The Salamander Newsletter

Coronet Report – October 2017

Greetings to the Barony of Bhakail, the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust, the Canton of Black Icorndall, and friends!

As Baron and Baroness, we continue to travel quite a bit to represent the Barony. We wrote last month that we attended Brennan and Caoilfhionn’s Ducal Challenge in the Barony of Settmour Swamp on September 9th. We didn’t include that Lady Myrun Leifsdottir and Lady Triona MacCaskey contributed art to the Challenge, Lord Ian Douglas fought in the fencing tourney, and Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova won the A&S competition, making her Settmour Swamp’s new A&S Champion.

We also traveled to Barony of An Dubhaigeainn for the Investiture of Baron Titus Aurelius Magnus and Baroness Sorcha of Stonegrave. We brought gifts for Their Excellencies, crafted by the talented artisans of Bhakail. Lady Roseia Poseia cross-stitched the arms of An Dubhaigeainn onto a table runner and Lady Iseaulte of the Clews made some lovely sekanjabin. Also, we were pleased to see Lady Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova apprentice to Mistress Vienna de la Mer. We wish them both the best in this new endeavor!

This past weekend, we attended the Last Court of Ioannes and Honig and the Coronation and First Court of Ivan and Matilde. Many exciting things happened and we were pleased to be there. In the morning, before Last Court began, Baroness Suba took Lady Jehannette Bouchart as her first protege. We wish them both much success in that relationship. During Last Court, Baron Rowen was given Honig’s Queen’s Cypher for his work as the Royal Court Herald.

Last Court concluded and the Coronation of Ivan and Matilde began. There was some beautiful set dressing, setting the scene of St Basil’s Cathedral. Assistance in the set construction was provided by Baron Vachir Artslanjin and Lord Egill Illugasson. Their Majesties processed in to some lovely choral music and additional incidental music was played throughout the Coronation and First Court. Maitresse Sabine de Kerbriant, Lady Margretha La Fauvelle, Lord Martyn de Halliwell, Lady Siobhan ingean ui Dhonnabhain, Lady Adelisa Salernitana, and Lord Sean O’Morain all helped contribute to the ambiance of the day. The Greater Officers of State were called forward and it was announced that Maistir Mael Eoin mac Echuid had taken on the role of Kingdom Webminister. We, as Baron and Baroness of Bhakail, swore fealty to the Crown along with the rest of the gathered Landed Baronage.

During the day, Lady Margretha La Fauvelle took Lord Phelippe le Vigneron as a student. Later in the afternoon, First Court began. The Queen’s Guard were called first. Each guard was given some inkle woven trim as a favor from the Queen, crafted by Lady Beatrice de Warynton and Lady Chana Freidl the Maker and our own Baroness Ysmay de Lynn was named to Queen Matilde’s Guard. During Court, Lady Myrun Leifsdottir was awarded Silver Brooch and Lady Margretha La Fauvelle was given a Writ for the Order of the Laurel, to be answered at Yule. Both Lady Triona MacCaskey and Lady Myrun Leifsdottir contributed scrolls to the Court of Their Majesties.

We have several upcoming events. Many Bhakailis will be supporting Shire Wars, hosted by the Shire of Buckland Cross the weekend of October 21st. Maistir Mael Eoin mac Echuid will be coordinating the dayboard and feast and we encourage those interested in the kitchens to offer him help. We had considered holding our Thrown Weapons Champions there but, considering the distance, We believe We’d rather hold the competition in the spring at a local event in order to elicit more Baronial residents as competitors.

On Sunday, November 19th, the Barony is hosting a demo at the Philadelphia German Society. This will be “Lunch with Luther”, including dishes that Martin Luther might have eaten 500 years ago. Mistress Juliana von Altenfeld will be coordinating the kitchen, and We’d ask that those who are able come out to assist with this. There has also been a request for music from the German Renaissance. Please let Us know if you need contact information for Mistress Juliana or for Mistress Philadelphia Brown, who is coordinating this demo for us.

Coming soon after will be the Barony’s Yule Revel in Renaissance Germany, to be held on December 9th. We are fortunate to be hosting Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde for the day. Assistance is still needed in many areas and We would encourage everyone in the Barony to help with this event. Please contact Mistress Philadelphia for more information. In addition to the day’s festivities, We will be hosting Our Baronial Brewing Championship and Our Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship. We would like to thank Lady Cassandra Cassandra Arques de Northmannia and Lady Shoshana Gryffyth for their help setting the rules for these competitions. You can find more information on the requirements for entry at the event website,

Lastly, we believe a bid is being put together for Tavern, to be held Saturday, January 27, 2018. When this event comes together, it is our intention to hold Our Gaming Championship and Our Bardic Championship there.

As always, our deepest thanks to our retainers and those others who have helped us in Our travels, and all who help the Barony shine in large and small ways. We are very grateful for you all.

Pray know We remain,

For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

 – Baron Rowen and Baroness Suba

October Salamander Addendum

The following is an Addendum to the October Salamander:

If you have not yet heard, Lord Wulfgang Gruenwald passed away suddenly and the services will be on Tuesday evening. Since a large number of Bhakailis were close to him, I have consulted with Their Excellencies and we agree that it is fitting to postpone the business meeting so that everyone who wants to go will be able to do so without worrying about any other obligations from us.

Lord Wulfgang (Bacon Bob) was kind and generous to many of us and he will be sorely missed.

Yours in Service to the Dream,
Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Sheika (Baroness Suba)

The next Business Meeting for the Barony of Bhakail will be held on Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30pm during the Canton Social at Stage One – 101 Plush Mill Rd, Wallingford, PA 19063.

The formal polling for Seneschal will take place, and nominations for the Coronet will close at the end of business. Ballots for Seneschal can be found here: Formal Polling Ballot Seneschal.

October Salamander

October 2016 Salamander

Meeting Start Time: 8:02pm


Seneschal Candidates – We have two candidates for Seneschal: Muin and Martyn, because we have two candidates we will move this item to the next meeting with paper ballots in a formal polling [see attached ballot]. Absentee ballots are OK. Ballots should be anonymous because you don’t want any identifying information on the ballot, please put your name and membership number on the envelope in order to have your ballot counted; envelopes can contain more than one ballot, with more than one name / member number listed on the envelope. People can mail them by November 1st or pass them along to someone attending the business meeting.

Exchequer Candidates – [REVISED] At the meeting there were two candidates for Chancellor of the Exchequer, following the meeting, Mistress Philadelphia Brown withdrew and has agreed to become m’lady Sigvin Jansdottir’s deputy, upon successful confirmation as Exchequer at the November Business Meeting via an Operational Polling.

At-Large Council of the Exchequer Candidates – We only received one candidate for the 3 open seats on the Council of the Exchequer, which stands at 4 members currently. Per the Bylaws, the CoE must have an odd number, and two of those must be non-Great-Officers. Mistress Judith the confused nominated herself to continue holding her seat, but as she is a Great Officer, she cannot be eligible for the one open position, as two additional candidates would be required. The selection of new members of the Council of the Exchequers was tabled, and the nominations will remain open until the November Business Meeting. Several members of the CoE complimented Judith’s contribution to the CoE, and nominations will remain open in the hopes that we can fill the remaining 2 vacancies.

Chatelaine Candidate – Lady Marta de Lyon was the only candidate for Chatelaine and made the following statement prior to an operational polling that confirmed her in the office: [paraphrased] “I volunteered to take the position of Chatelaine because new people in the SCA are important to me, and something I care a lot about. As well as getting increased membership for the SCA, I will do everything I can to make new people feel welcome and find their way in the SCA.” At this point nominations were closed, and Lady Marta was confirmed as Bhakail’s new Chatelaine. Her current term will expire in October 2019.

Coronet Candidates – There are currently no official candidates for the Coronet of Bhakail. Nominations will remain open through the close of business at the November Business Meeting.

Bid for Yule 2017 – A deposit has been sent to the German Society to secure the date. A full bid is expected from Mistress Philadelphia soon.

Tavern 2017 – from Ayleth le Frye: the event is happening and the event and the announcement should be available on the East Kingdom website soon.

Herald Position during upcoming Kingdom Polling for the Coronet – Master Rowen reported back that TRM Brion & Anna have approved his continuing on as Salamander Pursuivant during the polling process.


Baronial Council – Nothing to report.

Council of the Exchequer – Nothing to report.

Yule 2016 – via Ayleth (Xan’s Deputy Autocrat) – There is now a page for Yule on the Bhakail website. It will continue to be updated, and now has the feast menu posted. Lord John Marshall has been put in contact with the GSP so he can arrange for a visit of the kitchens and Xan has passed along specs to both John and Martyn regarding both kitchens. Xan has asked people consider volunteering to make robin hood hats, as well as motor board hats (for Cambridge and Oxford), and has spoken with Philly about that. Duchess Diana has volunteered to be the Dance Instructor. Updates will be posted on the EK Calendar announcement page.

Those wishing to volunteer should contact the autocrat; door wardens are greatly needed (Cailin and Patraic have volunteered for shifts). Regarding clean-up: Philly is currently looking for much-needed volunteers & Muin is donating gifties for people who stay to help clean up.

Damiana is still accepting checks and cash for reservations.

Tavern 2017 – via Ayleth (Autocrat) – Volunteers needed: door wardens, clean-up crew, set-up crew. The event will be the last Saturday of January (28th), starting at 11am. Reservations will be accepted soon.


Coronet: Read the Salamander.

