Awards & Honors

Below is a listing of the awards currently in active use within the Barony. Their Excellencies will award any of these both to members of the Bhakail populace and to those from other lands who are considered to be friends of the Barony.

  • Order of the Salamander

Awarded for outstanding and exceptional service to the Barony. Members of the order advise Their Excellencies concerning candidates.

Token: A salamander on a red ribbon.

  • Master/Mistress of the Horse

A Baronial Order, shall be granted to those members of the Populace whose efforts have furthered the aims and goals of the Barony in general. Members of the order advice Their Excellencies concerning candidates. (Note: The Horse was passed by the College of Heralds prior to the use of Master or Mistress being reserved to the Peerage.)

Token: A horse’s head on a brown ribbon.

  • Order of the Pasguarde
    (Formerly known as: The Guardian of the Flame)

For excellence in promoting and teaching of the art of Medieval Combat.

Token: Salamander shield on a gray ribbon.*

  • Company of the Flame and Salamander
    (Formerly known as: Ordre de l’Ecole de la Salamandre Flamboyante)

For excellence in promoting and teaching of the art of Fencing.

Token: Salamander on a Green Ribbon.

  • Company of Saint Hubert of Bhakail

For excellence in promoting and teaching of the art of Archery.

Token: TBA

  • The Harlequin

For excellence in the Arts and Sciences.

Token: A jester’s head on a blue ribbon.*

  • Order of the Tear of Bhakail
    (Formerly known as: The Salamander’s Tear)

For those injured in any way while in service to the Barony. Consider it our Purple Heart.

Token: The Hand of Fatima. (The palm of a hand, little finger is a thumb, with a Salamander in the palm, on a white ribbon.)*

  • The Eft

For all around achievement in the development of a medieval persona and arts/sciences for those under the age of 18.

Token: Curved-tailed salamander on a purple ribbon.*

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