Financial Policies Adopted at Barony Meeting on March 8, 2016

Across all media, Council of the Exchequer members will adhere to courtesy in all discussions of the Council of Exchequer financial matters. Any disciplinary actions are to be determined by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with advice from the Seneschal. Any removal of members will follow the grievance procedure as outlined in the Baronial Bylaws.

In lieu of family cap pricing at events, the Barony of Bhakail recommends to prospective event stewards the following fee structure: to drastically cut site fees for attendees 6-17 years of age, to lower feast costs for attendees 6-17 years old, to not charge site fees for children 0-5 years of age, and a token charge for 0-5 feast seats.

ADULT 6-17 0-5
SITE FEES Determined by event Drastically lower free
FEAST FEES Determined by event $1-$2 above cost Free or nominal charge of $1

Additionally, we are endeavoring to provide sufficient off-board space for families where feasts are held (if site space allows).

Mandatory comps for site and feast fees:
All sitting Royalty and Their minor children
Coronets of Bhakail and Their minor children

All others comped must be included in the final approved event budget.

The Registration Clerk and those staffing Gate must be given this information with modern names.

Site fee amount at time of payment:
If paid before the day of the event, pre-registration amount.
If paid at the door, walk-in rate.

Only Feast fees have deadlines, which are included in the final approved event budget.
A Feast fee must be accompanied by a site fee.
The only reservation is a paid reservation, with the exception of those traveling from outside the U.S.

There are times when changes to approved bids are warranted.
Approved Event now becomes an RP Event, increasing total amount of attendees, food costs, supply costs; and/or
Site costs change (extra rooms needed, etc.); and/or
Additional SCA insurance required.

The Event Steward will work with Council to prepare a revised budget for review.

The Council will vote on the changes and update the barony regarding the changes, but no further baronial approval required.

When an event becomes an RP event, the event steward in conjunction with the Council of Exchequer must review, adjust, and if necessary, resubmit the budget.

All event bids or expenditure requests must be presented at a baronial business meeting. Bids or requests can be submitted to the Council of the Exchequer at any time. The best practice is to submit the request to the CoE 10 days before a baronial business meeting to allow for appropriate discussion and fact-finding. If bid/request is first presented at a baronial business meeting, an official request using current bid package or email for request must be received at least 10 days prior to the next baronial business meeting.

If the event budget/expenditure request is received prior to the baronial business meeting, the Council of the Exchequer can report whether the bid/request as presented is approved, rejected (with the reasons behind the decision), or still in discussion.

If the event budget/expenditure request is rejected by the Council of the Exchequer, and the barony populace at the baronial business meeting is still interested, the Council of the Exchequer will reconsider the proposal and report back at the next baronial business meeting.

The Council of the Exchequer approves all event budgets and expenditure requests.

For an event or expenditure to be approved, the event must (1) be approved by an operational polling at a Baronial Business Meeting and (2) have a budget approved by the Council of the Exchequer. Order does not matter.