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We’re home from Southern Region War Camp, held June 10th in the Barony of Carillion, and we had a wonderful time. SRWC was everything you’d expect a War Camp to be, and a bit more. There was heavy combat, rapier, thrown weapons, and archery. There were also bardic activities, including the CD release of “Sing for the East” hosted by our own Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant.

A number of Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail were recognised in Court. Lord Matteo Cole Amici received a Silver Rapier. Lord Lorenzo Gorla was awarded the Golden Rapier. Chiba Touta Yoshitaki was given a Silver Tyger. Baron Joseph Harcourt was recognised with a Tygers Combatant. Maeve O’Morain received a Silver Wheel and her Award of Arms. And Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld was given the Burdened Tyger.

There was a delicious dayboard provided by the event, prepared by our own Lord Martyn de Halliwell. The Baron and Baroness of Carillion thanked him in Their Court. In the evening, there was a potluck supper jointly organised by people from Caer Adamant and Bhakail. Much comradery was had and much yummy dinner and dessert eaten! Afterwards, there was some bardic entertainment by the musically inclined among the company.

We were wonderfully supported through the day by our retainers and aided by others who helped set up and take down the Baronial shade pavilions. Thank you all for your help! We think it’s a good thing to have a place where Bhakail and friends can gather at events like this and we hope we can continue this tradition.

Thank you to the Barony of Carillion and all involved who made Southern Region War Camp a wonderful event.


For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

Pray know We remain,


Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

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