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More than one person warned Us that the day of Investiture would be a blur, and they were right. Having said that, We will attempt to recount the joy that was Bhakail Investiture with the caveat that we had no way of seeing everything that went on that day, and may have forgotten some due to being overwhelmed, so if there were any parts We missed describing or whose acts of service We either missed seeing or forgot to name, then please chime in and share.

Lady Lianor de Matos, Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, and Lord Martyn de Halliwell did a terrific job preparing for this event. There were tents for all the field activities, lists for the fighting, tents for Gate, a dais for court, chairs for the audience, and tables for dayboard serving and seating. They recruited many volunteers!

Lord Martyn’s idea for silk banners of Bhakail badges and groups and awards that hung from the ceiling of the hall really changed the atmosphere of the room spectacularly. Many people, especially Baroness Ysmay de Lynn, helped Lord Martyn realize this vision by outlining, then painting the banners over several A&S nights in preparation for the event and we are grateful to all of you. Lord Martyn and his crew borrowed equipment to hang all these banners from the ceiling and to hang the Pennsic sheet walls to cover the school’s championships in order to increase the ambiance of the day.

There were many people who worked on Our garb in preparation for the day. Lady Iseaulte of the Clews designed flames that were suitable for applique, embroidered leaves onto the garb, and embroidered the edges of the Salamanders in order to keep them from fraying and to add shiny details of silver claws and red flaming breath. Suba’s mother Sally sewed several seams and hems, appliqued the flames, embroidered leaves onto the garb, and sewed most of the retainer baldrics. Lady Violet Coleson hand-sewed the sleeves onto Rowen’s garb. Many people kept us company while sewing and fitting was happening.

A number of people helped us prepare that morning. Lady Iseaulte helped prepare our retainer bags and stocked them. Lady Kosa Korotkaia braided hair for both of Us. We were pleased to wear tokens with Gunnar Alfson’s device that We could share in keeping his memory alive. Thank you to Lady Ravenna de’Witte for making those.

We were honored that so many of you were willing to be Our retainers and to wear Our baldrics, which were handed out by Sayyid Jibril ibn Ammar al-Fayyad.  Thank you to Baroness Theodora Bryennissa called Treannah, Baron Wulfgar Silfrahárr, Master Tanczos Istvan, Mistress Marie de Blois, Lady Sarvuu Arslajin, Lady Iseaulte, Lady Jehanette Bouchart, Ragna, Alex, Lord Quintus of Bhakail,  Sayyid Jibril, and Lady Beatrice de Warynton for retaining for Us throughout the day.   It is likely that We have missed naming someone on this list, so please let us know whom to add.

With regret, we were unable to see much of Baron Mael Eoin and Baroness Ysmay’s last court, but the snippets we got were impressive. Congratulations to Baron Nissim aven Darmon and Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant on their Augmented Salamanders! If you missed hearing the original composition by Phelippe Le Vigneron using Shakespeare’s Sonnet 60 as lyrics, then please look for recordings which are posted on the Book of Faces.

Several of you (and we’d like your names) sang the Bhakail Gaudete which names all the Lineage of Bhakail as We entered court for our Investiture and also sang the Bhakail Tiens as we processed into evening Court. Both were wonderful! As someone said, “Bhakail has such a terrific legacy of music.”

As we processed in for our Investiture, Ragna carried the Bhakail banner and Alex and Lord Quintus carried our personal banners. Lord Quintus also assisted by greeting Baroness Suba’s guests and assembling glass bead tokens for Her to give out.

Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant was Our Herald and Mistress Gisela Szabo was Our Silent Herald. We’ve already heard secondhand that at least one person who was in the audience is struggling with hearing and was deeply grateful that Silent Heralds translated all the day’s courts. After Our Investiture, We were especially pleased to present gifts to Baron Mael Eoin and Baroness Ysmay, who received Court Barony appointments from the Crown after stepping down. We welcomed the fealty of Our officers and champions and inducted Baroness Ysmay into the Order of the Horse.

