Business Meeting

Meeting notes, agenda, and outputs from Barony of Bhakail Business Meeting.

April 2018 Officer Reports and Meeting Notes

Meeting opened at 8:00 pm


  • Donations to the Site for Social

We need to get better about giving/getting donations for the site. We are losing about $600 a year. We should plan a fundraiser to supplement donations. We could set up a smaller scale version of the EK travel fund auctions. We could hold a tavern type event with the proceeds going toward this fund. We should also make sure we set aside that money budgeted in our Baronial funds in case it is needed.

  • Pennsic

Chana reported – Bhakail deadline for previous campers with Bhakail is coming up in about a month. May 15th. Pre-reg before this date. If you do not registration will be opened to others who have not camped with us last year. There may be another meeting at the beginning of June.

  • Philadelphia Ren Faire

Sabine reported – They are promising that this year they are on top of stuff and that we will have space and be taken care of this year. We are looking to do the weekend of May 5th. It seems like our contact knows what we will need regarding space. There is camping available. They have secure storage for non-period looking tents during the day. They are offering food comps. If you would like to participate Sabine is the contact person. She will be sending around information about the restrictions. There was a vote on who is able to commit and thinks this was a good idea, and about 7 people said they would be able to go.

  • Zip Code Committee

No news.

  • EK 50 Year

Who is going who is able to man the booth for Bhakail, as well as set up and tear it down? It is requested that some one be there, but it is not required. We are not sure how long the booth will be up and how long it should be manned, though it sounds like it is 9 to 5 Thurs through Sat, and 9 to 3 on Sunday. Nothing can be taken down until after 3 on Sunday. There is camping, but be sure to read the restrictions involved. There are about 8 people thinking of going, and talk of setting up a Baronial encampment. This would need to be registered as a group ahead of time.

  • Bylaws Amendments

Rowen proposed – “I move that the bylaws be amended to strike the section XVa to XVb that requires there be monthly separate Baronial Council closed meetings in its entirety.” Gisela motioned and Muin seconded to amend the bylaws, striking the requirement for quarterly officer meetings. It was voted unanimously to go forward with this.

There was also a motion to change the wording from Greater and Lesser Officers to Required Officers and Other Officers. This may also involve what our Barony requires as quorum. Ragna motioned to investigate this options, Judith seconded, and it was voted to move forward.

  • Fighting Tabards

Rosie and Alecia have volunteered to create fighting tabards and would like details on what should go on them. They should match the ones we have. Details will be sent along to them. They will seek reimbursement from the army funds.


  • Bylaws Committee

Martyn has stepped down as head of the bylaws committee.

  • Baronial Chamberlain

Martyn will be stepping down in June as Chamberlain. If you would like to be chamberlain, please send the Seneschal a Letter of Intent. This not a required by Kingdom office, but it is a great one to have for the organizing of stuff.

  • Baronial Chronicler

Lianor is stepping down as Chronicler and this office is required. Please submit Letters of Intent to the Seneschal. Most of what is required is to take minutes and make sure they are publicized to the barony and sent to Kingdom Chronicler.

  • Barren Sands Demo

June 2nd and 3rd at the Wheaton Arts center. Demo will be shared with the Mystic Realms LARP. There is camping space. We would need to let them know in advance if we are camping. SCA people in garb will be admitted free. There will be fighting demos. This is opposite Artisan’s Village in Buckland Cross.

  • Bailiwick Class

Natsu, the Mongolian student studying at Temple, will be giving a class on medieval Mongolian script before he heads home. Sunday afternoon on Penn’s campus.

  • Commons and Champions

Philadelphia proposed a motion to reserve the site at Ridley Creek Park for Commons on the last Sunday in August. This was seconded and passed. We still need someone to steward this event. Rowen will reserve the site and be reimbursed by the Barony.


  • Coronet Report

Rowen and Suba reported – Report was posted online and can be found here –

  • Seneschal

Muin reported – It has been a horribly busy not spring. We are looking forward to the season where people get to camp. Yay team!

  • Herald

Ragna reported that she posted her report on the website. It can be found here –

  • Knight Marshal

Vachir reported – Everything’s going well. Practice continues every week. 

  • Rapier Marshal

No report

  • Captain of Combat Archers

Jibril reported – Balfar’s Challenge up in Dragonship Haven will have a day-long combat archery workshop. Starting next week or the one after, they will start going through equipment at Social.

  • Exchequer

Philadelphia reported that she erroneously under-reported the Tavern event’s profit last month. The net profit was actually $164.10. Thanks again, Teo and Eirani, for a great event!

Just a reminder that the Barony is holding the following funds as earmarked for a specific purpose: 

$119.00 to fund creation of newcomer garb 

$200.00 received from the Canton to support the Bhakail Army 

$25.00 to support siege weapons antics 

$47.50 to support fencers’ activities (matching 1:1 with fencer fundraising) 

$1,291.46 to support the Weekly Social (money raised by Canton)

On average in calendar year 2018 to date, the amount of the weekly Social donations is $12 less each week than the amount of weekly Social rental fee. If we use up the cash raised by the Canton to make up the funding shortfall for the Weekly Social, this can continue for another year or two if nothing else changes, but we should start thinking of ways to sustain the Social. Maybe a fundraiser or something?

Many thanks to my Deputy, Violet, for collecting, depositing, and recording the Social donations each week, and for taking care of managing the payment of the rental fee each month.

  • Chamberlain

Martyn reported – The Barony still has stuff, unsurprisingly. Now that the weather appears somewhat undeadly, the rest of the Baronial Gear will be making its way to its new home in Overbrook, courtesy Mistress Philadelphia. Finally, my term is ending in June, therefore I would ask that our Seneschal officially open the call for nominations for my successor at this month’s meeting.

  • Chronicler

Lianor reported – I am looking to step down from being the Chronicler for Bhakail. If you would be willing to take minutes at the business meetings and post them publicly, at the very least, please submit a letter of intent to the Seneschal.