Seneschal: in addition to the report listed later in this issue: the consensus regarding doing Champions and Investiture after Pennsic, or combing the two as a full weekend event with camping is not clear. [There was considerable discussion at this point in the meeting, and it was my (Martyn’s) understanding that the issue would remain open until a plan for succession of the Coronet was in place, as a lot of the planning will rely on TRM and/or Their Heirs.] The 3rd Quarter Seneschal Report was filed last month.

Chancellor of the Exchequer – 3rd quarter report finalized and is going out this week. We just submitted the final changes for the bank account signature card.

Herald – report was sent out earlier today via the Bhakail list. There are a number of items for court at Yule, if you are interested in volunteering to do any heralding and/or scrollwork, please contact Rowen.

Chronicler – read the salamander (via Martyn).

Knight Marshal – report read (via Suba).

Minister of Arts & Sciences – No report.

Minister of the Lists – No report.

Chatelaine – No report from Violet as outgoing Chatelaine. From Marta: We have a number of new people who contacted the Barony; there are 5 new people I am currently working with this month, which is great! I need someone to assist me with Gold Key and making sure we have loaner garb. I would love to have volunteers to make sure we have garb for newcomers for upcoming events.

Rapier Marshal – No report. It was noted that Don Melchior was the highest-scoring fencer at the Ladies of the Rose Tourney held at GGG in Carillion.

Chamberlain – Report posted to the Bhakail list earlier today.

Chancellor Minor – We have youth activities planned for Yule: making masks, game boards, doing gaming, having a parade, and will be bringing along “stained glass” painting activity, which went over really well last year, so we have stuff to do and help! Lady Roseia is now my official deputy.

Webminister – We have a website. I would love for people to post things to it. More on that after the meeting, anyone who wants to learn, my deputy Webminister (Ayleth) will be walking everyone through the posting process. If not, click through the tutorials posted to the website. We’ve uploaded some basic content and the calendar was updated. We are working on more social media stuff (twitter will be going live soon), anyone else we can pull in from any area is a great thing, and social media presents a new recruitment area for the Barony.

Ivyeinrust – No report. It was noted that their next meeting was 10/19 at Penn, and City Social is now the last Thursday of the month and was held on 10/27 at Bierstube.

Canton – read the Salamander, the report is hilarious. Next meeting was the following Tuesday at the Canton Social. The Seneschal (Muin) is stepping down, as he is a candidate for Baronial Seneschal.


On February 25th there will be a Roman-themed event in Caer Adamant.

The next business meeting will be held Tuesday, November 8th at 7:30pm at Stage One (101 Plush Mill Rd, Wallingford PA 19063). It will be during the Canton Social, there may be fighting outside or in another room.

Come visit the PA Ren Faire! Uphill of the Chessboard is where you can find us!

Motion to Adjourn was approved without dissent and the meeting closed at 8:56pm.

These are a summarization of my notes from the meeting. – Martyn


Formal Polling Ballot Seneschal


Click here for the October 2016 Officer Reports

June Business Meeting and Council of the Exchequer Proposed Policies

Baronial Officer Reports for June, as well as Council of the Exchequer Policy Proposal

Meeting opened at 7:44




The best practice is to have the Reservation Clerk and Gatekeeper head be the same person.  This is absolutely imperative for a Royal Progress event (and Yule Revel, too).

Advantages are that all the letters and information is brought to the event and there is continuity of knowledge.  This should be the standard, not the exception, for all well managed and handled events.

It is recommended that the event steward not be the Reservation Clerk.  It is prohibited for the event steward to be the Gatekeeper.


  1. Every time funds are collected, e.g., donations accepted in lieu of site fee, fundraising, etc., the funds are to be turned over to either the Exchequer, Exchequer deputy, or the Seneschal during the event or the very next day.  Funds are not to be held for any length of time.
    1. If cash is collected for a future event, then a receipt is to be made out to the person with the information (either by cash receipts book, or email that person (payor) and cc’ing the event Reservation Clerk and Exchequer.)   The cash must be deposited within a week.
      1. No cash is ever to be returned from cash collected.  NO CASH DISBURSEMENTS EVER!
  2. Reservations Clerk must deposit checks at least weekly prior to an event.  It doesn’t matter how many checks or how few checks there are. 
    1. Minimum requirements:
      1. Must be familiar with check/cash bank depositing procedures
        1. Write a bank deposit slip
        2. Write bank endorsement info on back of check or use barony stamp
      2. Able to get to bank easily and frequently at least weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to event.
      3. Familiar with electronic spreadsheets (Excel or Excel compatible).
      4. Familiar with email.
    2. Checks are to be copied (and cash deposit slip) and deposit information communicated to Exchequer.
    3. Cash/checks are to be entered into an Excel sheet pre-registration template.  This will be available on website and/or provided through email.
    4. The only preregistration is a paid registration. Other than event attendees from another country, preregistrations must be accompanied by payment.
    5. Exchequer will review spreadsheet after deposits to reconcile against bank statement.
      1. There may be more than one such reconciliation.
      2. There should be one just before the event but after last deposit done.
      3. There may be a situation where the last checks received are held until after the event.
        1. Let Exchequer know this when file is reconciled prior to event.
    6. Must bring final copy of Pre-Registration list to event.
    7. Bring all documents to the event and eventually turn them over to the Exchequer.
    8. Record retention is 7 years by the Exchequer Office.
  3. Obtain the latest copy of the East Kingdom membership list from the Seneschal and enter the membership #’s on the pre-registration list and indicate if they have a waiver on file (this really speeds up the Gate)
    1. Required for RP events
    2. Recommended for large events, especially Yule
  4. Cash Streamlined Walk-In form preferred.  This will be available on website and/or provided through email.
    1. Ease of counting cash.
    2. There should be multiple clipboards available for use, then review by Gate when collecting cash.
  5. Different form to be used for checks Walk-In form as we require full name, address, and email.  This will be event specific.
    1. Necessary if check bounces.
  6. When Gate closes, the Exchequer or designee and Gatekeeper are to review the gate reconciliation documents, count cash, and turn over the cash. A minimum of 2 people are to independently count the cash and checks.   If this is not possible, then the Gatekeeper must meet with the Exchequer within 2 days of the event.
    1. No cash is to be returned by Gate to refund anyone who is not attending the event. 
    2. All refunds are processed by check through the Exchequer.  Again, NO CASH DISBURSEMENTS EVER!
  7. All advance refund requests are to be sent to the Exchequer.

Potential available feasts and protocol

Best practice is not to sell feasts for seats that have not been officially released.  A waitlist for feasts may be kept at Gate with a specific time for such feasts to be sold.  The Herald will call for names on the list in their order at that specific time.   There are no guarantees.


The Reservation Clerk and Gatekeeper serve at the discretion of the Exchequer and are subject to review only by the Seneschal and Event Steward.


Greetings all, 

Once again this month, Bhakail has much to be proud of. Muin spent all day teaching chasing and repose at Iron Bog’s Maybe event, and the feedback I received both that day and in the weeks the followed were glowing. I am looking forward to seeing new art in the area soon. 

We were also honorably represented by our champions at this event. Va c hir, our rattan champion, entered the lists and fought bravely and well. He made it into the final 4, but as it was Iron Bog’s championship, he requested to be removed from the running. The Baroness es  of Bhakail and Iron Bog discussed the situation, and agreed that stepping out of the running was both honorable and gracious. 

On the fencing list, Berrick, our rapier champion, Morwyl, our rapier lady’s champion, and Lorenzo, our Arts and Sciences champion, all were the picture of honor and dignity. Berrick and Morwyl also had to step out of the running as Iron Bog’s champions and both fought beautifully that day. Lorenzo also fought well, and spent much of his time teaching and encouraging, as usual. 

Eldritch  and Berrick took time out of their day to give me an impromptu fencing lesson, this being  the “Maybe I’ll try something new” event , and this time it seems to have stuck. I have made it to one fencing practice since then, and hope to make it to many others. 

I would also like to give special thanks to Sue Ellen who tried her hand at retaining for the first time. She was attentive and charmingly insistent that she be allowed to keep my cup filled. I look forward to working with her more in the future. 

There were so many folks who helped out at Artisan’s Village, I’m sure that we are going to miss some of them here. There was so much activity and fun to be had that day. We are so pleased by the many people who came out to help and enjoy the day. 

Mael Eoin would like to mention that Artisan’s Village was a wonderful time, with no small amount of help from Triona – who provided Friday’s traveler’s dinner – and then Violet and Julia who both helped immensely in the kitchen for dayboard.  (It was Julia’s first event, too, and she had a great time throughout the event.)

Sabine ran the Musician’s Village which supplied dance music when a group of dancers happened to gather before them. Suba was there to support the music, and take up parts when music was passed around and gathered folks were enticed into some sign singing. We sounded pretty good if you ask me 🙂 

Annetje ran an outdoor cooking village that showcased techniques, equipment and methods that were used in period. Martyn was able to come out of his long confinement and help out there. 

Alesone ran a science village and made some tasty, tasty science. I believe they made preserves. 

Two people entered my Artisan’s Challenge, that challenged folks to add trim to their garb, and I saw many Bhakaili faces when it came time to judge the challenges. It’s always good to see the exchange of ideas and passions between like minded folks. 

Lastly for Artisan’s Village, Melanie – another one of our many new friends – managed to collect enough beads from the various Villages and turned them in for a chance to win a prize at the end of the day…which she won!  It was a lovely basket with gifts from many artisans who were involved in the event.  Congratulations, Melanie!

This last weekend we attended Southern Region War Camp, where  Va chir rece i ved his  Silver  Tyger, which is the new  AoA-level fighting award. Also, Bruni received her writ for her Laurel which will be awarded at Pennsic.

