Court Report – Bhakail Ethereal Yule

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Oyez! Oyez!

All hear these words of news from the Court of His Excellency, Baron Muin maqq Minain!

Yesterday evening, December 12th, Anno Societatis LV, at Bhakail Ethereal Yule, the following good and worthy gentles were called before His Court and recognized for their talents, service, and contributions to our Barony.

Nobilis El de Kerbriant was recognized for his service to the Barony, particularly his dedication to seeing the populace feasted and well-fed, and inducted to the Order of the Horse.

For her excellence in the many arts and crafts of fibers, Scolastica Caparellia was granted membership in the Order of the Harlequin. 

The many brews, fermentations, potables, and general deliciousness created by Lady Serafina Reis and Lord Dietrich of Timis were recognized with their elevation into the Order of the Harlequin.

Lord Berkhommer von Nurnberg’s excellence in martial activities, particularly the teaching thereof, saw him inducted into the Order of the Pasguarde.

For their dedication to the arts martial, and the tenacity of their commitment to continue hosting practices and training for our armies and combatants, Flames were awarded to Lady Maryna Borowska, the Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki, and Lord Egill Illugasson, called Badhands.

A special thanks was given to Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuid for the organization, cooking, and delivery of a feast despite the numerous obstacles presented in this year of plague.

Master Rowen Cloteworthy was thanked for his loyal service as majordomo, particularly his commitment to “making His Excellency look good”.

Thus concluded the second ethereal Court of His Excellency, the Great Calamity, Baron Muin maqq Minain.


In service,

Ragna Grímólfsdóttir 

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