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences

Hrafnhildr reported – Monday night A&S is suspended indefnitely, as the space was lost. There was an Athena’s thimble meeting held last month in the Barony. There will be another on April 24th. There is a Scribal Schola coming up in the Shire of Caer Adamant.

  • Minister of the Lists

Judith reported – Greetings to the Barony. The snow seems to be happening less frequently and now is the time to get ready to answer the drums of war. Make sure your weapons are in order and your authorizations are current.  Be ready to defend your Barony and your Kingdom.

  • Chatelaine

Chana reported – This last month has been a busy one for the newcomers of Bhakail!  Aside from helping a couple of them move around the Barony, Master Mael Eoin’s Company of the Black Boot, a newcomer household he thought up, has begun welcoming its first newcomers!  We held a brunch to welcome our newest members, gauge where their interests lie in the Society, and answer any questions they thought up.  We plan on continuing Black Boot meetups monthly (at least) as a way to socialize and start some workshops and project days.  If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know!

  • Chancellor Minor

Rosie reported – If anyone is interested in having youth activities, please contact her.

  • Webminister

Muin, as Seneschal, reported – We are voting on accepting the new Webminister. Rúni inn írski was unanimously voted in. Vivat to Marta, the outgoing Webminister.

  • Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

Martyn reported – The Bailiwick will be hosting a class on Mongolian Script this Sunday (Philly has more information). Our March meeting was delayed by weather, but we were able to successfully meet on March 28th. Our next business meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18th at 7:30pm in the Meyerson Conference Center on the 2nd Floor of the Van Pelt Library on UPenn’s campus. Our March minutes will be posted by the end of the week on the Bailiwick website.

Meeting closed at 9:15pm

Coronet Report – April 2018

2018-04 – Coronet Report

To the Barony and the Bailiwick, and those others to whom these present letters come, greetings and wishes of good health from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

Gulf Wars – 3/10/18-3/18/18

At Gulf Wars, held in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld took the Honorable Lady Alexandra Blacksheep as her apprentice. May this be a successful relationship for them both!

Mudthaw – 3/24/18

Mudthaw, held in the Barony of Settmour Swamp, was a good day for Bhakailis! In the afternoon, Baroness Ysmay de Lynn became the protege of Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfüßin. In Royal Court that evening, Thomas of Bhakail, the son of the Honorable Lord Bryan and Honorable Lady Alisia), was Awarded Arms. Our Bardic Champion, Juliana Bird was made a Companion of the Silver Brooch and Awarded Arms for her musical abilities. Lady Angela Mori was inducted into the Order of the Maunche for her talent in divers arts. Our Constable, Lord Cailin MacSalney, was inducted into the Order of the Golden Mantle for his skill in combat archery. And Lady Beatrice de Warynton, in recognition of her aid and crafting to the reign of Ivan and Mathilde, was awarded a Court Barony with a Grant of Arms! A good day for members of the Barony! Suba and I are very proud of all of you and your accomplishments! Well done, each of you!!

Last Court of Ivan and Matilde – 4/7/18

Word has come from the Last Court of Ivan and Matilde, held April 7, A.S. LII! Our own Lady Chana Freidl the Maker has been gifted the Queen’s Cypher! And our dear Master Mael Eoin mac Echuid has been given the King’s Cypher! Vivant, Mael Eoin and Chana! Waaauuuggghhh, Bhakail!

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are still looking for someone to host a Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship. The possibility exists to hold this at a practice in Caer Adamant or at the coming practice in Buckland Cross.

Requested event – Baronial Champions and Commons

We’re also looking for someone to steward the Baronial Champions and Commons in August. For the last few years, this has been held on the last Sunday in August at Ridley Creek Park. This year, that would be August 26th.

New officers sought

The Barony is also looking for new officers to fill the roles of Chronicler and Chamberlain. If you are interested in either of these important offices, please reach out to Our Seneschal, Master Muin, or to us.


Thank you for taking the time to read and helping the Barony prosper!

Pray know we remain,

 – Rowen and Suba

Salamander Pursuivant’s Report, 2018-04

Anyone interested in producing scrolls for future Baronial Courts is welcome to contact me.

Heraldic Submissions

If you have submitted an item to the College for review via another consulting herald, please let me know what name you are submitting it under so that the progress of your items can be included on future versions of this report.

From the Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI) – This letter includes all new names and devices that have been submitted to the Eastern College of Heralds in the last month. It takes about two months for items to reach the next stage, the Eastern Letter of Decision.

March 2018:

— No names or devices which I immediately recognized as belonging to the Barony appeared on this letter.

February 2018

— Chana Friedl the Maker has submitted a new device (Per bend sinister azure and purpure, a dragon segreant maintaining the two halves of a broken needle argent).

From the Eastern Letter of Decision (LoD) – This letter reports what items will be forwarded to Laurel to be decided on and what will be returned to the submitter for more work. It takes about six more months for submissions to reach the next stage, the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns.

March 2018:

— Chana Friedl the Maker’s new device (Per bend sinister azure and purpure, a dragon segreant maintaining the two halves of a broken needle argent) was forwarded on to Laurel.

February 2018:

— The Barony of Bhakail’s new order name (Order of the Crucible of Bhakail) and new badge ((Fieldless) On a flame Or a heart gules) were forwarded on to Laurel.

— Eldrich Gaiman’s new badge ((Fieldless) A skirt of chainmail argent) was forwarded on to Laurel.

From the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) – This letter says what items have been accepted by SCA’s College of Arms and what has been returned to the submitter unregistered.

February 2018:

— No letter appears to have yet been posted.

January 2018:

— Edgar Refskegg’s name has been accepted. His device has been returned, per the guidelines set forth on the May 2011 Cover Letter.

— Marta de Lyon’s name has been accepted.

If you are currently unsure of the status of your name or device, please contact me and I will provide you with an update.