Many folks camped out, too, and this year saw the expansion of the usual few campers with big representation from Caer Adamant and the Tadcasters .  While the heat and humidity sucked the desire for anyone to play midnight bocce, people hopped from camp to camp and had a good time both Friday and Saturday nights.

Bhakailis could once again be found in the kitchen. Martyn was running the day board, and many folks came out to lend him a hand. The food was tasty and plentiful. Ask him about his farts when you get a chance. 

In Service,

Ysmay and Mael Eoin

Baroness and Baron of Bhakail


Upcoming events:

2016-06-25 – (canton) Baronial Bardic Championship and possible Court of Love – Master Rowen Cloteworthy

Get rest of calendar from Suba

Call for Bids – note that bids can be workshopped after being presented:
Champions/Commons 2017 – preferred by September 2016 meeting.
Yule 2017 preferred at or before September 2016 meeting.
Any new event idea is welcome and does not require a competing bid.


Attached please find Exchequer report for the period January-May 31, 2016.  Also attached is a draft of Financial Policies to be discussed and voted upon at the June meeting.


Reports are now regularly being posted to the Bhakail website. Have other content you would like to appear there? Talk to the appropriate officer.

The Summer Salamander Quarterly went out in May through email, on the website and on Facebook. If you would like to contribute, please let me know.

I am still seeking a deputy Chronicler, mostly in case of emergencies when I cannot make meetings. Thanks!



Salamander Pursuivant’s Report, 2016-06

From the Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI) – This letter includes all new names and devices that have been submitted to the Eastern College of Heralds in the last month. It takes about two months for items to reach the next stage, the Eastern Letter of Decision.

__June 2016__

  • I didn’t see any Bhakail submissions on the ILoI for June.

From the Eastern Letter of Decision (LoD) – This letter reports what items will be forwarded to Laurel to be decided on and what will be returned to the submitter for more work. It takes about six more months for submissions to reach the next stage, the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns.

__May 2016__

  • Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson’s device submission – “Per pale azure and argent, a fox rampant contourny and a seal haurient embowed counterchanged, on a chief or five hop cones inverted vert.” has been forwarded to Laurel.

__June 2016__

  • Not released yet.

From the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) – This letter says what items have been accepted by SCA’s College of Arms and what has been returned to the submitter unregistered.

__March 2016 Acceptances__

  • Rowen Cloteworthy’s heraldic title – “Red Lozenge Herald” has been registered.

__March 2016 Returns__

  • Rowen Cloteworthy’s Augmentation of Arms. “Lozengy argent and sable, a chief gules and for an augmentation a canton purpure charged with four millrinds in cross Or.” has been returned with the following note: This augmentation is returned for contrast issues. SENA A3a3 states “Because an augmentation adds complexity, augmented devices are often allowed to violate certain style rules, such as allowing charges on tertiary charges or a complexity count of greater than eight, as long as the identifiability of the design is maintained. However, they may not violate the rules on contrast.” While the canton is overall and has good technical constrast with the field, it also substantially overlies the gules chief and mostly touches black parts of the neutral field. Thus, the purpure canton largely lies against a color background and does not have good contrast. In consequence, this must be returned.

I’m working with a few people on names and devices, including Zhelana, Marta, and Melanie.

Their Excellencies Bhakail will be holding a Baronial Court on June 25th at the Court of Love event. Those interested in helping with Court should contact me.

Anyone interested in producing scrolls for Baronial Court should contact me as well.

Knight Marshal

Tuesday night practices are getting bigger and bigger. We have 4 novices coming out frequently, and we are now at the point of making or asking for funds for new loaner gear to keep up with demand. 


Kingdom report went in on time. First Monday of next month is the Fourth of July and so that will be moving to the third Monday at Sabine’s. She is inviting others over to find a persona appropriate song.


It was encouraging to see the Barony well represented in all aspects of the Martial Disciplines at SRWC.  Mistress Scheherazade, Mistress Gisela and I spent the day at the MOL Tables at Troll and at Youth Combat.  Rumors of War surround us.  Now is the time to get your Authorizations up to date and perhaps add another weapon.


We have new people regularly coming out to the social and events. I’ve offered to provide loaner garb. I’d like to thank all the fighters who have helped armor up new people and offered to teach.

Rapier Marshal

Fencing happened.

Archery Marshal

Combat Archery Marshal

Thrown Weapons Marshal


I have received the request from Master Rowen for gear for Court of Love & Baronial Bardic Champions, and we are working on arranging transport for the necessary equipment to the event. I plan to attend the event myself, but cannot guarantee my arrival time at this stage.

If anyone has any upcoming requests, please let me know as soon as possible. I plan to get an estimate to Doña Damiana regarding shelving for safer, more organized, and effective storage of Baronial property.

Chancellor Minor

I am still working on updating my certifications as a youth officer.

There will be youth activities at the Court of Love on June 25th. All children as welcome, children under 5 should be accompanied by an adult or child over the age of 10. As this event will be outside we will be making fairy huts using acorns, twigs, leaves, bark, etc found onsite. I will have another activity or two and games available as well.

Web Minister

Subordinate Groups


The Canton continues to roll along.

Fight practices go well.

Youth Fighter Practices are continuing to gain steam.

There it is.


Theleme, and next business meeting (different date and time and make sure its there)

Committees and Meeting Notes

Baronial Council – nothing to report

Council of Exchequer

Meeting minutes for this council were distributed and are attached. These are a proposal for policies for running of event gate and reservations, collection of cash, potential available feast seats, and the possible removal of reservation clerks. Please review these as the barony will vote on them at the next meeting. This will be sent out various ways. Be watching.

Yule 2016

Needs lots of volunteers: setup, gate? Mistress Philadelphia is the head of cleanup crew. They have Lord John as a cook for an English feast, and the day board. Damiana is the reservations clerk. There are people for tea and tending bar. Looking for a deputy steward. Will be depending on heralds.

Yule 2017

Mistress Philadelphia has submitted a bid for this event.

Commons and Champions

Alecia let us know things are going on fine. There will be something for the kids, Bryan is coordinating potluck (please bring complete list of ingredients), barony is providing chicken. Site is dry. Dogs are permitted. There will be court. She will be sending out requests for volunteers shortly.

Court of Love

Bhakail bardic champions, everyone come! Sabine would like people to bring banners and such to create ambiance, along with poles or M3 strips to hang them by. Jibril will be cooking lunch. If you know you are competing let them know in advance.




Knight Marshal nominations – Colin has been serving as deputy knight marshal and is endorsed by Joe, if there are no other nominees by the end of polling next meeting, we will confirm him as knight marshal then.

Facebook page vs. Facebook group – the group is the one being used and updated, but the other is not being used or reaching people, and the G+ page is also not being used. If these are not willing to be posted to we should shut them down. Before deleting the Facebook page we should notify the members on there that we are moving to the group. The webminister team will be handling this. The same will apply to the G+ page.


Thanks to all who participated in the “A Knight in the Garden / Knight School” demo on Sunday, 6/12/16, at The Highlands Mansion and Gardens in Fort Washington, PA!


Wow, wow, wow!! 


What an impressive, fun, educational, and inspiring bunch of classes taught by SCAdians at The Highlands demo on 6/12. 


Many, many thanks to: 


Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair (aka Lord Bryan the Archer) for his Heraldry class; 


Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar for her Tabard-making class; 


Mistress Gisela Szabo for her Calligraphy class; 


Lady Angela Mori for her Leatherworking class; 


Lady Elizabet Marshall for her Embroidery class; 


Lady Aislinn Ysobel d’Argentan for her Spinning class; 


Lady Alanna of Ravenstar for her Making a Window Decoration in the “Stained Glass” Style class; 


Duchessa Diana Alene Tregirtse, Baron Hrolf Hrafnsen, Lord Ari Thorbrandsson, m’lady Sarah le Payller, and Lord Kolozsvári Arpád for their Renaissance Dancing class; 


Maistresse Sabine de Kerbriant, Master Arden of Icomb, and Mu’allima Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid al-Bhakailia for their Renaissance Music class; 


Lord Aurddeilen ap Robet for his Lawn Billiards class; 


M’lord Joseph of Narberth and m’lady Antoinette of Colwyn for their Renaissance Games class; 


Lady Abigail of Lorraine of Buckland Cross for her Decorating a Hobbyhorse class; 


M’lord Thomas of Bhakail for his “Jousting” with a Hobbyhorse class; 


Lord Lorenzo Gorla, Baroness Wentlianna Bengrek, and Lady Yvaine Catlin d’Acley for their Renaissance Rapier Combat class; 


Mistress Judith the Confused, Mistress Scheherazade al-Zahira, and Lord David the Fish for their Ceremony of Completion of Classes. 


