October 2018 Business Meeting Notes

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Old Business

  • Plans for participating in Media’s Halloween Parade are dead
  • Yule event page has been updated with registration, A&S Championship, and Brewing Championship info.  Volunteers are still needed for Gate Guard.
  • Tavern event page has been updated with registration, Bardic Championship, and Gaming Championship info.  Volunteers are still needed for Gate Guard.

New Business

  • The Yahoo Group pages will be moving over to Google
  • There was discussion about keeping the Bhakail Facebook Page “unofficial” or making it “official” as well as the possible eventuality of a Baronial Social Media Officer.
  • We are still looking for another place to hold the weekly Social and the Business Meetings, but until we can they will be held at Pinocchios
  • The Barony ok’d the Bailiwicks request for additional Zip Codes.  The matter will be passed onto Kingdom for final approval.
  • The Baronial Chamberlin is looking for a replacement please email chamberlain@bhakail.eastkingdom.org if you’re interested
  • Another set of 10 Baronial tabards have been requested, with the possibility of adding some kind of Southern Army identifier.

Officer Reports

  • Coronet-
    • Baroness Suba has stepped down as Baroness of Bhakail.
    • Lord Mikael McCue was named Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion at River War
    • Expect an approximately 40 min Court at Yule and a 20 min Court at Tavern
    • Baron Rowen plans on attending the Tournament of the Fallen Stag in the Shire of Caer Adamant, and Shire Wars in the Shire of Owlsherst.
  • Seneshal-
    • If you have a badge of office please wear it at events.
  • Exchequer-
    • We have money
  • MOAS-
    • A&S evenings are happening on Thursday nights at Lady Eleanora Tilamaker house
  • MOL-
    • Looking for help at Shire Wars
  • Web Minister-
    • Working on moving Yahoo groups to Google
  • Herald-
    • If you submitted a Name/Device/Badge at Pennsic please let her know
  • Chancellor Minor-
    • Assisted at River War
    • Baronial Commons had the first Pony Races
    • Reminder that “Youth Activities” is NOT a babysitting service and that an adult or responsible teenager.
    • There are plans for a Salamander Hunt at Yule
  • Chamberlin-
    • Currently looking for a replacement
    • Prepping for Yule
  • Chatelaine-
    • New members are active in the group
    • Gold Key Garb, looking to make simpler garb that may be less intimidating, needs pouches & belts if you have any to donate please email chatelaine@bhakail.eastkingdom.org
    • Mug Challenge!  Give a mug or period looking cup to a newcomer and post a picture to Lord Alexanders Mug Challenge Facebook page for a special token
  • Bailiwick-
    • There are new members who are stepping up and becoming Officers
    • Planing more activities like Scriptoriums and Group Lunches

Business MeetingOfficer Reports

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