In service,
Ragna Grimólfsdóttir

March 2018 Officer Reports and Meeting Notes

Meeting Opened: 8:00pm


  • Pennsic

Chana reported – Pennsic is coming. Chana, the Campmaster, announced that camp is filled up and has a wait list. There is going to be a deadline for Pennsic pre-registration before the official date. May 15th. If you are not in by this deadline, those who have not been spoken to by Chana will be given the chance to register. If anyone has camp forms ready they can be handed in. If there are any major tent changes let her know.

  • Tavern Event 2018

Philadelphia reported – Report for the tavern event has been posted and we have made a profit of $107.

New business – Chana would like to run Tavern next year, so she has been charged with putting together an event proposal. The Barony suggested holding the date at the German Society to lock in the same rate for rental. Should be held the last Saturday of January 2019.

  • Zip Code Committee

Mael Eoin reported – Four zip codes have been tentatively requested by the Bailiwick. Buckland Cross had more specific questions about specific members and where they live, but didn’t request a specific zip code. We are requested 19114 to be moved to Bhakail, or to just make sure it falls on the city line. There may be a zip code that we can give back to them in Buckland Cross.

  • Bylaws Review Committee

Martyn reported – Earlier today I sent an email out to those whose names I had as being interested in the Bylaws Review Committee (Muin, Rowen, Suba, Rosiea, Eirani, and Alesia) and we have agreed to meet next Tuesday, March 20th at the Weekly Social in the kitchen. Materials will be sent out this week to committee members for review prior to the meeting so members can bring questions and suggestions to the meeting.

The committee will hopefully be able to tender a report to the Barony at the April Business Meeting. The committee will not be directly proposing any Amendments to the Bylaws, but will provide a summary of our review, suggestions, and recommendations after looking into 3 key areas: Technical (spelling/grammar/layout), Compliance (with Higher Law), and Relevancy (Do the Bylaws reflect how the Barony operates today? Are they meeting the expectations of the populace?).

Following the in-person meeting, I will work with the members via email to create the final report from the meeting draft(s) and request a Committee Vote prior to the meeting where the final report is delivered.

  • Bhakail Yule 2018

Martyn reported – After several discussions with Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail, I have embarked on a mission to count the number of Bhakail Yules we have recorded and simply entitle the event as “Bhakail Yule [Insert Roman Numerals Here].”

John Marshal is still working to prepare a final set of menus and food plan, and I have several people that have volunteered to work as deputy autocrats, as well as leaders for several of the key logistical volunteer positions.

I have received a contract from the German Society of Pennsylvania and have sent it back with a few clarifying questions. Once a finalized copy has been obtained I will pass it along to the Seneschal & Exchequer, as well as the full budget for review and approval by the Council of the Exchequer. I currently intend to keep event costs at approximately the same levels as was done for Yule Revel 3 months ago.


  • Bylaws Issues

Rowen reported – Our bylaws say that there is a Baronial Council that should be meeting quarterly. We haven’t had one in over a year. We should decide if we need it or if it should be taken out of the bylaws.

He was also approached by the previous and current Chanceller Minor about being referred to as Lesser Officers (as well as Webminister). This seems to be disparaging in tone to those that work as hard as the other offices. Should we change the wording in our bylaws to make them Greater Officers? Should the offices be referred to as Required Baronial Officers and Additional Baronial Officers? Another option is to include a majority of all currently seated Baronial officers to be required for quorum and remove the titles Greater/Lesser or Required/Additional from the Bylaws.

Please email the Seneschal and Coronets if you have opinions or further commentary. Amendments to the Bylaws will be considered for the next meeting.

  • EK 50 Year

Rowen reported – Bhakail has been asked to put together three different projects for EK 50 Year. They would like us to have a history of Bhakail, which would be a single-page of text and photos to be included in the site booklet. That project is due to the Kingdom by March 30. Rowen has emailed the site book coordinator for more information.

Second, there will be a Memorial Garden on-site. Submissions for the Memorial Garden should be on a landscape-oriented, single sheet of paper, with text and photo. If we want the Kingdom to print those pages, PDFs are due to the Kingdom by June 1. If we wish to bring them ourselves, they are due at the event.

Last, the Kingdom has asked each Barony and Shire to decorate at 10’x10′ booth at the event with the history of the group and other things of note. A sign or banner with the group name, posters of the group arms, coronets, armor, written histories, photos, etc. See Coronet Report for more details. We do not know who from the Barony is planning to go, but if you are willing to spend time at the booth, please let Rowen and Suba know. Muin is currently the contact for the event.

New business – Bryan, as Baronial Historian, has offered to work on the page for the site booklet, the Memorial Garden information, and to help organize a history presentation for the on-site booth. 


  • Coronets

Rowen reported – The Coronet report is online at

Additionally, he reported that the email address “” went away when the Barony moved to the Kingdom’s new email system. It was agreed that we should have a way to communicate with all offices at once. There are two options to recreate this. We can have an email list just for the officers, like “”. Only officers could mail that list. Or we can have a collaborative inbox, which works like a combination of email and Google Group, that would be “”. Anyone could email that address and it would be received by all Baronial officers. The officers voted for the second option. Marta will set this up with the help of Runi, her new deputy.

  • Seneschal

Muin reported – We have had some wonderful events this last year, but there are always the downsides to these experiences. The new King and Queen have already gone through some tumultuous things. Please bear in mind that when you are out at SCA events and you are wearing Bhakail regalia that your actions are reflecting on Bhakail. Be good people and make the Coronets of Bhakail proud. 

  • Herald

No report.

  • Knight Marshal

Vachir reported – Practices continue on Tuesdays. Tyler was authorized tonight. 

  • Rapier Marshal

No report.

  • Company Captain of Archers

No report.

  • Captain of Combat Archers

No report.

  • Exchequer

Philadelphia reported – We have money. Signature cards should finally be done. Old officers have been removed.

  • Chamberlain

Martyn reported – The previously mentioned loaning of silk banners to Hartshorn-Dale for KWASS did not occur, unfortunately. The banners are being returned to storage.