Also, many, many thanks to: 


Lord Bryan for creating/providing the broomstick horses and the “jousting” materials, the materials for the Heraldry class, the scrolls for the Class Completion ceremony, for helping to organize this demo, and for doing set-up and clean-up; 


Lady Alesia for creating/providing some of the supplies to decorate the broomstick horses, the tabard-making materials, the “stained glass” window decoration materials, and for helping to organize this demo, and for doing set-up and clean-up;  


Mistress Gisela for creating/providing the small flags and pouches as giveaways and the materials for the Calligraphy class, and for helping to organize this demo, and helping with clean-up;  


Lady Angela for creating/providing the materials and giveaways for the Leatherworking class; 


Lady Elizabet for creating/providing the materials and giveaways for the Embroidery class; 


Lady Aislinn for creating/providing the materials and giveaways for the Spinning class; 


Lady Alanna for helping to provide the materials for “stained glass” window decoration materials and giveaways;  


Lord Aurddeilen for creating/providing the lawn billiards sets, and for helping with set-up and clean-up; 


Mistress Judith for creating/providing some of the material for the Class Completion ceremony, and for helping to organize this demo; 


Lady Yvaine for creating/providing some of the tabard-making materials, and for helping to organize this demo; 


Lady Abigail for creating/providing supplies for the hobbyhorse decorating and helping with set-up;


M’lord Thomas for helping with set-up and clean-up; 


Lady Alanna for helping with set-up and clean-up; 


Lady Eleanora the Tilemaker for helping to create/provide some of the small flags, pouches, and tabards; 


Lady Gwendolyn verch Gwilliam for helping with various classes;  


Lady Kathryn Perry for helping to organize this demo; 


Lord Arpád for helping with clean-up;  


Lord Bryan, Lady Alesia, Lady Roseia Poseia, Lord Patraic O’Donagal, and m’lord Ibid for donating some prizes/largesse/giveaway materials.


I apologize if I didn’t specifically mention anyone who also helped with prep, or set-up, or clean-up for this demo. Thanks so much for everything you did! The attendees and the historic site LOVED the demonstrations/classes which the members of Bhakail, Hartshorn-dale, Buckland Cross, Iron Bog, and Carillion presented! Thanks again for a wonderful, fun, and collaborative demo!


–          Mistress Philadelphia Brown


PENNSIC is looming

We are up to about 80 people, which is close to filling up the block. We will have our own EK 50th anniversary. We are hosting East vs. Mid chess match again Flaming Griffin vs. Concordia, Known World Players read through as usual. They will be short on marshals so consider volunteering. Period bardic and games night is still happening. Also the filk night and cocktail hour. There are four days left to register. Make sure you get your forms in!

2016-06-25 – Court of Love and Baronial Bardic Champions

Their Excellencies Bhakail, Mael Eoin and Ysmay, held a Baronial Court at Court of Love and Baronial Bardic Champions in Their Canton of Black Icorndall on the 25th of June, Anno Societatis 51, also counted as 2016 in the Common Era.

After opening Their Court, They called for Their Bardic Champion, Lady Girsell MacLeoid, and thanked her for her year’s service to the Barony. They took back the Champion’s regalia and gifted her a necklace to remember her time as Champion by.

Their Excellencies then called for Lord Sean O’Morain and named him Their Bardic Champion. They praised his story and song in the competition and invested him with the regalia of the office. His success was recorded with a scroll calligraphed and illuminated by Lady Cassandra Arques de Northmania with words by Lady Lianor de Matos. Lord Sean then took his place with Their Excellencies Court.

Lady Girsell then asked Their Excellencies’ permission to bestow a gift of her own and with permission given asked for Lady Lilie Dubh inghean uí Mórdha. Lady Girsell complimented her performances and presented her with an favour she had embroidered.

Next, Their Excellencies called for those newcomers to the event and gave out small tokens of thanks and Their hope that they would come to future events.

Maistresse Sabine de Kerbriant was called forward and thanked for both competing in the Bardic Championship and for coordinating the Court of Love portion of the event.

Sayid (Lord) Jibril ibn ‘Ammar al-Fayyad was summoned next and thanked for the sumptuous buffet he had laid out for the dayboard. Many of the dishes were highly praised.

Their Excellencies then called for Their Order of the Horse. The Order, once gathered, was found to be incomplete and to correct this Lord Calin Macsalny was asked to attend the Coronet. Their Excellencies praised his work as Constable and his gladly offered help at events and presented him with a medallion and with a scroll calligraphed and illuminated by Lady Shoshana Gryffyth with words by Baroness Ysmay de Lynn and Master Rowen Cloteworthy.

There being no further business, Their Excellencies closed Their Court.

These are the events as I recall them. My thanks to all the retainers, scribes, and heralds for their assistance throughout the day.

Pray know I remain,

In service to Canton and Barony,

Master Rowen Cloteworthy, Salamander Pursuivant

Tuesday July 12th 7:30 at Stage One, 101 Plush Mill Road, Media PA

Salamander Quarterly – Summer 2016

Greetings all! Here is the Salamander Quarterly for Summer, 2016


May Meeting Notes and Officer Reports

Meeting Opened 7:47

16 in attendance

Baronial Officer Reports for May


After the very busy year we have had so far, we have had a quiet time since our last Baronial meeting. We attended the Canton and city social, and a few workshops, but no events. It is good to see so many activities taking place during the week, and we are excited to see them continue and grow in the coming year.


Upcoming events:

2016-06-12 “Knight in the Garden” Demo – Mistress Philadelphia Brown

2016-06-25 – (canton) Baronial Bardic Championship and possible Court of Love – Master Rowen Cloteworthy

Call for Bids – note that bids can be workshopped after being presented:
Champions/Commons 2017 – preferred by September 2016 meeting.
Yule 2017 preferred at or before September 2016 meeting.
Any new event idea is welcome and does not require a competing bid.

Exchequer – check emails? sent to bhakail list


Reports are now regularly being posted to the Bhakail website. Have other content you would like to appear there? Talk to the appropriate officer.

I now finally have the necessary components to start the fancy version of the Salamander, so stay tuned for that as well.

I am still seeking a deputy Chronicler, mostly in case of emergencies when I cannot make meetings. Thanks!



Salamander Pursuivant’s Report, 2016-05

I could find no Bhakail submissions on the Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI) that closes May 31, 2016. This letter includes all items that have been submitted to the Eastern College of Heralds in the last month.

On the Eastern ILoI that closed April 30, 2016, there is a resubmission of device for Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson – “Per pale azure and argent, a fox rampant contourny and a seal haurient embowed counterchanged, on a chief or five hop cones inverted vert.”

There were several Bhakail items on the Eastern Letter of Decision (LoD) dated April 24, 2016. This letter states what items will be forwarded to Laurel for consideration and what will be returned to the submitter. Items forwarded and approved by Laurel should be registered in another six months.

– Ayleth le Frye’s device, “Vert, a phoenix Or rising from flames gules and in chief three triangles Or” has been forwarded to Laurel.

– Berrick Grayveson’s alternate name – Jack Cross – has been forwarded.

– Isabel de Kerbriant’s name and her device “Or, a heart gules and a chief dancetty vert” has been forwarded.

– Iseaulte of the Clews’ new name change has been forwarded.

– Revena de Witte’s new name change has been forwarded.

– Barony of Bhakail’s Order name – Order of the Horse – has been forwarded.

I could find no Bhakail registrations or returns on the February 2016 Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR), released April 28, 2016.

On the January 2016 LoAR, released March 28, 2016, there was a registration of device for Andrea Caitlin MacIntire. “Per chevron azure and gules, a chevron rompu between two quatrefoils pierced and a fireball argent.” There was a registration of name and device for Jadwiga Piwowarka Miodunka, “Gyronny argent and gules, in pale a demi-weasel sable issuant from a mug purpure.” There’s also a name and device registration for Roseia Posey, “Argent, a lighthouse gules between three fountains.”

Knight Marshal

This Past Tuesday we held a Tournament to decide the Shire of Hartshorn Dale’s Heavy Weapons Champion

I think the event went very well.

Baron Simon Montgomery was the overall winner and the New (and first) Shire Champion

Barri of Angelsea won as the lady’s chivalry  champion.

I would Like to Thanks Lady Judith and all other two lady’s that helped with the MoL (sorry I do not know their names)

We continue to have practices every Tuesday at stage one, and turn out seems to be getting better every week.

we have a few new heavy fighters in the Philly area that I am working on getting armored up and ready to fight.


Happy SCAdian New Year, everyone!

We’re working on an updated schedule for Monday night A&S meetings: it looks like second Mondays will continue to be field trips to Caer Adamant and third Mondays beadmaking, with the other two Mondays becoming a changing performing arts/bardic topic of the month and an open workshop to be scheduled as needed/wanted. Suggestions are welcome.

Upcoming A&S-related events: Please take a look at Artisans’ Village, our upcoming Knights in the Garden demo, and the Court of Love/Bardic Championship — there are a number of opportunities for teaching, demonstrating, performing, etc. at all three. I’m happy to answer any questions, and am also recruiting musicians and singers for all three events!

I am also seeking a deputy.

Of interest:

– This Saturday, May 14, Piffaro is performing “Harmony of the Spheres,” a special astronomy-themed program at Temple with singers Les Canards Chantants; see

– The Bloom Consort will be performing a free concert of Renaissance vocal music celebrating the life of William Shakespeare onSunday, May 22 at the Central Parkway Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, at 20th and JFK Boulevard

– The Philadelphia Museum of Art continues to offer a number of regularly scheduled tours of interest to SCAdians, including “Dressed to Kill: Arms and Armor” and “European Art 1100-1500” — for dates and times, check their online schedule at

– Plan ahead: the next Glencairn Medieval Festival is scheduled for Sunday, October 23


Greetings to the Barony

On May 3rd there was a Tournament held our Canton to determine a Champion for the Shire of Hartshorndale.  Mistress Gisela and I served as MOL for the Tourney.

I am also pleased to announce we have a MOL in training.  Lady Eleanora has had her first experience at the MOL table and will continue to train with us until she is ready to be warranted.  I am excited to have the additional set of hands and eyes at the MOL table.


We have been getting more queries from new people and having people come out to the Social. Last fighter practice Josh from Drexel brought two guys with him. Two of our new people have plans to attend May Be in Iron Bog and I’ll help their family get Gold Key.

