February 2024 Officer Reports

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Following are the monthly officer reports that have been submitted prior to the Bhakail monthly business meeting of Feb. 13, 2024.

Seneschal’s Report – Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh 

We’re now one month away from needing letters of intent for anyone considering being Baron(ess) and/or Baron(ess) of Bhakail.

His Excellency’s term is up in December, so we’re looking to get the process started and – hopefully – completed before time runs short on planning an Investiture.  Normally, 9 months would be enough room as polling and everything associated with it can take 2+ months, minimum, but then throw Pennsic in there and we all collectively lose a month or more, plus the Royals will turn over in April, adding a delay in the process…  In addition, there are still severe issues with the membership data at the Society level, so…expect more delays than on PA highways in road work season 😉

If you would like to know more about the role, pros and cons, things to consider, etc., please consider reaching out to current and former local Baronesses and Barons.

Along those lines, I’m still vacating my office after this term ends.  Anyone interested in the role should let me know ahead of June.  

On the Corporate front, the East requested a variance for leveraging Rapier as an alternate format for Crown, but the BoD rejected it.  There are a handful of other Kingdoms lining up, now, to build on the case, so as the BoD offers up reasons for rejection, each successive request expects to meet the new requirements as needed.  I don’t know if TRH and their heirs will resubmit, but it likely won’t be the last time the East tries for a test case.

Additionally, Sustaining membership fees are increasing to $55/yr and the non-member surcharge is going to be $10 per event.  Details were forwarded to the list this past week but if you have any questions, let me know.

Social Media Deputy – Dillena o’r Gwyrddol

We’ve had a wonderful month in the realm of social media! 4 new members have been welcomed into our Facebook group. We’ve had 72 posts, 185 comments, and 968 reactions. Over the course of the month, 521 of our facebook members have been active. 

Our new Instagram account @baronybhakail now has 67 followers. Feel free to interact with our content and tag us in your own posts as well!

As always, I appreciate you all for helping make our online space a success!

Rapier Marshal – Don Melchior Kriebel

Rapier practice has been held regularly on Wednesdays at the Reformation Lutheran Church in Media from 7:30-9:30PM. Attendance has been excellent with 15-20 fencers per practice. Practice time will be moving from 8:00-10:00PM for Lent to avoid conflict with the church’s evening Mass. In addition, practice will be primarily open and closed by Eva for the next several months as I undergo further cancer treatments.

Archery Marshal – Lady Ellyn Grene

Practices are still on hiatus until the weather cooperates. 

As of January 2024, the East Kingdom archery royal round rankings have returned to the pre-COVID policy that scores expire after one year. Due to this, the number of EK archers with current royal round rankings dropped significantly as of the most recent scoring update of January 25, with only three Bhakail archers appearing in the rankings as of this report. Hopefully the number will grow once we start practices back up in the spring!

The East Kingdom Consort’s and Sovereign’s Archery Champions will be held on June 8, 2024 in the Shire of Midland Vale (Goshen, NY), approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Bhakail. This is a day event with no camping. The champions tournament is always a fun shoot and a great opportunity to hang out with the other archers in the kingdom. If you are interested in attending, contact me and we can look into carpooling.

Chronicler – Lady Ellyn Grene 

The latest issue of the Salamander was published on January 23, and the next issue is scheduled to be released before the end of March. Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the last issue! If you have any content for inclusion in the March issue, please try to get it to me by no later than March 22.

Minister of Arts & Sciences – Honorable Lady Scolastica Capellaria

While we did not have our gaming or bardic competition at Tavern, a merry time of playing games, listening to song, and dancing was had by all in attendance!

There are A&S opportunities at the following local events:

  •       February 17, Bellringers 40th: Beauty, Bells and Brawn, Barony of Carillion (Manalapan, NJ). Period games and arts and science activities.
  •       February 25, Black Gryphon Inn (Edison, NJ). Canton Bardic Competition, brewers competition, A&S tournament, and dancing!
  •       March 2, East Kingdom Arts and Science Competition, (Worcester, MA).
  •       March 16, Noval Schola (Collegeville, PA). A Day of learning and classes.
  •       March 23, Mudthaw (Washington, NJ). Baronial A&S competition.

Several Known World events are occurring within a relatively close distance this year!

Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, June 29-30 in Philadelphia

Known World Cooks and Bards, August 29-2 in Deposit, New York https://kwcooksbards24.aethelmearc.org/)

If you are interested in teaching or hosting arts and science classes locally, please let me know! I would like to schedule additional classes for the barony and friends.

The Kingdom MOAS office now has a calendar for arts and science events across the kingdom! https://moas.eastkingdom.org/event-calendar/

If you have any A&S interests that you would like to explore, need help researching something, or are looking for resources feel free to email me at MOAS@bhakail.eastkingdom.org. I also would love to see what you are working on! Please send me pictures of your projects!

Chatelaine – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Chatelaine – nothing to report.

Pennsic – heed your camp master!


Officer Reports

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