Court Report – From the Court of His Excellency at Yule

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Greetings and salutations from the court of the Great Calamity, Baron Muin maqq Minain!

On the tenth day of December, Anno Societatis 57, the peoples of Bhakail gathered together with friends and neighbors alike to celebrate the feast of Yule, their hearts and hearth warm despite winter’s chill.

In His Court, the following fine gentles were recognized for talents great and varied and spirits most generous:

Aiden Underhill  was inducted in the Order of the Salamander in recognition for his efforts keeping the Barony’s cups filled and their moods merry. So skilled is he in the making of fine and delicious beverage that he was also named the Baronial Brewing Champion for the coming year.

Katrein Toppfer was then declared to be the Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion for her demonstration not only of her talents, but of her dedication to growing the very same since last year. One small step forward, repeated again and again, is how we walk the path to greatness.

Two most worthy gentles, Lissa Underhill and Eva von Kölln, were then inducted into the Company of the Flame and Salamander in recognition of their talent and their teaching of the art of Defence. Surely the enemies of Bhakail tremble in the face of defenders with spirits as strong as their swordarms and wits even sharper than their blades!

It was then that Melchior Kriebel was then called into His Excellency’s court so that he may be recognized by all as what he already was in his heart and in his service — a member of the Order of the Crucible of Bhakail, who through their loyalty, tenacity, dedication, and service embody the ideals of the Barony itself. Though the challenges which have Plagued our lands these last years have been enduring, he has overcome every test and every trial, seeking through each one to better serve our populace. For this he has not only our thanks, but our greatest Esteem.

In recognition for their dedication to the day’s events Chana Freidl the Maker and Juliana von Altenfeld were awarded Flames, for without their efforts, our bellies surely would have gone empty and our day been filled with less joy.

It is by the acts of all these good folk that Bhakail burns so brightly and through those that aspire to their excellence that the flames of the Barony will grow brighter still. A hearty ‘vivant!’ to all!


In service,
Ragna Grímólfsdóttir
Salamander Pursuivant

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