June 2019 Business Meeting Notes

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Old Business

  • Pennsic
    • 45 days until Pennsic, 8 days left to pre-reg; EK court is Tuesday according to Facebook, but there was debate on that earlier in the year; Bhakail’s period games night is on middle Sunday
  • Commons
    • Plague sale of Gold Key and unclaimed Lost & Found!
    • Bring tables, chairs, & friends
    • Everyone should be responsible for your what you bring to the potluck – clean up your food before you leave
    • There will be court!
    • Officially event closes at 6 PM
    • This is a FREE EVENT, but donations will be accepted.  Considered a “charity event”
    • Not supposed to put trash in the dumpsters (take it with us)
    • Separate recyclables
    • ABSOLUTELY dry site, no alcohol at all or we will be kicked out
  • Tavern
    • Bid is being submitted
    • Rowen putting in to be deputy autocrat for Tavern “if anything should happen to the autocrats” (aka if Muin becomes Baron)
  • Mael Eoin fundraiser
    • Date to be determined
  • Largesse Project
    • Pushed back, still accumulating, to give to Majesties at Yule
  • PAX
    • In touch with floor coordinator, $900 for a 100 sq ft space; emailing chatelaines in the area to see if we can all pitch in money for it?
  • Yule
    • On the calendar; Mistress Scheherazade is royal liaison; have to discuss food; there will be no planned youth activities; it will be Investiture, current Highnesses are aware
  • Philly Ren Faire
    • Chana will reach out to Charlotte (on staff at Faire); still at Fort Mifflin; May 2-3, & 9-10 2020

New Business

  • Yule and Commons autocrats need to change hands now
    • According to Kingdom policy, Alesia can’t run events unless she gets permission
      • Maryna is now officially in charge of Commons
      • Autocrat for Yule doesn’t have to be decided tonight, proposed to table conversation about Yule staff until July meeting


  • Coronet
    • “Come to Commons and wish me well or curse my name” – lots of court scheduled, Cake or Death tournament sponsored by Matthew Miller; Matthew Miller who looks remarkably like Baroness Ysmay got his Silver Rapier; Talon (our deputy knight marshal) got his Order of the Tiger Combatant; Caitlin was called out in court for her fancy garb, Her Highness thinks great things out of her; Chana is now protege to Maistir Mael Eoin
  • Webminister
    • website and email are still working; report for officer membership and logins; standing by for office changes that are about to occur; Rowen would like to be new social media deputy, but they are not under the Webministry, they are under seneschal – they will look into this
  • Exchequer
    • Designated Fund balances:
      • Gold Key: $119.00
      • Bhakail Army: $42.00
      • Siege/Combat Archery: $25.00
      • Fencers’ Loaner Gear: $47.50 (matching funds)
      • Canton/Social balance: $1,267.46
    • Thanks! – Philly
  • MOAS
    • Submitted report, scribal shenanigans happening after Pennsic; Caer Adament has ongoing A&S nights; art continues to happen; Bhakail A&S workshops will get going again
  • MOL
    • Greetings unto all in the Barony and Friends of the Barony,We will soon be selecting new Champions for Bhakail and also getting ready for War.  Please check that your authorization cards are legible and have them (or a photo on your mystical device).If you are authorizing at a practice, Marshall’s please make sure you are sending documents to the current East Kingdom MOL – Lady Olivia Baker.  Her legal name and address are as follows:

      Kate Crandall
      PO Box 5561
      Colonie, NY 12205

      Have a great fighting season. Stay hydrated and safe.  Hope to see you on the field or around the campfire.
      Mistress Gisela Szabo and Mistress Judith the Confused
  • Herald
    • Will be on the website tonight
  • Chronicler
    • Currently fighting crime in the city; his substitute is taking notes
  • Chancellor minor
    • Children’s activities at SRWC, 8 kids throughout the day; kids made ice cream, painted shields
  • Chamberlain
    • We have stuff; coordinating getting stuff to Commons
  • Chatelaine
    • Newcomers are great; newcomer largesse project will get underway soon to introduce newcomers to new craft ideas; Remy and Caitlin will be coming to Pennsic;
    • Commons Plague Sale, you can bring stuff to donate to Plague Sale as long as you realize the proceeds will go to the barony; please contact Chana if you would like to do that
  • Bailiwick
    • Winter Night’s South/Caer Adament’s Banshee Bardic will now be merged
  • Seneschal
    • Sent out letter to step down
      • Two people were interested in taking position
        • Mael Eoin has withdrawn
          • Has been officer for about 15 years,
          • Going for Seneschal because there are things we need to deal with (bylaws, we are not following them)
          • This way we don’t have to go through a runoff vote
        • Lady Alesia voted in! Waugh Bhakail! (she celebrated with an evil cackle)
    • Thanks to Master Muin for spending the last two years dedicated to the Barony
  • Other Business 
    • Letters of Intent for position of Coronet are due by the July business meeting on July 9th 2019 and need to be given to the Baron, and Deputy Senseshal 
    • No business meeting in August due to Pennsic
    • Alesia is now in charge and can now close the meeting.

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