February 2023 Business Meeting Notes

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Barony of Bhakail Business Meeting January 10, 2023

Old Business

Extension of Baronial Term

His Excellency Muin requested a polling for a one-year extension of his term. Baronial law requires an anonymous vote, which was carried out by Opavote. The polling was closed at the beginning of the meeting, and passed unanimously.

New Business

Shire Wars Charter

Discussion of the Shire Wars Charter and if Bhakail is ready or willing to sign. The agreement is not fully written since the planned bylaws are not complete. No one has yet stepped forward to run the event. Expectation is that there will be a rotation of signatory groups to run the event. Decision was that Bhakail will wait to review the bylaws before signing.  

Shire Wars 2023

Discussion of if Bhakail wants to step forward to run Shire Wars 2023. Mael Eoin raised the point that this does not mean Bhakail needs to fully staff the event. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Mael Eoin. 

SCA Member Portal

The member portal is now up and running again. There has been some report that the member portal is issuing new member numbers. If you run into this issue, please contact Mael Eoin or Society.

Largesse Baskets and Gifts

Baron Muin will be requesting largesse baskets or gifts for the neighbors of Bhakail that are having upcoming investitures and new coronets. Stay tuned for further updates.

Baronial Events

Tavern At the Sign of the Wolf, Raven and Winged Cat

Event made a profit of around $300. Cleaning deposit was returned. 25% of the attendees were newcomers. 

Waking of the Salamander

Event link is up on the Kingdom calendar and has been cross posted on the local Barony and Shire calendars. Looking for an experienced deputy event steward to take the load off Taichleach, and also looking for cooks and volunteers to run classes. Baron Muin is planning to hold a court, tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 3pm.

Champions and Commons (pending)

The date is not yet set, but is typically in September. Currently seeking a bid from an event steward, and the plan is currently to not set the date until there is an event bid. If there is no bid at the time of the March meeting, discussion will be held about setting a date to hold the site. 

Yule 2023 (pending)

No bid has been submitted yet. Based on polling after Yule 2022, the site will stay at the German Society. Mikael noted that the site the Caer Adamant used for Fighter Schola may be a potential site for future events. 


Officer Reports

Officer reports that were published before the meeting are available on the Bhakail website

Exchequer Report

Year-end report filed.

Both Yule Revel and Tavern each made a profit of around $300. 

Yule Revel 2023 is penciled in at German Society for Sat 9Dec23.

Tavern 2024 is penciled in at the German Society for Sat 27Jan24.

First load of Baronial Kitchen Gear taken to Mikael’s. Looking forward to a Cooks’ Review of all the Kitchen Gear (this spring/summer/whenever is good for Mikael) and a budget proposal for more useful gear, 

Thanks again to all the outgoing Council of the Exchequer members-at-large (Judith, Gisela, Livia, and Damiana) and thanks for volunteering to the new CoE members-at-large (Bryan, Motte, Guillaume, and Mikael)!


Minute notes recorded by Ellyn Grene 

Business Meeting

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