Rapier Marshal

Archery Marshal

Combat Archery Marshal

Updated rules are getting posted in the next 24 hours, or contact Jibril. They need new archers, and they are working on getting them authorized. There is loaner gear available. He should be available at socials, and they can do practice there as well.

Thrown Weapons Marshal


Chancellor Minor

Instructions for the PA required background checks have been provided by the East Kingdom Chancellor Minor. I will be starting the paperwork this weekend.

I will be running youth activities at Court of Love. If you are interested in helping out for an hour or so please let me know at

If you are planning an upcoming event and want to include youth activities please let me know.

Web Minister

Subordinate Groups


A&S glows bright in the Canton tonight

So many arts to be seen

A kingdom of crafty fun,

And we love our crafty queen.

Muin is howling like this swirling storm outside

Couldn’t keep it in, Gods knows he tried!

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see

A new Exchequer, elected to always be

Michelle, it’s real, reports to show

Well, now they know!

Icorndall, Icorndall

Canton hold us back anymore

Icorndall, Icorndall

Craft away and gild the door!

We don’t care

What they’re going to say

Let the East rage on,

The Spring never bothered me anyway!

It’s funny how some distance

Make the Mongols all look small

And the ponies they rode in on

They can’t get to us at all!

It’s time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for us we’re  free!

Icorndall, Icorndall

I am one with the beads and fire

Icorndall, Icorndall

And cheese we always fry!

Here we stand

And here we’ll stay

Let the Canton rage on!

Our power flurries through the air onto the ground

We embroidered spirals in frozen fractals all around

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

We’re never going back,

Youth Fighting with Flat snaps!

Icorndall, Icorndall

And we’ll rise like the break of dawn

Icorndall, Icorndall

That perfect Squirrel is gone!

Here we stand

The Light of the East!

Let the bacon fry on,

The cold never kept us from a feast!


We’re still here and doing great. Our next meeting (May 19th) will be in a new location – check the Bailiwick’s mailing list for the update on that.

The Bailiwick is really excited about our upcoming event in Penn’s rare book department, and I just made a (if I do say so myself) snazzy page introducing you to the materials. Have a look –

Okay, I’m really proud of myself for just writing it. And look at the page design Lianor did for us!

Also, come look at Rare Books and teach a class.

Committees and Meeting Notes

Baronial Council

Nothing to report.

Council of Exchequer

They are working on financial policies, report is forthcoming for next month.

“A Knight in the Garden aka Knight School” demo

The Shire of Hartshorn-dale and the Barony of Bhakail have been asked by the beautiful historic site, The Highlands Mansion and Gardens in Fort Washington, PA, to present a family-friendly afternoon of teaching/demonstrating martial arts and arts which a knight or nobleperson would learn.

We’re hoping to shortly finalize the list of SCA participants and activities, so if you are available and interested, please let me know. This demo will be on Sunday, June 12th, noon to 4 p.m. (This is the weekend after Artisans Village and the Sunday of Southern Region War Camp weekend.)

This will be a fun afternoon in a lovely site, so if you are available to help with any of the activities, please let me know!

Yule 2016

Needs lots of volunteers: setup, gate? Philly is the head of cleanup crew. They have a cook for an English feast, and the day board. Damiana is the reservations clerk. There are people for tea and tending bar.

Old Business

* Bylaws amendments voting

All amendments other than C have been approved by ballot vote. 16 voted for, 1 voted against.

This is a list of those members who voted in this polling:

Geoffrey of Lone Oak

Philadelphia Brown

Lianor de Matos

Michelle deMoras

Mael Eoin Mac Echuid

Ysmay de Lynn

Judith the Confused

Xanthippe Ouranina


Al-Suba Al-Hadid Min Bhakail

Emily Bachelor

Serena Bachelor


Rowen Cloteworthy

Eleanora the Tilemaker

Girsel MacLeod

Gisela Szabo

New Business

Stary Olsa doing rock covers on medieval instruments, coming to the Stage One in September (17th or 19th) watch for Facebook event. They would be greatful for help with ambiance. First ever US tour. There was a quick vote and it was approved for the barony to use our banners and such for decoration.

Announcements and Reminders

* Next Baronial Business meeting will be Tuesday June 14th, 2016.

* Previous amendments will be updated along with the most recently approved ones.

* Dance hosted by Caer Adamant in Kennett Square on Second Tuesdays 7-8:30pm.  Class is held in the Kennett Friends Meeting building (125 West Sickle Street, Kennett Square, PA 19348). Garb optional. Bring a snack to share. Small donations to offset the site cost encouraged. Dances taught by Lord George Kopman from Hartshorn-dale. Contact: Baron Padraig O’Gealagain at, (302) 378-7444.

* Pennsic is coming. Hand in the forms and moneys.

* Artisan’s Village is approaching. Check out the challenges. Barony people cooking. Please volunteer to help.

* May Be Event is approaching in Iron Bog. Viking Thing at Owlshurste and Canal Demo. All the weekend of May 21st.

Sabine moved to adjourn, Judith seconded.

Meeting closed at 8:18pm

April Salamander and Barony Meeting Notes

Coronet Report

Gulf Wars:

At Gulf Wars, Master Alesone Grey of Cranlegh​ and Don Melchior Kriebel​​ were inducted into the Company of the Pennon of the East, along with friends of Bhakail Master Collin Monro, Mistress Juliana von Altenveldt, Mistress Asa in Svarta​​ and Lord James O’Galleghure.  We’re glad everyone came through the adverse weather alright and while it’s sad to cut a War short, all things considered, everyone being safe and sound was a great relief.


This was the first year at a new site and by all accounts, it sounded like quite a lovely setting for this, one of the largest events in the Region. We don’t have a lot to relate directly, but notably from the Court at Mudthaw, Alesone was named Seamstress to the Crown and also received a King’s Award of Excellence, Queen’s Award of Excellence and a Queen’s Cypher for her work during the reign.

We missed Mudthaw ourselves, though, as we had traveled to the Investiture for the Barony of Flaming Gryphon in the Kingdom of the Middle, continuing the friendships we’ve had with our Cousins there. Lady Astrid says hi (imagine all of the waving and hugging here), as do a number of other friends of the Barony (Mistress Zsof, Lady Alessandra “Female Bruce” Bruccioli among many others).  Our Cousins who were stepping down – Baron Dafydd and Baroness Meriel – were surprised and delighted to see us and look forward to seeing everyone at Pennsic at our chess night, and our new Cousins – Baron Edward and Baroness Allegra – look forward to continuing the friendship our two Baronies have forged (…in fire?).

The idea of forming ‘sister Baronies’ was mentioned, too, so if anyone would like to pursue that idea, we know a number of folks in Flaming Gryphon, we have the tradition of the chess match (which we’ll be hosting again this year) and, hey…both Baronies are a little flamey 😉  Any and all ideas along those lines, there’s a few people who would be interested in discussing it further 🙂


A number of us drove up to the Shire of Quintavia to attend the Coronation of TRM Kenric III and Avelina III and we were able to enjoy the hospitality of Our Cousins Carolingia, Baron Colin and Baroness Nicolette for a couple of nights. At Coronation, we swore fealty en masse with the rest of House Runnymede but also made sure to do so separately with our traditional oath for the Barony while presenting gifts on behalf of Bhakail. We also presented Duke Brennan and Duchess Caolfhinn with gifts after they stepped down. In Their last Court, they name Lady Lianor as a Seamstress to the Crown for contributions during their reign.


Upcoming events:

6/25/16 – (canton) Baronial Bardic Championship and possible Court of Love – Master Rowen Cloteworthy  (Note date change)

2016-06-12 “Knight in the Garden” Demo – Mistress Philadelphia Brown, Ft. Washington

2016 Last weekend in April and first weekend in May – Philadelphia Renaissance Faire

Dana will be having a merchant booth, but we will not have a coordinated presence.  She invites us all to come out and see her.  Everyone had fun last year so please come out and have fun.


The Council of the Exchequer met on March 18 to discuss the last financial policies to be proposed.  A final draft is being prepared for presentation to the barony at the May meeting.



I am seeking a deputy chronicler.

Lady Lianor de Matos

Salamander Pursuivant (Herald) – Master Rowen Cloteworthy, deputy Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant

Heraldry continues.

Knights Marshal Report.

Melee season is picking up and we are concentrating a lot of our local practices on small unit tactics and melee support.

We are looking to host a Tourney for the Hartshorndale Heavy Champion.  I can Marshall, but I need a MoL, so any volunteers will be appreciated.  Please contact me if you are interested in being a MoL or this.

This will be taking place at the next regional practice at Stage One, which is 5/2/16.


Baron Vachir Artslanjin

Minister of Arts and Sciences – Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant

Participate in Artisan’s Village – first weekend in June    Challenges are out and there are different villages set up to concentrate on different subjects. – Reported by Baroness Ismay

Minister of the Lists

Greetings to the Barony

This month has been a good month for fighting and fencing.  It was wonderful to see the Barony represented at Mudthaw. I was honored to be the MOL for Youth Combat at that event.

There are rumors of war.  Time to make ready for Pennsic.  Make sure your cards are up to date.


Mistress Judith the Confused, MOL, Barony of Bhakail.

Chatelaine – Lady Violet Colson, deputy Lady Marta de Lyon

Sent in the quarterly report to Kingdom.  Slowed down on newcomer requests from the beginning of the year. 

Chamberlain – Lord Martyn de Halliwell

Despite my current encumbrance, progress has not been made on the gear we need to sort through.  But with all my free time, I anticipate that this project will be done ahead of schedule anyway.

