April 2023 Business Meeting Notes

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Barony of Bhakail Business Meeting Notes: April 11, 2023

Old Business


There is one candidate who has submitted a letter of intent to succeed Mistress Philadelphia, who must step down due to term limits. Vote was held and Beck of Copeland was voted in by acclamation. Mistress Philadelphia was profusely thanked for her service to the Barony.

Shire Wars Charter

No progress on the charter from the last meeting. 


Chana reported that 40 new sheetwalls have been made for the camp. Portable holes are also needed. Chana will be confirming the number required to put up sheetwalls around the entire camp.

New Business

Demo Waivers

Waivers are now required at activities that involve the general public, which includes demos or events in public settings, such as Waking of the Salamander. The guidance is that if a waiver seems like it would be a good idea due to the nature of the activity, have people sign a waiver.  Examples where a waiver would be required include activities where weapons might be held (let alone swung), or activities where there could be contact with hot or sharp items, potential allergens or components or ingredients that could be harmful (e.g. medieval inks, some historic food additives, etc.)

Report from the Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust

Lord Martyn de Halliwell reported for Livia Petralia, outgoing Bailiff (Seneschal) of Ivyeinrust. 

New officers have been elected  and the process will begin of getting everyone new warrants!

Officers elect – 
Seneschal: Emery de Champagne
Deputy Seneschal: tbd
Exchequer: Mistress Philadelphia Brown
Deputy Exchequer: tbd
Ivy Pursuivant: Dame Brunissende Dragonette
MoAS: Livia Petralia, GoA
Chatelaine: vacant
Chamberlain: Mistress Philadelphia Brown
Webminister: Livia Petralia, GoA

Future scheduling: 

We shall have our next business meeting on Monday, May 8th at 7pm. 

We will also be meeting casually for lunch on the Wednesday, April 19 at 11:30am-1pm and Wednesday, May 17th at noon.

Future Events – We have added Return of Thélème to the planning calendar and shall remove it from the public event listings until we have a signed site contract. We still have high hopes for hosting this event again.

Ride Shares to local groups – We discussed transportation options to Waking the Salamander and to the Memorial Tea for Master Rashid

Organization of Baronial Inventory

The majority of items owned by the barony (cooking gear, etc) are now at Mikael’s house. A poll will be circulated to find a date to sort and inventory all the items. 

Baronial Events

Waking of the Salamander II

Begins next Friday. Currently at 42 preregistrations. Volunteers are needed for troll, setup and break down. 

Champions and Commons

Chana has put in a bid, which has been approved by the financial committee. Bid was accepted by acclimation.

Yule 2023

No bids have been submitted.


Minute notes recorded by Ellyn Grene 

Business Meeting

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