March 2018 Officer Reports and Meeting Notes

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Meeting Opened: 8:00pm


  • Pennsic

Chana reported – Pennsic is coming. Chana, the Campmaster, announced that camp is filled up and has a wait list. There is going to be a deadline for Pennsic pre-registration before the official date. May 15th. If you are not in by this deadline, those who have not been spoken to by Chana will be given the chance to register. If anyone has camp forms ready they can be handed in. If there are any major tent changes let her know.

  • Tavern Event 2018

Philadelphia reported – Report for the tavern event has been posted and we have made a profit of $107.

New business – Chana would like to run Tavern next year, so she has been charged with putting together an event proposal. The Barony suggested holding the date at the German Society to lock in the same rate for rental. Should be held the last Saturday of January 2019.

  • Zip Code Committee

Mael Eoin reported – Four zip codes have been tentatively requested by the Bailiwick. Buckland Cross had more specific questions about specific members and where they live, but didn’t request a specific zip code. We are requested 19114 to be moved to Bhakail, or to just make sure it falls on the city line. There may be a zip code that we can give back to them in Buckland Cross.

  • Bylaws Review Committee

Martyn reported – Earlier today I sent an email out to those whose names I had as being interested in the Bylaws Review Committee (Muin, Rowen, Suba, Rosiea, Eirani, and Alesia) and we have agreed to meet next Tuesday, March 20th at the Weekly Social in the kitchen. Materials will be sent out this week to committee members for review prior to the meeting so members can bring questions and suggestions to the meeting.

The committee will hopefully be able to tender a report to the Barony at the April Business Meeting. The committee will not be directly proposing any Amendments to the Bylaws, but will provide a summary of our review, suggestions, and recommendations after looking into 3 key areas: Technical (spelling/grammar/layout), Compliance (with Higher Law), and Relevancy (Do the Bylaws reflect how the Barony operates today? Are they meeting the expectations of the populace?).

Following the in-person meeting, I will work with the members via email to create the final report from the meeting draft(s) and request a Committee Vote prior to the meeting where the final report is delivered.

  • Bhakail Yule 2018

Martyn reported – After several discussions with Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail, I have embarked on a mission to count the number of Bhakail Yules we have recorded and simply entitle the event as “Bhakail Yule [Insert Roman Numerals Here].”

John Marshal is still working to prepare a final set of menus and food plan, and I have several people that have volunteered to work as deputy autocrats, as well as leaders for several of the key logistical volunteer positions.

I have received a contract from the German Society of Pennsylvania and have sent it back with a few clarifying questions. Once a finalized copy has been obtained I will pass it along to the Seneschal & Exchequer, as well as the full budget for review and approval by the Council of the Exchequer. I currently intend to keep event costs at approximately the same levels as was done for Yule Revel 3 months ago.


  • Bylaws Issues

Rowen reported – Our bylaws say that there is a Baronial Council that should be meeting quarterly. We haven’t had one in over a year. We should decide if we need it or if it should be taken out of the bylaws.

He was also approached by the previous and current Chanceller Minor about being referred to as Lesser Officers (as well as Webminister). This seems to be disparaging in tone to those that work as hard as the other offices. Should we change the wording in our bylaws to make them Greater Officers? Should the offices be referred to as Required Baronial Officers and Additional Baronial Officers? Another option is to include a majority of all currently seated Baronial officers to be required for quorum and remove the titles Greater/Lesser or Required/Additional from the Bylaws.

Please email the Seneschal and Coronets if you have opinions or further commentary. Amendments to the Bylaws will be considered for the next meeting.

  • EK 50 Year

Rowen reported – Bhakail has been asked to put together three different projects for EK 50 Year. They would like us to have a history of Bhakail, which would be a single-page of text and photos to be included in the site booklet. That project is due to the Kingdom by March 30. Rowen has emailed the site book coordinator for more information.

Second, there will be a Memorial Garden on-site. Submissions for the Memorial Garden should be on a landscape-oriented, single sheet of paper, with text and photo. If we want the Kingdom to print those pages, PDFs are due to the Kingdom by June 1. If we wish to bring them ourselves, they are due at the event.

Last, the Kingdom has asked each Barony and Shire to decorate at 10’x10′ booth at the event with the history of the group and other things of note. A sign or banner with the group name, posters of the group arms, coronets, armor, written histories, photos, etc. See Coronet Report for more details. We do not know who from the Barony is planning to go, but if you are willing to spend time at the booth, please let Rowen and Suba know. Muin is currently the contact for the event.

New business – Bryan, as Baronial Historian, has offered to work on the page for the site booklet, the Memorial Garden information, and to help organize a history presentation for the on-site booth. 


  • Coronets

Rowen reported – The Coronet report is online at

Additionally, he reported that the email address “” went away when the Barony moved to the Kingdom’s new email system. It was agreed that we should have a way to communicate with all offices at once. There are two options to recreate this. We can have an email list just for the officers, like “”. Only officers could mail that list. Or we can have a collaborative inbox, which works like a combination of email and Google Group, that would be “”. Anyone could email that address and it would be received by all Baronial officers. The officers voted for the second option. Marta will set this up with the help of Runi, her new deputy.

  • Seneschal

Muin reported – We have had some wonderful events this last year, but there are always the downsides to these experiences. The new King and Queen have already gone through some tumultuous things. Please bear in mind that when you are out at SCA events and you are wearing Bhakail regalia that your actions are reflecting on Bhakail. Be good people and make the Coronets of Bhakail proud. 

  • Herald

No report.

  • Knight Marshal

Vachir reported – Practices continue on Tuesdays. Tyler was authorized tonight. 

  • Rapier Marshal

No report.

