April 2018 Officer Reports and Meeting Notes

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Meeting opened at 8:00 pm


  • Donations to the Site for Social

We need to get better about giving/getting donations for the site. We are losing about $600 a year. We should plan a fundraiser to supplement donations. We could set up a smaller scale version of the EK travel fund auctions. We could hold a tavern type event with the proceeds going toward this fund. We should also make sure we set aside that money budgeted in our Baronial funds in case it is needed.

  • Pennsic

Chana reported – Bhakail deadline for previous campers with Bhakail is coming up in about a month. May 15th. Pre-reg before this date. If you do not registration will be opened to others who have not camped with us last year. There may be another meeting at the beginning of June.

  • Philadelphia Ren Faire

Sabine reported – They are promising that this year they are on top of stuff and that we will have space and be taken care of this year. We are looking to do the weekend of May 5th. It seems like our contact knows what we will need regarding space. There is camping available. They have secure storage for non-period looking tents during the day. They are offering food comps. If you would like to participate Sabine is the contact person. She will be sending around information about the restrictions. There was a vote on who is able to commit and thinks this was a good idea, and about 7 people said they would be able to go.

  • Zip Code Committee

No news.

  • EK 50 Year

Who is going who is able to man the booth for Bhakail, as well as set up and tear it down? It is requested that some one be there, but it is not required. We are not sure how long the booth will be up and how long it should be manned, though it sounds like it is 9 to 5 Thurs through Sat, and 9 to 3 on Sunday. Nothing can be taken down until after 3 on Sunday. There is camping, but be sure to read the restrictions involved. There are about 8 people thinking of going, and talk of setting up a Baronial encampment. This would need to be registered as a group ahead of time.

  • Bylaws Amendments

Rowen proposed – “I move that the bylaws be amended to strike the section XVa to XVb that requires there be monthly separate Baronial Council closed meetings in its entirety.” Gisela motioned and Muin seconded to amend the bylaws, striking the requirement for quarterly officer meetings. It was voted unanimously to go forward with this.

There was also a motion to change the wording from Greater and Lesser Officers to Required Officers and Other Officers. This may also involve what our Barony requires as quorum. Ragna motioned to investigate this options, Judith seconded, and it was voted to move forward.

  • Fighting Tabards

Rosie and Alecia have volunteered to create fighting tabards and would like details on what should go on them. They should match the ones we have. Details will be sent along to them. They will seek reimbursement from the army funds.


  • Bylaws Committee

Martyn has stepped down as head of the bylaws committee.

  • Baronial Chamberlain

Martyn will be stepping down in June as Chamberlain. If you would like to be chamberlain, please send the Seneschal a Letter of Intent. This not a required by Kingdom office, but it is a great one to have for the organizing of stuff.

  • Baronial Chronicler

Lianor is stepping down as Chronicler and this office is required. Please submit Letters of Intent to the Seneschal. Most of what is required is to take minutes and make sure they are publicized to the barony and sent to Kingdom Chronicler.

  • Barren Sands Demo

June 2nd and 3rd at the Wheaton Arts center. Demo will be shared with the Mystic Realms LARP. There is camping space. We would need to let them know in advance if we are camping. SCA people in garb will be admitted free. There will be fighting demos. This is opposite Artisan’s Village in Buckland Cross.

  • Bailiwick Class

Natsu, the Mongolian student studying at Temple, will be giving a class on medieval Mongolian script before he heads home. Sunday afternoon on Penn’s campus.

  • Commons and Champions

Philadelphia proposed a motion to reserve the site at Ridley Creek Park for Commons on the last Sunday in August. This was seconded and passed. We still need someone to steward this event. Rowen will reserve the site and be reimbursed by the Barony.


  • Coronet Report

Rowen and Suba reported – Report was posted online and can be found here – http://bhakail.eastkingdom.org/wordpress/index.php/2018/04/11/coronet-report-april-2018/

  • Seneschal

Muin reported – It has been a horribly busy not spring. We are looking forward to the season where people get to camp. Yay team!