Chancellor Minor

There will be youth activities at Court of Love. I will need a second person to assist with these activities in order to maintain the 2 deep rule. If you are interested in helping out for an hour or so please let me know at

In service to the Barony,

Lady Alesia de Maris

Chancellor Minor

Web Minister – Lady Marta de Lyon

Not a lot of requests coming in.

Canton of Black Icorndall – The Honorable Lord Muin maqq Minain, deputy Master Rowen Cloteworthy

The citizens were delighted to celebrate our circumstances of second winter. 

Committee and Event Reports
Baronial Council
– Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Sheikha

Wednesday, March 30th meeting was held. 

Summary of minutes for the last two meetings was sent to officers.  Still want to do a survey of populace and friends.  Will send meeting minutes to all members in future.

Council of the Exchequer – Doña Damiana Almódovar

Knight in the Garden” Demo – Mistress Philadelphia Brown

Sunday, June 12th  If interested in helping with the demo in Fort Washington.  Run by Bhakail and Hartshorn-Dale.  Looking for any activities which can be taught to children or adults.  Looking for more volunteers if you are free that day.

Yule 2016 Event Committee – Lady Xanthippe Ouranina

New manager is starting.  Still have not received back the cleaning deposit, but probably due to changeover in managers.  Philadelphia will contact them to find out the status.

Old Business

Bylaws amendment – deferred.   Wording completed, but no paper ballots Need a reminder in the Salamander to bring your ballots to the meeting or send in….  Need to do 10-days notice.

3 parts to these amendments… see last Salamander.

Champions and Commons bids (Mael Eoin) Yule 2017 dates at the German Society – From the German Society: Both December 9th and December 16th of 2017 are free on our calendar. I’ve penciled you guys in for both dates – just let me know when you decide which one you want!


New Business

Propose changing the sequence of our business meetings ala Hartshorn-Dale.

I. Old Business

II. New Business

III. Followed by Officer Reports

Suggested by Baron Mael that it be written up as a Seneschal policy rather than into the By-Laws.  Suba will investigate the By-Laws which state that the Seneschal sets the agenda.  Gisela commented that we should consider the prior commitment to not spend time rehashing what everyone can read in the Salamander, and focus on Business.

Announcements or reminders

Mord – In May, I will be retiring as Iron Bog Rattan Champion.  At their May event, I will be sponsoring the championship in Iron Bog. 

Martyn – If planning on attending Southern Regional War Camp (second weekend in June) in Carillon, need for other cooks.  Much of the work will be done in advance.

Baron Mael – Artisan’s Village  Cooks also needed for multiple meals. 

Baroness Ysmay – Kenric and Avelina are asking for glass beads – Bead workshop on Monday night.  Also if anyone wants to create a gift box with or without beads to attend.

Lady Eleanora – Garb workshops continuing on Thursday nights starting at 6 pm at Eleanora’s house.

Classes being taught at Pennsic by various baronial members were described

Request for support from the Bhakail camp to provide Water for Youth Combat.

Pennsic Camp Committee– Baron Mael is the campmaster.

If you want to camp with Bhakail.  You must fill out and submit your camp form to Baron Mael in order to ensure that you have space.  It is due before Pennsic Registration closes. 

Baronial location for meetings

Discussion of comparison with other groups’ locations.  Does our space have to be ADA compliant?  No requirement that we must, but will make every attempt to keep this in mind.

Until we decide differently, will stay here.

Ansteorra’s coronation – Gabriel and Sonya are not K & Q of Ansteorra

Largess derby – must make 12 of each item.  The winner gets one of every item and then the rest are given to the Royals.  Would like to propose that this be considered to be done at Yule.

Adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Call for Bids – note that bids can be workshopped after being presented:
Champions/Commons 2016 – preferred by September 2015 meeting; we have two bids!
Champions/Commons 2017 – preferred by September 2016 meeting.
Yule 2017 preferred at or before September 2016 meeting.
Any new event idea is welcome and does not require a competing bid.

(Jacob) Philadelphia Zoo “Adopt a Tiger” demo – Summer 2017

(Sabine) Winter Nights Fall 2016 

March Salamander and Business Meeting Notes

The March meeting was held on March 8th, at Stage One, at 101 Plush Mill Road, in Media, PA. It was opened at 7:45. There were 20 in attendance.


Officer Reports

Coronets – Mael Eoin Mac Echuid, Baron of Bhakail, Ysmay de Lynn, Baroness of Bhakail

To the Barony, our Bailiwick and Canton and all else who would read these words, greetings!

We often say “It has been a busy month” and, well, this month is no different. Except maybe it was even busier than normal, which is strange for this time of year… We have a lot to celebrate! Especially with the introduction of new awards at the Kingdom level and with a number of new Peers recognized in and around the Barony, it has been quite the Winter so far. A few mentioned within this missive are friends from outside of the Barony, but they are known well to us and contribute regularly to our activities, events and therefore our enjoyment and success. We hope we are all able to return the favor in kind.

K​ing​ & Queens​ A​&S ​​Championship

Their Majesties recognized Mistress Elisabeth “Lyssa” Underhill​ as a Companion of the Order of the Laurel​. She has previously been Our Champion, and often shares her time and expertise at A&S nights. Don Griffith Davion and Lady Aibjilin Inghean ui Phaidin joined the Order of the Silver Wheel, the new Kingdom service award, while Lord Bran MacAirt was awarded Arms along with inclusion in the Order of the Silver Tyger, which is the new Kingdom award for armored combat. Lady Naomi bat Avraham was thanked for her service as King’s A&S Champion and given a writ for her to ponder whether she would join the Order of the Laurel at a later date; we look forward to that event, whichever it may be! For all who entered the Championship, too, vivant!​ We were not allowed into the main hall for most of the day, so we are not sure of all who entered, but Mistress Brunissende and Master Alesone had good showings.​

The Tadcasters are known as a tricky bunch, at times, and proved wily yet again… Our Lady’s Rapier Champion, Lord Morwyll, was to be invited into the Household, and Her Excellency and I were encouraged – since he is Our Champion – to witness the deed. Unfortunately, due to an allergic reaction, Ysmay was unable to stay indoors and would have left the site were this induction not happening, but it was arranged to happen outdoors so that she might still be able to witness the event. After being present for one of our favored Champions being brought into such a great household, weren’t we surprised when the household then turned to us and named us Friends of Tadcaster. We are honored, especially seeing how many Tadcasters are former Champions of Bhakail and, certainly, friends and sources of inspiration for us.

​Ysmay would also like to thank Lord Miles​ Boweman, again, for his courteous and chivalrous attention to her plight of the afternoon.

Schola in the Shire

The Shire of Caer Adamant put on a wonderful event – at a site we hope to see more of, soon – and, again, many were recognized by the Crown. In writing this up, something suddenly jumped out: all of the following recognitions were specifically for service…

Lady Xanthippe Ouraninna and Lady Lianor de Matos were inducted into the Order of the Silver Wheel, while Lady Livia Petralia and Lady Shoshana Gryffyth joined the Order of the Silver Crescent. All four have been officers, for years, serving their respective groups and, of course, all have been involved as staff in many, many events over the years, not to mention hosting various weeknight activities and encouraging the efforts of others.

Then I was asked to join the Order of the Pelican and – following the first piece of advice I was given during my vigil, at the event – I said yes. I have written online many, many words about the day, about the honor and especially about all of those who contributed, so I will not expand again here (because I would, at length, if you know me). Suffice it to say I am still honored and touched that so many came out, so many contributed their skills to much of the day and its trappings and, mostly, for all of the words of wisdom, advice and support.

Estrella War

We traveled out to Estrella – separate from the military might of the Eastern Expeditionary Force – and stayed as guests of a wonderful household, Sine Nomine. We experienced wonderful hospitality – again – and presented King Casca and Queen Melissa, TRM Atenveldt, with trim made in Atenveldt colors made by our Lady Marta de Lyon. They were touched and send their thanks, and our friends of Sine Nomine also send greetings. We’ll be seeing some of them again at Pennsic, and we again encourage all who might be considering foreign Wars to come out to Estrella with us sometime.

K&Q Bardic

​This past weekend, ​Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail ​​al-Mu’allima​ (that’s “the teacher” at the end, as a form of “Mistress”) ​was elevated to the Order of the Pelican​ and, once more, many contributed to the regalia, vigil and ceremony to make the day a wonderful one. The array of sweet and savory delights for the vigil food offering was amazing and many who visited mentioned that they didn’t need to eat at the event’s dayboard after grazing from what was offered in the vigil room. Thank you to all who helped and to all who may have helped with food, also, for Magnus’ vigil next door (which was also epic, or maybe we just have a fondness for roasted beef heart). If you have not seen photos of the event, keep an eye out for them, or ask Suba to see her coat at some point, it is quite amazing and perfectly _hers_.

Lord Joscelin le Esqurel was also recognized in Court with induction into the Order of the Silver Wheel. Lord Martyn de Halliwell, Lady Lianor de Matos and Lord Ian Douglas performed, and for her performance Lianor was chosen as the favorite of the Princess Royale and presented with a scroll by her hand.

