July 2021 Business Meeting Minutes

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Coronet’s Report – Baron Muin maqq Minain

To the People of Bhakail;

We are now into the month of July, and I don’t approve at all. However, as events and activities begin to open for the populace of the East, We may be content that life begins to return to a form of normality.

This coming Saturday is the first Crown Tournament We have had the opportunity to attend in far too long, and only regret it being held in the unfortunately hot, muggy, armpit-like atmosphere that is the month of July.

Please hydrate, whether you attend or not, and bring what joy you have with you to any events you attend.

– Muin, Baron of Bhakail

Seneschal’s Report – Honorable Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar


This Saturday is Crown Tourney in Hartshorn-dale (Collegeville, PA). It should be an exciting day. The mask requirement has been dropped, however their Majesties and the EK Seneschal have requested that we set a good example and continue to wear our masks throughout the day. As vaccination rates in our area are not very high, please take every precaution to keep yourself safe.

We are moving ahead with plans for Bhakail Commons on Sunday August 29th. We are going to be at Ridley Creek State Park again and we will be holding the heavy weapons and rapier championships that day. You don’t need to be a resident of Bhakail to be our Baronial Champion or our Populace Champion so come out and compete!

In service to the Barony,
– THL Alesia de Maris

Social Media Deputy – Magister Rowen Cloteworthy

Hello, hello, the Barony!

It’s been an active month in social media. Twelve new folks joined the Baronial FB group. Several of them have shared posts of their new activities. We’ve had a person back in the area after 15 years, someone who may be moving here next year, a new family that’s been coming to archery practice sharing pics of their tablet weaving, details of Tavern Practice that Máistir Mael Eoin shared, someone offering woodshop space, and ongoing Crown announcements, among other things. A FB event for Commons was created. Let me know if anyone has any questions or concerns.

Until next month,
– Rowen

Exchequer Report – Mistress Philadelphia Brown

Still Seeking a deputy. Nothing new to report.

– Philly

Chamberlain’s Report – Honorable Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

Getting ready for crown, no requests for equipment.

In service to the East and the Barony of Bhakail
– THL Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

Herald’s Report – Lady Ragna Grímólfsdóttir

No report.

Chronicler’s Report – Lady Triona MacCasky

Nothing to report.

Historian’s Report – Honorable Lord Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

I am bringing what I have done already and some contact slips so hopefully I can get some information from some information from people.

In service to the East and the Barony of Bhakail
– THL Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

Knight Marshal’s Report – Lord Egill Illugasson


Practice continues to be held 7pm Thursdays at the Riverview Plaza parking lot. 48 Reed St, Philadelphia, PA 19147. Area is under an overpass so weather is not an issue.


Rapier Marshal’s Report – Don Melchior Kriebel

Practices have resumed at the church on Wednesdays.

Archery Marshal – Lady Maryna Borowska

Archery practices continue! Join the Bhakail Projectile Practices Facebook group or check the Barony calendar for dates and details.

– Maryna

Thrown Weapons Marshal – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

Nothing to report.

Minister of the Lists’ Report – The Honorable Lord Mikael melrakki

MoL reporting that there is nothing to report.

– Mikael

Chataleine’s Report – Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Not much new to report. A few newcomers have come to archery practice and one family came to Tavern practice, thank you to Mael Eoin for welcoming them there. We have received the application to attend PAX Unplugged again, which will be held in-person, in December.

אני לשירותך
– Lady Chana Freidl the Maker

Minister of Arts & Sciences’ Report – Lady Maryna Borowska

Hello, the Barony!

Thank you to everyone providing largesse for Their Majesties at Crown Tourney this weekend. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with A&S questions or project ideas!

– Maryna

Chancellor Minor’s Report – Lady Honorable Lady Roseia Poseia

I have nothing new to report since last month. Still planning to help the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale at Crown Tourney and help the Shire of Blak Rose with their event in October doing Shire Wars.

Respectfully submitted,
– Lady Roseia Posey

Webminister’s Report – Máistir Mael Eoin mac Echuidh


I have been updating the plugins/etc. on the website and continuing to consider redoing the layout and look/feel of the website.

I have replaced some old content and updated the site to include information about Champions & Commons, if anyone wants to tweak/verify/etc. the information, including that we’re doing Thrown Weapons and Archery ahead of time.

In reviewing our pages, I noticed our Officer page is rather out of date and some info needed some shuffling. Before I make further changes, please review, but I do not think Baronial Appointments should go under Officers, especially since there is also a Baronial Appointments page. The Company Captain of Archers and Company Captain of Combat Archers aren’t associated with the officer corps, but are non-reporting Baronial Appointments, more like Champions.

In Service,
– Mael Eoin

Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust – Honorable Lady Livia Petralia

No report.

New business

  • Marple Library Demo – The Marple Library in Broomall contacted the Chatelaine about possibly helping with an outdoor program for teens this summer or early fall. There was some discussion about what they would be looking for and would we be able to do a demo. Chana will respond to the email with some questions and copy Alesia.
  • Tavern Practice – At the May meeting Mael Eoin brought up having an outdoor Tavern practice at his home. Alesia will review the current restrictions and get back to him by the end of the week.
  • In person meetings – This was brought up and discussed. Any meetings in person should be held outdoors. Holding meetings at someone’s home is fine but should be entirely voluntary on the part of the homeowner. Muin suggested holding in-person meetings at a pavilion at Ridley Creek State Park. Virtual meetings are easier to attend as participants don’t have to travel. Alesia will check if the Kingdom Seneschal requires an online presence at meetings. As the park has no wi-fi, having a computer so people can attend virtually may be problematic.

Old business

  • Deputy Exchequer – The Exchequer is looking for a successor or a deputy interested in learning the position. Mistress Philadelphia’s term as Exchequer is not due to expire until 2022 but she is looking for someone interested in learning the position with the intent to take over when her term ends. If you have any questions regarding the duties of the Exchequer please contact Mistress Philadelphia at exchequer@bhakail.eastkingdom.org.
  • Deputy Herald – Our herald is looking for a deputy. It was then suggested that all officers who currently do not have a deputy, should consider seeking one. Currently the only position with a deputy is the MOAS. If anyone is interested in becoming a deputy for any of the other offices, please let the officer and the seneschal know.
  • Crown Tourney – Bids for crown tourney are being accepted until June 12th. Due to a short timelines the Consuls have promised a quick decision. We should hear next week if the bid was accepted. There is a Facebook group called Crown staff for people who want to help.
  • Bhakail Commons – Triona was unable to attend. Alesia will contact the park about the insurance and additional paperwork.
  • River War –To River War or Not to River War is scheduled for September 25th. It should be a fun event.
  • Shire Wars –The Event Steward is looking for volunteers to help out. Contact the Event Steward Eleazer Ha-Levi. His email address is on the East Kingdom event page.
  • Yule –Philly will contact the German Society to ask about using the site for Yule on the second Saturday of December and about Tavern on the last Saturday of January.

Meeting ended.

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