  • Herald

Ragna reported that she posted her report on the website. It can be found here – http://bhakail.eastkingdom.org/wordpress/index.php/2018/04/10/salamander-pursuivants-report-2018-04/

  • Knight Marshal

Vachir reported – Everything’s going well. Practice continues every week. 

  • Rapier Marshal

No report

  • Captain of Combat Archers

Jibril reported – Balfar’s Challenge up in Dragonship Haven will have a day-long combat archery workshop. Starting next week or the one after, they will start going through equipment at Social.

  • Exchequer

Philadelphia reported that she erroneously under-reported the Tavern event’s profit last month. The net profit was actually $164.10. Thanks again, Teo and Eirani, for a great event!

Just a reminder that the Barony is holding the following funds as earmarked for a specific purpose: 

$119.00 to fund creation of newcomer garb 

$200.00 received from the Canton to support the Bhakail Army 

$25.00 to support siege weapons antics 

$47.50 to support fencers’ activities (matching 1:1 with fencer fundraising) 

$1,291.46 to support the Weekly Social (money raised by Canton)

On average in calendar year 2018 to date, the amount of the weekly Social donations is $12 less each week than the amount of weekly Social rental fee. If we use up the cash raised by the Canton to make up the funding shortfall for the Weekly Social, this can continue for another year or two if nothing else changes, but we should start thinking of ways to sustain the Social. Maybe a fundraiser or something?

Many thanks to my Deputy, Violet, for collecting, depositing, and recording the Social donations each week, and for taking care of managing the payment of the rental fee each month.

  • Chamberlain

Martyn reported – The Barony still has stuff, unsurprisingly. Now that the weather appears somewhat undeadly, the rest of the Baronial Gear will be making its way to its new home in Overbrook, courtesy Mistress Philadelphia. Finally, my term is ending in June, therefore I would ask that our Seneschal officially open the call for nominations for my successor at this month’s meeting.

  • Chronicler

Lianor reported – I am looking to step down from being the Chronicler for Bhakail. If you would be willing to take minutes at the business meetings and post them publicly, at the very least, please submit a letter of intent to the Seneschal.

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences

Hrafnhildr reported – Monday night A&S is suspended indefnitely, as the space was lost. There was an Athena’s thimble meeting held last month in the Barony. There will be another on April 24th. There is a Scribal Schola coming up in the Shire of Caer Adamant.

  • Minister of the Lists

Judith reported – Greetings to the Barony. The snow seems to be happening less frequently and now is the time to get ready to answer the drums of war. Make sure your weapons are in order and your authorizations are current.  Be ready to defend your Barony and your Kingdom.

  • Chatelaine

Chana reported – This last month has been a busy one for the newcomers of Bhakail!  Aside from helping a couple of them move around the Barony, Master Mael Eoin’s Company of the Black Boot, a newcomer household he thought up, has begun welcoming its first newcomers!  We held a brunch to welcome our newest members, gauge where their interests lie in the Society, and answer any questions they thought up.  We plan on continuing Black Boot meetups monthly (at least) as a way to socialize and start some workshops and project days.  If you’re interested in joining us, please let me know!

  • Chancellor Minor

Rosie reported – If anyone is interested in having youth activities, please contact her.

  • Webminister

Muin, as Seneschal, reported – We are voting on accepting the new Webminister. Rúni inn írski was unanimously voted in. Vivat to Marta, the outgoing Webminister.

  • Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

Martyn reported – The Bailiwick will be hosting a class on Mongolian Script this Sunday (Philly has more information). Our March meeting was delayed by weather, but we were able to successfully meet on March 28th. Our next business meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18th at 7:30pm in the Meyerson Conference Center on the 2nd Floor of the Van Pelt Library on UPenn’s campus. Our March minutes will be posted by the end of the week on the Bailiwick website.

Meeting closed at 9:15pm

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