8/29 Bhakail Commons

Posted on August 9, 2021 By

Come join Bhakail at our annual Commons.  As always we will be holding our heavy weapons and rapier championships that day.  You don’t need to live in Bhakail to become a Bhakail champion, you just need to be willing to wear the regalia and attend His Excellency Baron Muin in court.  We will also be selecting Bhakail’s populace champions that day as well.  This is also open to anyone who competes that day.

For complete information on Commons, please visit the EK Calendar event.

In addition, we will be announcing our new Archery and Thrown Weapons Champions as determined the week beforehand at practice (since we cannot have those activities at the park).

For more information on the Archery and Thrown Weapons Championship, see the Facebook event created for the day.


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