Chana Freidl the Maker graciously took many photographs of Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, Our Baronial Lineage, and Our guests after which we sat in State for a while. That you showered us with gifts while we sat was overwhelming. That you showered us with welcome has been heartwarming. Thank you Lady Iseaulte and Mistress Sabine for staying to record gifts from Runnymede, and thank you both for staying nearby for when we needed you during that time.

The dayboard was delicious and plentiful, thanks to Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld and her crack team of chefs. Chicken with sage sauce. Fish with green sauce. Poached pears. Pickled vegetables, bread and cheese, and more. All wonderful, filling, and plentiful dishes. Thanks to the care of Our retainers, We found time to eat and enjoy the dayboard amid a busy afternoon.

In Our evening Court, We were pleased to present gifts to Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and the visiting King and Queen of Ansteorra. We had Lady Shoshana announce the winners of the Baronial largess competition: Lady Alison Wodehalle and Lady Carowyn Silveroak. We asked Lord Calin Macsalny to renew his post as Constable and appointed Lord Osric Feologildsson the Baronial Brewmaster. We presented Flames to Lady Lianor, Lady Shoshana, Lady Iseaulte, Lord Martyn, Mistress Juliana, and Mistress Sabine for their work putting on the event and helping us prepare. We also presented tokens to Baroness Cateline la Broderesse for the hoods she embroidered for Us and to Lady Beatrice de Warynton for the hand woven trim gifted to Ansteorra.

Many Bhakailis and Friends of Bhakail received awards in Royal Court that day! Awards of Arms were given to Sigvin Jansdottir, Chana Freidl the Maker, and Geine Dhocair. The Order of the Silver Wheel, the AoA-level service award, was given to Ayleth Le Frye, Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, and Lady Marta de Lyon. The Order of the Silver Brooch, the AoA-level arts award, was given to Edgar refskegg, Lord Osric Feologildsson, and Lady Shoshana Gryffyth. Baroness Wentlyanna Bengrek received the Order of the Silver Rapier, the AoA-level fencing award. Lord Berrick Grayveson received the Order of the Golden Rapier, the Grant-level fencing award. And our retiring Baron and Baroness, Mael Eoin mac Echuid and Ysmay de Lynn, were given Court Baronies. To all these deserving recipients, Vivant!

Due to the length of the afternoon’s tourney and the amount of Court business conducted by the Crown, Evening Court ran unexpectedly late. Quite late. However, Mistress Juliana and her excellent staff delivered a hearty and delicious feast that was perfectly prepared, despite the lateness of the hour. Savory Toasted Cheese served over asparagus, pork with coriander, ladies thighs (lamb meatballs) with garlic paste, and dried fruit fritters were just some of the wonderful dishes served. As a thank you for her work, We presented Mistress Juliana with a wooden spoon, carved and oiled by Lord Patraic O’Donagal.

Many hands make light work and many people helped clear the hall, clean up the site, and pack up Our belongings. Thank you. We and the staff would have been there much later without the generous help of those cleaning and packing. We’d also like to thank John of Coldwood, Master Istvan, Lord Quintus, Lord Osric, and Lord Calin for packing down and loading Suba’s popups and heraldry supplies from the field late in the evening.

To all Our retainers and staff, thank you for taking care of us that day. We could not have done it without you. To all who helped make Baronial Investiture and King’s and Queen’s Armoured Champions the spectacular event it was, thank you. The Barony shone because of your efforts and King Ioannes and Queen Honig were very happy with what we accomplished together. To the Barony of Bhakail, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, and the Canton of Black Icorndall, thank you for your encouragement and support. We look forward to serving as your Baron and Baroness.

Waaauuuggghhh, Bhakail!


For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

Pray know We remain,

  – Rowen and Suba, Baron and Baroness of Bhakail

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