June 2024 Business Meeting Notes

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Waking of the Salamander

Paperwork for WotS3 has been finalized.

Champions and Commons Bid

A bid is in the works.

Yule Bid

Bids are welcomed! There is a volunteer for cook.

Old Business


Martyn de Halliwell has submitted a letter of intent to take the position of Exchequer. A vote was taken and he was elected.

Knight Marshal

As announced last month, Sir Aaron the Swift is moving out of the Barony and needs to step down as Knight Marshal. A bid to replace him has been submitted by Ezra De Bazzi.  A vote was taken and she was elected.

Minister of the Lists

Bryan Mac Dhunghaill has submitted a letter of intent to take the position of Minister of the Lists. A vote was taken and he was elected.


There has been a letter of intent submitted for Seneschal by Margarette la Gantiere.  A vote was taken and she was elected.

New Business

Demo in Crown Province of Østgarðr

The Crown Province of Ostgardr is hosting a medieval board games demo at The Brooklyn Strategist game store during their free Roleplaying Game Day on Saturday, June 22. Chana will be attending, so if you are interesting in going please contact her.

Hosting of Thrown Weapons Practice

Since Mikael has stepped down as Thrown Weapons Marshal, permission was asked of the new Knight Marshal to continue hosting practices at his house. Permission was granted.

Update on Baronial Polling

No major updates since the last communication emailed to the baronian email list by Mael Eoin. 

Additional Officer Reports 

Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

Greetings the Peoples of the Barony, Our neighbors and Our Allies;

I see the Barony has ALSO yet to spiral into a quasar, a singularity, nor has it danced into the heliosphere of Our sometimes beloved Sun…so, I am declaring victory! Two months in a row.

Regardless of all else, We are hoping to see as many of you all at upcoming events both within AND without the bounds of Bhakail! 

Do not overexert.
Do not overextend!
Remember the Olio!
Help others when you see they need it.
In the course of the year to come, be calm, and patient.
With yourself AND others.

Be well;
Baron of Bhakail

Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Emery de Champagne

I’m writing to let you know that Ivy held their recurring business meeting tonight. Things are shaping up for a wonderful Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium! 

I’d like to extend a reminder that pre-registration is REQUIRED by June 20th.

Additionally, we are still on the lookout for a few more volunteers; anyone interested in helping should contact Brunissende Dragonette by email (147109@members.eastkingdom.org) or via the event discord.


Minute notes recorded by Ellyn Grene 

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