October Salamander

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October 2016 Salamander

Meeting Start Time: 8:02pm


Seneschal Candidates – We have two candidates for Seneschal: Muin and Martyn, because we have two candidates we will move this item to the next meeting with paper ballots in a formal polling [see attached ballot]. Absentee ballots are OK. Ballots should be anonymous because you don’t want any identifying information on the ballot, please put your name and membership number on the envelope in order to have your ballot counted; envelopes can contain more than one ballot, with more than one name / member number listed on the envelope. People can mail them by November 1st or pass them along to someone attending the business meeting.

Exchequer Candidates – [REVISED] At the meeting there were two candidates for Chancellor of the Exchequer, following the meeting, Mistress Philadelphia Brown withdrew and has agreed to become m’lady Sigvin Jansdottir’s deputy, upon successful confirmation as Exchequer at the November Business Meeting via an Operational Polling.

At-Large Council of the Exchequer Candidates – We only received one candidate for the 3 open seats on the Council of the Exchequer, which stands at 4 members currently. Per the Bylaws, the CoE must have an odd number, and two of those must be non-Great-Officers. Mistress Judith the confused nominated herself to continue holding her seat, but as she is a Great Officer, she cannot be eligible for the one open position, as two additional candidates would be required. The selection of new members of the Council of the Exchequers was tabled, and the nominations will remain open until the November Business Meeting. Several members of the CoE complimented Judith’s contribution to the CoE, and nominations will remain open in the hopes that we can fill the remaining 2 vacancies.

Chatelaine Candidate – Lady Marta de Lyon was the only candidate for Chatelaine and made the following statement prior to an operational polling that confirmed her in the office: [paraphrased] “I volunteered to take the position of Chatelaine because new people in the SCA are important to me, and something I care a lot about. As well as getting increased membership for the SCA, I will do everything I can to make new people feel welcome and find their way in the SCA.” At this point nominations were closed, and Lady Marta was confirmed as Bhakail’s new Chatelaine. Her current term will expire in October 2019.

Coronet Candidates – There are currently no official candidates for the Coronet of Bhakail. Nominations will remain open through the close of business at the November Business Meeting.

Bid for Yule 2017 – A deposit has been sent to the German Society to secure the date. A full bid is expected from Mistress Philadelphia soon.

Tavern 2017 – from Ayleth le Frye: the event is happening and the event and the announcement should be available on the East Kingdom website soon.

Herald Position during upcoming Kingdom Polling for the Coronet – Master Rowen reported back that TRM Brion & Anna have approved his continuing on as Salamander Pursuivant during the polling process.


Baronial Council – Nothing to report.

Council of the Exchequer – Nothing to report.

Yule 2016 – via Ayleth (Xan’s Deputy Autocrat) – There is now a page for Yule on the Bhakail website. It will continue to be updated, and now has the feast menu posted. Lord John Marshall has been put in contact with the GSP so he can arrange for a visit of the kitchens and Xan has passed along specs to both John and Martyn regarding both kitchens. Xan has asked people consider volunteering to make robin hood hats, as well as motor board hats (for Cambridge and Oxford), and has spoken with Philly about that. Duchess Diana has volunteered to be the Dance Instructor. Updates will be posted on the EK Calendar announcement page.

Those wishing to volunteer should contact the autocrat; door wardens are greatly needed (Cailin and Patraic have volunteered for shifts). Regarding clean-up: Philly is currently looking for much-needed volunteers & Muin is donating gifties for people who stay to help clean up.

Damiana is still accepting checks and cash for reservations.

Tavern 2017 – via Ayleth (Autocrat) – Volunteers needed: door wardens, clean-up crew, set-up crew. The event will be the last Saturday of January (28th), starting at 11am. Reservations will be accepted soon.


Coronet: Read the Salamander.

Seneschal: in addition to the report listed later in this issue: the consensus regarding doing Champions and Investiture after Pennsic, or combing the two as a full weekend event with camping is not clear. [There was considerable discussion at this point in the meeting, and it was my (Martyn’s) understanding that the issue would remain open until a plan for succession of the Coronet was in place, as a lot of the planning will rely on TRM and/or Their Heirs.] The 3rd Quarter Seneschal Report was filed last month.

Chancellor of the Exchequer – 3rd quarter report finalized and is going out this week. We just submitted the final changes for the bank account signature card.

Herald – report was sent out earlier today via the Bhakail list. There are a number of items for court at Yule, if you are interested in volunteering to do any heralding and/or scrollwork, please contact Rowen.

Chronicler – read the salamander (via Martyn).

Knight Marshal – report read (via Suba).

Minister of Arts & Sciences – No report.

Minister of the Lists – No report.

Chatelaine – No report from Violet as outgoing Chatelaine. From Marta: We have a number of new people who contacted the Barony; there are 5 new people I am currently working with this month, which is great! I need someone to assist me with Gold Key and making sure we have loaner garb. I would love to have volunteers to make sure we have garb for newcomers for upcoming events.

Rapier Marshal – No report. It was noted that Don Melchior was the highest-scoring fencer at the Ladies of the Rose Tourney held at GGG in Carillion.

Chamberlain – Report posted to the Bhakail list earlier today.

Chancellor Minor – We have youth activities planned for Yule: making masks, game boards, doing gaming, having a parade, and will be bringing along “stained glass” painting activity, which went over really well last year, so we have stuff to do and help! Lady Roseia is now my official deputy.

Webminister – We have a website. I would love for people to post things to it. More on that after the meeting, anyone who wants to learn, my deputy Webminister (Ayleth) will be walking everyone through the posting process. If not, click through the tutorials posted to the website. We’ve uploaded some basic content and the calendar was updated. We are working on more social media stuff (twitter will be going live soon), anyone else we can pull in from any area is a great thing, and social media presents a new recruitment area for the Barony.

Ivyeinrust – No report. It was noted that their next meeting was 10/19 at Penn, and City Social is now the last Thursday of the month and was held on 10/27 at Bierstube.

Canton – read the Salamander, the report is hilarious. Next meeting was the following Tuesday at the Canton Social. The Seneschal (Muin) is stepping down, as he is a candidate for Baronial Seneschal.


On February 25th there will be a Roman-themed event in Caer Adamant.

The next business meeting will be held Tuesday, November 8th at 7:30pm at Stage One (101 Plush Mill Rd, Wallingford PA 19063). It will be during the Canton Social, there may be fighting outside or in another room.

Come visit the PA Ren Faire! Uphill of the Chessboard is where you can find us!

Motion to Adjourn was approved without dissent and the meeting closed at 8:56pm.

These are a summarization of my notes from the meeting. – Martyn


Formal Polling Ballot Seneschal


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