Webminister Report – January 2020

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Webminister Report, 2020/01/14


– Muin receiving email sent to Baron, Baroness, Coronets, and Vicar aliases.
– Alesia receiving Chronicler email.
– Martyn receiving deputy-seneschal email.
– Email Copy requests have been submitted.


– Website copyright information updated to 2020.

Mailing Lists:

– Bhakail-List and Bhakail-Pennsic groups have been created; Bhakail-List is active and working.
– Bhakail-Finance group has been created. Technical difficulties with Yahoo prevented archiving of old data.
– If someone has an offline copy of old posts in a mail client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird?) we can see if the database can be converted and uploaded to the list. (Philly?)

Officer Membership and Activity:

– Ragna (Herald) membership listed as expired on 2019/10/31 and due for renewal (if it hasn’t been yet).
– Judith (MOL) has never signed into member email, membership expiration unknown.
– Bryan (Historian) has never signed into member email.
– Melchoir (Rapier Marshal) has never signed into member email.

Runi inn Irski
Webminister, Barony of Bhakail

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