  • Company Captain of Archers

No report.

  • Captain of Combat Archers

No report.

  • Exchequer

Philadelphia reported – We have money. Signature cards should finally be done. Old officers have been removed.

  • Chamberlain

Martyn reported – The previously mentioned loaning of silk banners to Hartshorn-Dale for KWASS did not occur, unfortunately. The banners are being returned to storage.

I will be working on setting up the new storage space provided to the Barony courtesy of Mistress Philadelphia at her new home in Overbrook.  Once that is completed, I will be moving the rest of the Baronial gear from my family’s shop in Clifton Heights to Overbrook. I will be sending out a call for volunteers at that time.

I have sent in a request for reimbursement to the Exchequer to send to the Council of the Exchequer (Financial Committee) for the items purchased prior to/during Bhakail Yule for Baronial use. Purchased items included: oval service platters, round service platters, service forks, small bowls, service ladles, demitasse spoons, and large commercial cutting board for a total of approximately $128.

Once the gear has been organized into its new space, a completed inventory will be posted, as well as recommended purchases that the Barony pursue to complete its collection of fine service gear.

Finally, next month I will formally be requesting that our Seneschal, Master Muin, open nominations for my position, as my term expires in June. I do not intend to seek another term at this time. If you have any questions about the Chamberlain’s duties, please reach out to me at

  • Chronicler

Lianor reported – I am seeking someone to replace me as Chronicler. If you are available and willing please let the Seneschal know your intent by the next business meeting. Please remember to send in officer reports or post it online.

  • Historian

No report.

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences

Sabine reported – This is just to say that (as usual) I will be at Philobiblon tonight rather than barony meeting. I have nothing to report other than that I hope Sigvin will be successfully voted into office, and am sending many good wishes for her new office! Because Edgar is moving, he will be stepping down as Deputy MoAS.

New business – Previously, Sabine announced that she wished to step down as soon as someone else wished to hold the office. Last month, Hrafnhildr (formerly Sigvin), announced her desire to hold the the office. As no other Letters of Intent were received, a vote of confidence was held. By unanimous decision, Hrafnhilr was voted the new Baronial MoAS. 

  • Minister of the Lists

Judith reported – Annual report sent to Kingdom. Mudthaw is fast approaching.  Safe travels and good fighting to all

  • Chatelaine

Chana reported – Cold and snowy greetings from your friendly neighborhood Chatelaine!  Our fine Barony continues to welcome new members, who seem happy to have found a place with us.  Whether drawn by the fighting or the friends, we are made better by our new Bhakailis, who have come to social and expressed interest in All the Things (how very SCAdian of them).

I continue to gather Gold Key, and have started photographing and measuring garments in order to keep better record of our collection.  Some of the garb will need repair, and once I can go through all of it, I will start posting specific needs of garb we seem to lack.  I would love to organize a Gold Key sewing day once we’re done with all this winter weather, but that is a hope for another day.

As our Barony grows, I hope to incorporate more newcomer events to our schedule, both formal and informal.  If anyone has ideas for these types of events, please let me know!  I’d love the chance to give our newcomers a better understanding of Bhakail and the SCA in general.

  • Chancellor Minor

Rosie reported – If anyone wants any youth activities, contact Roseia. There have been several donations to the youth stuff.

  • Webminister

Marta reported – I am stepping down as Webminister as I am is moving to Maryland. If anyone would like to fill this positions and has the requisite skills, please put yourself forward by announcing your intent to the Seneschal. She will still be here until the end of March, and will help transition. Runi was made a deputy so that the transitioning the office can begin. Runi has announced his intent to be the next Baronial Webminister.

  • Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

Martyn reported – As spring approaches, the vines begin to grow in the Barony’s Bailiwick. Mistress Brunissende has kindly agreed to take up the mantle of Minister of Arts & Sciences, Livia Petralia is pursuing new signature cards as part of her duty as Chancellor of the Bailiwick’s Exchequery, and Mistress Philadelphia continues in her tireless efforts to support the Bailiwick as Chatelaine & Webminister.

The Bailiwick had a very entertaining meeting in February, and will be meeting again next week in the Meyerson Conference Room at the Van Pelt Library on Penn’s campus. A confirmed date & time are forthcoming, as our fearless Chancellor of the Exchequer assails the sky like a bird on her way home from far, far away. All are welcome to attend.

Like the vine begins to grow as the weather warms, so does activity and planning within the Bailiwick. Craft & Chats will be scheduled on select Sundays by Bruni, we are in the works of planning a low-key, informal, post-Pennsic social for the Bailiwick for those to share their newfound knowledge, and spend time together, and finally, City Social will return, beginning either this month or next month, to be held on 4th Fridays in West Philadelphia, likely from 6pm-7:30pm – more information to come.

We have begun the process to become involved in the Penn Student Activities Day again this fall.

The Bailiwick has tabled its plans to put in a bid for KWHSS in 2019, however, the Bailiwick hopes to put up an event in late September / October at the UPenn Rare Book library & adjoining conference rooms for a Scribal Schola – this to follow the one planned for next month in Caer Adamant. The conference rooms will provide space for practical work & classrooms, while the Rare Books Library and its staff will provide a horde of period calligraphy & illumination examples for perusal and examination.

  • Canton of Black Icorndall

Martyn reported for Ysmay – The Kingdom Exchequer recommends that the Canton funds be donated to the Barony of Bhakail. This should be decided before the end of April report. It can be dedicated funds within the Baronial funds, though it would be removed as a line item for the Canton. Vote taken on donating Canton funds to the Barony by the four Canton members present: It was unanimous yes. The Canton is now fully in abeyance and this should be the last report from the Canton at this time.

Meeting closed: 9:15pm

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