May 2018 Officer Reports and Meeting Notes

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We opened at 8:00pm.


  • Pennsic

Chana reported – There is one week left to pre-reg to stay with Bhakail if you stayed with Bhakail last year. Please do so soon. We are going to be very full this year. There will be another meeting soon, after the first weekend in June. Camp fees go to Suba.

  • Philadelphia Renaissance Fair

Chana reported – There was a demo this past weekend. There were a few small organization issues since this is a new faire, but it went very well. We have already gotten an email from a contact made there. There was a huge draw from the fighters. We have been unofficially invited back for next year. 

  • EK 50 Year

Bryan is looking to put together some stuff for the history demo, but that involves arriving early to set things up, on Wednesday. Rosie and John Patrick have volunteered to be there Wednesday to set up the Barony’s history booth. There was some confusion about registering Bhakail as a camping group, so arrangements weren’t made. There will not be a Bhakail camp. People from the Barony who wish to camp may wish to reach out to the Tadcasters or the Shire of Barren Sands.

  • Bylaw Ammendments

At the April meeting, Baron Rowen had proposed striking sections XV.A and XV.B of the Bylaws, which discussed mandatory quarterly Baronial Council meetings. The sections were read to the meeting. The floor was opened to discussion about striking these sections. It was suggested that we not have things in the Bylaws that we don’t need. It was brought up that the Baronial Council was created to take care of business that was not getting done at business meetings. However, business has been getting done at the meetings. Additionally, we have not had a Baronial Council in some time and this has not affected the operation of the Barony. It was suggested that, rather than removing the whole section, we only remove the requirement to hold it quarterly and instead have language calling for it as needed. It was pointed out that sections defining the Baronial Council can’t easily be removed, as the definition is necessary in other sections of the bylaws discussing how to deal with possible issues with the Seneschal or Coronets. It is also mentioned in other places in the bylaws.

There was also a motion to change the wording throughout the Bylaws from Greater Officers and Lesser Officers, as defined in Section III.A and III.B, to Required Officers and Additional Officers. There must be a suggested wording change for the Bylaws for this amendment to be enacted.

Muin proposed that the two opinions be written up for presentation at next months meeting where we will continue the debate. Lianor seconded and a majority voted to approve this.

  • Fighting Tabards

Rosie said they are coming along nicely. Five or six are halfway done. 

  • Barren Sands Demo

This will be June 23 and 24. If anyone is available and interested there will be free admission for SCA people and there is weekend camping. They are checking on above ground fires. We will be sharing the space with LARPers. Wet site after the demo for the day is over. They would like to have A&S, fighting and fencing.

  • Commons and Champions

Sabine is looking at putting together a bid for this event. The bards have requested a bardic track. It may be the case that the Coronets need to choose a new bardic champion, as the current one is moving to Michigan. 

  • Zip Code Committee

We have received a much expanded request for zip codes from the Bailiwick which is going in for review. A map was circulated so we could see what things were being requested. The committee will come up with recommendations to present.

  • Officers needed

Martyn will be stepping down and the office of Chamberlain will be vacant as of June. While not a required office, this is a useful office for the Barony as the is a good bit of Baronial property to keep track of. A request has been made for Letters of Intent. Those interested should speak to Muin and Martyn.

Lianor wishes to step down as Chronicler as soon as a replacement can be found. Chronicler is a required office for the Barony. A request has been made for Letters of Intent. Those interested should speak to Muin and Lianor.


  • BoD Commentary

Board of Directors has requested commentary on a new Mission Statement which can be found here –

The BoD has also requested commentary on proposed anti-hate speech language found here –

  • Yule 2018

Martyn has a bid proposal ready to go to the financial committee before the June meeting. There has only been one change from last year and that is to hire a professional cleaning crew to come in after the event. The amount would be between $350 and $400. This would be the cleaning crew from St. Kevin’s which was used after Baronial Investiture in 2017. Several people agreed that this would be a great idea. Site fee would probably to up a dollar. John Marshall organizing the food for the day.

  • Hunter’s Picnic in Caer Adamant

Caer Adamant has an archery, thrown weapons, and armored combat event coming up, Hunter’s Picnic, on May 26.

  • New Heirs to the EK

Vivant to the new Prinz and Princess, Wilhelm and Vienna!


  • Coronets

Rowen and Suba reported – Report was posted online and can be found here –

  • Seneschal

Muin reported – Self care, people! He has noticed quite a few Bhakailis looking like they are on the edge of burning themselves out. It’s great to do a lot of things for the Barony and for the other local groups and to be at every event, but take a little bit of time for yourself and do some self care. Because a burnt out Bhakaili is not our goal. We would rather you miss the occasional event and see you at more events in the long run, than to never see you again. Just a personal opinion.

  • Herald

Ragna reported – The Herald’s report is available on the website here –

  • Knight Marshal

Vachir reported – The Philly Ren Fair was great and a lot of people were interested. Fighter practice is going great. Fighters have been moving outside, if we would like to switch to the smaller room. Vashir took Will as a man-at-arms at the Ren Faire.

  • Rapier Marshal

No report

  • Captain of Combat Archers

Jibril reported – Bring your combat archery gear and armor next week, so we can shoot at the fighters. They will also help finish up not done kits.

  • Exchequer

Philadelphia reported – All the “Dedicated Funds” have been recently reviewed. The activities which are being supported have received the money or at least are aware of the money earmarked for them.

The next project is contacting everyone who has an outstanding uncashed check from the Barony. If the checks aren’t cashed after 3 years, we’re supposed to escheat the money to the government. (If the check has been lost, we’ll reissue a new one.)

Site rental deposits have been paid for Champions & Commons to be held on Sunday, 8/26/18, and Yule Revel to be held on Saturday, 12/8/18.

Bhakail received a (whopping) $0.35 as settlement from the TD Bank “penny arcade” lawsuit.

  • Chamberlain

Martyn reported – The Barony has stuff, and I am in need of a replacement. Nominations for Chamberlain are open. Olease reach out with any questions!

  • Chronicler

Lianor reported – I am still seeking a replacement for the office of Chronicler. Please let Lianor or Muin as the Seneschal know if you are willing to take this position.

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences

Hrafnhildr reported – A&S at Ellen’s has restarted on Thursday nights, starting around 6:30pm. Caer Adamant has some A&S things coming up as well, including a July 4th silk banner painting workshop.

  • Minister of the Lists

No report.

  • Chatelaine

Chana reported – Bhakail is still gathering newcomers, and we love having them!  Our demo at the Philadelphia Renaissance Faire was a huge draw, people loved watching the fighters and crafters, and have expressed interest in joining our fine Society.  With fighting/camping season coming, we hope to bring our newcomers to some weekend events and get them to see the breadth of what the SCA has to offer!  For those who have expressed interest in combat archery, we will now be starting practices during socials on Tuesday nights.  Hooray for warm weather!

  • Chancellor Minor

Rosie reported – If you want any type of youth activities, let me know.

  • Webminister

Runi reported – We have a website. We have set up people with emails, and the officers list is working again. There are a few comments that we deleted since they were spam. It was noted that we should archive the Canton of Black Icorndall’s social media and website pages, as well as move the information about the Social to the Barony’s website.

  • Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

Martyn reported – Information on Ivyeinrust’s meeting can be found on the Bailiwick’s website –

Meeting closed at 9:18pm

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