December 2018 Business Meeting Notes

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New Business

  •  Tavern coming up; please pre-reg; menu is going to be great
    • Black Boot Brewers are going to brew for us; Tavern-exclusive beer!
    • If we get 50 attendees, Mael Eoin will eat the recipe for the exclusive beer
    • if anyone is interested in shadowing Chana or Maryna for Tavern to run event next year, please reach out


  • Bids are due for spring crown tourney either 12/15 or 1/1, for Ozurr and Fortune, typically held last weekend of April or 1st weekend of May
    • Bhakail has not put in a bid in 2 years so it’s about our time to do so
    • Does anyone have interest in putting in a bid?  Site is a daycamp, already set, dry site, big pavilion, picnic tables
    • No objections; Barony is in favor of putting in bid; asking neighbors if they want to help (Buckland, Hartshornedale)


  • Martyn would like to go back to being chamberlaine until June 2020; seconded by Rowen; approved by vote


  • Need to start looking at bids for Yule for 2019 (date already penciled in), and commons for 2019


  • Chana will be camp master again for Pennsic


Old Business

  • Yule –
    • HUGE thank you to Gisela
    • 183 total attendees, 124 feast; both numbers are under break-even number, but all came in under budget; should have made some money
    • Cleaning crew was super helpful; final site walkthrough at midnight; started behind because site was not cleaned, but we got everything ready
    • Thanks to Art and Alana and Alesia, all the platters and almost all utensils and pots cleaned; Thank you to Alesia and Chana as deputies; thanks to John Marshall, Jibril, entire crew for work in kitchens; Gisela and staff fantastic getting everyone checked in; Elanora fantastic job with feast seating chart; thanks to outgoing champions Girsel and Muin, people in the Ratskeller crew; Elizabet Marshall, Mari Clock van Horn for helping with feast and organizing servers; Sabine organized musical activities; Lord Stoldo was Martyn’s arms and legs for large part of the week, packed the van, moving stuff around; door warden, space coordinator, organized servers, cleaning crew all very helpful things


  • Zip codes that were submitted – still waiting to hear back from Kingdom; third party said it will probably go through and notice might be late-coming


  • Meeting space for Baronial business meetings – tentative approval and putting together a contract for us at the church on Lawrence road in Broomall – $65/night
    • Paying $65/night at Stage One and not making that much money; we will have fewer people at new site because no fighters; currently only scheduled for business meetings, no place scheduled for social; Barony has underwritten cost of meeting space before but this is more expensive
    • Libraries are a possibility but they close earlier than we would be done with our meetings; Martyn can talk to some of the librarians
    • Could vote to change meeting days to weekend afternoons if we can’t find a place
    • January meeting location is already set for January 8th- 475 Lawrence RD, Broomall PA – Marple Christian Church
    • Debating rec centers, libraries, distance is a problem
    • Mael Eoin going to create map of active members to see where is close for people
    • Send any ideas for social locations to Baron and Seneschal
    • Can go back to Pinocchio’s on Monday nights after new year if we want to
    • Pinocchio’s on Monday next week (Dec 17)


Officer Reports

  • Coronet –
    • “We had an event and it was Yule and there were lots of awards given out and yay all the people”; schtick will carry over to Tavern; Constable now drawing up arrest warrants; new champions for A&S and Brewing, yay to our outgoing champions; court coming up at Tavern
    • Bhakail is making a presentation in the evening court for Buckland Cross Investiture; space on their docket so everyone who has made largess can present it to them
    • Jibril christened his gifted spoon with bourbon
    • if anyone has award recommendations, get them to His Excellency NOW for Tavern


  • Seneschal 
    • Thank you for coming to Yule, it is our big event that we are so proud of every year; we put on a pretty decent event despite issues good music, good food, people had fun; no weird weather this year
    • Muin’s tenure as seneschal ends in Jan 2020 – giving PLENTY OF NOTICE, if you want to be seneschal, you need to start thinking about it


  • Exchequer 
    • Report incoming


  • MOAS 
    • Art is happening in the Barony; Thursday night fabric-stitchy-thing with Elanora; new A&S champion wants to be involved in art in the Barony


  • MOL –
    • Same report as last month


  • Chronicler –
    • send your reports


  • Webminister –
    • Report sent to Muin


  • Youth Activities Mistress –
    • Salamander hunt at Yule – huge success; coloring and beading; Mercedes helped; no problems with kids being left without parents


  • Chamberlain –
    • We have stuff, report incoming; will need help moving stuff to Philly’s for storage within the next couple weeks


  • Chatelaine –
    • Some usable garb, but not pants; some stuff is pretty old/stained/ripped; could really use pants, men’s tunics, women’s summer dresses, belts, pouches
    • Made info board for Yule – people coming by to check it out, seemed to be helpful


  • Ivyinrust –
    • No longer hosting social as of right now, continuing with scriptorium, craft and chat, cooking workshop, will go on Baliwick calendar
    • Possible demo prior to spring break, but there are difficulties; business meetings moving to third monday of the month
    • Congrats to Maryna for becoming Ivy Persuivant


Other News

Baronial BusinessBusiness Meeting

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