Madame Brunechilde de Ravenel

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Madame Brunechilde de Ravenel lived in France, but for the past decade and a half which Brunissende has lived in Bhakail, Brunechilde used to come visit Brunissende for months at a time, so she was effectively a Bhakaili. She was able to attend Pennsic and many other local events over the years, and was active in producing beautiful paintings, lovely embroidery, and other wonderful A&S projects. She helped with Gate and clean-up and performed service at many events, and was Awarded Arms five years ago. She was a very sweet, funny, intelligent, loving woman, and she is very missed by her daughter and her many friends. Dame Brunissende Dragonette will be planning a Celebration of the Life of her mother to be held later this summer.

In Memoriam

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