April 2017 Meeting Notes and Officer Reports

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April 2017 Baronial Meeting

meeting opened at 7:35

New Business

There was cookie business, in honor of the new herald. Thanks to Melanie Grenier for helping out as herald until a new one is voted in for Bhakail.

Reimbursement for Award Tokens

The heirs of Bhakail asked if Bhakail is willing to reimburse for award tokens, and what sorts of limits would there be? Mael Eoin suggested making a budget for such expenses. Finding good prices and the right kinds of charms is difficult. There was a discussion of creating the tokens rather than purchasing them mass produced. Rosie has offered to donate the soapstone, and there may be a class at the A&S night related to pewter casting. Judith motioned that the budget be sent to the Finance Committee, Mael Eoin seconded. $150 was suggested. There may also be upcoming stringy things happening to make the chords, which would be donated.

Philadelphia Renaissance Faire

There is space for us if we are interested in having a demo there. Mother’s Day (and May Be) weekend and the following weekend. It would be free of charge if we are working the table. We have space for a 10×10 pop-up and we can have more space if we would like more. We may not have time to organize anything larger than that within a month. We could possible have a yurt or canvas tent rather than a popup. We may have the World map in time. It’s a windy site (Fort Mifflin) and stuff should be anchored. Bring armor for kids to take pictures in, lance stand. Contact Dayna (Chana) if you would like to volunteer.

Dayna (Chana) will be deputy chatelaine.

Champions and Commons

Someone needs to put in a bid for Champions. It’s already April. The barony suggests that the date be longer after Pennsic. It’s usually on a Sunday, free event, low overhead easy to run event. It was suggested that it be offered to the party to bid last year but was not selected.

Bylaws Review

I would like to propose that we create a new Bylaws Revision Committee, with the idea that we will gather information and recruit members thru the end of the summer and meet in earnest starting in September, so that the Bylaws reflect the changes in communication habits, and the general, healthy operation of the Barony, as well as reflect the intention of regular review of the Baronial Bylaws.

Old Business

Plague sale for investuture – There are many things that should be donated from Gold Key

There’s a bunch of junk we need to get rid of. How are things priced? By table, mostly. Priced to sell, please take them and don’t bring them back. Stuff in a bag for an amount. Anything left goes to thrift stores. Violet and Bryan will work it the day of. Others will swing by. Newcomers will be offered items for free.

Bhakail Anniversary in two years – on hold until after investiture


Yule 2017 – Philadelphia not here, stuff has happened, in need of gate, cleanup and kitchen volunteers, John Marshal doing feast, Martyn helping new someone on dayboard

German Society Fall Demo – if anyone is interested in volunteering for the demo contact Philly

Pennsic – they decided to have it again, camping forms will be up soon, Chana is the assistant campmaster this year, Pennsic is awesome, whoo! Gisela is looking for artisans for artisan’s row, there will be two large tents, fundraiser project coming up with canvas flags, sheet walls – the nylon has come in and Rosie handed in receipts someone knows where to get grommets she can get 500 for $50, might reinforce the corners with canvas for $15 she will make four of each color, Martyn will donate the grommets, youth combat ice and bottled water


Cookies were decorated in honor of their incoming excellencies, Suba and Rowen. We are excited about the new officers, and new bards. And we have a new King and Queen. Coronation was amazing. Look forward to the next six months.


Do your quarterly reports.

Lo there do I see my Baron; Lo there do I see my Baroness, and my MoAS, my Herald, and my Knight Marshall; Lo there do I see the line of my people, my squirrelly, squirrelly paople, back to the the most recent feast. Lo, they do call me, they bid me write my quarterly reports and have them in by the 15th, keeping safe my place among the Baronial Officers, in the halls of Avalon, where the Artists may live forever. With adendii, summoning notes from previous meetings, where future events may be discussed, and nebulous plans for an Investiture may be wheedled over. These are the Last Days before the burning of the World Tree, and the Twilight of the Flogs.

Done this 9th day, of the fourth month, in the Year of the Inauspicious JibberJabber




Salamander Pursuivant’s Report, 2017-04

Their outgoing Excellencies Mael Eoin and Ysmay will be holding their Last Court at Bhakail Investiture and K&Q Champions of Arms on June 3, 2017. Their incoming Excellencies Rowen and Suba will be holding their First Court on the same day.

Anyone interested in producing scrolls for Baronial Court should contact me.

I will be stepping down as Salamander Pursuivant at the May Business meeting. Letters of Intent for the office should go to both me and to Lord Muin as Baronial Seneschal.

__Heraldic Submissions__

From the Eastern Internal Letter of Intent (ILoI) – This letter includes all new names and devices that have been submitted to the Eastern College of Heralds in the last month. It takes about two months for items to reach the next stage, the Eastern Letter of Decision.

