Coronet Report – April 2018

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2018-04 – Coronet Report

To the Barony and the Bailiwick, and those others to whom these present letters come, greetings and wishes of good health from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

Gulf Wars – 3/10/18-3/18/18

At Gulf Wars, held in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld took the Honorable Lady Alexandra Blacksheep as her apprentice. May this be a successful relationship for them both!

Mudthaw – 3/24/18

Mudthaw, held in the Barony of Settmour Swamp, was a good day for Bhakailis! In the afternoon, Baroness Ysmay de Lynn became the protege of Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfüßin. In Royal Court that evening, Thomas of Bhakail, the son of the Honorable Lord Bryan and Honorable Lady Alisia), was Awarded Arms. Our Bardic Champion, Juliana Bird was made a Companion of the Silver Brooch and Awarded Arms for her musical abilities. Lady Angela Mori was inducted into the Order of the Maunche for her talent in divers arts. Our Constable, Lord Cailin MacSalney, was inducted into the Order of the Golden Mantle for his skill in combat archery. And Lady Beatrice de Warynton, in recognition of her aid and crafting to the reign of Ivan and Mathilde, was awarded a Court Barony with a Grant of Arms! A good day for members of the Barony! Suba and I are very proud of all of you and your accomplishments! Well done, each of you!!

Last Court of Ivan and Matilde – 4/7/18

Word has come from the Last Court of Ivan and Matilde, held April 7, A.S. LII! Our own Lady Chana Freidl the Maker has been gifted the Queen’s Cypher! And our dear Master Mael Eoin mac Echuid has been given the King’s Cypher! Vivant, Mael Eoin and Chana! Waaauuuggghhh, Bhakail!

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are still looking for someone to host a Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship. The possibility exists to hold this at a practice in Caer Adamant or at the coming practice in Buckland Cross.

Requested event – Baronial Champions and Commons

We’re also looking for someone to steward the Baronial Champions and Commons in August. For the last few years, this has been held on the last Sunday in August at Ridley Creek Park. This year, that would be August 26th.

New officers sought

The Barony is also looking for new officers to fill the roles of Chronicler and Chamberlain. If you are interested in either of these important offices, please reach out to Our Seneschal, Master Muin, or to us.


Thank you for taking the time to read and helping the Barony prosper!

Pray know we remain,

 – Rowen and Suba

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