December 2019 Business Meeting Notes

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Old business

  • Yule/Investiture
    • Preregister for Yule here
    • THL Martyn de Halliwell will have a feast menu announced soon.. hint it’s PIE
    • Lady Mari Clock Van Hoorne is Autocrat
      • Contact her if you need anything for Yule
    • Lady Maryna Borowska is space scheduler
      • If you need a space for a meeting or whatever please contact her
    • Isabel (Harper) covering dayboard
    • Professional cleaning crew will do final cleanup, but we need people to put stuff away
    • Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill is in charge of organizing the Gate Guards.  In you’re interested please contact him.
      • Door guards for Yule are up in the air. 6 volunteers but no time commitments times yet.
    • A&S and Brewing Championships are happening!
    • There is a Facebook group for offboard potluck.
    • No children’s activities at Yule due to space considerations.


  • Largesse project –
    • Ysmay is in charge of Royal Largess to be handed over at Yule
    • If you want to contribute, contact either of her


  •  Tavern
    • Preregister for Tavern here
    • Lady Girsell MacLeoid is Autocrat with Lord Cailin Macsalny is her Deputy
    • The German Society contract has been recieved
    • The Council of the Exchequer has approved the budget
    • Official Event Announcement on EK Events page is coming soon
      • Preregistration through PayPal
    • Baron Mael Eoin Mac Echuidh is Head Cook
    • New Bardic & Gaming Championships are happening!


 New Business

  • Pennsic is coming.  Registration should be open after the new year.



  • Barional Bylaws are going to be sent up to Kingdom for review
  • Not all Officers are sending in their Reports to Seneschal and Chronicler
  • Fund raising ideas – camping event? Brunch?
  • Plague sale at commons. again



  • Vicar
    • Contributors are requested for embroidery help on Elizabet Marshall’s Laurel cloak. Contact Ysmay or John Marshall if you’re interested.


  • Seneschal
    • Bhakail Yule and Baronial Investiture is Saturday December 14th at the German Society.  Come see the investiture of our shiny new Baron, Master Muin.There are still opportunities to help out with set up, break down and door warden, just ask.  A professional cleaning crew will be doing the final cleanup, we just need to put stuff away.In service to the Barony

      THL Alesia de Maris, Seneschal of Bhakail


  • Herald


  • Knight Marshall
    • The Barony is currently in the process of acquiring new practice locations for our heavy fighters. Information on times and locations will be  available shortly. Anyone with comments or suggestions feel free to reach out to me.Feel free to let me know if I need to make any modifications or updates.Thank you,

      Egil Illugasson, Knight Marshal of Bhakail


  • Exchequer
    • Dedicated Funds:
      • $119 (Gold Key);
      • $42 (Bhakail Army);
      • $25 (siege weapons);
      • $48 (matching funds for fencers’ gear);
      • $1,267 (Canton/Social).
    • Remember to preregister for Yule, especially if you would like to get onboard before it sells out!
  •  Chamberlain


  • Chronicler
    • Taking notes


  • MoAS
    • Report sent into Kindgom
    • Championship/Display this weekend at Yule! Come see pretty art!
    • Artists and Scholars Exhibition in April in Carolingia, for anyone looking for a challenge there are Laurel’s Challenges, or there are opportunities to display, take classes, and get feedback.
    • A&S at Bhakail Yule
      • Barional A&S Championship in the Library
      • Brewing Championship in the Ratskeller
      • Baronial Champion and Populace Champions will be chosen
      • Don’t be afraid to display even if you don’t want to compete
      • A&S Consulation Table
        • Ask questions.  Get Feedback. Particularly if you wish to enter further competitions
      • EK A&S Rubric Training
        • Find out what it takes to judge and enter A&S Competions, this is the rubric that Bhakail will be using for the A&S Championship
      • Athena’s Thimble Meeting
        • Come out to panel, discuss, or just view embroidery
      • Her Majesty has need of Favors!
        • If you’re interested please contact the MoAS for Favor Kits
      • Largess Project is being run by the Vicar
        • If you’re interested in dontating something please contact the Vicar.
    • Upcoming A&S events of Interest:
      • 12/14 – Bhakail Yule!
      • 02/08 – Artifacts of a Life in BBM
      • 02/08 – Bellringers in Carillion  – Lucky 7 Largesse challenge
      • 02/08 – Dancing Fox in Nordenhalle
      • 02/22 – Kingdom Bardic Championship in Caer Adamant –
        • Letter of Intent required- Will also have Stringy, Singy, Scribey Schola
      • 02/29 – Kingdom A&S Championship


  • MoL
    • Now, is a good time to focus on repairing or replacing any worn gear. For the safety of our combatants and friends, take care of yourself and your kit to maximize your fun. Check your
      authorization cards and determine if you will need to reauthorize before your next foray into the fields. If your card has taken a vacation without you or is illegible, contact your friendly MOLs to complete the paperwork for a replacement


      AND don’t forget to keep hydrated, it’s easy to overlook during these colder months.
      Yours in service,
      For Judith the Confused, OP
      MOL Barony of Bhakail

      Gisela Szabó, OP
      Deputy MOL Barony of Bhakail


  • Chatelaine
    • The Barony was well represented at our demo at PAX Unplugged this past weekend.  Several members came out to support us and spend some time playing medieval games with the general public.  While PAX doesn’t release official counts, last year’s estimates put the total attendance around 15-20,000 people, so we definitely got the word out there in a big way.  Several SCAdians from around the world stopped by the booth and thanked us for being there, and we got an official shoutout from the SCA social media liaison on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a tweet from the PAX Unplugged official Twitter feed!

      We had some great conversations with people who seemed interested in seeing what the SCA is all about, a lot of whom hail from surrounding kingdoms.  Unfortunately there’s no way to tell how many of them decide to reach out to their local group, but I gave them my card and told them to email me so I can forward them to their chatelaine, so hopefully I get a couple contacts that way.  We also gave out several paper game boards with contact information and our website on them, which a lot of people seemed to appreciate.

      The lead coordinator for the show floor came by and gave us the unofficial invite back, saying he was so glad to see us represented and to see people at our booth pretty solidly the whole weekend!  I took several notes about things to improve on, so next year we can have an even stronger presence. I couldn’t possibly have pulled the weekend off without the help of my Lord Cailin, Maistir Mael Eoin, His Excellency Aurddeilen, Lady Maryna, Lord Bryan, Lady Solveig, Lady Marie, Lord Istvan (and S!), Scholastica, Zach Hocker, and everyone who stopped by to say hi throughout the weekend!

      אני לשירותך

      Lady Chana Fridl the Maker, Chatelaine of Bhakail


  • Chancelor Minor
    • Children’s activities are available, please contact Rosie


  • Webminister
    • Yahoo list has migrated to Google. Need to move Exchequer and Pennsic lists. Talk to webminister to be added.
  • Bailiwick

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