May 2020 Business Meeting Minutes

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Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

Greetings to the Barony and its friends and allies!

To be succinct: The Barony still *IS* even when the Kingdom has shut down. We are working to keep members of the Barony engaged in those things at which Bhakail excels. There are tenuous plans for another Remote Feast. A T-shirt design Contest has been announced. The Yule A&S Competition has been Announced. I would like for all Bhakaili that can to participate in our current online life. Make videos of yourselves teaching, demo-ing, making, cooking, singing, orating, acting. Now is the time. For Bhakail, For the East, and for Your Own Good, embrace the Dream.

Muin, Baron of Bhakail

Seneschal’s Report – Honorable Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar

The past month has brought about changes that we never imagined. Ethereal court, the canceling of Coronation and Crown Tourney, the postponing of Pennsic. It has also brought us some amazing dance videos, online classes and daily updates and challenges on Facebook. We have risen to the challenge and we continue to be creative and engaged.

Exchequer’s Report – Mistress Philadelphia Brown

Quarterly report filed.

Herald’s Report – Lady Ragna Grímólfsdóttir

Report is on the website.

Chronicler’s Report – Lady Triona MacCasky

Nothing to report.

Knight Marshal’s Report – Lord Egill Illugasson

Practice continues to be on hold for the time being. I have been in communication with the owner of the site we rent, and he assures us that he will be disinfecting the building before reopening it, and that we will always be welcome back. Practice will continue once the quarantine winds down, and we have the go ahead from the site owner.

Rapier Marshal’s Report – Don Melchior Kriebel

No report. Practices are canceled until further notice.

Minister of the Lists’ Report – Mistress Judith the Confused

Nothing to report.

Chataleine’s Report – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Nothing really to report. Our newcomers continue to find ways to be involved during the stay-at-home order. We will be hosting a Black Boot online meetup soon as a way to keep everyone in touch.

Minister of Arts & Sciences’ Report – Lady Maryna Borowska

MoAS biannual report is due June 1 and I will file it soon. There continue to be great A&S offerings via the Kingdom MoAS! Chana has also announced the theme for the Baronial Championship as well as a T-shirt contest from Baron Muin. Contact either me or Chana for info on either!

YIS, Maryna

Chancellor Minor’s Report – Lady Honorable Lady Roseia Poseia

Nothing going on since everything has been canceled or postponed. Rosie is still accepting empty toilet paper tubes and plastic caps, milk jug sized, for craft activities once things get back going again.

Webminister’s Report – Lord Rúni inn írski

No report.

New Business

  • Pennsic – Pennsic 49 has been postponed until 2021
  • Coronation – Her Majesty and Their Highnesses are calling for bids for Coronation. It will happen by October 3rd.
  • Ethereal Court – The next Ethereal Court will be Saturday, May 23rd, at 4pm.
  • Toys for Tygers – The program to mail toys to the children of the East continues. Their Highnesses will be holding a fun raiser to cover the cost of mailing toys.

Old Business

  • Covid-19 – We continue to be exiled for the good of the realm. At this time the Governor of PA has continued strict quarantine in Bhakail and the surrounding areas until June 4th.
  • Pennsic – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker – As I’m sure everyone has seen, Pennsic 49 has been postponed until next year, and will be held July 30 – August 15, 2021. Any pre-registrations that have already been paid will automatically be rolled over to next year, unless you request a refund. You can do that by going to and logging into your account. No changes will be made to land seniority, and the Pennsic Mayor and the board of Seneschals will remain the same next year.
  • Commons – At this time we are going forward with plans for Commons. Mael Eoin has volunteered to be the pot luck coordinator.
  • Shire Wars – Alesia has spoken with the autocrat, Lord Eleazar ha-Levi of the Shire of Blak Rose, and as of the end of April the event is still on. When she last spoke with Eleazar there were 4 other groups involved and that was the benchmark we were looking for. Bhakail has joined Blak Rose and is providing financial support.
  • Yule – Last month Maryna announced she was preparing a bid for Yule. The bid hasn’t been submitted yet.


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