Financial Policies Adopted at Barony Meeting on July 12, 2016



The best practice is to have the Reservation Clerk and Gatekeeper head be the same person.  This is absolutely imperative for a Royal Progress event (and Yule Revel, too).

Advantages are that all the letters and information is brought to the event and there is continuity of knowledge.  This should be the standard, not the exception, for all well managed and handled events.


It is recommended that the event steward not be the Reservation Clerk. It is prohibited for the event steward to be the Gatekeeper.



  1. Every time funds are collected, e.g., donations accepted in lieu of site fee, fundraising, etc., the funds are to be turned over to either the Exchequer, Exchequer deputy, or the Seneschal during the event or the very next day. Funds are not to be held for any length of time.
    1. If cash is collected for a future event, then a receipt is to be made out to the person with the information (either by cash receipts book, or email that person (payor) and cc’ing the event Reservation Clerk and Exchequer.)   The cash must be deposited within a week.
      1. No cash is ever to be returned from cash collected. NO CASH DISBURSEMENTS EVER!
  2. Reservations Clerk must deposit checks at least weekly prior to an event. It doesn’t matter how many checks or how few checks there are.
    1. Minimum requirements:
      1. Must be familiar with check/cash bank depositing procedures
        1. Write a bank deposit slip
        2. Write bank endorsement info on back of check or use barony stamp
      2. Able to get to bank easily and frequently at least weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to event.
      3. Familiar with electronic spreadsheets (Excel or Excel compatible).
      4. Familiar with email.
    2. Checks are to be copied (and cash deposit slip) and deposit information communicated to Exchequer.
    3. Cash/checks are to be entered into an Excel sheet pre-registration template. This will be available on website and/or provided through email.
    4. The only preregistration is a paid registration. Other than event attendees from another country, preregistrations must be accompanied by payment.
    5. Exchequer will review spreadsheet after deposits to reconcile against bank statement.
      1. There may be more than one such reconciliation.
      2. There should be one just before the event but after last deposit done.
      3. There may be a situation where the last checks received are held until after the event.
        1. Let Exchequer know this when file is reconciled prior to event.
    6. Must bring final copy of Pre-Registration list to event.
    7. Bring all documents to the event and eventually turn them over to the Exchequer.
    8. Record retention is 7 years by the Exchequer Office.
  3. Obtain the latest copy of the East Kingdom membership list from the Seneschal and enter the membership #’s on the pre-registration list and indicate if they have a waiver on file (this really speeds up the Gate)
    1. Required for RP events
    2. Recommended for large events, especially Yule
  4. Cash Streamlined Walk-In form preferred. This will be available on website and/or provided through email.
    1. Ease of counting cash.
    2. There should be multiple clipboards available for use, then review by Gate when collecting cash.
  5. Different form to be used for checks Walk-In form as we require full name, address, and email. This will be event specific.
    1. Necessary if check bounces.
  6. When Gate closes, the Exchequer or designee and Gatekeeper are to review the gate reconciliation documents, count cash, and turn over the cash. A minimum of 2 people are to independently count the cash and checks. If this is not possible, then the Gatekeeper must meet with the Exchequer within 2 days of the event.
    1. No cash is to be returned by Gate to refund anyone who is not attending the event.
    2. All refunds are processed by check through the Exchequer. Again, NO CASH DISBURSEMENTS EVER!
  7. All advance refund requests are to be sent to the Exchequer.


Potential available feasts and protocol

Best practice is not to sell feasts for seats that have not been officially released. A waitlist for feasts may be kept at Gate with a specific time for such feasts to be sold.  The Herald will call for names on the list in their order at that specific time.   There are no guarantees.




The Reservation Clerk and Gatekeeper serve at the discretion of the Exchequer and are subject to review only by the Seneschal and Event Steward.