November 2020 Business Meeting Minutes

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Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

To the People of Bhakail and Our friends and allies;

We are entering the 10th month Behind the Ramparts. This world, both SCAdaiacal and Mundane, is not the world any of us have wanted. This is not the world We expected.

Having just completed Our First Court Behind the Ramparts at Our UnCommons event, we, all of us, have shown we can be more flexible and adaptable than most would have expected before this grand Embuggerance. Bhakail has shown Strength, Unity, and a Clarity of Purpose that is inspiring.

Having said that, Your Baron is not blind to the difficulty we all face. This is not an easy time. Using these methods to engage is not as easy for all as is easy for some. This certainly describes Myself. If you are experiencing these problems, please reach out.

We are here.

We are Bhakail.

 – Muin
Baron of Bhakail

Seneschal’s Report – Honorable Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar

Greetings to the Barony. I renewed my membership at the end of October for two years. This will cover the rest of my term as Seneschal. This reminded me of the best way we can support the SCA at this time, membership renewal. If your membership is up for renewal or your membership has expired please consider renewing it. If you are in a place financially where you can’t afford to renew your membership there is help available. There is a fund that can help pay for your membership. The following is taken from the SCA letter on Membership Assistance Requests dated September 8, 2020.

If you are having a difficult time purchasing a membership, you can request assistance directly from the Corporate Office. There is no need to prove that this request is valid. No financial questions will be asked, as the request will be taken on good-faith. To do this, please email and let us know that you would like to take part in this program as funds allow. Please be assured that we will treat your request confidentially.

There is no shame in asking for help. We all need it once in a while.

Please stay safe.

In service to the Barony,

 – THL Alesia de Maris
Seneschal of Bhakail

Social Media Deputy – Baron Rowen Cloteworthy

Things continue in the world of social media. October minutes were put on the website. We’ve had three new people join the FB group in the last month. UnCommons happened and the results of Court shared with the email and FB groups. That’s all for now. See you in the aether!


Exchequer’s Report – Mistress Philadelphia Brown

Third quarter report submitted to Kingdom. Planning to start review of Baronial financial policies in 2021. Seeking heir-apparent deputy and/or emergency deputy.



Chamberlain’s Report – Honorable Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

Nothing to report.

Herald’s Report – Lady Ragna Grímólfsdóttir

Nothing to report.

Chronicler’s Report – Lady Triona MacCasky

Nothing to report.

Knight Marshal’s Report – Lord Egill Illugasson

A new practice site has been located, so the need for the outdoor lighting is no longer necessary. However, due to increased restrictions due to Covid, practices are still on hold for the time being.

Rapier Marshal’s Report – Don Melchior Kriebel

Practices are canceled until further notice.

Minister of the Lists’ Report – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

Sent email to Kingdom and Regional MoL letting them know the results of the election. Have not received any response yet.


Chataleine’s Report – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Nothing to report.

Minister of Arts & Sciences’ Report – Lady Maryna Borowska


A team from Bhakail entered the Shire Wars largesse derby, and Lady Eleanora the Tilemaker and John Patrick O’Donagal entered the individual bracket as well. Vivant all!

The deadline to enter the Crown’s A&S competition or display is December 13th.

There is a Metal and Glassworks schola event this weekend (November 14 and 15) for those interested. Mistress Lissa will be teaching an intro to glass beads.

Coming up in the new year, the annual Embroidery Schola will be virtual, February 7th.

There is also a month-long Ethereal Seamstress Competition that will be held February 27 – March 27. Competitors are expected to make a complete set of garb from head to toe.

The EK MoAS continues to offer online classes. Check out their website! Anyone interested in offering a class should reach out to

Please let me know if I can provide any assistance with any projects or other A&S topics, please let me know.


Chancellor Minor’s Report – Lady Honorable Lady Roseia Poseia


I assisted Shire Of Blak Rose with the Shire Wars event as their Youth Activities Coordinator. There were activities available online for the parents to print out. There were several coloring pages, crafts for the youth to make under the supervision of their parents, and a word search. The event went well as far as I know. I was unable to attend due to illness.

 – Rosey

Webminister’s Report – Lord Rúni inn írski

Nothing new to report this month.


Archery Practice – Lady Maryna Borowska

Archery practices have officially begun and will continue to be held as long as the weather permits.

Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Honorable Lady Livia Petralia

No report.

New Business

  • Letter of Intent for Chatelaine – Our Chataleine’s term of office is expiring in December. The Seneschal is currently accepting Letters of Intent for anyone wishing to apply for this position. A vote will be taken at the December meeting. So far, letters have been received from Lady Chana Freidl the Maker and the Honorable Lord Cailin MacSalny.
  • Letters of Intent for Chancellor Minor – The office of Chancellor Minor expires in January 2021. This is the official call for Letters of Intent for anyone interested in the position of Chancellor Minor. If you have any questions regarding the duties of the Chancellor Minor please contact the Honorable Lady Roseia Poseia at The current Chancellor Minor has expressed interest in continuing the position and has submitted a Letter of Intent. If no one else is interested in the position we will have a vote of confidence at the December barony meeting. To submit a letter of intent please email Seneschal at
  • Exchequer Deputy – The Exchequer is looking for a successor or a deputy interested in learning the position. Mistress Philadelphia’s term as Exchequer is not due to expire until 2022 but she is looking for someone interested in learning the position with the intent to take over when her term ends. If you have any questions regarding the duties of the Exchequer please contact Mistress Philadelphia at

Meeting ended.

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