October 2019 Business Meeting Notes

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Special Note from our Seneschal-

The events of the past week have left many of us sad, upset, or many other types of feelings.
The sudden abdication of a king so quickly after his coronation is overwhelming and confusing.
It is times like this when coming together as a barony and a kingdom can give us strength and reassure us that the East will endure.
We will rally around our Queen and offer her our love and support to help her thru this difficult time. We will support each other, and our Barony will be stronger for it.

Waugh Bhakail!

Thank you.


Old business

  • Polling!
    • Nothing to report
      • As of 01 Oct 19 Polling Deputy could provide no Info


  • Yule/Investiture
    • Preregister for Yule here
    • THL Martyn de Halliwell will have a feast menu planned shortly
    • Lady Mari Clock Van Hoorne is Autocrat
      • Contact her if you need anything for Yule
    • Lady Maryna Borowska is space scheduler
      • If you need a space for a meeting or whatever please contact her
    • Isabel (Harper) covering dayboard
    • Professional cleaning crew will do final cleanup, but we need people to put stuff away


  •  Tavern
    • Lady Girsell MacLeoid has volunteered to Autocrat with Lord Cailin Macsalny as her Deputy
    • Waiting on the contract from The German Society
    • Baron Mael Eoin Mac Echuidh has mentioned interest in Cooking but would be willing to assist someone else if they wanted to be Head Cook
    • New Bardic & Gaming Champions will be determined


  • Largesse project –
    • Ysmay has decided to wait to announce it formally to let things settle down
    • Muin is also collecting largesse
    • If you want to contribute, contact either of them


  • PAX Demo
    • We are on the official exhibitor list!
    • We’re allowed banners up to 8 feet high
    • we have a 10×20 space on the main show floor, next to the board game library
    • Chana is the contact person; email/Facebook any ideas and offers of help
    • Going to have game boards set up, canvas/paper boards available for people to take home (with instructions)
      • Planning on 9 Man Morris, Gluck Haus, Fox & Geese, and Alquerques
    • Will reach out to local chatelaines to make sure I have business cards available for surrounding areas


  • Social
    • A poll was created by Lady Maryna Borowska regardinG peoples preferences for Social and the results are in:
      • No strong preference between Mon/Tues/Wed
      • Like having food, but not most important
      • Like ability (room) to do crafts
    • Still looking for places, please send suggestions to Alysia
    • Some things to think about
      • Possibly rotating Social locations?
      • Someone’s home vs public setting?
      • Private residence, but have once a month restaurant social?
      • Something that moves around the barony?


New Business

  • None



  • Vicar
    • Go to River War! 
      • Bhakail’s champions and Iron Bog’s champions will fight against each other


  • Seneschal
    • Looking for place to hold Baronial Council
    • See Special Note at begining


  • Herald
    • Report is posted
    • Use and updating your EK Wiki page makes award recommendations and courts easier
    • The new East Kingdom College of Heralds website is up and running, including the new quarterly reporting forms
    • Court Report forms are still being revamped
    • Quarterly report due dates have been changed by one month and are now due on the 1st of November
      • the website has not yet been updated to reflect this


  • Knight Marshall
    • Thrown Weapons
      • Mikael is holding practice at his house every other Sunday until weather is too bad to continue,
        • On the Baronial calendar (address is there)


  • Exchequer
    • The third quarter report has been submitted to Regional.
    • Dedicated Funds:
      • $119 (Gold Key);
      • $42 (Bhakail Army);
      • $25 (siege weapons);
      • $48 (matching funds for fencers’ gear);
      • $1,267 (Canton/Social).
    • Remember to preregister for Yule, especially if you would like to get onboard before it sells out!
  •  Chamberlain
    • We still have stuff
    • Will be providing Banners for PAX


  • Chronicler
    • Taking notes


  • MOAS
    • Art is good. 
    • A&S stuff happening at River War;
      • Lissa holding a class about feedback;
    • Brewing panel, roundtable, meet and greet at River War
    • At Yule
      • Barional A&S Championship 
      • Athena’s Thimble Meeting
      • Brewing Championship
      • Bring your best!
        • Don’t be afraid to display even if you don’t want to compete


  • MOL

Working on the MOL lists at Coronation in Owlsherst were several members of Bhakail and Friends of Bhakail – Gisela covered the Rapier and Heavy Lists along with Mistress Astrid from Eisental, Eleanora the Tilemaker and Eaj covered two of the Youth Combat Lists. All of the Youth Fighters were thanked for participating and presented with Water Bottles from Queen Margarita. Each Youth Champion was presented with an Off-hand Dane Axe made by Seán Dubh. Several new authorizations as well as additional authorizations and the Event Report were mailed to the Kingdom MOL. A lot of fun was had by all!!!

Yours in Service,

Gisela and Judith


Supplement to Yule report regarding current attendance –

In addition to the Paypal preregistration numbers, there are 6 additional pre-registrations received (5 of which include Feast seats) as of today 10/15/19. Adding these to the numbers I received from Mistress Philadelphia as of 10/12/19, we have a total of 17 sold feast seats.

Respectfully submitted,

Mistress Gisela Szabó


  • Chatelaine
    • Purchased new Gold Key garb with Plague Sale Funds and the remainder will be going to the Barony


  • Chancelor Minor
    • Kingdom Chancelor Minor report has been sent in
    • Children’s activities are available, contact Rosie


  • Webminister
    • Continued maintenance 
    • Mailing lists migrating from Yahoo to Gmail


  • Bailiwick
    • Looking at changing the date for event (Thélème) in March so it don’t go against Iron Bog’s Bog Mitzvah
    • Philly Pride Presents has us on both of their event lists
    • Business meeting rescheduled to accommodate Barony meetings (10/22)

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