I will be working on setting up the new storage space provided to the Barony courtesy of Mistress Philadelphia at her new home in Overbrook.  Once that is completed, I will be moving the rest of the Baronial gear from my family’s shop in Clifton Heights to Overbrook. I will be sending out a call for volunteers at that time.

I have sent in a request for reimbursement to the Exchequer to send to the Council of the Exchequer (Financial Committee) for the items purchased prior to/during Bhakail Yule for Baronial use. Purchased items included: oval service platters, round service platters, service forks, small bowls, service ladles, demitasse spoons, and large commercial cutting board for a total of approximately $128.

Once the gear has been organized into its new space, a completed inventory will be posted, as well as recommended purchases that the Barony pursue to complete its collection of fine service gear.

Finally, next month I will formally be requesting that our Seneschal, Master Muin, open nominations for my position, as my term expires in June. I do not intend to seek another term at this time. If you have any questions about the Chamberlain’s duties, please reach out to me at

  • Chronicler

Lianor reported – I am seeking someone to replace me as Chronicler. If you are available and willing please let the Seneschal know your intent by the next business meeting. Please remember to send in officer reports or post it online.

  • Historian

No report.

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences

Sabine reported – This is just to say that (as usual) I will be at Philobiblon tonight rather than barony meeting. I have nothing to report other than that I hope Sigvin will be successfully voted into office, and am sending many good wishes for her new office! Because Edgar is moving, he will be stepping down as Deputy MoAS.

New business – Previously, Sabine announced that she wished to step down as soon as someone else wished to hold the office. Last month, Hrafnhildr (formerly Sigvin), announced her desire to hold the the office. As no other Letters of Intent were received, a vote of confidence was held. By unanimous decision, Hrafnhilr was voted the new Baronial MoAS. 

  • Minister of the Lists

Judith reported – Annual report sent to Kingdom. Mudthaw is fast approaching.  Safe travels and good fighting to all

  • Chatelaine

Chana reported – Cold and snowy greetings from your friendly neighborhood Chatelaine!  Our fine Barony continues to welcome new members, who seem happy to have found a place with us.  Whether drawn by the fighting or the friends, we are made better by our new Bhakailis, who have come to social and expressed interest in All the Things (how very SCAdian of them).

I continue to gather Gold Key, and have started photographing and measuring garments in order to keep better record of our collection.  Some of the garb will need repair, and once I can go through all of it, I will start posting specific needs of garb we seem to lack.  I would love to organize a Gold Key sewing day once we’re done with all this winter weather, but that is a hope for another day.

As our Barony grows, I hope to incorporate more newcomer events to our schedule, both formal and informal.  If anyone has ideas for these types of events, please let me know!  I’d love the chance to give our newcomers a better understanding of Bhakail and the SCA in general.

  • Chancellor Minor

Rosie reported – If anyone wants any youth activities, contact Roseia. There have been several donations to the youth stuff.

  • Webminister

Marta reported – I am stepping down as Webminister as I am is moving to Maryland. If anyone would like to fill this positions and has the requisite skills, please put yourself forward by announcing your intent to the Seneschal. She will still be here until the end of March, and will help transition. Runi was made a deputy so that the transitioning the office can begin. Runi has announced his intent to be the next Baronial Webminister.

  • Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

Martyn reported – As spring approaches, the vines begin to grow in the Barony’s Bailiwick. Mistress Brunissende has kindly agreed to take up the mantle of Minister of Arts & Sciences, Livia Petralia is pursuing new signature cards as part of her duty as Chancellor of the Bailiwick’s Exchequery, and Mistress Philadelphia continues in her tireless efforts to support the Bailiwick as Chatelaine & Webminister.

The Bailiwick had a very entertaining meeting in February, and will be meeting again next week in the Meyerson Conference Room at the Van Pelt Library on Penn’s campus. A confirmed date & time are forthcoming, as our fearless Chancellor of the Exchequer assails the sky like a bird on her way home from far, far away. All are welcome to attend.

Like the vine begins to grow as the weather warms, so does activity and planning within the Bailiwick. Craft & Chats will be scheduled on select Sundays by Bruni, we are in the works of planning a low-key, informal, post-Pennsic social for the Bailiwick for those to share their newfound knowledge, and spend time together, and finally, City Social will return, beginning either this month or next month, to be held on 4th Fridays in West Philadelphia, likely from 6pm-7:30pm – more information to come.

We have begun the process to become involved in the Penn Student Activities Day again this fall.

The Bailiwick has tabled its plans to put in a bid for KWHSS in 2019, however, the Bailiwick hopes to put up an event in late September / October at the UPenn Rare Book library & adjoining conference rooms for a Scribal Schola – this to follow the one planned for next month in Caer Adamant. The conference rooms will provide space for practical work & classrooms, while the Rare Books Library and its staff will provide a horde of period calligraphy & illumination examples for perusal and examination.

  • Canton of Black Icorndall

Martyn reported for Ysmay – The Kingdom Exchequer recommends that the Canton funds be donated to the Barony of Bhakail. This should be decided before the end of April report. It can be dedicated funds within the Baronial funds, though it would be removed as a line item for the Canton. Vote taken on donating Canton funds to the Barony by the four Canton members present: It was unanimous yes. The Canton is now fully in abeyance and this should be the last report from the Canton at this time.

Meeting closed: 9:15pm

Coronet Report – March 2018

To the Barony and the Bailiwick, and those others to whom these present letters come, greetings and wishes of good health from Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba!

AEdult Swim III – 2/17/18-2/18/18

Bhakail was well-represented at the AEdult Swim event held in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. A number of the Barony’s fighters and fencers took the opportunity to learn and train in a very competitive and educational environment. Well done!