__April 2017__

•Donnan FitzGerald has submitted a new name (Donnan FitzGerald) and new device (Per pale gules and ermine, an axe and on a chief Or three boars passant sable).

•Muin maqq Minain has submitted a new alternate name (Khalil al’urdun).

•Ysmay de Lynn has submitted a new alternate name (Matthew Miller).

From the Eastern Letter of Decision (LoD) – This letter reports what items will be forwarded to Laurel to be decided on and what will be returned to the submitter for more work. It takes about six more months for submissions to reach the next stage, the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns.
__March 2017__

•Lillia de Vaux’s new personal heraldic title (Crampette Herault) was forwarded to Laurel.

•Mael Eoin mac Echuid’s new household name (Black Boot Company) was forwarded to Laurel.

•Ysmay de Lynn’s new badge ((Fieldless) A shoe Or) was forwarded to Laurel.

From the Laurel Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) – This letter says what items have been accepted by SCA’s College of Arms and what has been returned to the submitter unregistered.

__January 2017 Acceptances__

•Alexander Makcristyne’s alternate name (Eadulf Beornwaldes sunu) was accepted and registered.

__January 2017 Returns__

•Aiden Underhill’s device (Or fretty, on a chief vert three lozenges Or) was returned for further work.

For Barony, Bailiwick, and Canton,

Pray know I remain,

– Rowen Cloteworthy, Salamander Pursuivant


Please consider submitting your reports at your leisure on the Bhakail website. It is not very hard or technical. Please consult the webminister for a password and instructions.

Thank you!



There may be issues with auth cards. There is a new kingdom Mol. Address is in report. Send information about the difficulties to Judith. Annual Report has been sent to the new Kingdom MOL.  Here is her information for mailing forms, etc.  Any existiing forms should be destroyed and new from printed from the EK MOL Website.


Our quarterly report was submitted to kingdom, and Master Philip was greatly pleased by the number and variety of our A&S pursuits.

Lady Raziya, King’s Champion of Arts & Sciences, is issuing monthly challenges to the populace, and I encourage everyone to seek them out and consider pursuing them. Her March challenge (short version) was to look around and find someone in need of an A&S resource, and give them or help them get that resource — or if you are that person, ask for help getting what you need! (if anyone would like to read the full wording, it’s available online). The April challenge is directed to Maunches and Laurels, but *everyone* can take it to heart — you don’t need to have an A&S award to give out tokens to people whose work you appreciate: “I challenge you to give out at least one token at every event you go to this month. Find someone who is doing something well in the Arts & Sciences, and reward them with a token.”

Lord Aurddeilen-ap-Robet invites interested folks to join Buckland Cross on a field trip to the Cloisters in NY on Sat., May 20. For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/event s/403745173320853/  (if you don’t have FB access, just let me know).

I will not be able to host the third Monday A&S meeting coming up next week — is anyone else interested in hosting?


Quarterly report is in. Get from web.


We have a lot of stuff. Lots of people helped. He will bring stuff we haven’t used to the next two Barony meetings. Unless someone claims it is good and special, it goes up for sale.

Chancellor Minor

Here is the chancellor Minor Report.

Youth fighting has been put on hold due to lack of interest. If you are interested in youth combat or know of someone who is interested please let me or Lady Mairi know.

If you are planning an event and want to have youth activities please let me know at youth@bhakail.eastkingdom.org.

In service to the Barony,

THL Alesia de Maris

Chancellor Minor, Barony of Bhakail


Nothing to report. Get from website.

Knights Marshal report.

Practices continue on Tuesdays.

As the weather gets nicer and it stays light longer we may move  outside the first part of the night.


The Canton social continues to be successful.

Both the new Seneschal and Exchequer are warranted, and we are in the process of updating the signature cards.

The revised bylaws have had their second review and will be voted on during the next meeting.

Violet created a zip code map of Delaware County and of the Canton so we could get a visual of the Canton territory.

The Canton has a new deputy Sensechal – Teo Cole Amici.

If you would like to contribute to largesse for the incoming or outgoing excellencies, contact Eleanora and Muin.

Kaylen is making a Constable website for the lost and found.  https://constableofbhakail.wordpress.com/

Judith is about to take her first protege, Eleanora, as well as a mentor, Alana

Mael Eoin is taking on two proteges, Matthias von Wertzberg right before Bhakail’s game night, and Alana O’Keeve.

Suba took on students as well.

Martyn invaded Caid, and he swears that nothing was his fault. There may be things that are blue now that weren’t before, but to be fair he should not have been left alone in that room. It’s plausable the other easterner did it.

Crown is May 6th, see Suba if you want to herald or help with lists.

K&Q Rattan tourney needs tourney heralds.

Judith motions to close. Bryan seconded. closed at 9:00

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