March 2023 Business Meeting Notes

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Barony of Bhakail Business Meeting Notes: March 14, 2023

Old Business

Member Portal

The member portal is now up and running again. However, there are reports that zip codes are not being correctly matched to membership numbers, so check your account! If you run into any issues, please contact Mael Eoin.

Shire Wars Charter

Mael Eoin will put the question to the mailing list so Bhakail can make a decision this month as to signing the charter.

Shire Wars 2023

Looking for someone to run the event. If anyone is interested, the Barony can pitch in to help. Contact Mael Eion on who to contact if you would like to volunteer to run the event.

New Business


Mistress Philadelphia is stepping down. There is one candidate who has submitted a letter of intent, Beck of Copeland. The new Exchequer will be decided at the April business meeting, with a call for additional letters of intent forthcoming. If any other candidates step forward there will be a formal polling at the next meeting. 

Inventory of Barony equipment

There will be a date announced for an inventory of baronial equipment, primarily cooking equipment, to be held at Mikael’s house.

Baronial Events

Waking of the Salamander

Event Steward Taichleach Eoganacht reported that the event is currently shy of preregistrations, but there will be additional advertising coming. There are currently five classes scheduled that there is room for one more. Thanks to Margarette la Gantière for stepping forward to be Deputy Event Steward. 

Champions and Commons

Lady Chana Freidl the Maker has submitted a bid to run the event. The proposed date is the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, Sunday Sept 3. A vote on the bid will be held during the April business meeting. 

Yule 2023 (pending)

Do not have a bid.

Iron Bog Investiture 

Is scheduled for June 10, 2023. Donations of largesse in Iron Bog colors (black and silver) would be appreciated, please contact Muin or Scolastica with questions or to donate largesse items.


Minute notes recorded by Ellyn Grene 

Business Meeting

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