Known World Arts and Sciences Symposium – 3/9/18-3/11/18

Our neighbors to the northwest, the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, hosted the Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium. Several Bhakailis and friends of the Barony taught at this event. The Honorable Lady Shoshana Gryffyth, Don Lorenzo Gorla, Lady Rachel of Bhakail, and Master Muin maqq Minain all presented classes. Quite a few other Bhakailis attended and learned much from these teachers and many others. Additionally, the Bhakaili Branslers, under the direction of Maistresse Sabine de Kerbriant – Master Arden of Icomb, the Honorable Lady Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain, Lord Cynon Mac an Choill, the Honorable Lady Grainne ni Cleirigh, the Honorable Lady Pia Maletesta d’Rimini, and the Honorable Lady Adelisa Salernitana – performed for the evening Ball. Vivant to Hartshorn-Dale for their successful Known World event!

East Kingdom 50 Year – 6/28/18-7/1/18

We have several things we’d like to bring up for this upcoming event.

First, we’ve been asked to prepare a single 8-1/2″ x 11” page with photos and text detailing the history of the Barony. We’ve written to the project organizer for more information and direction, as this is a new project we haven’t been involved with before. This page is supposed to be delivered to the EK50Y group by March 31.

Second, there will be a Memorial Garden at this event where those who have passed on can be remembered. If there are Bhakailis you would like to remember, the instructions are as follows. “For those whom you would like to honor in the Memorial Garden area, we ask that you please prepare a single 11 x 8.5 sheet (landscape orientation) with a photo and a short bio or whatever words you feel are appropriate. These pages will be placed within a plastic sheet protector and attached to decorated boards which will surround the Memorial Garden area.” If you would like the event to print these pages for you, they must be emailed by June 1. Otherwise, they can be delivered in person to the event. If you let Baron Rowen know if you plan on a memorial page and, if so, how many pages, he’ll communicate that to the event organizers.

Lastly, the Barony was allotted a 10’ x 10’ space at the event for the Hall of History, a display area for each Barony and Shire in the Kingdom. The event organizers have asked for the following.

  • A banner or sign displaying the name of the Barony or Shire
  • A large Baronial/Shire device displaying the arms of the Barony/Shire
  • Baronial Lineage
  • Pictures or items that are a part of the Barony’s/Shire’s history (example: coronets, gowns, casting molds from important items, mantles, old armor, new armor etc.)
  • Information on the history and traditions of the Barony/Shire

Recommended but not required:

  • Any written Barony/Shire histories
  • Displays of Barony/Shire traditions
  • Lists and depictions of Baronial/Shire level awards
  • All the things that make your Barony/Shire unique!

We are looking for someone who is planning on going to the event to take on organizing this display. This is a not-insubstantial project and will require coordinating with several members of the Barony. Master Muin has indicated that he will be at the event and can help coordinate on-site, however he is unable to be the project manager for this.

According to the project organizers, power is not readily available and we are required to bring all tables, chairs, stands, duct tape, and whatever else is needed for our display.

When we moved to the new Kingdom email system, the previous alias “” address went away. We think this was a useful way to communicate with all Baronial officers at one time and would like the officers’ input on having this means of communication again. We do have the option of setting up an email list on the Kingdom mail server, for example “” or setting up a collaborative inbox that all the Baronial officers can be added to. This would look similar to a Google Group, as it’s based on that technology.

Runnymede Dinner at Pennsic

It was discussed at the Baronial Pennsic meeting about the option of Bhakail hosting this year’s Runnymede (the collective landed baronage of the East) Dinner. The people attending the meeting supported the idea. At the same time, the Vicereine of Ostgardr offered her household encampment, the Silver Horde, as host. Silver Horde has a larger space than we have available, and it is already outfitted with tables and chairs. Since Ostgardr itself is hosting next year’s dinner, it has been suggested that Bhakail take the lead in organizing, the Silver Horde host the physical space, and retainers from the attending Baronies help with setup, serving, and cleanup. Additionally, there are discussions at the moment about holding a shorter “cocktail hour” with light refreshments, rather than a full sit-down dinner. We will give the Barony more information on this as it becomes available.

Heirs to the Iron Bog Baronial Seat

Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde have announced the heirs to Baroness Creatura Christi of Oaks, Baroness of Iron Bog. Two of the Tadcasters have been selected for this honor. The Honorable Lord Lord Declan Gobha and his wife Lady Aibhilin inghean ui Phaidin will take the Baronial seat at Iron Bog Investiture and K&Q Archery Champions on June 16, 2018. Vivant to Declan and Aibhilin!

River Wars 2018

We have been contacted by the Honorable Lord Sterling de la Rosa about this year’s River Wars event. At this time, there is not a theme, nor competition scheduled between the Baronies. In addition, he wanted to share that they are looking at ways to make the event more affordable for families.

River Wars 2019

Master Collin Monro has contacted us about River Wars 2019. He is planning to organize a bid and would like to have a series of competitions between Bhakail and Iron Bog. He expects there to be competitions in armored and rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, A&S, and possibly some event pitting the Barons of Bhakail and Iron Bog against each other. This is a tentative plan at the moment, as Master Collin has not yet submitted and had approved a bid for the 2019 event.

Requested event – Baronial Thrown Weapons Champions

We are soliciting bids from the Barony to organize a Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion event this coming spring. We’d ask that you work with Our current Champion, Lord Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson, to find a day and site suitable to this. Lady Angela Mori and Lord Hilarius Drunck have offered their estate, perhaps on a Sunday in April or May, if this can be arranged.


That wraps up our rather lengthy report for this month. Waauugghh, Bhakail!

 – Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

February 2018 Officer Reports

Greetings, Lady Lianor!
I will not be present at the Barony Meeting tomorrow, but my deputy, Lady Violet, will be there as my proxy. (Thanks so much, Violet!)
The Tavern event made a net profit of $107. Vivant to Lord Matteo and Lady Chana for running an excellent event, to Lady Eirani and Lady Mýrún for a wonderful all-day dayboard which came in under budget, and to all the gracious and helpful event staff and participants: the clean-up was easy and quick so we’re getting the refundable clean-up deposit back. And the event was also a lot of fun!
A person who paid with a check at the Gate for Yule Revel bounced their check and has been unreachable, so there is now a $44.00 cost ($24.00 check plus $20.00 bank fee) to go against the actual Yule Revel profit.
Several financial policies and procedures for the Barony need to be updated, so we’ll be holding a meeting to discuss this on a Sunday in March at Damiana’s house. Exact date TBD.
The Baronial Dedicated Funds’ balances are:
$119.00 for Gold Key project;
$200.00 for Bhakail Army;
$25.00 for siege weapons;
$47.50 to match $1:$1 against fencers’ fundraising for gear.
Updating the Bhakail bank account signatories is *still* not complete, but hopefully soon. I’ll check with the bank to confirm the cause of the delay.
Thanks! – Philly, Chancellor of the Exchequer
The big news from Ivyeinrust is that Lord Martyn is moving into the Bailiwick and he has generously offered to step up as the new Seneschal. We’re all very excited to have him living in the Bailiwick, and we’re thrilled with him lending his energy, ideas, hard work, and skills to leading Ivyeinrust!
– Philly, outgoing Seneschal of Ivyeinrust

We continue to see a couple new people every so often.  In the last month we’ve had a new artisan and a new fighter come to our social, and they are both interested in becoming more involved.  I’ve been getting a ton of donations to Gold Key feast gear, which is AWESOME!  Right now I’m pretty set with cups, but if anyone has more plates/bowls/utensils to donate, I will gladly take them.

Nothing much to report. I was unable to be at the February meeting, but thanks much to Roseia for taking the notes for us!

February 2018 Meeting Notes

Barony Business Meeting

February 13, 2018

Old Business

       Bhakail awards received at K & Q Bardic and A & S Championship

      Muin was elevated to a Laurel

      Jibril was made a Court Baron

      Roseia & John Patrick both received the Silver Wheel

Yule 2018

     Received some info for the German Society

Tavern Event


     New Bhakail Bardic Champion is Juliana Bird

     New Bhakail Gaming Champion is Lord Cailin

     Barony Court Magician is Lord Ian Douglas

The Claritas School Demo

  Kids had a lot of fun and asked lots of question. Demo went well

Please touch museum may be still happening. Waiting on more information

Zip Code

    Have zip code must get in touch with neighboring shires

  Map of zip codes is out dated and old

New Business

Pre Pennsic planning meeting

    At their Excellency house February 18th at 5pm

                 Is a pot luck dinner meeting

Sabine is stepping down as A&S Minster

A letter of intent was voiced at meeting

Vote on new A&S Minister will be held at March business meeting


Thanks to Roseia for taking the meeting notes.

January 2018 Meeting Notes

January Business Meeting

January 9th, 2018

Meeting opened at 8:00pm


Claritas Demo

Please contact me about participating. Claritas Academy in Byrn Mawr on January 30th.

Yule Postfactum

200 pre reg, 100 walk ins. We made a profit, about $1,800 because of walkins and feast under budget. There is a discussion about what accounting method we want to use going forward. Be watching for new proposed financial policies. There was a lot of lost and found, please contact Constable Kalin about missing stuff. He will bring it to Tavern, including last year’s lost and found.

Baronial Chancellor Minor has stepped down as of last meeting. There was one letter of intent submitted. If there are no other applicants there will be a vote for Rosie. She was voted in unanimously.

The Canton because of various problems (good problems), has asked for and been granted the ability to be dormant for two years. Not suspended but dormant, and can be reevaluated after two years. Action may be taken before then, and we are all for that, but until that happens, the Barony will be in charge of Tuesday night socials, and A&S nights. There are two thoughts on how to handle the Canton’s money, by either using it to pay for the social rental until they are out of money, or not using it up would be great though if it wants to get started up again. They are awaiting input from the Kingdom officers. Also, if the Canton is not doing a schola, we should get that money back from the site.

Business Meeting at Social

Should we look into renting another room for the barony meetings once a month? We should look into getting a price for that, and see how much it would be, as well as find out how much it costs to still have social, in relation to what donations cover. It is still preferred that it be the same night and location as social. This will be tabled until we can look at the numbers next month.

Bylaws Committee

Now that the holidays are over, and Martyn is better, there are several people interested in being part of the committee. He will be contacting them later this week to meet before the next meeting or March.

Yule 2018

The German Society has not given us the numbers yet for renting the site for this coming year, or sent a contract. So until then we cannot send this to the finance committee. We have found a professional cleaning crew willing to come in and clean the kitchens.


Does the barony want to continue the social? It was voted yes.

Does the barony want to freeze the canton funds at $1570 and have the barony take over the rental fee for social? Yes.

There are still some funds for several purposes that are in the baronial funds. The exchequer reminded us.

If you are thinking of coming to Tavern please pre-reg, as there is a hard cap. There are 42 in right now, so hurry and register! Bardic and gaming champion rules have been posted. There is an updated tavern menu. Get menu from cook. We do still need volunteers for clean up, including dish washers and trash takers during the day.

January 23 – Crafty Swap and Unwanted Present White Elephant Swap

This will try to be on seasonally.

A&S workshops that were weekly on Monday nights, they are being morphed into something new and different. There will be a monthly Sunday workshop that will be longer than the time we used to have. Starting this month on the 28th, with Muin doing enameling. In February it will be a bead making workshop, March will be silk banners, April C&I and scroll cases, May will be shoes, June Pennsic sweatshop. These will all be about 12 to 7pm.

Adelisa was hoping to run a drum workshop at social until Mudthaw in prep for the ME Mudthaw.

Third Tuesday music workshopping at social.



Since Yule there was Kingdom 12th Night. Lady B got a seamstress to the crown and an embroidered needlecase. K&Q rapier happened and numbers of Bhakailis competed, including our champions, and our marshall. Come to Tavern and compete! Everyone is encouraged to go to K&Q A&S and Bardic and watch the elevation of Muin.


Reports are DUE! By next Monday if you hold an official office for the barony or kingdom or bailiwick, if it requires reporting. You should report even if it is not required. Send them a wrapped herring. All of the officers emails for the barony have been transferred over to the new email system. There have not been any letters of intent for office of MoAS.


