November 2019 Business Meeting Notes

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Old business

  • Polling!
    • Baronial Polling has been collected, counted, and verified.
      • On the 27th of October 12019 Master Muin was announced as our next Baron


  • Yule/Investiture
    • Preregister for Yule here
      • We have about 70 preregistered already
    • THL Martyn de Halliwell will have a feast menu announced soon.. hint it’s PIE
    • Lady Mari Clock Van Hoorne is Autocrat
      • Contact her if you need anything for Yule
    • Lady Maryna Borowska is space scheduler
      • If you need a space for a meeting or whatever please contact her
    • Isabel (Harper) covering dayboard
    • Professional cleaning crew will do final cleanup, but we need people to put stuff away
    • Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill is in charge of organizing the Gate Guards.  In you’re interested please contact him.
    • A&S and Brewing Championships are happening!


  •  Tavern
    • Lady Girsell MacLeoid is Autocrat with Lord Cailin Macsalny is her Deputy
    • The German Society contract has been recieved
    • The Council of the Exchequer has approved the budget
    • Official Event Announcement on EK Events page is coming soon
      • Preregistration through PayPal
    • Baron Mael Eoin Mac Echuidh is Head Cook
    • New Bardic & Gaming Championships are happening!


  • Largesse project –
    • Ysmay is in charge of Royal Largess to be handed over at Yule
    • If you want to contribute, contact either of her


  • PAX Demo
    • We are on the official exhibitor list!
    • We’re allowed banners up to 8 feet high
      • Getting banners from Chamberlain
    • We have a 10×20 space on the main show floor, next to the board game library
    • Chana is the contact person; email/Facebook any ideas and offers of help
    • Going to have game boards set up, paper boards and game pieces will be available for people to take home (with instructions)
      • Planning on 9 Man Morris, Gluck Haus, Fox & Geese, and Alquerques
    • Will reach out to local chatelaines to make sure I have business cards available for surrounding areas
    • Tables will be manned from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Please come out and spend some time at the tables.


 New Business

  • Next Business meeting (10 Dec 2019) will be held at Denny’s again
    • Always looking for new locations for Social and Business Meetings
      • Please contact the Seneschal with suggestions!



  • Barional Bylaws are going to be sent up to Kingdom for review
  • Not all Officers are sending in their Reports



  • Vicar
    • Lord Melchior Kriebel made it to the “Sweet 16” of the Queens Rapier Championship!
    • Bhakailies are traveling north to St. Eligius
    • Lady Elizabet Marshall has recieved her Writ for Induction to the Order of the Laural


  • Seneschal
    • 3rd Quarter Report sent in
    • Remember to renew your Memberships!


  • Herald


  • Knight Marshall
    • Thrown Weapons Marshall
      • Mikael is holding one last practice at his house this Sunday
        • On the Baronial calendar (address is there)
      • 100 Minutes War will be the last time for outdoor throwing until spring


  • Exchequer
    • Thank you very much, everyone who donated at the Plague Sale and Lady Chana for arranging it. The remaining $225 has been added to the Barony’s general fund.
    • Dedicated Funds:
      • $119 (Gold Key);
      • $42 (Bhakail Army);
      • $25 (siege weapons);
      • $48 (matching funds for fencers’ gear);
      • $1,267 (Canton/Social).
    • Remember to preregister for Yule, especially if you would like to get onboard before it sells out!
  •  Chamberlain


  • Chronicler
    • Taking notes


  • MoAS
    • A&S at Yule
      • Barional A&S Championship in the Library
      • Brewing Championship in the Ratskeller
      • Baronial Champion and Populace Champions will be chosen
      • Don’t be afraid to display even if you don’t want to compete
      • A&S Consulation Table
        • Ask questions.  Get Feedback. Particularly if you wish to enter further competitions
      • EK A&S Rubric Training
        • Find out what it takes to judge and enter A&S Competions, this is the rubric that Bhakail will be using for the A&S Championship
      • Athena’s Thimble Meeting
        • Come out to panel, discuss, or just view embroidery
      • Her Majesty has need of Favors!
        • If you’re interested please contact the MoAS for Favor Kits
      • Largess Project is being run by the Vicar
        • If you’re interested in dontating something please contact the Vicar.
    • Upcoming Events of Interest:
      • 11/16 – this weekend! St. Eligius
      • 11/23 – Iron Scribe in Quintavia
      • 11/23 – 100 Minutes War in Rusted Woodlands – By the Book Rapier Tourney
      • 12/14 – Bhakail Yule!
      • 02/08 – Artifacts of a Life in BBM
      • 02/08 – Bellringers in Carillion  – Lucky 7 Largesse challenge
      • 02/08 – Dancing Fox in Nordenhalle
      • 02/22 – Kingdom Bardic Championship in Caer Adamant –
        • Letter of Intent required- Will also have Stringy, Singy, Scribey Schola
      • 02/29 – Kingdom A&S Championship


  • MoL

Now that fall crown tournament is over, the East Kingdom has heirs!!! Vivat to all
who participated and helped make that event a success. Now, is a good time to
focus on repairing or replacing any worn gear. For the safety of our combatants
and friends, take care of yourself and your kit to maximize your fun. Check your
authorization cards and determine if you will need to reauthorize before your next
foray into the fields. If your card has taken a vacation without you or is illegible,
contact your friendly MOLs to complete the paperwork for a replacement at


AND don’t forget to keep hydrated, it’s easy to overlook during these colder
Yours in service,
For Judith the Confused, OP
MOL Barony of Bhakail

Gisela Szabó, OP
Deputy MOL Barony of Bhakail


  • Chatelaine
    • We have had some people emailing us, and I’ve reached out to them as they come in.
    • PAX is coming up and will be a huge opportunity to outreach, since there will be tens of thousands of attendees.


  • Chancelor Minor
    • Children’s activities are available, please contact Rosie


  • Webminister
    • Yahoo! Groups have already shut down new content addition as of 2019/10/28.
      • Yahoo! Groups will delete all content effective 2019/12/14.
      • Google Groups have been created for Bhakail-List and Pennsic camping.
      • 442 accounts were migrated to the new Google Group,
        • 335 members currently remain in the Google Group, including 47 members whose invitations are showing as bouncing.
      • Anyone who would like to be added to either group can send an email to with the list you would like to join and the email address you’d like to use for that purpose. Please CC for requests to join the Pennsic List.
    •  Next Steps:
      • Everyone please begin using for general communications!
      • I will work with the webministry team to migrate the old messages and files from the Yahoo group onto the new Google platform.


  • Bailiwick

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