May 2019 Business Meeting Notes

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Old Business

  • Yule
    • 14 December 2019
    • Budget has been passed
  • Pennsic
    • Lady Roseia Poseia is our camp exchequer.  Pennsic camp money ($60/adult & $20/juvenile) can be given to her, either cash or check payable to Rose O’Connell.  Money must be received by June 19th.
    • Pre-Reg Ends soon
        • Mail in – May 31st 2019
        • Online (Unpaid) – June 6th 2019
        • Online (Paid) – June 19th 2019
    • Check your tents!  Moldy tents are sad tents.
  • Commons
    • NEW DATE!!!
      • Sunday June 23rd 2019
      • Pavilion 14 at Ridely Creek State Park (map)
    • Plague sale!
      • Gold Key Garb
      • Constables Lost & Found
  • Tavern
    • One bid so far
  • Mael Oein Fundraiser
    • Date TBD
  • Largess Project
    • Was originally set for Crown Tournament but the Royals schedule was full and it didn’t happen.
    • Now planned for Southern Region War Camp on 7-9 Jun 2019
  • PAX Unplugged
    • We are strongly considering putting together a medieval gaming demo this year.  Neighboring Baronies, are Shires will be invited to participate.
    • Dates have been announced, December 6-8th 2019, and tickets are on sale.
    • Lady Channa Friedl the Maker and Lady Maryna Borowska will be coordinating with PAX organizers

New Business

  • Baron Rowen Cloteworthy is stepping down as Baron of Bhakail at our Commons event on June 23rd.
    • Letters of Intent are due by the July business meeting on July 9th 2019 and need to be given to the Baron, and Deputy Senseshal 
  • Master Muin maqq Minain in stepping down as Senseshal at the of June to start his run for Baron of Bhakail.
    • Letter of Intent are due by the June Business Meeting on June 11th 2019 and needs to be given to the Baron and Senseshal
  • Philly Ren Faire
    • We were contacted by organizers of the Philly Ren Faire asking us to come back next year.

Officer Reports

  • Baron
    • “To all the people of the Barony, greetings and all good wishes to each of you!

      It is with great regret that I announce that I will be stepping down as Baron at the end of June. I am, unfortunately, moving out of the Barony (into Iron Bog) and cannot retain the Seat.

      I have spoken to Their Majesties Ôzurr and Fortune; to Mistress Katherine Barr, EK Seneschal; and to Master Muin as Baronial Seneschal. The Crown has acknowledged my need to step down. At my suggestion, Baroness Ysmay de Lynn will serve as Vicar during the polling process for a new Baronial Seat.

      Master Muin will begin to set up the polling process to choose a new Baronial Seat immediately. I’ve contacted Their Highnesses to ask if They can make this Yule the next Baronial Investiture. That will be easiest on the Barony’s schedule and fits well into the timeline. I do not yet have a response, but I’m certain They’re very busy with Their new position and I will hear from them soon.

      In consultation with Master Muin and the Honorable Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar, event steward for Commons and Champions, and after explaining the situation to the Barony’s Armored and Rapier Champions, we will be moving Commons and Champions to Sunday, June 23rd, where I will choose new Armored and Rapier Champions to serve the Barony for the next year, hold my Last Court, and install Ysmay as Vicar, assuming the bid passes its vote at the May Business Meeting this Tuesday night.

      Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for these last two years. It has been my absolute greatest pleasure to be your Baron. This is truly the best job I’ve had in the Society and you all have done me and your Barony proud.

      Waauugghh, Bhakail!!”

    • A number of awards were given to Bhakailies and our friends! A complete list can be found on the East Kingdom Gazette webpage.
  • Senseshal
    • Stepping down as Senseshal at the of June to start his run for Baron of Bhakail.
      • Letter of Intent are due by the June Business Meeting on June 11th 2019 and needs to be given to the Baron and Senseshal
  • Web Minister
    • New Emails for new Officers!
    • The transfer from Yahoo Groups to Google Groups is starting soon
  • MOAS
    • New Scribal Date TBD
    • Many Arts & Sciences Demos at the recent May-be event
    • Looking for help creating scrolls for Commons at the end of June
  • Exchequer
    • Commons budget passed!
    • Designated Fun balances
      • Gold Key- $119
      • Bhakail Army- $42
      • Siege/Combat Archery- $25
      • Fencers Loaner Gear- $47.50
      • Canton Social- $1267.46
  • MOL
    • Authorization card forms are still going to an old address and is causing delays and possibly getting lost.
  • Herald
    • Posted to website.
  • Chronicler
    • Still taking and posting notes
  • Chancellor Minor
    • Children’s Activities at Crown Tourny was a success
    • Planning for Southern Region War Camp
      • Please Contact if you’re interested in helping
  • Chamberlain
    • “I will be working with the Autocrat & staff for Champions & Commons to make sure the appropriate Baronial gear makes it to the event.  If anyone is planning any upcoming events, please remember to reach out as early into your process as you can”
  • Chatelaine
    • We had a number of new comers at Iron Bogs May-be event
    • Planning on spending some gold key money on purchasing pants and using donations of fabric to make new tunics
  • Bailiwick
    • Zip Code transfer has been completed!
    • Planing on a Dance & Music Day in the Fall
    • Business Meeting June 28th in the Van Pelt Library
      • If you’re not a Penn Student contact the Senseshal to get your name on the attendance list

Business MeetingOfficer Reports

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