February 2022 Business Meeting Minutes

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Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

Keep an eye on upcoming events and refer to the kingdom Seneschal page for Covid-19 updates.

Seneschal’s Report – Honorable Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar


As of February 1st, the East Kingdom will permit small gatherings of up to 15 people. This means we can resume fight practice, fencing practice and workshops. All announcements for these in-person gatherings must include the Board approved Health Acknowledgement. If you need the correct wording, please let me know. 

Tavern has moved to April 2nd. There are seven spaces left so get your reservation in!

Social Media Deputy – Magister Rowen Cloteworthy

Waauugghh Bhakail!

 A slow new subscriber month this month with only four new people joining our FB groups. Information still flowing between the Kingdom’s social media pages and our page and email list. Things like recommendations for Kingdom Polling Orders and information about changes to in-person gatherings. Hartshorn-Dale has shared information for their upcoming Nova Schola and a request for help for an event in November. Until next month. 

I remain, in service,
  – Rowen

Exchequer Report – Mistress Philadelphia Brown

The year-end report got in on time. Still waiting on the final numbers from Yule.

Chamberlain’s Report – Honorable Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

No report.

Herald’s Report – Lady Ragna Grímólfsdóttir

No report.

Chronicler’s Report – Lady Triona MacCasky

No report.

Historian’s Report – Honorable Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

No report.

Knight Marshal’s Report – Lord Egill Illugasson

Due to extenuating circumstances in my personal life, I must step away from SCA activities for the time being. If anyone needs to contact me they can reach me at my East Kingdom email, or my personal email shantzmatt12@gmail.com. Thankfully this is occurring during the colder months, and I will return when able. 

  – Egil

Rapier Marshal’s Report – Don Melchior Kriebel

Rapier practice resumed last week. A small group showed up. It’s going to take some time to build up the number of participants. Right now, we don’t have to worry about the 15 person limit imposed by the kingdom.

Archery Marshal – Lady Maryna Borowska

Archery practices will start up again when the weather is reliably warm – likely mid-late March.

Thrown Weapons Marshal – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

Practice on hold until the spring.

Minister of the Lists’ Report – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

Nothing to report.

Chataleine’s Report – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Nothing to report. I have continued to get emails from people who are interested in the SCA. I have been suggesting Tavern as their first event.

Minister of Arts & Sciences’ Report – Lady Maryna Borowska

Hello the Barony,

The days are getting longer, slowly but surely, and while case counts are still high, they are declining after the bid January spike, so in-person events are tentatively returning soon. 

Check the East Kingdom event calendar for events – there are a few scholas coming up, both local-ish and ethereal! I personally am also planning to attend the two big embroidery events (Academy of St. Clare in Aethelmarc and Embroidery Schola up north in the Barony of the Bridge), so let me know if you’re interested in carpooling!

Hartshorn-Dale’s Nova Schola will have a Garbed Plushie A & S Display for those wishing to enter!

The Baronial Bardic and Gaming championships are tentatively planned for the rescheduled Tavern event on April 2. It’s also a great event to show off any brews you’ve been working on 😉

Hartshorn-Dale is seeking participants for a demo August 11th – 13th. Let them know if you are available.

And as always, a reminder: I hope you’re all creating awesome things and doing cool art, but it’s OK if you’re not. Living in a pandemic is incredibly draining and taking care of yourself is the most important thing. <3

  – Maryna

Chancellor Minor’s Report – Lady Honorable Lady Roseia Poseia

Nothing to report.

Webminister’s Report – Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh

The website is keeping up with stuff, will check to make sure we have the new date for Tavern in the calendar. All officers must use their East Kingdom email addresses.

Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Honorable Lady Livia Petralia

No report.

New business

  • Spring Camping Event – Lady Angela brought a proposal for a camping event on Memorial Day weekend, Waking the Salamander. The proposed site is Ridley Creek State Park. The site does allow for group camping and has two rustic campsites, with firepits and grills available. Both sites have been reserved. There was some discussion about the event conflicting with other events that are on the Events calendar or soon will be on the calendar. Alesia will put out an email on the seneschal list to see if anyone else is having an event that weekend. Voted to send the proposal to the finance committee.

  • Thrown Weapons and Archery – Practice will begin when the weather improves. Mikael will be looking for help with repairing targets and cleaning up in preparation of practices starting again.

  • Local event – Nova Schola will be held on March 5th in Hartshorn-dale.

Old business

  • Tavern – The event has been moved to April 2nd.  Got the new insurance paperwork, 7 slots left. The Gaming Champion will attend as long as circumstances allow. Still waiting to hear from the Bardic Champion.

  • Exchequer Deputy – The Exchequer is looking for a successor. Her term is up in June 2022.

  • Chronicler Deputy – Chronicler is stepping down; we continue to look for a replacement. This is a required office, and we need a replacement as soon as possible.

  • Event sites committee – No report from the committee. Alesia looked for campgrounds within the confines of Bhakail and found a Girl Scout camp in Lafayette Hill that rents their facilities to outside groups. There is a message on their website that they are currently not renting to outside groups in order to allow the local troops to make reservations. Alesia sent an email to the administration office that when they begin renting out the space again, we would be interested in it, perhaps in 2023.

  • Pennsic – Still happening, there will be an online Pennsic meeting on February 24th. If you plan on camping with Bhakail at Pennsic, please try to attend.

Meeting ended.

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