areas and We would encourage everyone in the Barony to help with this event. Please contact Mistress Philadelphia for more information. In addition to the day’s festivities, We will be hosting Our Baronial Brewing Championship and Our Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship. We would like to thank Lady Cassandra Cassandra Arques de Northmannia and Lady Shoshana Gryffyth for their help setting the rules for these competitions. You can find more information on the requirements for entry at the event website, http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.php?eid=3221.

Lastly, we believe a bid is being put together for Tavern, to be held Saturday, January 27, 2018. When this event comes together, it is our intention to hold Our Gaming Championship and Our Bardic Championship there.

As always, our deepest thanks to our retainers and those others who have helped us in Our travels, and all who help the Barony shine in large and small ways. We are very grateful for you all.

Pray know We remain,

For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

 – Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba