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Greetings to the amazing Barony of Bhakail and friends. We are unable to do justice in words to the gratitude and amazement we feel at the success that was Bhakail’s Investiture and K&Q Rattan Champions. So many people stepped up to help out, to make things, to serve, to haul, to create, to run around, and to support. Here are the names of those who helped. We hope you will assist in recognizing their service.

(We apologize for any misspellings or incomplete names.)

Lady Sybilla of Rona ran a easy to get through gate for the event, along with Mistress Philadelphia Brown, Lady Damiana Almodóvar de Sevilla, Katie Grace, and Lady Arlyn of Hartshorn-dale. Thanks also are due to Mistress Philadelphia and Lady Damiana for taking up running pre-registrations, with the added untested Paypal system.

The food was amazing, both for dayboard and feast. The kitchen was under the leadership of Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld, with the assistance of many skilled hands, including: Baron Elglin of House Eagle, Lady Alexandra Blacksheep, Lady Violet Coleson, Lady Shoshana Gryffith, Lady Katya, Diane of Tadcaster, Lady Zhelana Tomeslavitsa, Emily, Sir Harald, Lady Livia Petralia, The Honorable Lord Muin maqq Minain, Mistress Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Lady Jadwiga of Bhakail, Natso, Ellie Woodruff, Katelynne (Diane’s daughter), and the fritter girls. Special thanks also to the Hylton family who cleaned up the kitchen so the cooks did not.

Anyone who attended could not help but be impressed by the beautiful banners that graced the hall. The decorations were under the vision and guidance of The Honorable Lord Martyn de Halliwell, with the help of Lady Eleanora Tylemaker, Baroness Ysmay de Lynn, Lady Roseia Poseia, Lord Patraic O’Donagal, Lady Chana Freidl the Maker, Lord Taldo and Lord Stoldo Vetrurini.

Setup and Running of the Day
There are always so many things to do, check on, run around, setup, move, and clean. Thanks to all these gentles for their help in making this event work. Mistress Gisela Szabo, Mistress Judith the Confused, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, Lord Osric Feolagildsen, Lady Ayleth le Frye, Lord Calin Macsalny, Lord Alexi Gensel, Ellie Wood, Lady Dionise O’Towie, Lady Mairi Crawford, Lord Sean O’Morain, Declan Moran, Lady Maeve O’Morain, Sigvin Jansdottir and Andre, Thomas and Kagome.

Thank you all, and to any others who we may have missed. Please let us know any that we have missed. We want to thank them as well. You made the day fantastic!

Yours in service, Lady Shoshana Gryffith and Lady Lianor de Matos


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