January 2020 Business Meeting Notes

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Hello the Barony! My apologies for the delay in posting the meeting notes.
The January Business Meeting was held 1/14/2020.

Officer Reports

Coronet: Catching up with awards given to Baronial members at Yule, and a rough accounting of aught else at this time:
In Baronial Court:
I recognized several deserving Bhakailis. Osric Feologildsson was given the Order of the Horse for his service. The Black Boot Company was awarded the Order of the Star of Bhakail for their service. Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne, El de Kerbriant, and the Honorable Lord Martyn de Haliwell were all given Flames for their work on the event.
Lady Chana Freidl the Maker has won the right to, and accepted the post as Our Baronial A&S Champion.
Lord (and newly ensquirenated) Dietrich of Timìs has won the right to, and accepted the post as Our Baronial Brewing Champion.
In Royal Court:
Her Majesty presented awards to many of Our people. El de Kerbriant was given their Award of Arms. Lady Chana Freidl the Maker was awarded the Order of the Silver Wheel for service. Lady Triona McCaskey and Lord Aiden Underhill both received the Order of the Silver Brooch for their arts. Lady Roseia Poseia and Lord John Patriac O’Donagal are new recipients of the Order of the Silver Crescent for service. And Baroness Ysmay de Lynn received Writ for the Order of the Pelican!
This last weekend, Our neighbors Iron Bog hosted a Most Glorious of Events, The Service Schola. Classes and Round Discussions were led by Our very Own Baroness Ysmay de Lynne, and Baron Mael Eoin Mac Echuid.
Coming up, on the Weekend of the 25th, Our annual Tavern Event! Be joyous and join Us!
Vivat to all these deserving gentles! Vivat to those who know Service makes us who we are. Vivat to those deserving souls who show the Society how Glorious Bhakail truly is! Waauugh, Bhakail!
– Baron Muin

Seneschal: Yule and Investiture happened and it was Awesome. We did have a medical emergency that was handled very well with no drama.
We need to fill 2 positions that we need to fill, Chronicler and Chamberlain. I will be accepting letters of intent until the next Barony meeting on February 11, 2020. I have received one letter of intent for Chronicler from Lady Triona.
For the position of Chamberlain you would be responsible for checking Baronial items in and out of storage. You are not required to store these items as that has been provided. If you are able to transport items that is a plus.
Looking forward to Tavern at the end of the month.
– Alesia de Maris, Seneschal of Bhakail

Herald: see report on website!

Chronicler: office vacant, letters of intent are open until Feb business meeting, one received so far. Thank you Cailin for your service!

Knight Marshal: not present

Rapier Marshal: Greetings all, Rapier practice continued to be held at the Mayfair Presbyterian Church in Northeast Philadelphia. Attendance this month has been light. There were no major incidents. There was a broken weapon incident with no injuries or threat of injuries that will be forwarded to the regional marshal. -Don Melchior Kriebel

Exchequer: report pending

Chamberlain: not present, looking for a replacement this summer

MoAS: Yule happened, new A&S champion is Chana, populace choice award went to Malys MacGregor. New Brewing Champion is Dietrich. Bardic and Gaming champions will be selected at Tavern, it’s a low key event so a great one to enter! Rules for entering are on the event site. Q&C Bardic is being held in Caer Adamant and will also have classes on various A&S activities, a great event to attend! – Maryna

MoL: Greetings from the MOLs,
As the Winter season beckons and draws near, it is a good time to check your Authorization cards – be sure you have them and they are legible. If you should need a replacement card, just contact your friendly MOL and they will help you fill out a form to request a replacement card. We may be reached via email at 133292@members.eastkingdom.org or via the Bhakail website.
This is also a good time to check your kits, replace any worn or broken pieces, make new arrows or gear, or even to take up a new weapon form. Be good to yourself and heal so you will be hearty, hail and strong for the new season of pillaging, plundering and fun.
Keep warm, hydrated and be well. See you on the battlefield. Yours in service, Gisela and Judith

Chatelaine: we have newcomers! Black Boot gatherings start again soon.

Chancellor Minor: Children’s activities are available. Contact Roseia Posey

Webminister: posted on the website

Bailiwick Seneschal: Martyn is stepping down as Seneschal, Theleme is rescheduled for next year


Old Business

Yule: full report next month, we had 255 adults, 28 youth, and 3 children – 104 were walk-ins.

Tavern: It is happening! Bardic championship info on the event listing, most of the menu is also posted, contact Mael Eoin with food concerns. Brewers are coordinating to organize what they are bringing to share. Chana has offered the info board. Philly will be handling the door. Paypal pre-reg closes tomorrow! 25 pre-registered so far.

New Business

Chamberlain: accepting letters of intent – Philly can still store but Chamberlain needs to handle transportation of items

Chronicler: accepting letters of intent – one so far. Duties are to take notes at meetings and post on the website.

Meeting location: Still looking for a permanent location, both for social and for business meeting. Mael Eoin/Ysmay are willing to host at their house once it is unpacked.

Pennsic: If you camp with the Barony, we will start having meetings soon. Known World Players want to use our space again. Pre-reg is open! Contact Chana if you want to camp with the Barony. We have the whole block this year.

Philadelphia Ren Faire: it is May 2-3 and 9-10. The 10th is Mother’s Day and the 9th is May-Be. Spring Crown will be the 2nd, however it is also in Montreal so may not be as much of a conflict as last year.

New Jersey Ren Faire: Rosie said folks have shown interest in demoing but the runners of the Faire in years past have said no. She will reach out again and find out if they are open to it.

Yule: open for bids

Commons: open for bids

Other Business

Kingdom profit-sharing: went into effect 1/1/2020.
Kingdom events (Crown, Coronation, Championships, Twelfth Night) split 50/50
Royal Progress events split 80/20 (Relevant section from Kingdom Law on the definition of Royal Progress is VIII.B.1)

Clean-Up staff for events: should be more of a priority. It’s very nice that Her Majesty wanted to help with dishes at Yule but she should not have been there well after everyone else. Clean-up staff should be required for future Baronial event bids and those people need to commit to staying until the Baronial gear is packed, not just until the hall is clear.

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