In Service,
Mael Eoin and Ysmay
Baron and Baroness of Bhakail

Seneschal – Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Sheikha, deputy Lord Geoffert of the Lone Oak
Upcoming events:

2016-03 weekend of 18, 19, 20 – Piffaro Concert – Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant
2016-05-25 – (canton) Baronial Bardic Championship and possible Court of Love – Master Rowen Cloteworthy
2016-06-12 “Knight in the Garden” Demo – Mistress Philadelphia Brown, Ft. Washington
2016 Last weekend in April and first weekend in May – Philadelphia Renaissance Faire – Mistress Scheherazade al-Allounya
Call for Bids – note that bids can be workshopped after being presented:
Champions/Commons 2016 – preferred by September 2015 meeting; we have two bids!
Champions/Commons 2017 – preferred by September 2016 meeting.
Yule 2017 preferred at or before September 2016 meeting.
Any new event idea is welcome and does not require a competing bid.
Chancellor of the Exchequer – Doña Damiana Almódovar, Deputy Mistress Philadelphia Brown

The final numbers for the Tavern event in January was a profit of $494.96


Chronicler – Lady Lianor de Matos

Nothing much to report. I am currently working on getting better equipment at home so that I will be able to make the fancier Salamander. I have not forgotten it.

Also, I am seeking a deputy.


Chronicler Deputy Historian – Lord Bryan mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

The beginnings of the history of Bhakail were shown around, including certain current event references.


Salamander Pursuivant (Herald) – Master Rowen Cloteworthy, deputy Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant

The February 4, 2016 Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (the first step in the submissions process) has the following items from Bhakailis:
– Mael Eoin mac Echuid – New Household Name – La Tavernehous de Mayne Ospitalis
– Mael Eoin mac Echuid – New Device Change – Per fess gules and argent, a lion guardant counter-ermine
– Mael Eoin mac Echuid – New Badge – (Fieldless) A boot sable
The February 29, 2016 Eastern Internal Letter of Intent had the following items from Bhakailis:
– Ayleth le Frye – New Device – Vert, a phoenix Or rising from flames gules and in chief three triangles Or
– Berrick Grayveson – New Alternate Name – Jack Cross
– Bhakail, Barony of – New Order Name – Order of the Horse
– Isabel de Kerbriant – New Name
– Isabel de Kerbriant – New Device – Or, a heart gules and a chief dancetty vert
The February 21, 2016 Eastern Letter of Decisions (the second step in the submissions process) had the following items from Bhakailis (Forwarded means sent to Laurel for consideration, Returned means sent back to the submitter for changes):
– Ayleth le Frye​­ – New Name Forwarded
– Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson​­ – New Name Forwarded
– Þorsteinn Hroðbjartsson​­ – New Device Returned – ​This device is returned for redraw. Commenters and Blue Tyger uniformly saw the charges on the chief as leaves. On resubmission, a slightly taller chief may allow the charges to be large enough to be more identifiable
The following items from Bhakailis were approved by Laurel on the December 2015 Letter of Acceptances and Returns:
– Alesone Gray of Cranlegh – Alternate name Rogue Panda
– Alesone Gray of Cranlegh – Alternate name Wendye Layde
There were several awards given to Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail in February and March including the Order of the Laurel to Lissa Underhill and Order of the Pelican to Mael Eoin mac Euchid and Suba al-Hadid.
Their Excellencies have a Court coming up at Court of Love and Baronial Bardic Champions on June 25. Anyone interested in heraldry or in helping produce scrolls for Their Excellencies’ Courts should contact me
  – Rowen Salamander

Knight Marshal – Baron Joseph Harcourt, deputy Baron Vachir Artslanjin

We had a great Turnout at last weeks regional practice with 17 fighters.
As the season turns we seem to be getting more fighters out.


Minister of Arts and Sciences – Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant

The quarterly report has been sent to kingdom and to the regional deputy.


Congratulations to the Bhakailis and friends of Bhakail who competed and performed at K&Q A&S, especially Lady Lianor, newly made Bardic Champion of the Princess Royale!


Although a series of unfortunate events have put a damper on some of Lord Martyn’s recent Monday night meetings, they do continue, along with Lady Elenora’s Thursday night sessions.


MoAS Deputy – Dance – Arglwydd Dafydd Cyhoeddwr


Minister of the Lists – Baroness Judith the Confused, deputy – Lady Jadwiga Piwowarka Miodosytnika, emergency deputy Mistress Gisela Szabó
Greetings to the Barony
Time to check the Kingdom Events for outdoor fighting. Spring will be here soon and it is time to take advantage to hone your skills and perhaps learn a new one.

MOL Report was submitted to Kingdom on time.

Any fighters who have not seemed to receive cards, let the MoL know.


Chatelaine – Lady Violet Colsone, deputy Lady Marta de Lyon


Rapier Marshal – Don Melchior Kriebel

Rapier practice continued to be held at the Mayfair Presbyterian Church in Northeast Philadelphia. Attendance has been light.


Company Captain of Archers – Lord Cynon Mac an Choill
Company Captain of Combat Archers – Jibril ibn Ammar al-Sayyid
Chamberlain – Lord Martyn de Halliwell
Chancellor Minor – Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar

Youth combat happened last week, thank you to Lady Mairi of Caer Adamant for organizing and running this.


I am looking for a deputy. You do not need a background check to be a deputy, if you are interested please contact me at


Web Minister – Lady Marta de Lyon

Big news this month!  The new WordPress version of this website is publicly available.

The following is a list of other changes and activities that have been completed this month:

  • Special interest mailing lists were created for certain discussion topics in Bhakail
  • A few members required assistance accessing their WordPress accounts to post content
  • Display and Content improvements have been made to the main pages of the website
  • Category structure has been created so that officer reports like these can be tagged as “Officer Reports” and still show up in the Announcements splash on the front page.

Please comment here or email me directly if you find yourself missing any content on the Old Bhakail website.


Subordinate Groups


Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Lady Livia Petralia

The Penn event has been updated.


Canton of Black Icorndall – The Honorable Lord Muin maqq Minain, deputy Master Rowen Cloteworthy

Social continues to happen, and the date for the Court of Love has been moved.


Committee and Event Reports
Baronial Council – Jamilia al-Suba al-Hadid min Bhakail al-Sheikha
Baronial Council meeting tentatively scheduled for Wednesday March 30th at the Mayfair church at 7:30, in order to include the fencers. Meeting will include a review of What Bhakail Should Be and Do which was started last time. One of the topics that didn’t get well covered last time was making events more family-accessible. Also, we’re very much looking forward to having extra input from the fencers.
Council of the Exchequer – Doña Damiana Almódovar

Both budgets for Champions and Commons were reviewed and approved.


The following policies were submitted to be voted on for approval. Judith motioned to vote, Mael Eoin seconded, to accept with corrections that are reflected below. It was voted approved unanimously.






Across all media, Council of the Exchequer members will adhere to courtesy in all discussions of the Council of Exchequer financial matters.  Any disciplinary actions are to be determined by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with advice from the Seneschal.  Any removal of members will follow the grievance procedure as outlined in the Baronial Bylaws.



In lieu of family cap pricing at events, the Barony of Bhakail recommends to prospective event stewards the following fee structure:  to drastically cut site fees for attendees 6-17 years of age, to lower feast costs for attendees 6-17 years old, to not charge site fees for children 0-5 years of age, and a token charge for 0-5 feast seats.

ADULT 6-17 0-5
SITE FEES Determined by event Drastically lower free
FEAST FEES Determined by event $1-$2 above cost Free or nominal charge  of $1


Additionally, we are endeavoring to provide sufficient off-board space for families where feasts are held (if site space allows).



Mandatory comps for site and feast fees:

All sitting Royalty and Their minor children

Coronets of Bhakail and Their minor children


All others comped must be included in the final approved event budget.


The Registration Clerk and those staffing Gate must be given this information with modern names.



Site fee amount at time of payment:

If paid before the day of the event, pre-registration amount.

If paid at the door, walk-in rate.


Only Feast fees have deadlines, which are included in the final approved event budget.

A Feast fee must be accompanied by a site fee.

The only reservation is a paid reservation, with the exception of those traveling from outside the U.S.



There are times when changes to approved bids are warranted.

Approved Event now becomes an RP Event, increasing total amount of attendees, food costs, supply costs; and/or

Site costs change (extra rooms needed, etc.); and/or

Additional SCA insurance required.


The Event Steward will work with Council to prepare a revised budget for review.


The Council will vote on the changes and update the barony regarding the changes, but no further baronial approval required.



When an event becomes an RP event, the event steward in conjunction with the Council of Exchequer must review, adjust, and if necessary, resubmit the budget.



All event bids or expenditure requests must be presented at a baronial business meeting.  Bids or requests can be submitted to the Council of the Exchequer at any time.  The best practice is to submit the request to the CoE 10 days before a baronial business meeting to allow for appropriate discussion and fact-finding.  If bid/request is first presented at a baronial business meeting, an official request using current bid package or email for request must be received at least 10 days prior to the next baronial business meeting.

If the event budget/expenditure request is received prior to the baronial business meeting, the Council of the Exchequer can report whether the bid/request as presented is approved, rejected (with the reasons behind the decision), or still in discussion.

If the event budget/expenditure request is rejected by the Council of the Exchequer, and the barony populace at the baronial business meeting is still interested, the Council of the Exchequer will reconsider the proposal and report back at the next baronial business meeting.

The Council of the Exchequer approves all event budgets and expenditure requests.

For an event or expenditure to be approved, the event must (1) be approved by an operational polling at a Baronial Business Meeting and (2) have a budget approved by the Council of the Exchequer.   Order does not matter.


