Chatelaine’s Report

Posted on May 9, 2017 By

Greetings from the Baronial Chatelaine for the monthly Report!

Newcomer Update:  We’ve received two new contacts this month. Some rekindled passion for the SCA, some new!

Gold Key:  This past month I retrieved one piece of Gold Key, and loaned two out. Still waiting for the return of two items.

Demos & Activities: We have started discussing the plan for a demo in July! Mistress Sabine and our wonderful Deputy Chatelaine Chana and others have been working on that. I am also working on pulling together fliers and informative info we can have on hand for Newcomers information at Investiture, with the assistance of Lord Martyn.

It’s a blessing to have such active, passionate, and helpful people in our Barony.

In service,
Marta de Lyon

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