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Greetings to the Barony of Bhakail and her friends!

With the unexpected cancellation of the Wrightstown Ren Faire this weekend, Baroness Suba and I do not have a location or event scheduled to hold Our Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship.

We have talked to Our current Champion, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, and to Lady Alana O’Keeve as the Western Region Thrown Weapons Deputy, to consider what Our options are. We would also like the input of those in the Barony who are considering competing to be Our next Champion.

Our first option would be to hold the Championship at Shire Wars. There will be a range set up there, there will be marshals, and Lord Þorsteinn is able to attend. Baroness Suba and I would be there as well. On the other hand, this event is over two hours away from the center of the Barony and that may discourage some of our local people from competing.

Another option might be to hold a local practice some Sunday at someone’s home if we could make arrangements for that. We would have to schedule a marshal to oversee that and it might be difficult with Þorsteinn’s schedule to have him there. That isn’t a deal-breaker; sometimes Champions can’t make the tourney where their successors are chosen, but it’s a consideration.

Lastly, We could consider waiting until the spring. We would have the option of having the competition at some as-yet-unplanned Baronial event, at another group’s event in the area, or to schedule a Sunday practice as a private home. This would have Þorsteinn sit the Champion’s place longer than originally scheduled. It may give us more options later, but creates uncertainty about when the competition would be held.

We would very much like the input of those who would challenge to be the next Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion. Please consider these options and let Us know your opinions, either here or in an email to coronets@bhakail.eastkingdom.org. Thank you.

For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,
Pray know We remain,

– Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

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