“Knight in the Garden” Demo – Mistress Philadelphia Brown
On Sunday, 12-Jun-16, at The Highlands Mansion and Gardens in Fort Washington, Bhakail and Hartshorn-dale will be holding a joint open-to-the-public demo called “A Knight in the Garden”. This will be an afternoon of family-friendly activities focusing on teaching the skills and virtues which a knight (or noble) should know.
We’ll be holding a brainstorming meeting on Sunday, 2/7, at 1 p.m. at 525 South 46th Street in Philadelphia. Plenty of free street parking, very accessible via public transit, I will provide lunch/snacks, but there are three birds and one cat in residence (though they’ll be locked up in another room).
If you cannot attend the meeting but have ideas/suggestions or would like to volunteer to be part of this demo, please let me know. Artisans’ Village is the weekend before this demo, and the Barony of Carillion is hosting Southern Region Warcamp the same weekend as this demo.
This will be a fun demo, and hopefully a fun, productive brainstorming meeting! Hope to see you soon!! Thanks! – Philly 215-387-5825
Yule 2016 Event Committee – Lady Xanthippe Ouranina
Philadelphia Renaissance Faire – Mistress Scheherazade al-Allounya

Old Business


(Suba) Bylaws amendment for non-resident officers and voting:
I proposed the following THREE amendments to the Bhakail bylaws regarding non-resident officers. As previously discussed, breaking this into three parts allows people to vote about each part individually. Here is the wording I will be proposing for each of the three (notes and definitions are at the end):

Proposed addition(s) are underlined. Proposed deletions are marked with strikethrough.
6F: Any Voting Member who is reasonably qualified for a Baronial Office may offer his or her candidacy to fill a vacancy. This includes the Baronial Officer whose term is expiring, who may submit intent to renew his or her office.
–change proposed for 6F:
6F: Any Voting Member Any East Kingdom Subject who is reasonably qualified for a Baronial Office may offer his or her candidacy to fill a vacancy. This includes the Baronial Officer whose term is expiring, who may submit intent to renew his or her office.
1E: The Voting Members are those members of the Populace who are paid members of the SCA and at least fourteen (14) years of age.
— change proposed for 1E:
1E: The Voting Members are those members of the Populace who are paid members of the SCA and at least fourteen (14) years of age. Baronial Officers are Voting Members, regardless of residency.
Further add to 1E:
Voting privilege is extended to non-resident former officers for one year following the end of the term of office.
It is understood that SCA and East Kingdom Law require SCA paid membership as a prerequisite for holding office.
Some offices have additional requirements for qualification.
Definition of “Populace” From Bhakail Bylaws (
1D: The Populace includes any paid SCA member and any other participant in the activities of the SCA who resides within the Territory of Bhakail.
Definition of “Subject” from Corpora ( on page 8:
* Subject: Any person who physically resides within the borders of a realm for more than half the year. Those who do not maintain a residence meeting this definition may be considered subjects of the realm where they participate most frequently if they obtain written acknowledgment from the royalty of that realm. Those who participate in Society activities primarily in a realm other than the one where they reside may be considered subjects of that realm if they obtain written permission and acknowledgment from the royalty of both realms. Decisions of the Coronet in such matters depend upon the approval of the Crown.

At the December meeting I will also be proposing this amendment to the Bhakail Bylaws. These are non-substantive changes to correct errors.

Bhakail Bylaws Amendment For Typos and Grammar
Proposed addition(s) are underlined. Proposed deletions are marked with strikethrough. Explanation of change is in italics.
III Officers
G. The rosters of Great Officers and Lesser Officers will be Publish Published and Archived.
Changed “Publish” to “Published”.
IV. Polling
A. A Kingdom Polling is conducted by Kingdom officers according to Higher Law. For example, currently a Kingdom Polling is conducted to determine the opinions of the Populace prir prior to the appointment by the Crown of the Coronet.
Changed “prir” to “prior”.
v. V. Term & Succession of the Coronet
Changed lower-case “v” to upper-case “V”.
V. Term & Succession of the Coronet
1. At least nine (9) months prior to the end of the Initial Term, the Coronet may submit at a Letter of Intent to the Baronial Seneschal (i) stating the desire for an Extension Term and (ii) specifying whether that Extension Term would last either one (1) or two (2) years.
Changed “at” to “a”.
VI. Term & Succession of Baronial Officers
B. The Baronial Officers are volunteers and may retire from office at any time by giving fair notice to the Baronial Seneschal.
Added a period to the end of the sentence.
VII. Duties of Baronial Officers
C. Officers are expected to be reasonably familiar with Higher Law pertaining to their office, as well as these Bylaws and Baronial Policies. Officers are similarly expected to conduct the affairs of their office in a reasonably prompt and responsible manner. Any Voting Member may bring a Grievance against and an Officer for failure to comply with these expectations.
Changed “and” to “an”.
IX. Grievance Proceeding
A. The Grievance Proceeding is administered by a Mediator. The Baronial Seneschal will serve as Mediator unless he or she is one of the parties to the grievance. In such case, the Coronet will serve as Mediator, unless the Coronet is also a party to the grievance. If both the Baronial Seneschal and the Coronet are parities parties to the grievance, then the Mediator will be selected by those members of the Baronial Council who are not parities parties to the grievance by a simple majority in a Committee Polling.
Changed “parities” to “parties” in two places.
X. Removal Proceeding
A. A Removal Proceding Proceeding is a formal action by the Baronial Council undertaken to remove an officer who has failed to perform his or her duties either through action or inaction.
Changed “Proceding” to “Proceeding”.
XIII. Baronial Policies
A. Whenever it is necessary for a Baronial Officer, Council, or Committee to establish, or later modify a Policy or procedure at the Baronial level in addition to those policies and procedures found in Higher Law, such policy or procedure will be:
Removed comma.

  1. if ratified, will be recognized a as Baronial Policy.
    Changed “a” to “as”.
    XVIII. Amendments
    C. If a simple majority in an Operational Polling at that meeting approves language for a proposed Amendment at the second Business Meeting, the approved language and a ballot form for a Formal Polling with will then be Published at least ten (10) days prior to the next (third) Business Meeting. Note that majority approval is required to move the proposed Amendment forward to a Formal Polling.
    Changed “with” to “will”.


(Jacob) Philadelphia Zoo “Adopt a Tiger” demo – Summer 2017


(Sabine) Winter Nights Fall 2016


(Suba) Finance Committee Member

Lady Livia Petralia, and Mistress Gisela Szabó have both volunteered to serve. Lady Livia stepped out of the running. Nominations will close during the March meeting, and if we still have two candidates, then we’ll have a formal polling in April. Since there was only one candidate by the March meeting, a vote was held then. VOTE: 13 yes, 1 abstain


(Damiana) Policy re Foreign Currency Registrations

MAEL EOIN motioned to vote, ALESIA seconded, unanimous for, to accept pre registrations from foreign people without money to avoid foreign check fees.


New Business

Champions and Commons bids

Since both bids were approved, and both proposals sounded acceptable, it was voted as to which would be held this year and which next year. After a vote of 6 for Bryan and Alesia’s bid, and 2 for Matt and Shelly’s, (and 2 abstentions) Bryan and Alesia will host Champions this year.


(Mael Eoin) Yule 2017 dates at the German Society – From the German Society: Both December 9th and December 16th of 2017 are free on our calendar. I’ve penciled you guys in for both dates – just let me know when you decide which one you want!



Announcements or Reminders

New Wednesday night social at the Bierstub in Center City, at 7:30


We have a chance to teach classes at the Chemical Heritage society. See Xanthippe if you are interested.


(Suba) – Note that while updating the bylaws to include the new amendments (assuming they are approved), I will include the amendment approved by Bhakail at the September 2014 business meeting.
Bylaws amendment approved September 10th, 2014:
XI. Replacement of an Unavailable Baronial Seneschal
The office of Baronial Seneschal will be properly attended at all times.
If the Baronial Seneschal resigns before presiding over the polling of a successor, is either delinquent in his or her duties, or is unavailable to communicate with his or her fellow officers for a period of forty-five (45) days, the drop-dead deputy of the Baronial Seneschal will notify the Baronial Council and the Kingdom Seneschal that the appointment of a new Baronial Seneschal is required.
If the Baronial Seneschal is either delinquent in his or her duties or unavailable to communicate with his or her fellow officers for a period of forty-five (45) days, and the drop-dead deputy of the Baronial Seneschal fails to notify the Kingdom Seneschal that the appointment of a new Seneschal is required, the Baronial Council Coronet(s) will notify the Kingdom Seneschal that the appointment of a new Baronial Seneschal is required upon confirming such a finding by a simple majority of the Baronial Council in a Committee Polling.
In such cases, obtaining the consent of the Kingdom Seneschal, the Baronial Council Coronet(s) will then act in place of the Baronial Seneschal to conduct a Formal Polling to identify a new Baronial Seneschal for approval and warranting by the Kingdom Seneschal. Such duties include:
Accepting Letters of Intent
Approving a Ballot
Appointing Ballot Counters
Thrown Weapons Marshal Training – Lady Alana O’Keeve has offered her Marshal services for anyone who wants to be a Thrown Weapons Marshal-in-Training this summer.
Dance hosted by Caer Adamant in Kennett Square on Second Tuesdays 7-8:30pm. Class is held in the Kennett Friends Meeting building (125 West Sickle Street, Kennett Square, PA 19348). Garb optional. Bring snack to share. Small donations to offset the site cost encouraged. Dances taught by Lord George Kopman from Hartshorn-dale. Contact: Baron Padraig O’Gealagain at, (302) 378-7444.
Next Business Meeting will be at Stage One, 101 Plush Mill Road, Media PA at 7:30 on Tuesday April 12.


February Salamander and Business Meeting Minutes