Nothing to report.


There were several people who contacted us through website. Possible demo at Please Touch Museum. Sign up for tavern.


Ivy is also having some officer changes. They are still doing A&S Chat and Craft on 3rd Sundays. The Seneschal doesn’t know there are conspirings for an evening get together in the city.


He has no kingdoms superior to report to and will report to Seneschal and will take stuff to Tavern.

Chancellor Minor

We have unanimously voted in Rosie as the new Chancellor Minor.

Knight Marshal

After holiday practice has started up again.


If you are thinking of coming to Tavern please pre-reg, as there is a hard cap. There are 42 in right now, so hurry and register! Bardic and gaming champion rules have been posted. There is an updated tavern menu. Get menu from cook. We do still need volunteers for clean up, including dish washers and trash takers during the day.

January 23 – Crafty Swap and Unwanted Present White Elephant Swap

This will try to be on seasonally.

A&S workshops that were weekly on Monday nights, they are being morphed into something new and different. There will be a monthly Sunday workshop that will be longer than the time we used to have. Starting this month on the 28th, with Muin doing enameling. In February it will be a bead making workshop, March will be silk banners, April C&I and scroll cases, May will be shoes, June Pennsic sweatshop. These will all be about 12 to 7pm.

Adelisa was hoping to run a drum workshop at social until Mudthaw in prep for the ME Mudthaw.

Third Tuesday music workshopping at social.

December 2017 Officer Reports and Meeting Notes

December Meeting


Meeting opened at 8:00 pm

19 in attendance


Yule Post Factum will be some time in January, possibly at Eleanora’s house

Tavern Event upcoming

Pre registration has started, paypal is available, could still use some kitchen volunteers or at gate, there will be space for A&S or music if anyone wants to head that up, there will be a lot of games available for play. Sunday will be a test kitchen. Leftovers from Yule and Lunch with Luther may be donated towards this one. Bardic and Gaming Champion will be held there.

Zip Code Committee

Just met prior to this meeting. Bailiwick is going to discuss formally requesting four zip codes. Mostly to reclaim officers who have moved away, and two that are sort of cut off by the area. There was discussion if this would need to be a polling matter, or what the proper procedure would be. There would be further discussions about external zip codes.

Bylaws Committee

If anyone is interested in helping to review the existing bylaws and produce recommendations let Martyn know. Names of those who were at the meeting are interested were taken down, and they will be emailed to schedule a meeting. The intention is to submit the findings to the barony.

Yule 2018 Bid from Martyn

See Attachment [I will have to figure out how to attach this]

Since this is such a complex event to set up and tear down, he would like more volunteers to be available for set up and clean up, by the January meeting, before going forward with the event bid.

Office of Chatelaine

Only Lady Chanah has applied. She was unanimously voted in. Yay new Chatelaine!

Lunch Like Luther: Lunch Like Luther was AMAZING! So many SCAdians did so much wonderful work, and an incredibly tasty and educational lunch of dishes and drinks which Martin Luther was likely to have eaten and music which he was likely to have heard were presented. The German Society attendees were very impressed!!



Financial Committee will meet in January or February about new things coming up, especially about Paypal. THIS IS AN OPEN MEETING

Bhakail is moving to gmail. Be watching for emails, so you can set your new personal password, and new accounts will be created.

Osric has let us know the Please Touch Museum is having a Medieval day in April. We don’t know any further details yet.

Sabine is resigning as MoAS. Three people have said they are interested but no letters of intent have been received, other than Rosie so far. It’s been tabled for next month.



We just had Yule. It was a very busy event, lots going on. Thanks for such a successful year. Please remember when you go to events that Bhakail is a notable presence. If you are a known quantity it reflects on us. We get good reports back about people that run things at other groups events. So keep it up. Be watching for a post about curia.


Thanks to all officers who post their reports online or email them promptly before the meetings. Any officers who do not submit a report will be subject to my rendering of their verbal report at the business meeting.

Herald – New order name and badge submitted.


Greetings Bhakail!  It is I, your new chatelaine!  As I’ve officially only been chatelaine for two days, I do not have much to say, but here goes…

We have new people!  Woot!  A few newcomers have come to weekly socials and have shown interest in heavy combat.  Our deputy knight marshal got them in armor and fighting each other last week, and the smiles on their faces were enough to make me think they’ll stick around.  We also had a few newcomers at our Yule event last week, which was nice to see.

I’m in the process of transferring the Gold Key over to a location closer to my home so I can more easily access it.  I am planning on cataloging all the items once they’re washed and sorted, and creating an online photo album of the pieces (to include measurements and colors) so we can easily match loaner garb to the people who need it.  I have also started accepting donations for loaner feast gear, and have purchased a couple things as well, to bring to events newcomers might attend.

The Please Touch Museum will apparently host a fantasy/medieval day in April, and one of our members who works there will be putting me in touch with the Education Director to speak about possibly doing a demo there.  I don’t have more information at this moment, but when I do I will be sure to share it with the barony.

~ Lady Chana Freidl the Maker ~

Chatelaine of the Barony of Bhakail

Chancellor Minor

Youth activities happened at Yule. Alecia has decided to step down. Letters of intent are being solicited. It comes with a lot of stuff. ALL the GLITTER

Black Ike

Dear everybody,

I have asked my deputy Teo to read the following letter at tonight’s business meeting as I have a mundane conflict.
I have been Seneschal of the Canton for not quite a year, and in that time, it has become clear that the Canton, in it’s present state, is no longer sustainable. Many of our active members hold offices at the baronial or kingdom level, and while this is a good problem to have, it does mean that the pool from which we can draw officers for the Canton is that much smaller. I have talked to the Kingdom Seneschal, and she has agreed to suspend the Canton for a two-year period, at which point, we can discuss whether there is need, desire, and ability to reinstate it’s active status. I would like to discuss this at the December meeting one more time before I give her the final go-ahead for a status change.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or contact me whatever way we usually communicate prior to the meeting on Tuesday, December 19.
Yours in Service
Baroness Ysmay de Lynn,
Seneschal for the Canton of Black Icorndall.

