February 2018 Officer Reports

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Greetings, Lady Lianor!
I will not be present at the Barony Meeting tomorrow, but my deputy, Lady Violet, will be there as my proxy. (Thanks so much, Violet!)
The Tavern event made a net profit of $107. Vivant to Lord Matteo and Lady Chana for running an excellent event, to Lady Eirani and Lady Mýrún for a wonderful all-day dayboard which came in under budget, and to all the gracious and helpful event staff and participants: the clean-up was easy and quick so we’re getting the refundable clean-up deposit back. And the event was also a lot of fun!
A person who paid with a check at the Gate for Yule Revel bounced their check and has been unreachable, so there is now a $44.00 cost ($24.00 check plus $20.00 bank fee) to go against the actual Yule Revel profit.
Several financial policies and procedures for the Barony need to be updated, so we’ll be holding a meeting to discuss this on a Sunday in March at Damiana’s house. Exact date TBD.
The Baronial Dedicated Funds’ balances are:
$119.00 for Gold Key project;
$200.00 for Bhakail Army;
$25.00 for siege weapons;
$47.50 to match $1:$1 against fencers’ fundraising for gear.
Updating the Bhakail bank account signatories is *still* not complete, but hopefully soon. I’ll check with the bank to confirm the cause of the delay.
Thanks! – Philly, Chancellor of the Exchequer
The big news from Ivyeinrust is that Lord Martyn is moving into the Bailiwick and he has generously offered to step up as the new Seneschal. We’re all very excited to have him living in the Bailiwick, and we’re thrilled with him lending his energy, ideas, hard work, and skills to leading Ivyeinrust!
– Philly, outgoing Seneschal of Ivyeinrust

We continue to see a couple new people every so often.  In the last month we’ve had a new artisan and a new fighter come to our social, and they are both interested in becoming more involved.  I’ve been getting a ton of donations to Gold Key feast gear, which is AWESOME!  Right now I’m pretty set with cups, but if anyone has more plates/bowls/utensils to donate, I will gladly take them.

Nothing much to report. I was unable to be at the February meeting, but thanks much to Roseia for taking the notes for us!

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