Ivyeinrust: Planning to run a free A&S-oriented event on Penn’s campus in 2018. More info to follow. Monthly “Craft and Chat” meetings continue. The next one is Sunday, December 17, 1-5 p.m. in the Meyerson Conference Room on the second floor of the Van Pelt Library, 3420 Walnut Street, on Penn’s campus. Street parking on Walnut is free on Sundays. Very accessible via SEPTA. Bring a portable (and not too messy) project to work on, along with other crafters working on their projects. If you have never attended one of the Bailiwick meetings before and aren’t a member of the Penn community, please contact Livia at to get your name added to the security guard’s list. For more info on the monthly Craft and Chat meetings, please contact Brunissende at The December Bailiwick Business Meeting has been cancelled.

Chancellor of the Exchequer: The event report for Yule Revel has not been completed yet, but should be completed and sent to Kingdom shortly.

Council of the Exchequer: We’re planning a financial policies meeting in January or February. We need to update the financial policies to include how we handle EK PayPal prereg payments, among other topics. This meeting will be open to all.


In the past month Bhakail has initiated the process to migrate emails over to Google for Non Profits.

Here you can find a recent report at the Kingdom Level about progress on this migration:

Beyond this, a few officers needed help with access issues for their email in the past month. I also helped get an event page set up for the Tavern event.

Thank you,
Lady Marta de Lyon

Knight Marshal

Two newcomers were armored and fighting last time.


Thank you to Lord Staldo who helped pack all the gear before Yule, and a large thank you to Mistress Philadelphia who transported it to and from the site. Bill an Bill are the bomb. All of the gear is being moved to Mistress Philadelphia’s house. Still planning to step down in June when his office expires.

The Baronial Gear has started to make it’s way to Mistress Philadelphia’s new house, where it will be stored going forward. I’ll be making an accounting of things and working to reorganize the gear as well. Most of the previous deposit for shelving/storage was returned to the Exchequer.
For Yule I was able to purchase serving ladles with a bulk discount, and serving forks as discussed at the last Barony meeting. I will be submitting the total for that (approximately $128) to the Council of the Exchequer for final approval. I was also able to purchase some items that appeared to be necessary (including some service wear for high table, which was not necessary, and will be returned), including several oval platters, and additional small serving bowls, and demitas spoons for service. I will send these items along to the CotE as well.
Finally, a reminder that my term ends in June 2018. If anyone is interested in learning the job of the Chamberlain, please contact me at
In service to the Barony,


General reminder to have officers send in reports, including seneschal. Or at least let the seneschal know that you sent in the report. Google forms are becoming or are available.

Do we want to look into underwriting some supplies for brewers or scribes who donate things to the barony. The discussion determined that they are doing these as good will, and are donating things from their own hobby, so we do not think they should be paid for those. But recognition for the brewers should be added in.

Meeting ended at 9:30


November 2017 Meeting Notes

Meeting called to order at 7:56pm

Old business

Yule is right around the corner. If you want to volunteer, contact Philly.

Always kitchen help needed. Always door help needed.

Discussion about setting up tables for feast all throughout the day, with people sitting at their feast table all day…needs more discussion.

Curia will be taking place. Curia agenda is posted on the Seneschal site.

There will also be a mini BoD meet and greet.


New business

Mistress Sabine is stepping down as MoAS.  Letters of intent are being solicited.

Lady Marta is stepping down as Chatelaine. Letters of intent are also being solicited. Lady Chana is stepping up for the interim and is submitting a letter of intent for the position.


Lunch Like Luther is this Sunday; food prep is being done on Saturday and more help is requested for both days. There are also singing and instrumental things happening there as well.


Tavern is coming together. Event announcement is forthcoming. Door help is needed as well as kitchen help, general setup and breakdown assistance.  Anyone interested in helping, please contact Teo.


Code of Conduct review. Sanction Guide Section C.  Find it online (here).


Martyn and John Marshall are working on a preliminary bid for Yule 2018 – Middle Eastern and Western European themed event.


Martyn is requesting expansion of Baronial gear (as Chamberlain).  Platters and serving spoons, ladles, forks, etc.


Martyn is retiring the role in June; if you want the job, let him know.


Old business

Media Halloween parade.  Lots of fun. Lots of people, sparsely attended by the Barony.


Shire Wars happened. Food went over well.


Zip code committee

Committee is progressing; there’s need for an internal discussion *and* an external discussion, to be kept separate.  Meeting might happen at Yule.


The Order of the Crucible – name and device requested to be submitted, for new award to be given out by the Coronets.  $18 needed for the submission; first award to be given out at Yule.


Coronet report: read the Coronet report


Seneschal report: read the Seneschal report


MoaS: stepping downl read the report.






MoL: Bhakail was well-represented at Shire Wars.  MoL table was largely manned by Bhakailis.  Don’t wait to get auth cards…get them now!


Youth Minister: there will be Youth activities at Yule.


Chatelaine: Marta is stepping down; Chana is stepping up.


Black Icorndall: 4 people attended the Media Halloween parade.  Michelle made bags of candy with our contact information on them.

Ivyeinrust: Craft chats are going well.  Next is on Sunday.  Bring not-messy handwork to work on.  Planning an A&S oriented event.


Exchequer: wrote a lot of checks tonight and got a lot of checks also.


Knight Marshal: Everything’s running as normal.  Saturday, they’re having a vote for the head of the Southern Region Army at 100 Minutes, so go ahead and vote if you’re going.  Vachir is also now Captain of the Queen’s Guard.


Webminster: Helped people with WordPress passwords.  Google Plus Community is now live, so people can post (unlike the Google Plus Profile that was there before)


Rapier Marshal: Also at 100 Minutes, there’ll be a vote for commander of the Southern Region Rapier Army.  If you’re going, vote.  Don Eldrich is XO.


Meeting closed at 8:48pm